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MONTGOMERY COUNTY COUNCIL. QUARTERLY MEETING YESTERDAY. The ordinary quarterly meeting of the Mont- gomery County Council took place at the Town Hall, Welshpool, yesterday, Mr A. C. Humpbroys- Owen, M.P., presiding. There were also present Captain Mytton (vice-chairman), Messrs T. Pryce (Pentreheylin), W. Forrester Addie, W. Scott Owen, D Richards, A. Vaughan, Geo. Kempster, E. Bowen, J. Jones, R. Rees, Edward Davies (Dolcaradog), David Hamer, T. Watkin, R. Morgan (Bahaillon), T. S. Pryce, Edward Green (The Moors), E. Chap- man, W. Ashton, R. Jones (Pertheirin), Jno. Roberts (Pennant), Win. Davies, W. Theodore, C. J. Newell, W. A. Rogers, R. E. Jones, Edward Jones (Tre- wythen), David Rogers, C. R. Jones, Hugh Lewis, Evan Evans, William Jones, David Pryce, G. W. Griffiths, O. G. Owen, Dd. Edwards, and J. T. Williams, with Messrs G. D. Harrison (clerk), C.P. Winnall (assistant clerk), Rd. Powell (clerk's office), G. A. Hutchins (county surveyor), R. YV. Hughes (chief constable), and A. Breeze (inspector of weights and measures). LIGHT RAILWAYS. Communications from the Llanfair and Llan- gyniew Parish Councils having been read as to promoting a line of railway to Llanfair uuder the provisions of the Light Raihvays Bill, The CHAIRMAN observed that the Light Railways Bill had not yet been passed by the House of Commons. There were a considerable number of amendments to it, and it had also to go to the House of Lords. They knew that business was a good deal in arrear, and it was quite possible that the Light Railways Bill was one of those which would be postponed until after Christmas. At present the arrangement was that the Education Bill was to be proceeded with that week and also next week, and then to be postponed until after Christmas, but there was a good deal of feeling that the better course would be to push forward the Education Bill and to take the other Bills after Christmas. It appeared to him scarcely necessary to put the Council to the trouble of having a special meeting between now and the middle of > September unless they were quite oertain that the Bill would pass. He would like the opinion of the Council as to whetherthey would give him authori- ty to call a special meeting before September in the event of the Light Railways Bill receiving the Royal assent and so coming into operation some- time towards the end of the summer. Mr FORRESTER ADDIE thought it would be a great advantage if the Bill was passed. The Corporation of Welshpool were also anxious to give considera- tion to a proposed scheme from Welshpool to Llanfair, so that if the Chairman was put in pos- session of the powers for calling a special meeting he thought it would be to the advantage of the county. The CHAIRMAN undertook that as soon as the Light Rail way Bill passed he would call the County Cou -cil together for the purpose of considering its provisions. Ample notice would be given in order that the different localities might have an oppor- tunity of bringing their views before the Council. ¡;,tIDG8 OVER THE RIVER DOVEY. A communication was read from the Machynlleth Rural District Council, intimating that that auth- ority was prepared to contribute its half share to the construction of a bridge over the river Dovey. Mr. David Evans, the clerk of the District Council, appeared before the meeting, and submitted a recent resolution of the District Council to the above effect. The COUNTY SUR said he was now in a position <o invite tenders for the construction of the bridge. He suggested that they themselves should lay the foundation, aud that they should invite tenders for the construction in one tender, aud for the ironwork in another tender. He also suggested that they should carry out the road work themselves. The CHAIRMAN remarked that they were now in a position to give the orders for the construction of the bridge, and the next question was whether they should adopt the suggestion of the Surveyor.—The suggestion of the County Surveyor was agreed to, and it was further decided that the work be carried out under the superintendence of the following com- mittee :—Aldermen John Jones, Edward Davies, G. W. Griffiths; Councillors Forrester Addie, Dr. Edwards, John Jones (Issygarreg), Owen Owen, and R-ichard Rees. ( INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION. The resignation of Dr. Morris of his appointment as a local governor of the Llanidloes Intermediate School was accepted, and, ou the motion of Mr. Bowen, seconded by Mr. Kempster, Mr. Evan Ashton was elected in his stead. The Chairman was, on the proposition of Captain Mytton, seconded by Mr. John Jones, elected as the County Council's representative on the Central Board in