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LLANFAIR. RENT AUDIT.—The half-yearly rent audit of Llanfair and Mathyrafal district of Lord Powis's estate, was held at the Goat Hotel on Saturday, the rents being received by Mr Manford. A splendid dinner was provided by Mr and Mrs J. B. Jones, and ample justice was done to the inner man. The chair was occupied by Mr Manford, and the vice- chair by Mr Jones, Pentrego. After the usual loyal and patriotic toasts had been honoured, the land- lord aud agent's health was drunk. The com- pany separated at an early hour. The attendance at this audit was not very large. LLANFAIR RAILWAY.—A parish meeting had been announced for 7 o'clock p.m. on Saturday, but at that time it was very meagrely attended.—Dr Humphreys, who presided, hoped that the meeting would consider the best and least expensive plan to be carried out, the question being to have a light railway to Llanfair. He then called upon the secretary to read several letters which had been received concerning the project, including one from Mr George Owen, surveyor, offering to make the plans, &c., for £25, not including expenses.— Mr Samuel Ellis moved the following resolution ,— That this meeting finds that the route from Four Crosses to Llanfair will answer the best purposes of the neighbourhood." He thoroughly advocated the Meifod route, which would be the best paying.— Mr Wm. Theodore thought that this proposition was not in conjunction with the one that had been pro- posed at the last meeting. M r J. L. Peate seconded tne proposition for the Four Crosnes' route.—Mr K A. Evans wished to know where were they to get the money from ? He advocated the Four Crosses' route as the best paving.—Mr Tom Jones found that nearly all the landowners had promised and were willing to support them in getting a line that would pay. He supported the proposition of having the line from Four Crosses. Mr Wax. Theodore proposed as an amendment that whichever way the line would come to Llanfair they should be sure of the support of other companies. They had not heard a word yet from the London and North Western Railway Company. This was not a question of opposition, but it i one which they should not be tied to until they made sure as to which company would give them the best support.—The amend- ment was seconded.—It was then proposed that a committee should meet at Llanfair and get a survey of the two lines and the cost of the same.—It was also proposed that a public meeting should be held in the Board School, Llanfair, at 2 p,m. July 3rd, it being fair day, aud that a number of Parish Coun- cillors of the district interested in the movement should be invited to attend.—Rev. Owen Jones also spoke iu favour of the Four Crosses' route, which from first to last, he thought, would pay. Let Welshpool see that they intended to have the line from Four Crosses, and they would be sure to stir in the matter, and help them to make a line from Welshpool. He also proposed to invite a few of each parish to come and support the scheme and try and get them to attend a meeting at Llanfair.— Mr Theodore moved that each parish should pay their share of the expenses of the survey.—-The following members of the County and Parish Councils were appointed on the committee for the parish of Llanfair, viz., Rev Owen Jones, Messrs Thos. Watkin, John Jehu, J. Lloyd Peate, and Dr C. K Humphreys.—A vote of thanks to the chairman brought the meeting to a close.





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