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MACHYNLLETH. Music AT. FESTIVAL. — On Monday the annual festival in connection with the Congregationalists was held at the Graig Chapel. The meetings were presided over by Rev. T. L. Martin, of Llanidloes, and Mr. D. W. Lewis, Bryumawr, conducted the singing. The accompanist was Miss C. J. Williams. THE SHOW.—Mr. N. B. Owen presided at an adjourned meeting held in the Vane Hall on Wednesday, and there were also present Messrs. Richard Gillart, N. Lloyd Jones, J. Carruthers, J. Edmunds, R. Jones, J. Jones, T. Steadman, D. Lewis, E. Hughes, C. G. Owen, J. Jones, C. Taylor, Major Bousall, C. R. Kenvon, Edward Jones (Lion), M. Morgan, Thomas Llojd (secretary), itc.—A. letter was read from Mr. Anwyl as to the radius fcr competitors in the competition for two acres of swedes—ultimately it was agreed to confine the entries to the parishes of Machynlleth, Uwchy- garreg and Isygarreg, Penegoes, Darowen, Cemmes, Llanwrin, Pennal, and Scuborycoed. — Mr. lL Gillart brought forward the question of introducing sheep dog trials, but it was not strongly supported, and Mr. Gillart did not press it.—A letter from Mr. Joseph Kvans was read, in which the writer recom- mended the committee to appoint Mr. Richard Jones, of Welshpool, to act as judge in the classes for wool. The judges appointed were as follows — Jumping, saddle and harness horses, Lord Henry Vane-Tempest, Messrs 0 Slaney Wynn — Evans, Bronwylfa, and E. ]1,. Owen, Garthmyl agricultural horses and stallions, Messrs Lawton Moor, R Richards, Grevn Hall, and Edward Green black cattle, Messrs J Williams, Gwernhefin. and — Jonathan; Hereford cattle, Messrs J Williams and E Kinsey; Welsh sheep a.nd shearing and wool competition, J Gittins and J y., Pryce; Sheep dogs, Mr Clement, Birmingham; terriers, &c., Mr Lloyd, Portmaloc; setter^ and spaniels, Messrs C E J Owen, Hengwrt, aud — Clements, Birmingham; poultry, Mr Lloyd, Port- madoc; butter, eggs and honey, Mrs Phillips, Glanmachlas field of swedes, Mr C R Kenyon; roots and grain, Messrs J. Williamsand E. Kinsey; garden produce, Messrs J Doig, J Vearey, and R C Williams; veterinary surgeon, Mr Richard Jones, Towyn. The following were appointed as stewards Messrs S Phelps, J Evans, E Gillart, J J Bonsall, Dr Davies, Messrs N B Owen, A M Suthery, Ellis Hughes, It Ryder, junr., W Parry, 0 G Owen, John Parry, J Jones, J Parry J Jones (Glauwrin), Hugh Thomas, N Lloyd Jones, R H Edwards, J Lewis (Dolguog), Williams, Richard Rees, Dr Williams, Messrs T Carruthers, John Jones, Henry Lewis, John Evans, John Thomas, Evan Jones, Rd Jones, Edward Rees, Thomas Parsons, John Lewis, and J J Humphreys.—-A vote of thanks pioposed by Major Bonsall, to the Chairman, brought the meeting to a close. ROYAL VISIT TO MACHYNLLETH. A meeting of the executive committee was held in the Town Hall, Machynlleth, yesterday, Major Bousall presiding—a letter was read from the manager of the Corris Band stating that they were prepared to accept the engagement offered to them for three days, viz., Thursday, Friday, and Satur- day. It was decided that the band should play in the town on Thursday afternoon— Mr R. Gillart proposed that a committee of four gentlemen be appointed to draw up a programme in conjunction with the bandmaster to cover tne three days.—Mr J. Edmunds moved as an amend- ment that the matter be referred to the Musical Committee.—Carried.—Mr Sackville Phelps sug- gested that if the address had not been completed he would like to add to tho address and heartily congratulate Her Royal Highness Princess Maud upon her approaching wedding."—It was decided to wire to the London firm, who had the matter in hand asking if it could be added.—In a letter from the firm they said that the address would "be enclosed in a polished oak casket, bearing a silver plate with the simple inscription, Presented to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Wales on their visit to Machynlleth, 1896."— This was agreed to.—Rev.—Edwards, Corris, asked if any special provision was to be made for the accommodation of ladies and others on the day of the entry of the royal party.-The Chairman said that the matter would be further considered.— It was thought advisable to have a pnblic meeting before the arrival of the royal family, at which the address should be accepted.—It was agreed to hold the meeting on the Wednesday.—In reply to a question, Mr C. S. Denniss said that it was the intention of the fRailways Company to run trips from Oswestry and Barmouth directions.' There would be no special trains from Aberystwyth I on that day.