connection with the Welsh Intermediate Education Act. The CHAIRMAN said he took that opportunity of mentioning that the election of representatives of the intermediate and certificated elementary teachers would take place very shortly, and the notice for the election would be issued early next week. The notice would be one requesting the head teachers of ad the elementary schools in Wales and Monmouthshire, as well as the clerks to the County Governing Bodies to name all the teachers in their schools; in the case of the former the teachers must be certificated. It was his duty under the schenfe to form the electoral roll from the names so submitted to him, and he wished to express there the hope that they would take notice that it was desirable that the school masters in the case of the elementary teachers and the clerks to the governing bodies in regard to the intermediate teachers should send in the names of the electors as soon as possible, so as to enable him to prepare the list of those who would form the constituency of electing tha repre- sentatives. Full particulars would appear in the notices which would be sent out in the early part of next week. THE LATK COLONEL HARRISON. Notice was reported to have been received from two county electors of the casual vacancy created by the death of Col. Harrison, member for Mont- gomery Borough, and the seat was accordingly declared vacant. The CHAIRMAN said they could not allow that melancholy resolution to pass over without ex- pressing their deep regret at the loss which the County Council and the whole of the county had sustained by the death of their friend — Col. Harrison. They had worked with him now in county business for something like twenty years, and rturiug that time they had all learnt to value his geniality and his constant readiness in the per- formance of his duties to the county. It was a. great sorrow to all of them to lose him so early in his promising career, and all they could do now was to express that sorrow, and to convey to his widow and his eldest son the assurance of their sincere and heartfelt condolences. Captain MYTTON said he begged to second the proposal of the Chairman- that they condole with the widow aud elder son of the late Col. Harrison at his untimely end. He was sure that all the members of the Council valued the services that Col. Harrison rendered to the county. His inftneuce and shrewdness came in at many an opportune moment. He never intervened unless he felt he could do some good, and the pleasantness of his behaviour at all meetings of the Council must have impressed the members of his valuable qualities. Little did he (the speaker) think a few weeks ago when he was proposing his health that they would now be lainentlugjhis death. As the Chairman had so worthily said, all they could now do was to hope and trust that many young men might be brought forward in this county to render such valuable services as the late Co!. Harrison gave to this county. Mr DAVIES (Dolcaradog) said that as one of the new dispensation he desired to express his appre- ciation of the honourable and gentlemanly treat- ment he had always received from Colonel Harrisou, and he had a melancholy pleasure in supporting the resolution.—The resolution, was then put to the meeting and carried unanimously. LLANEKFYL ALLOTMENTS. The report of the committee of inquiry into the above matter was read, which was to the effect that the Parish Council had not exhausted all available opportunities to secure land for allotments, and therefore the committee could not see its way to recommend the Council to interfere in the matter any further at this stage. Captain MYTTON, the chairman of the committee, in reply to Mr John Jones, said the Parish Council chose a certa.in piece of land which was not avail- able, and they did not take the trouble to choose any other. People chose certain land for allot- ments and concluded that they had a right to acquire it without considering the owners of the [ land in any way. It was for the committee to con- sider whether the Parish Council had exhausted all the means in their power for procuring allotments, and they (the committee) reported that tliev bad hot. He moved the adoption of the committee's report, which Mr Rees seconded. Mr T. S. PRYCE observed that in regard to the borough of Welshpool, when applications were made for allotments the applicants were offered a steep field. He was afraid they were somewhat similarly placed Llanerfyl. The CHAIRMAN remarked that no wish should be gratified which would cause great inconvenience to other parishioners, especially when there was other land equally suitable to those who were applying or the allotments which would be available; never- theless, he