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CHURCHSTOKE. ODDFELLOWS' ANNIVERSARY. The twenty- seventh anniversary festival of the Friend in Need" Lodge (M.U.) was held on Wednesday, the weather being everything that could be desired. There was a strong muster of members at eleven o'clock, and the procession, headed by the New- town Band, marched to Ivy House, the residence of Mr. A. G. Montford, where they were most liberally provided with refreshments. A short service in the Parish Church followed, Rev Preben- dary White giving an appropriate address from 1 Tim. iv. 9. After parading the village, an adjournment was made to the tent for dinner, which was provided by Mr. R. Davies and Mrs. Davies, Courthouse Inn. The chair was occupied by Rev. Prebendary White, Mr. A. G. Montford (hon. treasurer of the lodge) and Dr Robertson (lodge surgeon) occupying the vice-chairs. Amongst those present, in addition to members of the lodge, we noticed Rev. A..T. Griffiths, Messrs. T. Howard (Gwarthlow), E. Embrey, A. Eaton, and Wood (Montgomery), E. Powell and R. Whitel(Chirbury), T. Mooris (Forden), D. Davies (Alport), D. Davies (Meadows), W. E. Shuker (Pentre), H. Morris (Gwernygoe), C. T. Bayley (Snead), J. Gwilt (Mellington), M. Roscoe, T. Phillips, and Hamer (Churchstoke). After the loyal toasts had been duly honoured, Mr. A. G. Montford proposed The Bishop and Clergy of the diocese and ministers of other denominations," coupling with it the name of Rev A. J. Griffiths, who responded.—The Chairman next submitted Success to the Friend-in-Need Lodge," and in doing so said that the lodge was prospering in every way, the last balance sheet showing a satisfactory increase in each of the separate funds, and the number of members, which during 1895 bad increased from 183 to 190, had now reached 198 (cheers). There were also 18 juvenile members, making a total membership of 216. He was glad to know that the accounts of the lodge were not only properly audited, but at intervals were duly valued by an actuary, and on each occasion the lodge had been reported to be per- fectly solvent and able to meet all the demands which could be made upon it (applause). He had always taken a great interest in the welfare of the lodge and hoped that with a continuance of the able management which had characterised it in the past the society would continue to prosper (cheers). The lodge secretary, Mr G. Mountford, in respond- ing, said he had first to offer apologies m bH;a'f of Mr W. P.Jones, Rockley, who by an accident waa prevented from taking the chair that day, and also on behalf of Messrs J. Shuker, C. Shuker (corre- sponding secretary of the Montgomery district), E. Bridgwatet (Grand Master of the dis- trict), and J. E. Tomley (district auditor), all of whom were attending the funeral of the late Col. Harrison. Having thanked them for the kind way in which the toast had been received, he ex- expressed his pleasure that during the past year, in spite of the large sum of L70 having been paid to sick members, Cl60 had been saved (cheers). He reminded the members that while they were being congratulated on the able and successful way in which the society was managed, they must not forget how much they owed to others. They would no doubt be surprised to hear that since the for- mation of the lodge, 26 years ago, the sum of C200 had been received from honorary members, and during the same period £70 had been raised hy concerts on behalf of lodge funds, and fo: this they were, in a great measure, indebted to outside friends (applause). The total sum paid for sickness and funeral benefits since the lodge was formed was £ 1,067, and when they remembered that the Man- chester Unity was only one of several larcre societies, and that the Frie^nd-in-Need Lod £ > was only one of nearly 5,000 lodges in the M- Chester Unity, they could not help bping struck with a sense of the vast amount of crood being done by friendly societies throu'ho" T world (applause). He trusted that the success nf the past would be maintained, and that the lod^ would have a successful future (cheer^ n/w toasts followed.—The remainder of tlieev 8 devoted to dMcing. 'p^ZeTf dance music being supplied bv H U ? rdrt„r.hip which the proceedings took place was as for several i'ao!d »K sPa:iT0ns Ilso chairman of the" 'S"* ^'°e' wl'° WM xi. which was respon- sible for the arrangementH