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CRICKET. Wel.-hueol a rare chance of defeating the tough Montgomery team on Satcru'i' and it must have been rai her annoying to miss such an oppor- tunity. 'i'li v ought to have won, but Charlie V» il .nr.is said they ought not, and he bad most voic-3 ia the matter. Things are not quite as they should he when so much depends upon the whim of one uian. To dismiss Montgomery on a good wicker for 45 was a most creditable performance by and Hart. Both bowled well and effective* v. aud the of Welshpool was good. Tom ley (13), C. B. Williams (11). and Shaw (9) shott >:•! good batting form. br.t r.hat of the rest of the team was very feebie. The Montgomery cricketers are not extra strong in batting, though there are half a dozen men in the team good enough for a big score at any time. It is in the bow!in«- where Montgomery shine, and this season Charlie Williams has bowled better than ever, though the wickets have been in favour of the batsmen." Hiles was badiv run out- before lie scored through, an error of judgment, and 1). R. Jones hit out when he should'lit. Parry, J. H. Addie, and G. Owen batted steaimy for a time and revived the hopea of W elsupool. hut these feH to zero when Makepeace and Hart tailed to score, It is seldom the latter player gets a cypher, but here he was out to a ma.gniiic.'?i<, catch by Shaw. The rest of the team fell an easv prey to the doughty Charlie, and the last wicket fell with the score at 30 only. The bowling of Montgomery was excellent. 'Charlie Williams, oa a good wicket, took 8 wickets for 10 runs. Shaw, too, bowled well, and he deserved more success than he met with. In the second innings ct Montgomery, Parry and Hart did not bowl, and Montgomery hit 52 for 4 wickets. The young bat of the team, Davies, showed most promising form for 13, and T. S. Davies played well for 24. The game was as pleasant as it was exciting. Arl(lt,8" exciting game was played at Newtown between the two town teams—though here most of the excitement was before the match. Newtown took first iuuings, but Alf. Edwards soon began to work, and wiih W. E. Pryce-Jones, who went on late, dismissed the Town team for 32. The batting of Newtown was very poor, with the exception of that of Richards. The captain set his men a splendid pattern in steadiness and nerve, though they cotdd not follow it. He carried his bat right through for an admirable 19, aud kept as cool as a cucumber, while his mates were for forming in procession. Alf. Edwards took 6 wickets for 12 runs, but W. E. Pryce-Jones had the grand analysis of 4 wickets for 3 runs. R.W.W. started well with Cannon and W. E. Prvce-Jones. They looked like knocking off the runs, but at 20 both fell, and the score was only 44 when seven were down. A small score seemed certain, but Pugh, who had been playing in admirable style since the fall of the first wicket, was joined by Taylor, and the veteran hit as he was wont to do, and in a short time put on 25. Marston too followed the example of his old comrade and played well for 14. Pugh was last out for all admirable innings of 36, and he had much to do in placing his side so far ahead. He gave one chance after scoring 