— Mr Joseph Evans asked if a train would be run from Aberystwyth before the return of the royal train, so that those who left Mach- ynlleth in the morning may be able to arrive home and greet the Prince and his lady at Machynlleth, —Mr Denniss said that it was not the intention of the Company to run a trafn at the time named, but if there was a desire on the part of the people of Machynlleth to return home on that day at the time named he would be pleased to run a train. They intended to run on that day about twenty special trains, and the efforts of the staff at Aberystwyth would be greatly taxed. The Company were also anxious to know what the committee intended doing at the Station so that the proper arrangements might be made. It was intended that only a limited number of tickets should be issued giving admission to the platform. — Mr. David Evans said that it was the intention to present the Reception Committee to His Royal Highness 011 the station platform. In answer to Dr. Davies, Mr. Denniss said that it was the inten- tion of the company to close the large space in front of the station throughout the Thursday after- noon. He had an engagement with Sir Francis Knollys on Tuesday next, and would then submit the railway company's arrangements to that gentle- man, aud if there was any alteration needed no doubt it would be accepted by the proper authori- ties.—It was decided that the presentation of the Reception Committee should take place outside the station, and Mr. Denniss said that if this was to be the arrangement, he did not think that there would be any objection on the part of the directors to allow the sown authorities to erect a platform ou the waste ground fronting the station, — Mr. David Evans suggested that the matte)' should he referred to the superintending Committee. The question of inviting the school children to take part in the demonstration was dis- cussed and Mr N. B. Owen proposed that they do not invite.the children to take part in the pro- gramme, it was decided that no provision be made for the chi1tlren.- On the motion of Mr ltd. Gillart a vote of thanks was passed to Mr Denniss for his attendance there that day.- It was decided that as the funds did not. allow the committee ro provide a good supply of fireworks l1:at none hou d be purchased, but it was agreed to erect bonfires in the neighbourhood. Mr E. Gillart said that there were several boxes about the streets which might be properly utilised (laughter). It. was agreed on the suggestion of Mr John Evans to ask the Gas Company to assist them in the matter. A com- mittce was then appointed to carry out the work.. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. An adjourned meeting was held on Monday at the Board Jtoom. Present: Messrs. E. Rees, E. I Jones. II. Lewis, W. M. Jones, J. M. Breeze, J. Thomas, D. D. Williams, and J. Pugh, Dr. A. 0. Davies, medical officer, and Mr. John Jones, sur- veyor.—Mr. Edward Rees was voted to the chair, on the motion of Mr. D. D. Williams, seconded by Mr. W. M. Jones.—The chairman said there were two letters on the table addressed to the chairman, which he read. The first was from Lord Henry Vane-Tempest notifying that he conld not attend, the other was from Mr. Evans, as follows "Machynlleth. June 6, 1896. My Lord,— I enclose the following accounts against the council My bill of charges as clerk, £16 4s. 4d.; my disburse- ments, £6 8s. 8d.; £22 13s. Returning Officer's charges and disbursements in the last election of Councillors: North Ward, £ 9 2s. 9d., South Ward, £6 15s.; Wcat Ward, £8 Os. 2d.; £24 3s. lid. -£46 16s. lid. 1 shall bo obliged by pay- ment of this amount on the handing over of the books of the Council.—I have the honour to remain, Your Lordship'sjobcdient servant, D. Evans. Lord H. Vane-Tempest, chairman Urban District Council" Mr J. Pugh asked if the resolution of adjournment was among the papers. The Chair- man No.— Mr J.Thomas asked if the minutes of the last meeting were taken by the Vice-chairman to the late Clerk ?—The Chairman said he had no doubt they were, and he took it that Mr Evans's letter was the reply.Mr Pugh moved that tho resolutions passed at the last meeting be read and confirmed. Mr W. M. Jones asked if they could not make another application that day for the books, He did not think that Mr Evans would be unwil- ling to hand them over, and to allow tho considera- tion of his bill to be deferred to another meeting. Mr Evan Jones asked if the Council were certain that the Vice-chairman did apply for the books.— Mr Pugh said he took it that the letter from Mr Evans was a reply, and he knew for a fact that the Vice-chairman had communicated the resolution. He proposed that the Standing Orders be suspended. —Mr D. Williams seconded the motion, and it was carried.