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ABERYSTWYTH. CARDIGAN ARTILLERY. -The regiment arrived home Oil Fliday week, and broke up on the follow- ing day. The men looked a smart lot, and their conduct has given general satisfaction. SUSPECTED OF STEALING A WATCH.—At the Police Court on Monday before the Mayor (Coun- cillor Griffiths and E. D. Wynne, Esq.) Evan John Rees, a collier, Tylorstown, was charged on suspicion with stealing a watch the property of Emma Beynon of High street.—Complaisant said that the prisoner followed her into her house on the previous Saturday. She left her watch on the table and went upstairs telling the prisoner to leave the house. When she came down she saw the prisoner going out through the door. She missed the watch at the time. The prisoner was drunk at the time.—P.O. Jones said that prisoner denied the theft and witness failed to find the watch on him. —The man was discharged. DRUNKENNESS.— Walter Jones, Ferndale, a militia- man was summoned for being drunk, and at Monday's sittings of the Court be was ordered to pay 2s 6d including costs. THE WRONG HAN.—John Williams, of Llan- eliwv, Flintshire, was charged at the Police Court on Monday, with being drunk and using threatening language to a woman.—The case against the defendant was that he went into a shop in Princess street and asked for drink. He was told that no intoxicants were sold there, and the prisoner then asked for meat and bread which he ate and never paid for, and as if to keep up the joke he told the woman if she were in America she would be shot in about a minute. Then the woman fainted and a crowd came up and the man was handed over to Inspector Morgan.—Mary Elizabeth Jones, daughter of the shopkeeper, said that the man was not the same as he one who entered the shop, and con- sequently he was discharged. CAMBRIAN ARCHCEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION.—Mr W. H. Colby presided over a meeting of the local committee held at the College oil Friday evening week, when it was decided to appoint a small sub committee to draw up a programme of intended excursions to take place in the neighbourhood. THE HOT WEATHER—The exceptionally hot weather that has prevailed of late has been the cause of several cases of sunstroke in various parts of Wales. On Monday, Mr John Rowlands, rural postman, was taken ill with sunstroke and on the previous day Mr William Hughes, Glanyrafon, farmer, was similary attacked. ROYAL VISIT TO ABERYSTWYTH.—VISIT OF THE CHANNEL SQUADRON.—It is stated that the follow- ing ironclads will assemble in the Bay on the even. ing of June 25th :—Blake, Repulse, Magnificent, Bellona, and Majestic, so that visitors to the coast will be enabled to see some of the finest ironclads in the British Navy. PETTY SESSIONS.—WEDNESDAY. Before Messrs Thomas Griffiths (Mayor), David Roberts, John Morgan, E. P. Wynne, and Isaac Hopkins. No LICENSES.—John Davies, Penbryncoch, was charged by P.S. Davies with keeping a dog without a license, and he was fined 2s 6d and costs.—Harriet Davies, Railway Terrace, charged with the same <0 offence, was ordered to pay the costs of the hearing. —Walter H. Wemyss, Lion Hotel, was charged with keeping a dog without a license.—After hearing the evidence the Bench dismissed the case. —Owen Rogers, Penyglais Road, charged with the same offence, was fined Is. and costs. ASSAULT AND BATTERY. John Evans, Trefechan, was charged by Anne Jones, Trefechan, with assaulting her by striking her. On the 14th of June complainant interfered between her husband an the defendant, and the latter struck her in the scuffle.—Mr A. J. Hughes appeared for the defen- dant, and both parties were bound over in the sum of £5 to keep the peace for six months.—John Evans then charged James Jones with the same offence, and they were both bound over in the sum of £5 to keep the peace for six months. OFFENCES AGAINST THE BYE LAWS.—Thomas Morris, Waterloo^ Hotel, was charged with a breach of the bye-laws in allowing the stage coach to stay too long on the Terrace. Mr Hughes prosecuted and Mr Owen defended. The evidence ot P.C. Thomas Davies sought to show that the leading horses were causing an obstruction, but after hear- ing the evidence the Bench dismissed the case.— Evan Lewis, Liverpool House, John Theophilus, Llanbadarn, John Samuel, Wainfawr. and John Jones, Llangawsai, weie charged with plying for hire with hackney carriages without licenses.