25, but it was a good innings notwithstanding this. P. W. Jones bowled well, and took 5 wickets for 41. The Oswestry men played a capital up-hill game on Saturday, and when time was up had not much the worst of matters. They went to Crewe to face the L. & N. W. Works Club. The railway men played a fine game, especially J. Piatt 38 not out, J. M. Williams 34 and Tweedy 22. When nine wickets fell for 141 the innings was declared. After a very poor start the Oswestry batsmen showed sterling defence, and succeeded in playing out time. H. W. Sabine carried off the hatting honours with a capital 31..J. Whitfield also showed good form for 10. Goboweu made a very poor show at Llany- mynech. The latter club placed a strong team in the field, and in the first innings dismissed their opponents for 27. Jim Morris was the only player to show any confidence, and he hit merrily for 14. F. Goug-h took 6 wickets for 15. and H. Price 4 wickets for 10. For the loss of one wicket Llany- mynech hit off the runs and seemed in for a good score, but after Pugh and Wilshara were out, G. Pitt was the only man to make anything of a stand. He got 17 in nice form. and Wilsham hit hard and well for 19. The total was 74. In the second innings of Gobowen the batting was worse and worse. Six wickets fell for 6 runs, 3 of them being extras. Wilsham got 3 for 2 runs, Pugh 2 for 1, and Coleman 1 for 11. The Oswestry Grammar School had, as usual, no difficulty in disposing of the Hereford County College team. By admirable batting nearly all through the team the JSchool scored 155* F. C. Parry 35, T. Ll. Harry 26, and J. D. Evans 22, being top scores. The College could only reply with 61. Principally through the grand hitting of Clapp, Whittington were easily beaten by Park Hall. Bagguley and Charles bowled so well that the Whittington batsmen were all out for 31. Tatman got 12 by good play but the form of the others was weak. Bagguley did the hat trick. Charles and Clapp very quickly polished off the runs and added many more before they were out. Clapp's innings of 116 was an exceedingly fine one and contained two sixes and no less than 19 fours. Charles batted well for 36. With the exception of these two there was nothing in the Park Hall batting and Roden- hurst and Williams easily got them out. Ellesmere College can turn out a good team if required. They polished off Wynnstay with the greatest ease although the latter were a good team. f. at Wytmstay is a very good one but so v ^eni1 and Lea bowl and so smart was the th" ^ynns*ay only made 57. In reply to m!e^e put 0n for the loss of only six Wickets. The feature of the innings was the fine 25 J R 5 „wh? scored 65> Hare 18, C. H. Lea good batting form.Hlbbert 25 °Ut W6re a" in nlace an<* amusiug cricket match took School XI inrf8 *7 J.esterday week between the dftion, Tho f XL' ander the usual con- creditable and wkh7 a WaS Very their able coach they will fn ZT £ ■?? the tables on their victor" a11 Probability turn 0nih"e^r? cTratuiati K W !V" wThhet|ViWer8 8ho^S? formga0l round. With the excemion of TA.IT 1 16 the R.W.W. batting was bad r°T °U, Swettenham bowled effectively for th*. -l-0063 a The ,ai„ (I, week hf ha.f „ tne batting averages