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WELSHPOOL. THE MILITIA.—During the past week the band i.'V e\-i.-c!ie:ir selections of mu-ic under the co: dtic- .o ^••rgeant-lJi-unmier and Ac.ieir Ba--d- nr.ster Frr.i Owen, the programmes being gieatlv Ii t.(.j:¡ rcd ,T -UAKY'S BIBLE CLASS.—The annual service of song was held in the Church House on Sundnv afternoon, when an excellent address was given bv his worship the Mayor, Mr W. Forrester Addic, on the subject, "How can we worship God acceptably." The Rev D. Stephens presided, and two solos were well rendered by Miss Lidington, the duties of accompanist being ably carried out by Mr S M Price. CRICKET CLUB.—On Thursday evening, a most enjoyable smoking concert took place at the Bull Hotel in connection with this club. Mr G. D. Harrison had been announced to take the cbair but it: his absence the vacancy was admirably filled by Mr T. Simpson Jones. An hour's extension had been gtat.ted to the manageress (Mis" Jenkins) for the occasion, and this privilege enabled the coui- pany to enjoy a lengthier programme than would otherwise have been possible. The bill of fare was excellent in every way, the loud applause and numerous encores which were demanded evincing the warm appreciation by the company of the efforrs of rhe various artistes. Mr Wilfred Jones, who appeared in his usual role as comic," gaw evidence early in the evening that he was in "fight- ing form" lId his contributions were loudly applauded. Other favourite items on the pro- gramme were those in which Messrs Blackith, Dan Jones, and Ward figured, whilst Mr E. Farmer was heard to great ad vantage in the "Tin Gee Gee" (with banjo accompaniment). The proceedings throug-h- out were of a lively character, being rendered all the more so by one gentleman, who, to quote Lord Beaconsfield, was inebriated bv the exuberance of his own verbosity." The programme was as follows song. Then you'll remember me," Mr Dan Jones piccolo solo, Sailor's hornpipe," Mr Alfred Jones; song. "The deathless army," Mr Blackith: reading, "Fools," Mr T. Simpson Jones song (with banjo aecompanimcnt), Tin Gee Gee," Mr E. Farmer; song. "She was in my class," Mr Wilfred Jones (encored); violin solo, •"Scotch airs," Mr F. D. Ward (encored); song, "The old Sexton," MrLacey; soug. •' The nasty way he says it," Mr J. H. Addie; song. The Allelluja band," Mr J. H. Anderson song, The Admiral's broom," Mr Blackith song. "John Lacey; song, "Baby," Mr Dan Jones (encored); song, "Father O'Flynn," Mr Blackith; violin solo, "Hungarian dance," Mr Ward (encored); song, "Baby on the shore," Mr Simpson Jones; song, Simple maiden," Mr Wilfred Jones (en- cored) song, The verdict was," Mr Heathcote; song, Mr Wilson; song, "All over the shop," Mr Wilfred Jones (encored).—Before breaking up. the company accorded a hearty vote of thanks to the accompanist," Mr C. J. Cronk, and the proceedings terminated with the singing of Auld Lang 8yne" and God save the Queen." THE FAIR, MONDAY'.—Plenty of stock; little trade. Messrs Morris, Marshall and Poole had about 30 cattle on offer. Beef made from 5d to 6d per lb; mutton, 5d to 7td per lb lamb, 8d per lb. The trade in pigs was bad. PROPERTY SALE.—On Thursday afternoon Mr T. Morris offered for sale, at the Wellington Inn, the dwelling house and shop, No 31 Severn Street, in the occupation of Mr D. G. Williams. The lot was started at £600, but was withdrawn at £610. It was, however, subsequently sold for £625 to Mr W. Hughes, provision dealer, Newtown. COLLEGE OF PRECEPTORS.—During the week an examination for the College of Preceptors has been conducted in the Church House, kindly len for the occasion by the Vicar of Welshpool (Rev. D. Grimaldi Davis), who was the superintending examiner. There were thirty-two candidates, all from the boys' department of the "Intermediate School, who sat for about seven hours a day, from Tuesday until yesterday afternoon. THE LATE COLONEL HARRISON.—On Sunday last, at 10 a.m., the full complement of the 4th Batt. S. W. Borderers, and for the first time during this training, attended morning service at Christ Church. The service, which was choral, was taken by the Vicar, who also preached the sermon, and tl e lessons were read by Mr G. D. Harrison. The preacher selected as the subject of his sermon the Shortness of human life in this world." In the course of his remarks he dwelt upon the different ways of dealing with the fact of life being short, mentioning especially those of the reckless man, the despairing man, and the Christian. He then impressed upon his hearers that the latter was the only true and wise way of dealing witfc the short- ness of life. At the close of