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T&EWERN. SUNDAY SCHOOL FESTIVAL.—'The Sunday Schools of Buttingtou and Trewern celebrated their annual festival on Thursday afternoon in a successful manner. Having assembled at the latter school, they attended service in. Church, where the Vicar of Middletown, Rev W. F. Lightfoot Harrison, delivered an appropriate address, the lessons being read by Rev T. Hughes, Buttiugton. At the con- clusion of service, an adjournment was made to the Schoolroom, which had been tastefully decorated for the occasion by the following ladies and gentle- men :—-Misses Yapp (2), Pool, L. Preece, Jessie Pheby, Messrs Gregory-Allen, Pheby, and R Preece. Here the scholars to the number of 120 sat down to an excellent ten, over which tho following ladies pre- sided:—Mrs Bickerton, Mrs Holt, Mrs Preece, Misses Oakley, Gregory, K. Tudor, Pool, and Price, assisted by Misses D Gregory Allen, Cornish, S. Tudor, Mrs. R. Williams, and Mrs. Edwards, the Green. Butter for he tea was kindly sent by Rev. T. Hughes, Messrs. Jarvis, Tudor, Preece, Bickerton, Clemson, Edwards (the Green), and Price. Amongst those present we noticed Rev. J. and Mrs. Lewis (Ford), Rev. W. F. and Mrs. Lightfoot Harrison, Rev. T. Hughes, Mr. and Mrs. R. hittiugham (Middletown). In the evening, sports were neld in a field, generouslv lent for the occasion by Mr. Turner, Garreg, and which were in the hands of the following committee :—Messrs. Holt (chair- man), Jarvis, Turner, Andrew Jones, E. L. Tudor, A Preece, Lloyd, Pheby, and Gregory- Allen. The duties of judges were discharged by Messrs. Gregory Allen and Holt, whilst Messrs. A. Prejce, J. Pugh (Pool Quay), and A. Jones officiated as clerks of the course. The starters were Messrs. Turner, Lloyd, and C. Morris trea- surer, Mr. Tudor; referee, Mr. Jarvis; secretary, Mr. Pheby. The results of the various competi- tions were as follows:—Toy race, for boys under eight, from Trewern school, Charles Morris. Toy race, for girls under eight, from Trewern school, Jane Turner. Flat race, for boys under eight, 1 W Roberts, 2 John Davies. 3 John Morris. For girls under ten, 1 Jane Turner, 2 Bessie Turner, 3 Ann Morris. For boys under 12, from the schools, 1 Albert Fiuney, 2 Willie Davies, 3 John Morris. Girls under 14 from the school, 1 Lilly Weston, 2 Annie Morris, 3 Sarah Williams. For boys under 13 (open), 1 George Morris, 2 Charles Morris, 3 Edward Roberts. Girls under 14 (open), 1 Ann Morris, 2 Martha Weston, 3 Sally Williams. Donkev race, Wm Davies. Tug-of-war, six boys and eight girls (under ten), girls won. Carrying by boys under twelve (catch weights), 1 George Morris, 2 Joseph navies,3 Wm Roberts. Obstacle race, 1 John Edwards, 2 Joseph Davies, 3 Stephen Kinney. Farm servants race, 1 Richard Heath, 2 Jonathan Davies, 3(< Evans. Tug-of-war (six-a-side), Bnttington beat Trewern. Quoiting, 1 W. Jones, 2 E Davies (judge, Mr Pugh). Boys race (open), 1 G. Morris, 2 W Roberts, 3 Jos Preece. A sale of work, being the result of the ladies' sew- ing committee duriug the winter months, was held in the field, in aid of foreign missions, and was presided over by Miss Gregory, Maesfron. The band of the 3rd K.S.L.I,, was in attendance during the day, and played for dancing in the evening. The children connected with Buttington Sunday School were conveyed to Trewern in vehicles provided by Messrs. Kinsey, Buttington Hall, and Morgan, Cletterwood. A terrible disaster occured TO the Cape liner Druminond Castle, which appears to have struck a rock off the Coast of France at midnight on Tues- day and to have gone dowu within three minutes. The officers, crew, and passengers numbered 250 all told, there is only too much ground for believing that all were lost but three, of whom two were members of the crewe. The vessel was on her way to London from the Cape. Many of the passengers of the Druminond Castle were settlers in the Cape who were preoeeding to England for a holiday, others were returning from the Capo, having gone out there for the benefit of their health, while some had only joined the vessel at Las Palmas. A message of sympathy with the sufferers from the disaster has been received by tho owners of the vessel on behalf of the Queen. Much excitement is manifested in London,



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