and bowlers are now ^ettimr a turn. The Australians still carry all before them and they have long ago silenced the gentlemen who found fault with the composition of the team IT.ESENT POSITIONS. One point is credited for a win, one point deducted for a lose, and drawn games are ignored. W. L. D. Tot'l. Pts. d ITr v 9 0 1 10 9 Yorkshire 6 0 3 9 6 Lancashire 4 1 0 5 3 Middlesex 2 1 0 3 1 Tlssex 1 1 0 2 0 Hampshire 1 1 0 2 0 Notts 1 2 1 4 -0 Leicestershire 1 3 0 4 -,2 Somerset 1 3 1 5 -2 Gloucester 1 3 2 6 -2 Warwickshire 1 3 2 6 -3 Derbyshire 1 4 0 5 -3 Sussex 0 3 2 5 -3 Kent 0 4 0 4 -4 OSWESTRY SCHOOL y HEREFORD COUNTY COLLEGE. Played on the Shropshire C.C. ground at Shrews- bury on Wednesday. The Oswestry innings was interrupted for a quarter of an hour by a heavy downfall of rain. Score — OSWESTRY GRAMMAR SCHOOL. 31 T Mason Ibvv b Gammidge 12 K S 11 Trevor b Gammidge 5 J H Owen b Gam midge 11 b G5ryiTridge 11 F (.: Parry b Gammidge 35 T Y7 A Jones c and b Gammidge 3 •J P Evans b G I' Robaihan 22 T 1,1 ilarrv run out 26 U G Price b Gammidge 4 R F Williams b P E Robathan 8 O B Ed wards not out 0 Kxtras 18 155 UEaRFORi; COUNTY" COLLEGE. IN Gammidge c Williams b Parry 3 J K Armstrong b Owen 2 G L Robathan b Parry 26 E T P Thomas c Mason b Parry 0 P E Robathan c Mason b Parry 3 A S Davies c Evans b Owen 2 E Sparkes not out 13 E A Lewis b Owen 0 D J Thomas b Owen 0 H F Lambert c Trevor b Parry 0 II R Burpitt b Owen 9 xtras 3 Total 61 I OSWESTRY Y CUI'V.R L. & N. W. RAILWAY.— Played at Crewe ou Saturday. corc;- OSWESTRY. c Capt Hayhurst-France b Tweedy 0 R T Gough c Brown b Tweedy 8 F A W How c Winbv b Tweedy 0 H W Sabine c Tweedy b J Williams 31 G Whitfield b Badger 10 H Gough b C Witiiams. 3 R Jones c Brown b J Williams 7 H Aston not out 0 W K Minshall not out 3 Extras. 12 Total 74 A S Robinson and P H Luevu to bat. CREWE L & N W RAILWAY. J H Brown b R T Gough 4 J M Williams c It T Gough b Ilow 34 T Winby b R T Gough 1 Tweedy lbw b R T Gough 23 Badger b R T Gough 1 J Plàtt not out 38 W Poole b Sabine 5 T Fowke b H Gough 6 H F Tonkin b R T Gough 6 C Williams run out 5 Extras. 18 I Total 141 Gullon to bat. PARK HALL V WHITn:GTox.- Playel1 at Park Hall on Saturday, and resulted in an easy victory for the home team. Score WIIITTI-NGTON. G Roberts c Bagguley b Charles 0 Roden iiurst, e Brookfield b Charles 8 H Humphreys b Bagguley 3 C Tatman b Bugguley 12 W Williams c Aston b Charles 3 G Marsh b Bagguley 0 J Beckett c Bagguley b Charles 1 W Foulkes not out Q T Griffiths b Bagguley 0 D M Griffiths b Bagguley 0 A Groom c and b Charie ■: 1 Extras 3 Total 31 2nd Innings. G Roberts c and b J Jones 10 G Roderhurst not out 7 G Marsh b Sanderson 14 W Foulkes b J Jones 7 Extras. 4 Total for three wickets 59 PARK HALL. A E Clapp b Rodenhnrst 116 J Charles c Roberts b Rodenhurst. 36 E Bagguley c BECK^T b Williams 3 W Sinderson c GR^NN b Williams 6 S Brookfield c Griffiths b Rodenhurst 5 T Cooper, b Rodenhurst C J Jones st Humphreys b Rodenhurst. 0 H Reed not out 5 E W Aston b Williams 2 H Youens c Roberts b Williams. 0 J Brown b Williams 1 Extras. 13 Total 187 SHROPSHIRE V. SHREWSBURY SCHOOL.—Played on the School ground, Kingsland, on Saturday. Score:— SHROPSHIRE. A Archer c Mortimer b Richardson. 