thought it very desirable that the allot- ments should be as near as possible to the homes of those for whom they were intendel (hnl. hear). The intention of the Allotments Act was that by access to the land labourers engaged in other work would be able to follow gardening pursuits as well without any hardship being imposjd upon them after a hard day's work. On the understanding that this was a case in which other land was available and in a suitable position, he thought the Council should accept, the report of the committee. Mr FORRESTER ADDIE, speaking as Lord Powis's agent, and whose land was referred to in the report, said that his lordship on all occasions was only too glad to provide allotments for those who required them. The field in question was an im- portant one for the farm, and the fact that other land was available near the houses of the appli- cants, and quite as suitable, was the reason why the application for this field was declined. In other cases his lordship would be pleased to do what he could (hear, hear and applause).—The adoption of the report was then agreed to unanimously. LLANFYLLIN POLICE STATION. The report of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman as to borrowing the amount required for the police station at Llanfyllin was to the effect that they had agreed to spread the re-payment of t he money over a period of seven years, the money being borrowed from the County Governing Body. —The report was ordered to be received and adopted. COUNTY ROADS, BUILDINGS, AND BRIDGES. The report of the Main Roads and County Build- ings and Bridges Committee was next considered and dealt with as follows :—Alderman John Jones was re-elected the Chairman of the Committee for the ensuing year. The sum of £1,500 was ordered to be paid to the Clerk on wages account, and £200 for bridges during the ensuing quarter. It was agreed to make an allowance of a fortnight's pay during the time that Edward Jones, a roadman, was under medical treatment from an injury to his eye whilst breaking stone. Scavenging handcarts were ordered to be obtained by the County Sur- veyor for Llanllwchaiarn and Llanidloes at a cost not exceeding £5 each. Mr Edward Davies was granted permission to place an electric wire under the ground across the main road at Llandinam. The Surveyor was ordered to produce to the Audit Committee a return showing the cost of quarrying stone in the quarries worked by the County Coun- cil, as weil as a return showing when and where, and at what, cost the stone was delivered on the road, and also to prepare an account showing the capital expenditure upon each quarry. The question of the rights of the Connty Council in reference to Main Quarry, Meifod, was referred to a committee, consisting of the Chairman, and Vice-Chairman of the Council, and Chairman of the Main Roads Committee. The Audit Com- mittee was requested to consider the expediency of ordering traction wheels and waggons for the steamroller; also, the County Surveyor's scheme for working the two steam rollers. The County Surveyor was ordered to report as to the occupa- tion of Penfawr Quarry, and a communication from the Newtown Urban District Council asking the County Council to contribute towards the improve- ments of existing footpaths was referred to the Clerk to report upon. A letter from the Gartn- beibio Parish Council as to the non-repair of Twrch Road was deferred for further consideration. CARNO CULVERT. It was agreed, on the motion of Captain Myhon. that the County Surveyor be instructed to make a culvert at Carno at a cost, not exceeding JS30. CANAL BRIDGE APPROACHFS. A letter was read from the Town Clerk of Welsh- pool asking the County Council to join the borough authority in taking action against the canal com- pany with a view to compelling them to repair and maintain the approaches to their bridges, and after some discussion it was resolved that the County Council should call upon the Canal Company to undertake the liability which, they were advised was cast upon them, of maintaining these bridge approaches, and that unless they were prepared to accept this, that proceedings betaken by the County Council against the company to enforce the main- tenance and repair, and that in the event of this becoming necessary the borough of Welshpool and the district councils affected be iuvited to join in the cost. FINANCIAL. The, new County rate basis submitted to the Council on the 21st April last, was brought up for confirmation and approved, the Chairman being authorised to affix the seal of the Council to the same, which was accordingly done. The report of the Finance and General Purposes Committees yas next considered, and the recom- mendations dealt with as follows :-j-The County Analyst was requested to visit the market towns in the county, between the months of October and January, for consultation (lectures not being re- quired), and the sum of £5 was granted to the Technical Instruction Committee in order to defray the cost of advertising such visits. The Llanidloes Town Council having asked the County Council to contribute towards the cost of an ambulance stretcher, it was resolved that the town clerk be informed that the County Council had no funds available for the puipose. In response to a communication from the Cambrian Railways Company, respecting the result of a conference at Machynlleth as to the conveyance of live stock and agricultural produce, Messrs. W. Forrester Addie, R. Morgan (Bahaillon), and George Kempster were appointed to represent the County Council on a Joint Committee of the County Councils covered by the Cambrian Railways Company for the purpose of discussing with the Company any matters con- nected with the trade of the dlstrwL- The question of expediency of appointing the Revision Court now held at Llaiigynog, being held at Penybontfawr instead, was fully discussed, and it wss ultimately resolved that the question be postponed for twelve months. CONTAGIOUS DISEASES (ANIMALS) ACT. The Chief Constable reported that during the quarter swine fever had broke out in one place thrpe pigs being attacked and were killed by order of the Board of Agriculture; sheep scab broke out on 19 farms 107 sheep were attacked bv the disease, of which number 103 recovered. During the quarter twelve persons were summoned for offences against the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act, e!even being convicted. BRICKWORKS AT BUTTINGTON. 1 i '\IN moved that the following resolution passed al Hie March meeting be rescinded. That Mpssr" treasure he informed that the County Conned have no power to assent to the crossing of the v road on the level, but will raise no objccrion to the siding being carried under or over the road. Mr T. Pint.E, in seconding, observed that there were not many bricks required in Welshpool, but at present there wore noue to be had (langhler).—The resolution was carried. THE DATE Of MEETINGS. Mr KEMPSTER brought forward the above ques- tion, and remarked that the convenience of the majority of tho Cuuncil should be considered in fhin the 'tays upon which the Council or the committees of the Council met. He suggested that a small committee of the Council be appointed to fix the most. suitable dates. Mr.JOHN JONES humorously suggested that the committee should consist of one, and that Mr Kem- pster be ciected to constitute the committee (laughter). The CHAIRMAN said the Kfanding Orders pro- vided that there should be four quarterly meetings in every year for the despatch of business. One of the meetings must be held in March, the date to be fixed annually at the previous December meeting and the other three meetings to be held on the third Friday in each of the three months of June September, and* December. Everybody was of opinion that Friday was the least inconvenient day. As to the meetings of committees there had always been some amount of latitude in regard to them. The. had now a very full meeting- of the Council, and It would be well to have the opinion of that Council whether the meetings of the Standing Committees should be held or not on a Monday when at Welshpool, and on a Tuesday when at Newtown. Captain MJTTON hoped they would have no debate on the subject, otherwise it would occupy over an hour. Richard Jones (Pirtheirin) havintr spoken in favour of the committee meetings being held at Welshpool and Newtown on market days, and Messrs T. Watkin and Forrester Addie against, Mr David 1 ryce seconded Captain Mytton's proposition and it was carried. THE EDUCATION BILL. The Standing Orders were suspended on the motion of the Chairmau in order to discuss the Education Bill. The CHAIRMAN suggested that they should divide the Bill into three parts for the purpose of discus- sion (a) whether it was desirable that the proposed educational authority should undertake the over- sight and management of elementary education, (o) the different position as regards finance, and (c) the question of religious instruction. Mr R. JONES (Pertheirin) said it wasjridiculous to move amendments to the Bill when thev dis- approved of the Bill root and branch. He moved a resolution to the effect that the Council considered the Bill uncalled for and reactionary and calculated to injure the cause of education throughout the country. It was uncalled for because the Councils had never asked to be 'nves^|gj nai powers they were utterly incompetent to^ u; because the measure was utterly diutas e every one (hear, hear). se