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LLANIDLOES. CRICKET.—A match was played between the Captain's and Vice-Captain's teams, the latter winning by five runs. Score Captain's team, 38; Vice-Captain's, 43. Towx COUNCIL.—A meeting of this Council was held on Thursday, Mr A. J.Morris, presiding. Councillor E. Hamer read the reports as follows :— Tolls collected and paid to treasurer since last report, £1 9s 4d; borough rate collected and paid to Treasurer, £28 5s lid; balance due to treasurer, £45168 10d; and various bills, amounting in all to £163 15s 6d were passed for payment.—Referring to the (loyal visit the Mayor said he had had many enquiries as to what the Council intended doing respecting the visit of the Prince of Wales to the Principality to be installed chancellor of the Uni- versity. As they all knew the Prince would be passing through Llanidloes on his way to Cardiff, after the installation, and he (the Mayor) was of opinion that they should write to Sir Francis Knollys or the Prince of Wales to enquire if they would allow the train to stop at the station for a few minutes.—Alderman E. Davies proposed that the Mayor communicate with the Cam-- brian Railways Company and Sir Francis Knollys.— Councillor Daniel Davies supported the motion.— Councillor T. Pryce-Jones proposed that an address be presented to the Prince as he passed through the Station. They were the only corporate borough, and he thought the royal party might be induced to stop.—Councillor Edward Hamer having seconded, the proposition was put to the meeting and carried unanimously. A letter was read from the Montgomery County Council to the effect that they did not con- sider the proposal of the Council asking for a contribution towards the cost of an ambulance stretcher within the scope of the Technical Instruc- tion Act.—The Mayor was of opinion that the County Council ought to supply a stretcher for the police free of expense to the Town Council.—-The Mayor said he'was sure they were all very pleased to see tho Town Clerk with them again after an absence of some time. He was very pleased to see him looking so well, and hoped he would be with them more in the future (applause).—The Town Clerk thanked them very sincjrely for the kind way in which they had received the sympathetic ex- pressions of the Mayor.—The report of the Medical Officer of Health having been read, Mr. John Morgan, in reply to the Mayor, said the pigo-erv in Mr. Parker's yard had been vastly improved since he had reported upon it; also the closets at the back of Bethel street Chapel had been cleaned. The Mayor hoped he would be able to attend every Council meeting.—Mr. John Morgan also reported that a great number of people were carryi their night soil and depositing it in the brook on the Upper Green, and also on the banks of the river close to the houses. In some instances he could not say who they wore, but he had detected one or two, who had promised not to do it again.—The Mayor tnought night soil should be carried along the street before mid-night, otherwise the persons were liable according to the bye-hws.—Councillor Edward Hamer said it was being done before 11 o'clock, and he thought some place should be pro- vided so as to save many unsightly nuisances that were existing owing to its being emptied over the bridges as they were doing at present. He hoped the Scavenging Committee would look into the matter. Councillor Daniel Davies and Councillor Hamer supported, and the proposal was carried. WORTHEN. ANNIVERSARY.- The anniversary of K VUHston, A.O.F., was celebrated at Worthen on Thursday. After serviccwthe members paraded the village and subsequently returned to head-uuartors, the Kyuastoh, Arms, to partake of the excellent spread provided by Mr and Mrs Juc-kes. RevR. A. Uelton. presided, and was supported by Dr. Lemler, and Ksmonde. Mr Groves, Mr More, &c.; T. j. Joues being in the vice-chatr. Dr. Leader, proposed the health of the "Bishop aud Clergy and :Winistoi's of all Christain Denominations," coupling with the toast the name of the Chairman, who, in reply said that since they met last year a a great change had taken place in the country in the re-arrangement of the political parties, and the church, which was then threatened, no longer stood in danger, the reason being that the people of England recognised more and more that the aim and object of the Church was to look after the spiritual interests of the people. Dr Esmonde proposed the "Army, Navy, and Reserve Fraces," and Mr J C Bowdler responded.-The Chairman proposed "Success to the Court Kynaston." He congratulated them upon the statement of accounts presented. There had been an increase in member- ship as well as in funds during the year—facts which at once proved that the Court was keeping well to to the fore in the district.—Mr T J Jones in responding, said that the balance was smaller than it ever had been before except on one occasion, and in the next place the amont paid for sicknesf (£323 7s) came to almost as much as the contributions. The total receipts for the year amounted to jE665 18a 9d, and the expenditure to over £600 which included jE96 Is for old age pay and £80 for funerals of members and members' wives. Tha total assets of the Court represented a sum of £3,745 2s the number of members at the begin- ning of the year was 382, and the average age 36'45. Other toasts followed.






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