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LTjANDRINIO. FORESTERS' ANNIVERSARY. On Friday the members of Court Bryn-y-Pvs celebrated theii 33th auniversai-y. The weather was beautifully fine and the village was en. feic on the occasion. After preliminary business had been transacted at the Court the members formed in procession, and headed by the Band of the 3rd Batt K.S.L.I., under Bandmaster Dignan, and the handsome new Court banner, proceeded to Church where divine service was held, Rev E. Robinson, Penrhos, officiating, and preaching a, most appro- priate sermon from Genesis iii, 19. The hymns sung were Nos 274, and 380 (Ancient and Modern). The collection taken was in aid of the Salop Infir- mary and amounted to 10s 7d. On leaving the Church the procession re-formed and paraded the village, calling at Llandrinio Hall the residence of Mr. L. B. Whittiugham, who has always taken a deep interest in the welfare of the club, acting as trustee for many years. Here the members were regaled with refreshments. At 3 p.m. the members and a large number of visitors sat down to an excellent dinner at the Punch Bowl lUll, Host and Hostess Lewis leaving nothing to be desired in the way of catering. The Ven. Archdeacon Thomas presided, and was supported by Mr R. Whittingham, Middle- town Mr Pritchard, the Haim; Mr A. Wilde, IVollaston Air Tiiiiisw'), d,Oswcstry; Mr Williams, The Lane; Mr Davies, Portland House; Mr E. Davies, the Rhos, and Mr Geo. Lloyd, Bryn Offa, and vice-chairman, Mr L. B. Whittiugham. Amono' the visitors were Messrs Moorh .use, Bausley; Robinson, Domgay; Morris, Gweruygo; Evans, Rhos; Sankey, the Shop; Moore, the School; Edwards, the Fields; Thomas Gregory, Criggion: Lees, Four Crosses; Job Boddoes, Pinfold; R. lurnor, the Rhos; 51 Lewis, Penthryn; Jones, Gwernygo; Thomas Morgan, Trederwen Hall; James Gregory, Severn House A Vaughan, Crewe Green E M Jones and T A Jones, Lower House; J. W. Pritchard, the Haim Morgan, Canal House Burgess, Butcher's Arms, Wm. Vaughan, CrewE Green; W. Pritchard, the Haim; F. Jones, Deytheur; John Vaughan, Crewe Green, etc. The cloth having been removed, the Ven. Arch- deacon proposed the toast of The Queen, the Prince of Wales, and the other members of the Royal Family," which was loyally drunk. The Army, Navy and Reserve Forces was the next toast, and the Chairman in proposing it said there was one name he should like to mention in connec- tion with the toast. It was a nam which they in Bryn-y-Pys Lodge knew more of than he himself. He referred to the eldest son of his late predecessor, their late rector, Major Lewis. Some of them would no doubt have read this week about a very smart action in the Soudan, where the Egyptian, foreea moved silently in the night time through a most dangerous codntry and managed to surprise and completely rout the dervishes, carrying every- thing before them. The Egyptian forces were led in four divisions, and one of these divisions was led by Major Lewis (loud applause). He had already distinguished himself by the part he had borne in the transport service, and they were all proud to know that the success of that expedition was shared by a Llandrinio man (loud and continued applause). The toast was Iou pled with the names of Mr Lewis and nIr Pritchanl. Mr Lewis, in responding, re- ferred to the loss the county had sustained by the death of Col. Harrison, and to the honour done to the Montgomery cavalry in being selected as a guard of honour to the Prince of Wales on his visit to A beryst,,Yyth.The "Bishop and Clergy" having been given by Mr Whittingham, and responded to by the Ven. Archdeacon Thomas, the toast of the evening, Success to Court Hryn-y-pwys" was next given by the Chairman. Three thousand and eighty were figures which expressed a great deal. They showed what a very large, wide, strong, and powerful body they belonged'to. They had a good strong club in the village. The population of the parish was only about 600, and yet they had an adult membership of 131 in the club, and the total membership including the juvenile members was now 157. That was a very large number for their population, considering they had two clubs in the village. The report before them this year was rather brief but it was satisfactory. The first sen- tence spoke of its nourishing condition. The next clause spoke of its position as being the result of the care and labour and the attention of those who had its management in their hands. No society eonld thrive or flourish without great care by its officers. It was now 39 years since the club was started. On that occasion 17 members joined, and though 39 years had gone he was glad to say there were there among them three of its original mem- bers. Mr Samual Vaughan, Mr Wm. Pughe and Mr Lloyd Jones (loud applause). In the case of M r Lloyd Jones they had all seen his name again and again in connection with the work of the club, as for many years he had been their unpaid but undefatlg- able treasurer (loud applause) so that among these three original members they still had at least a member worthy of all praise (loud applause), There had also see:; another member who could not be passed over. They bad a trustee of this society Mr Whittingham who had displayed great care in the investment of. the^cliilvs money and for that they must also be thankful, for a great deal depended on the action of the trustees (applause). He had also to mention tho name of Mr Evan Evans, whoso services were by no means new to the club for Mr Evans had taken as active a part as any man in its welfare (hear, hear). In con- clusion he congratulated the members on the successful state of the club's finance. The statement of accounts showed a gain on the year of C67 9s 9d, although there had been a heavy sick list, the amount of sick pay being £31 5s 8d more than last year. The total funds wore now zC2439 16s 5d. The toast was coupled with the names of Mr Whittingham and Mr Evan Davies.—Mr. Whittingham, in reply, said he was very much indebted to the chairman for coupling his name with the toast. His connection with the club dated many years back, hat since he was connected with it, nothing gave him greater pleasure than to give his work for its benefit (hear, hear). After a lapse of so many years it was a pleasure to know that the club was thriving. It was something to be able to contribute some little help to their fellow-men in times of suffering, and he hoped the club would still continue to flourish (loud applause).—Mr. Davies also responded in similar terms, and trusted that the members would do their best to get new members. In this way they were certain of success (applause). The other toasts were "The Medical Officer," proposed by Mr. Evan Evans The Chairman," proposed by Mr. Whitting-ham; The Press," proposed by Mr. Tinniswood, and responded to on behalf of the COUNTY TIMPS; "Host and Hostess," proposed by Mr. Gregory, and briefly acknowledged by Mr. Lewis, the genial landlord of the Punch Bo.vl. The pro-' ceedings were enthusiastically entered into by the members and visitors, aud the entire arrangements were carried through without a hitch.





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