—Mr Pugh said in order to have a record of the proceedings, it was necessary to have a clerk pro. tem., and he proposed Mr. D. D. Wil- liams.—Mr. J. M. Breeze seconded the motion, and it was carried.—Mr D. D. Williams then read the minutes, which, on the motion of Mr Pugh, sec- onded by Mr H. Lewis, were confirmed.—The Chairman said the second item on the agenda was business arising on the minutes. They would first of all take the application from the Secretary of the Royal Visit Committee.—Mr Pugh said he thought they ought to make an application for the books, and give Mr Evans an undertaking that his account should be considered.—Mr Williams said they must have the minutes of last meeting read and confirmed.—Mr E. Jones said he thought they ought to send for the books.— Mr W. M. Jones pro- posed that an application be made to the late clerk for all books, documents, &c., belonging to the Council, upou receipt of which the Council would proceed to the consideration of his account.—Mr J. Thomas seconded the motion.—Mr E. Jones asked if it would not be better to state to Mr Evans that Mr Owen was not present, and that they did not know what passed between them.—The motion was put to the meeting and carried.—Mr Pugh proposed that the Surveyor be asked to take the letter.—Mr Breeze seconded the motion, and it was carried.- Mr Lewis Williams presented a list of vacancies returned by the Collector, amounting to £10 16s 6d, and uncollected rate amounting to JE12 lis, which was signed by the Chairman.— The report of the Medical Officer was read, and the Surveyor was directed to serve notices. The Medical Officer reported that the flushing of the mains had answered the purpose. He also called attention to the habit of the tradespeople of sweeping papers, &c., into the streets, and it was decided to give notices. He also reported that the town was free from infectious diseases, and the health generally very good.—Mr Pugh called attention to the boxes, &c., left by the shopkeepers in the street, and said some members of the Council were the greatest delinquents. He proposed that notice be served, and in the event of non-compliance, that proceed- ings be taken. This was seconded by Mr H. Lewis, and carried.- The Surveyor presented his wages sheet, amounting to J516 7s 9d, which was passed for payment.—The Surveyor having brought the minute book, committee minute book, treasurer's book and cheque book, from Mr Evans, the minutes of the meeting held May 5th were read and con- firmed. The first item was to receive applications for the office of clerk. The Chairman said only one application had been received, viz., from Mr Rowlands, offering to do the work according to advertisements for £30. Mr Evan Jones asked what work did the salary cover.—Several of the Councillors gave their views, and ultimately Mr D. D. Williams proposed, and Mr Pugh seconded, that Mr Rowlands be appointed.—The motion was plL to the meeting, and declared carried.—Mr Evau Jones abstained from voting, and explained that he did so in order to be consistent. A letter was read from the Hon. Secretary of the Royal Reception Committee, asking for permission to erect arches and street barriers, and to regulate the traffic on the days of the royal visit. The Council con- sented, provided the surface of the streets was restored to the satisfaction of the Surveyor.—It was resolved to defer consideration of Mr Evans's charges until the next meeting.—The report of the Sanitary Committee was read, and directions given upon it.—Mr Rowlands having attended, the Chair- man informed him that he had been appointed clerk, and, in order to be clear as to the work, he asked Mr Rowlands what work was covered by the £ 30.—Mr Rowlands replied all the ordinary work of the Clerk, which excluded legal work—all the duties prescribed by the Public Health Act, and agreements with contractors for the removal of street refuse and such like. He thanked the Coun- cil for the appointment.—The Surveyor presented the gaugings taken at, Esgaireira and Cwmrwden. The average from May 1st to 25th at Esgaireira 151,092 gallons; at Cwmrwden 31,980.—The Clerk was directed to apply to Mr Evans for all books, documents, letters, and all other things belonging to the Council.- Messrs D. D. Williams and H. Lewis, together with the Medical Officer and In- spector, were appointed to do the necessary work in connection with public conveniences during the royal visit.—Mr D. D. Williams called attention to the estimates, and it was resolved that the meeting be adjourned to June 16th, at 10 a.m.







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