—The charged against Theophilus was withdrawn, and the other defendants were bound over in the sum of £5 to come up for judgment when called upon, and to pay 2s 6d each. RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL-MONDAY. Mr J. B. Morgan presided, and there were also present Messrs James Jones, Charles Davies, J. M. Williams, George Price, Evan Lewis, Griffith Morgan, R. Davies, D. Edwards, Lewis Richards, W. A. Miller, David Davies, Thomas Pr well, John Jones, with Mr Hugh Hughes (clerk), and Mr David Davies (assistant clerk). BORTH WATER SUPPLY. Two bills amounting to £4 lIs 6d, expenses incurred in connection with holding an inquiry respecting the water supply were submitted and passed. BRIDGE FOR THE TYPJANT RIVER. The Chairman asked if any reply had been received from the Clerk to the County Council relative to the proposal of the District Council that theCoauty Council shoulJpay one-third of the cost of erecting a new stone bridge over the Tynant river. The Assistant Clerk said that no reply bad been received, and it was decided to write again asking for an early reply. TAKING OVER A KoAD. Mr George Price proposed that application be made to the County Council to take over and adopt a highway in the parish of Llanfihangel Lower as a main road.-Mr David Edwards seconded, and it was agreed to. PUBLIC HEALTH ACT, 1890 On the proposition of Mr Pryce, it was decided to ask the Board to dispense with the inquiry in connection with the adoption of the Public Health Act, 1890. A FOOTPATH OUT OF REPAIR Rev J. T. Morgan, of Bow Street, wrote to the Council complaining of the state of the footpath eading down to a well near the Cambrian Railway. Mr Price proposed, and Mr Charles Davies seconded, that a letter should be sent to the writer pointing out that it was the duty of the parish meeting to move in the matter. A TWENTY-ONE YEARS' DEATH RATE. At the last meeting a letter was read from Capt. Arter. complaining of the quality of the water now used by the villagers of Goitre.—The inspector reported that he had visited the well complained of by Captain Arter, and found that it was quite unfit for domestic purposes. The well had been recently cleaned. He doubted the statement of Captain Arter. He bad made enquiries and found that only one death had occurred during a period of twenty- one years, and that was the case of an old lady of eighty years of age (very good and laughter).- Mr John Jones, a nephew of Capt. Arter, attended the Council, and denied the statement made by Captain Arter that the latter had lost several children owing to the impurity of the water sup- plied to the village. He admitted that the present supply of water was unfit for cattle to drink —Mr J. M. Williams proposed that the Inspector make enquiries as to the new method of supply suggested by Mr Jones.-Mr Geo. Price seconded the proposi- tion and it was carried.-Mr WiiHams mentioned the case of a neighbouring villUge where certain wells were condemned, but notwithstanding this fact the water was used by the servant with the result that three of four members of a family died from drinking the watftr.—Mr Miller did not think that Captain Arter would have made a false state- ment and said that the word of the medical offi er would enlighten them.—The Inspector said that he had made enquiries of the neighbours and he could only find record of the death of the old lady. Mr Miller What about the children ? The Inspector Oh that was whooping cough.—The Clerk suggested that the Inspector take the necessary steps to get the well condemned, and the Council gave the necessary instructions. b REPORT ON ENCROACHMENT. Messrs E. J. Evans, James Jones and W. A. Miller, the committee appointed to report upon the alleged encroachment at Dolau, Llanbadarn Fawr, submitted a long report, and urged the Council to take the necessary steps to prevent what they con- sidered an encroachment.—On the proposition of Mr W. A. Miller it was decided to ask Messrs Bourne and Grant to put the land into the same condition as they found it.—Mr George Price seconded and it was carried. PWLLHOBI. Complaints having been made as to the condition of the channels in Pwllhobi, it was decided, upon the proposition of Mr W. A Miller, to obtain an estimate for paving the the channel, similar to the paving already done at Talybont,' and that the County Council should be asked to bear half of the expense. TALYBONT WATER SUPPLY The plans of this water supply was before the Council, and it was decided to ask the Local Government Board to hold an enquiry.