of Alderman C. R. JONES seconded in the co ^gg(] a fiery speech. He said the measure o0fc neither the State rur the Church, and satisfy even its own progenitors. It wa cunningly constructed, aud coueocted not so ^or0 to aid the advancement of education, u particularly to serve the ends of the purp0 advocates of sacerdotalism in tiiis country. a0 Mr. R. E. JONBS (Cefn Bryntalch) nl0V^ be amendment that the Chairman's suggest adopted.. gill Mr W. A. ROGERS seconded, aud said tha was a just aud fair one. —The amendmen carried by 19 votes to 15. no Aldermau DAVIKS (Dolcaradog), moved educational authority for carrying on rleni education could be satisfactory unless eiecte direct vote of tho people. lort^' Mr Newell seconded, and Mr Theodore supp coUjd Captaiu MYTTON said he was sorry he ^gt0 not agree with the proposal brought the County Council. He came there w.th a mination to discuss the Biil, and to see vvi there were any points in it which alfecte county in particular. Tiiey saw it waS co difficult even iu the House of C0moUot/ understand this Bill, and wiih regard to the of Montgomery he must say that he was jjgirin to hear the lemarks made by Mr. Join s, —"that he was not satisfied with t'ie Governing Body of this County." The to a great extent elected by the County and there were two or three members eiecte1 outside, but the County Council certainly reasonable power iu appointing the County V ing Body, and with regard to Montgomery" ytbiJlg did not think they needed to discuss any except that one" point, because un io tbf Bill the matter of elementary education county was given to the Couuty gtill Body, and the constitution of that bo 5, required some amending. As for Mr. ^0 Jones's speech, it would certainly s8ttdid be 11 did fate of the Bill (laughter). What tj,e say P He was not prepared to hand »v m education of the children to the domination clergy. He would ask tiiem, after havma^g Mr. Jones's speech, whether they would be tfre to exchange the teaching of the children clergy to the domination of Mr. C- a9 (laughter). The great bone of contention vS ^$6 the managers of Church Schools throa ø onto Principality did not elect representatives tr jjjj# side to join them in the management. po#1 as a manager, they would be willing t so men as managers if they did not exhibit 11 disposition which Mr. Jones did (hear, laughter), What would be the effect it1 pointed a man like Mr. Jones? Why, thing would be upset (renewed applause). He asked why did the ? Department shirk their duty on this Occagioll they were overworked it would be a vern, ore d 10 matter for them to get more inspectors all of the people to look after the education d'" the children (hear, hear). If they c,)usidere jild be strides that had beeu made since 1870 ic an encouragement for them to proceed rat" t jt to go back (hear, hear). He quite agreed fte was unfair to saddle the Couuty Councils v ^cb matter (hear, hear). There was one Point for, had been one of the main reasons for briufe' ward this bill, aud that was the unfairness 0 t0t people in a School Board District for the suPF ^0jtf Board Schools when they at the same ti'^ eS' maintaining a Voluntary School at the'f ]d s0", pense, and he thought the opposition w°a0 6°^ that there was some hardship in that. ^0" eluded by saying that he did not think cbe^ do a bit of good in passing resolutions u put forward some trenchauu points oa vvr'jiog County Council could be unanimous i'i 3011 to Parliament (hear, hear, and applause)- The discussion was continued for and the following resolutions were Pr0P°sejl)g That no education authority for cat'$11^, elementary education can be satisfaoto1?^ # elected by the direct vote of the people-' the following resolution was mo^ed by Mytton, seconded by Mr John Jones, and »<> That in the opinion of this Council, it J.a visable to traefer to the County Counci other body the work now imposed on the Department in connection with eleJieai'ar^ tion" Resolved, on the motion of Mr J. by Mr Ti Watkin, that the provisionsjP^scb0^ to such as receive from voluntary per scholar per annum, and in the o»se schools receiving the special aid jrrant fe; *0 jd half of the Committee of Managers S*"W popularly elected." This resolution was 19 votes to 3. j to The following resolutions wero also That it is inadvisable that no limitation 3 imposed on the amount of the tt provided by clause 3 or of the school 0 rve provided by clause 26." That Council dIsnf tø of clause 27 of the Bill." "That copies t,erg III foregoing resolutions be sent to the charge of the Bill, Sir Wm. Harcourt, :Mr ¡\>%er5. MR, Acland, and the County and Borough & The Council rose at 3 15 p.m. after ha^ since 9 45


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