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THE deepest regret will everywhere be foli. at the decease of Colonel R. J. HARRISON, which took place at his residence, Caerhowel, on Saturday evening last, in his 44th year. By his death the public life of Montgomeryshire has suffered another heavy loss, the appointments he held being numerous, and. his clear judgment made him respected by all. He was a man anxious to conscientiously fulfil all the duties imposed upon him, and he recognised that, as a large landowner, he had many responsibilities towards the public, which he faithfully discharged. In addition to this, Colonel HARRISON took a deup interest in the affairs of the county, and lie was always glad to use his influence and services in furthering public movements. He was a steady and consistent Conserva- tive, whose name was always a pillar of strength to the cause in Montgomeryshire. The fact that the gallant Colonel was un- able during the last year to take a prominent part in general public affairs by no means lessoned the high consideration in which he was held, or the great influence which he wielded, if in a more private manner, in the county, and in the business of which his sound judgment and great experience were of the highest value. His death can hardly, until the past week, be said to have been at all expected, but no doubt the effects of the attack which he had overcome earlier in the spring had greatly weakened the vital energies, and his condi- tion only quite recently gave rise to the greatest anxiety. Just now it is the per- sonal qualities of the late Colonel thai will bo mostly dwelt upon in these respects his kindly and generous spirit in all the rela- tions of life will be fully acknowledged and be well and long remembered. Politically, he had not of late been especially active in public, and the last occasion on which, we believe, he displayed his concern in such matters was when he presided over a meeting in the Schoolroom, Churchstoke, at which the other principal speaker was Mr. R. W. WILLIAMS-WYNN, the Conservative candi- date for the county. Although on that occasion evidently not physically strong, the Colonel was clear and emphatic. His friends could at all times thoroughly rely upon him; and, as was testified by the attend- ance at the recent rejoicings in celebra- tion of the coming-of-age of his eldest son during the three weeks prior to his de- mise, they were numerous. The death of Colonel HARRISON cannot certainly be deemed, on every ground, as other than a great public loss, both in and outside the county.

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