111 W H Griffiths b Humphreys. 10 C Elwell run out 23 A C Eyton not on 62 Extras 18 Total 224 J S Phillips, H Meyrick, J M Griffiths, R Eyton, W Cunliffe, Dr Lytle, and Amos did not cat. THE SCHOOL. F H Humphreys b Elwell 4 H Westby b Griffiths 26 H Lloyd Jones b Elwell 0 G Moser b Griffiths 53 A B Leather not ont 16 C Kenrick not out 4 Extras. 1 Total 104 J Lloyd, Mortimer, W P Salt, Browning, and Richardson did not bat. NEWTOWN v R.W.W.-Played at Xewtown on Saturday, and resulted in an easy victory for the Warehouse. Score: NEWTOWN. W F Richards not out 19 H Hibbott b Edwards 1 H E Breeee c Rees b Edwards 6 F R Hail b Edwards 0 T E Kinsey b Edwards 0 F E Binns b Edwards 0 C Parry c Wood b W E Pryce-Jones. 0 E C Morgan c Edwards b W E Pryce- Jones 4 R Williams c and b W E Pryce-Jones 2 Rev G Roberts b W E Pryce-Jones 0 P W Jones b A Edwards 0 Extras. 0 Total 32 R.W.W. W E Pryce-Jones c Jones b Hibbott 10 W G Cannon b Jones 10 E R Pugh lbw b Richards 36 E Rees b Jones E A Edwards c Breeze b Jones 3 A W Pryce-Jones b Jonefj 2 W R Wood c and b Jones 0 A 0 Davies run out 2 E A Taylor c Parry b Hibbott 25 A Marston b Richards 14 H Lewis not out 0 Extras. 2 Total 109 ELLESMERE COLLEGE MASTERS V. WYXXSTAY. Played at Wynnstay on Wednesday, and resulted in a victory for the Masters, a result mainly attribu- table to good fielding in the first place, and the batting of Inglis in the second. Score WVNNSTAY. Rev E Walker b Lea 12 W H Hargreaves c Peun b Lea 3 O Ormerod c Phillips b Penn 1 Dr Lewis c Phillips b Penn 0 R A Jones c Phillips b Penn 12 Dr E Jones c Penn b Lea 0 Dr Fenwick c Harvey b Penn 0 C R Aston E Hare b Penn 20 P Langham b Lea 0 Newgent c Till 1) Penn 0 C Tatman not out 2 Extras. 7 Total 57 ELLES M E RE MA S T EKS. H Hare h w b Lewis 18 E Inglis b Langham 65 It R litillips 1) 5 a- V lJea c b Lewis 25 r r. ?*arvey b R A Jones 10 K C Lew» E Jones 9 Rev B R Hibbert not out 25 G P dc Martin 4 Extras. 23 Total 184 LLANYMYNECH V P™ ground of tne former on ,Iayed °n tb° an easv victorv fnr f the result being an easy victors for the home team. Score GOBOWEN. T Pryce c Pugh b Pryce 0 lbw n W Fowles b Pryce 2 D Price b Gough 0 not out 0 D Daniels b Gough 1 bWilshaw o J Morris c Morris bGonga 14 Sherrets c Davies b Pryce 3 b Wilshaw n Kilvington c and b Gough 5 b Pujrh -T J Roberts not out 0 not out n F Peel c Rees b Pryce 0 W Jones st Rees 0 st Pugh W Peel b Gough 0 U Extras 2 Extras 3 Total 27 (six wickets) 6 LLAiVYMYNKCFf. J Pugh b Peel 10 C K Ii,:>es b Pryco 0 T Wilshaw c and b Pryce 19 F Gough c Kilvington b Peel 4 W Jones b Morris 5 C Pitt st Morris 17 H Pryce c and b Kilvington 6 R Morris b Peel 2 il 0 I]S U ,e.. W Coleman b Prvco 4 E Davies c Dame's b Kilvington 2 T Wilde not out 0 Extras 5 Total 74 MONTGOMERY v. WELSHPOOL. These teams met at Powis Castle Park, Welshpool, on Saturday. Montgomery batted first and totalled forty-five, thanks mainly to three men--Tomley (18), Wil- liams (11), Shaw (9). Parry and Hart shared the bowling for Welshpool, securing six and four wickets respectively. The home team could make no headway against the bowling of C. B. Williams, who took eight wickets for ten runs, a remarkable analysis. All were dismissed for thirty, leaving Montgomery victorious by fifteen runs. In a second iuuings the visitors made fifty-two for four wickets. Score MONTGOMERY. T S Davies c Parry b Hart 0 b Makepeace 24 P R Eaton c Owen b Parry 0 b Owen ] W R Shaw c Parry b Hart 9 J E Tom ley c & b Parry 18 R T Harris b farry 1 not out 3 J Tipping c Makepeace b Parry. 