the sermon the Vicar referred to the death of the late Colonel Harrison in the followingiterms:—"The remarks, which I have just made have doubtless led the thoughts of many, who are now listening to me, to the friend and neighbour whose mortal remains were laid to rest on Wednesday last in Forden Churchyard. I allude, as you know, to the late Colonel Harrison, the late commanding officer of the 4th Batt. S. W. Borderers. He has been taken away in the very prime of life, when there seemed to be before him many more years of usefulness. God has decreed otherwise, and he has been taken away, we may be sure, for some wise purpose. But though his life was short, he compressed into that short life a great deal of work—work not merely for self, but for others as well. In many ways, of which yon all know, he served his generation. How well he did so has been amply testified during the last few days, and by the large numbers, who honoured him in his death, by attending his funeral. His death, I need hardly say, is a great loss to this county and district, and still more so to his family, and those nearest to him. I fervently pray that God will comfort those bereaved, with that con-fort, which He alone can give. And I earnestly trust that we shall all strive to follow his good example, and that his memory will be long cherished as an incentive to do good by us all, and especially by his friends and comrades in the 24th." During the service special hymns were sung, and at the end the Dead March was beautifully played on the organ by Miss Farmer, accompanied by the Band of the regiment. LOCAL GOVERNING BODY.—A meeting of the Local Governors was held yesterday afternoon, the Mayor (Mr W. Forrester Addie) presiding. The other members present were Mrs Humphreys-Owen, Messrs Jones, Morris, Richards, Rogers and Howell, with Mr E. L. R. Jones, clerk.—Some discussion took place with regard to the supplies of stationary, and it was unanimously agreed to ask the local tradespeople to contract for supplies in future.— The Finance Committee recommended that the salary of the clerk be increased from £20 to £2S per annum from 31st March, 1896, subject to three months' notice on either side. The recommendation was agreed to.—The Furnishing Committee recom- mended that an additional classroom be provided in the Girls' School, and that Mr Challoner be re- quested to send in an estimate for the cost of con- verting the two attics into a classroom that thirty second-hand desks offered by Miss Collin of Cardiff, at 15seach, including packing and carriage, be obtained in view of thefact that 15 desks were already requir- ed and that the remainder would be necessary when the new schools were completed. The first part of the recommendation was deferred till the question of scholarships came up.—On the motion of Mr. Richards, seconded by Mrs. Humphreys-Owen, it was unanimously agreed to purchase the desks as recommended. The Head- master reported that Mr. Thomas, High Street, had presented to the school a new set of drawing models.—On the motion of Mr. Howell, seconded by Mr. Rogers, a vote of thanks was passed to Mr. Thomas for his generous gift.—A letter was read from the Charity Commissioners stating that the plans for the new schools had been passed, and requesting the Governors to obtain estimates for the work. Estimates to be sent to the Charity Com- missioners for approval.—On the motion of Mr. Jones, seconded by Mr. Richards, the Clerk was instructed to prepare conveyance of site, to be sent to the County Governing Body, and it was also agreed to ask Mr. Shayler, the architect, to attend a special meeting of the Building Committee.—Mrs. Humphreys-Owen brought up the discussion as to wheLher the amount proposed to be spent in scholarships satisfied the requirements of the scheme. After a long discussion it was agreed on the motion of the Chairman to write to the County Governing Body on the subject.— Mrs Humphreys-Owen gave notice that she would move at the next meeting that they make a charge for the use of the piano.—Mrs Humphreys-Owen's motions were put to the meeting as follows :—(a) That at the first meeting of the Governors after the beginning of each term, a list of all new pupils be produced ry the head-master and mistress iu which they shall certify that the pupils have com- pleted their 10th year that they have, if coming from an elementary school, been scheduled there in the 5th standard, or that they have satisfied an equivalent examination, (b) That the names and addresses of the registered lodgings be appended to any new prospectus of the school.—The motions were unanimously passed.— This was all the business. ————