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-+- ABERDOYEY. SUDDEX DKATH.—On Monday morning the death occurred very suddenly of Mrs. Hayler, wife of Mr. Henry Hayler, joiner. Deceased was 70 years of age but was able to attend church on the evening previous to her demise. Dr. Grosholz her medical attendant attributed death to heart disease. IJUBLIC MEKTIXG.— On Wednesday, the 4th inst., a meeting of the ratepayers was held at the Assembly Rooms to consider the decision of the District Council in reference to the Sewerage works in Church Street, Mr William Jones, C.C., in the chair. — The Council at their last meeting, on the motion of Captain Enoch Lewis, seconded by Mr E. L. Rowlands, resolved to proceed immediately with the work, but objections being raised from certain quarters Captain Lewis thought it advisable to call a meeting of the ratepayers either to condemn or to approve of their decision in the Council. The principal objections brought forward in the meeting were that the work could not be completed in less than two mouths, that the outfall was not vet decided upon, and that the present system of drains could not be connected as the work proceeded, which would necessitate prilling up the roads a seer.ie! tinie. These objections were drawn out and proposed as a resolution by Mr F. W. Hipkiss, architect and builder, Aberdovey.—Mr Hipkiss in- troduced Mr Vaaghton, electrical engineer, &c„ to the meeting, and ho as a practical man guaranteed that: work could not be completed in less than from six to t iro months. Captain Owen Williams also supported the motion by showing the great inconvenience that would result if the work were curried out; at the height of the season. A few of rhe present visitors also stated their objections. — Mr Hipkiss further remarked that he fully con- curred wit!; the statements made by the fore-men- tioned gentlemen that it would take at least two months, aud if any member of the Council thought the work couM be done in a fortnight he was mis- takun. It was far easier to begin a work than to complete it, and he wished to compare what had been dose by him at Penhelig in five mouth) with what had been done by one of their practical men in further part of the town in 15 months.—The Chairman murmured assent.-—As an amendment Cant. Owen Griffiths proposed that the decision of the Council be approved of, and that the work should bo commenced at once. He wished to ask Capt. Lewis, as the proposer of the resolution passed in Council, what was it that had made him change his mind. He did not see it fair that one street in the town should be excused now since the other parts had been put to a loss and inconvenience up to this time.Mr. Gwilym Williams wished to second the amendment if the work would be completed in a fortnight.—Mr. John Evans, draper, seconded the amendment uncondi- tionally, and remarked that it was most unfair and disrespectful towards the three members who were unavoidably absent to pass such a resolution. Mr. John Edwards wished to ask the Chairman whether the convener of the meeting had given sufficient notice to tho ratepayers so as to render valid any re- soluti .n passed.—Nodefinite answer was given—The resolution was then put to the meeting and passed by a majority.—A further resolution was passed I:¡lél!11UOllS:Y approving of the Coun3¡) s scheme In regard to the position of the outfall, Mr. Hipkiss sue. ting that they should enquire whether it was fully approved of by the engineer. -+- CAMISKIHW RAILWAYS.—Approximate return of tratiic receipts, for the week ending Jane 7th, 1896. Miles open, 250. Passengers, parcels, horses, carriages, dogs, and mails, £2,667; mer- chandise, minerals, and live stock, £2,503; total for the week, £5,170; aggregate from commence- ment of half-year, £100,55; Actual traffic receipts for the corresponding week last year Miles open, 237. Passengers, parcels, &c., merchandise, minerals, &c., £2,017; total for the aggregate from commencement of half-year, £94,754. Decrease for the week, passengers, parcels &c., £1,222; increase, merchandise, minerals, &c., £486; total decrease for the week, £736; aggregate increase, passengers, parcels, &c., £3,291; aggregate increase, merchandise, minerals, &c., £2,508; aggre- gate from commencement of half-year, £ 5,799.— The comparison is with Whit-Week last year.