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ABERYSTWYTH. -,L\fr. J. DK:-T F.Y SPKWKR, 32. High Street, to whom notice should be giv^n of ail events required to bo reported in the COUNTY TIMES. Tii%: BARRICADES.—The barricading of the town is being proceeded vifcb, and the props for the pro- tection of the iron railing3 on the Terrace are being put down. THE SEASON.— There is a good sprinkling of visitors on the Terrace, and in the evening the promenade is fairly crowded. L-i.-At, LAW CASE.—A case in which Messrs Bourne and Grant are the defendants, and Dr T. D. Harries, the complainant, will come on for hear- ing before Mr Justice Romer in Chancery. The n plaintiff claims commission for certain negotiations made it, is averred, on behalf of defendants. T! i) t,i TABLE.—The first tide for to-day (Satur- day's. w ill take place at 8.50 and the second tide at THK REMOVAL OF SAND FROM THE BEACII. The 1 own Council have received a communication from the Board i f Trade upon this matter, but we are given to understand that the actions of th:, Corporation are protected by c-rtain Acts of Parliament. THE CLIFF RAILWAY.— It is the intention of the Improvement Company to have this railway com- plete for running by the day of the roval visit. ANXIAL BOAT RACE.— The town Iand college crews are both in training for the coming race, and it is expected to be a hard fight. FooTB.I,L,L.-Ilr T. H. Edwards, hon secretary of the town team has been elected to the post of vice- president of the new Welsh League recently formed at Wrexham. The town team is included in the iirst division. DR BAKNARDO'S HOMES.—Principal Roberts, pre- sided over a public meeting held in the Town Hall on Tuesday evening to arrange for the annual collection in aid of Dr Barnardo's homes. A com- mittee was appointed to carry out the work. DECEPTION OF MR. L. J. ROBERTS AT RHYL.—At Rhvl, on Saturday, the teachers and managers of schools in the Flintshire and Denbigshire in- spectoral district gave a public welcome to Mr L. J. Roberts, the newly-appo.nted inspector of schools. A luncheon was served at noon at the Claremont Hydro, to about 250 guests, under the presidency of Rev D. Edwards (vicar of Rhyl). In the after- noon a public meeting was held in the Town Hall, the v icar of Rhvl presiding. SCHOOL BOARD.- Alderman Peter Jones prasided over the ordinary meeting of the Board held at the Board Schools on Tuesday, and there were also present: Mrs Griffiths, Messrs W. Thomas, T. B. Hall, and T. Griffiths (Mavor) with Mr R. J. Roberts, clerk, and Mr J. D. Saer, headmaster. A letter was read from Mr J. H. Bates, calling attentiou to the fact that sloyd classes were to be started at the College at the end of July and con- tinued until the end of August. At Scarborough the School Board paid the fees of the teachers.— The Chairman said that he feared with the adverse balance that now faced them they could not incur the outlay, but they could draw the attention of the teachers to the classes. It was decided that the Clerk should inform teachers that the classes were about to be held, and that the Board were desirous that they should attend.The report of the attendance officer (Mr Lloyd) was presented, and it stated that the percentage in the bays' department amounted to 90'5, in the girls' depart- ment to 80, and in the infants' department to 77. During the royal visit week, the schools will be closed trom the Wednesday before the visit of the Prince and Princess of Wales until the following Monday. ° PCBLIC WORKS COMMITTEE.—Alderman Peter Jones presided over the ordinary meeting of this committee held on Monday evening. Labour and wages sheets amounting to X110 2s 6d were examined and passed. The committee considered the question of barricading the streets on the occasion of the Royal visit.—Councillor W. Thomas was of opinion that the only way to cope with the work before them was to give the Surveyor a blank cheque, as things were cropping up constantly. The work of extension in Laura Place was almost completed, and the obstructions in King street were being taken away that day.