1 C B Williams c Jones b Parry 11 A Yaughan b Parry 2 E Jones Ii Hart 0 not out 7 J Timmins st Addie b Hare 0 b Makepeace 0 E E Davies not out 0 b Makepeace 13 Extras. 3 Extras. 4 Total 45 (4 wickets). 52 WELSHPOOL. D 11 Jones b C B Wiliiams 4 T lliles run (,u 0 R F Parry lbw b Williams 8 .J I Addi c Davies h Shaw 5 liCD Owen c Tipping b Williams 7 J Makepeace b Williams 0 J Hart c Shaw b Williams 0 A G Cronk c Timmins b Williams 2 T Jones not ont 3 W Davies b Williams 1 F Fildes b Williams 0 Extras. 0 Totat. 30 LAOIFHS I v. OSWESTRY SCHOOL-This novel and interesting game was played ou Friday on the Llorari House field, before a good number of spectators. The ladies, though defeated, played exceedingly well, and did credit to the coaching of their captain, Mr 11. W. Sabine. The school team were handicapped in the usual way, playing left- handed and with so-called broomsticks," with which, however, they appeared almost as much at he" as with bats. The ladies are naturally proud of i..iving made such an excellent first appearance, and we understand that a return fixture is in con- templation. Mr Cobley very kindly entertained both teams and their friends to tea during the game. Mr Cortield acted as umpire. Score:- LADIES. Miss M Sabine c Price b Parry 2 b Parry 2 Miss A Cobley c Evans b Parry 3 b Parrv 3 Miss C Rees b Parry 2 c Gravelle b Parry 2 Miss Williams b Parry 3 c Jones b Parry 2 Miss Corlield b Gravelle. 2 b Evans ] Miss Alickleburgh b Owen 4 b parry 1 Miss Sabine b Owen 4 b Parry 8 Miss G Cobley did not bat 0 not out 8 Miss N ewell c and b Owen 3 did not bat 0 I Mrs Cartwright b Parry. 3 c and b Evans 1 MissSpaullcEvausb Owen 2 c and b Parry 1 II W Sabine not out 1 b Owen 0 Extras. 3 Extras. 6 Total 32 Total 35 THE SCHOOL. M T Mason b Miss Williams 14 F C Parry b Miss Williams 3 J H Owen b Miss Williams 4 E S R Trevor b Miss M Sabine 4 W Gravelle b Miss Corfield 6 T W A Jones b Miss Newell 0 C Yaughan b Miss Newell 2 J D Evans b Miss Newell 11 J Ll Harry rnn out 4 Rogers b Miss Corfield 0 Roice not out 8 Extras. 7 Total 63 Second innings: M T Mason not out, 2; F C Parry not out, 3. 4.. CRICKET FIXTURES. (All matches played on the ground of the find-named Club.) JUNE. 13-Wem v. Ellesmere College 13—Ellesmere v. Oswestry 13-Gobowen v. Oswestry 2nd 13-Llanymynech v. Oswestry High School 17-Ruabon Grammar School v. Oswestry High School 18-Oswestry v. Shropshire 20-Oswestry High School v. Oswestry A Team 20-Oswestry School v. OswestrY 20-Whitchutch v. Ellesmere 27-Oswestry v. Ellesmere 27-Rbos v. Oswestry 2nd 27—Oswestry High School v. Wrexham Welcome 27-Knockin v. Llanymynech JULY. 8—Oswestry High School v. Ruabon Grammar School 11—Ruabon v. Oswestry High School HUNTING APPOINTMENTS. MR. BUCKLEY'S OTTER HOUNDS WILL MEET ON Tuesday, June 16th, at 8.30 a.m.Cemmes Road (Twynmyn). Wednesday, June 17th, at 5-30 a.m. Caersws Station