—Councillor Hopkins called attention to the sea wall in course of erection at the Pier head.—The Chairman pointed out that the obligation rested upon the Pier Company, and he had little doubt but that they would put the place quite secure.In reply to the Chairman, the Surveyor said that there was plenty of water in store at the reservoir.—This was all the business. SCIENCE AND ART CLASSES.—The presentation of prizes and certificates took place at the Board Schools on Tuesday evening. The certificates were handed over by the Mayor (Mr T. Griffiths), who is a member of the School Board, and he was sup- ported by Mr Peter Jones (chairman), Messrs T. B. Hall, William Thomas, and Mrs Griffiths. There were also present Messrs J. Clarke (art master), D. J. Saer (headmaster), and R. J. Roberts (clerk to the Board). There was not a large number present owing to the meeting not having been advertised. Mr Peter Jones, addressing the meeting, remarked on the large number who bad been successful at examinations, which suggested that good work bad been done. He hoped it would result in greater efforts in the future. He trusted that those present at the classes would not only take advantage of them again but would also influence their friends in attending. A cordial vote of thanks was passed to the persons who had subscribed, to Mr Clarke, and to the Mayor for presiding and distributing the certificates and prizes. The following were the awards :-Art classes Ida Collins, 1st prize in advanced freehand, and prize for being one of the most successful students; Lena Collins, 3rd prize for elenieitary freehand; George Colquhoun Williams Ist pnze for elementary freehand Leila for advanced freehand aml^u cast".2nd Priz° Sar™urrf,isi"ae°^ S&JS* r)t«.-iwin(j- T T v ?-h prize tor machine drawing J L. Evans 3rd prize for architectural drawing Llew Jones, 3rd prize for machine draw- ing D. \V. Morgan, 1st i)ri7f> f™ drawing Kathleen Morris, 2nd rtrize'fn 1 tary freehand J. D. Stephens. 2nd prize^or^ad" ing from cast l- VVilliams. 2nd prize for architect tural drawing. Mathematics: James R J:, Smith, Owen D. Jones. John Jones. James Thomas Lewis Evans, Richard W. Jones, Robert GrittHi,' Harry W. Jones, F. N. Tinkler, Thomas Thomas' W. E. Davies, Timothy A. Thomas, advanced 2nd D. Jenkins, advanced 2nd, J. L. Jones, pass Inorganic chemistry John Davies, Mary Benjamin J A Clarke, F N Tinkler, D Jenkins, T Richards, T. Bowen. Theoretical mechanics Thomas Davies T A Thomas, advanced 2nd, T A Thomas, ad. vanced 1st, D Jenkins, element, J A Clark, ad- vanced 2nd. i.isfnetism ana electricity: David Jenkins, advanced 1st; T A Thomas, advanced 2nd. Carpentry and joinery .John Rees. Machine con- struction and drawing, Llewelyn Jones, advanced 2nd Henry Smith, advanced 2nd D Jenkins, ad- vanced Ist T A Thomas, advanced 1st. Building construction D J Morgan, advanced 2nd John Rees, advanced 2nd; David Rees, elementary. Heat: David Jenkins, T A Thomas. Hygiene M E Jenkins. Agriculture: J W Fotilker, Mary Benjamin, Evan Davies, Thomas Richards. Steam: T A Davies, advanced 1st; D Jenkins, advanced 2nd. Applied mechanics: T A Davies, advanced 2url. Freehand drawing 1st class, elementary stage-T A Thomas, David Jenkins, Miss Ida J Collins, Miss Leila A Daniel 2nd class, elementary stage-Miss Edith Wilkinson, Agnes H M Clarke, Sarah E Jenkins, Helina M Collins, Matilda A Benbow, Cathleen St. L Morris, John W Jones, James Hard- ing, E 31 Forrest; 2nd class, model drawing—Miss Ida J Collins. Miss Leilia A Daniel, Miss Emma J Hunt. Light and shade John D Stephens, 1st class elementary; Leila A Daniel, 2nc class, ad- vanced John D Stephens, 2nd class, advanced; G F Langford, 2nd class advanced. Freehand: Ida J Collins, 2nd class, advanced Leila A Daniel, eie- mentary Ida J Collins, elementary. Practical, place, and solid geometry T A Thomas, advanced, 2nd.







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