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ELLESMERE. URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL.—MONDAY. Present: Messrs. Browlow R. C. Tower (chair- man), J. Hood, C. Cooke, I. Cooke, J. Sinclair, T. Emberton, H. Hawkins, W. Nunnerly, R. E. Lloyd, P.G.Edwards, ana Miss Gough, with Messrs." T. Pay (clerk), E. Jones (collector), F. Ashley (gas manager), and John Green (sanitary inspector). REPORTS. The Sanitary Inspector (Mr Green) reported tha.t he had thoroughly disinfected the house in which the diphtheria case had been confined. Two cases of measles had broken out during the month, but they were of a very mild type.—The Gas Manager (Mr. Ashley) reported the gas made duringthe year to 204.100 feet against 179,600 feet last year, an increase of 24,500 feet.—The Surveyor reported he had paid during the mouth as wages £15 8s 2d, and had a balance in hand of JE5 17s.—The treasurer stated that on the 11th ult. the balance of the general accountwss £373158 lOd to the credit of the Council. He had since received £51 15s. 8d. and paid 16s. 4d., making the present balance JE314 15s. 2d. to the credit of the Board. On the same date the balance of the gas account was £214 7s. 5d. to the credit of the Council. He had since received £204 Os. 9d., and paid JE63 16s lOd. making the present balance £354 lis. 4d. to the credit of the council.—The collector reported be had collected and paid to the treasurer the sum of £204 Os. 9d. on the gas account; outstanding £7 15s. 2d. THE MARKET INSPECTORSHIP. The clerk read two applications for the above ap- pointment, but it was latterly agreed, on the motion of Mr. Nunnerly, seconded by lr. Emberton, that one of the council's own men be employed. REDUCTION IX THE PRICE OF GAS. Mr. S. Hood in proposing his motion that the price of gas be reduced from 4s. lid. to 4s. 6d. per thousand feet said it needed no words of his in sup- port of the motion. Four and elevenpence was an outrageous price to pay for gas and in consequence of the high price a large number of people did not use the gas. He was of opinion if the price of gas were reduced the reduction would be fully made np by the increase in the number of consumers.—Mr. Sinclair seconfied the motion.—Mr. Lloyd was of opinion that a reduction of 5d. would have little effect on non-consumers.—Mr. Emberton proposed and Mr. Lloyd seconded that the matter stand over for twelve months. — The motion was declared carried by 7 to 3. — The reduction will come into operation from 24th September. ALTERATIONS AT THE GASWORKS. The Clerk read the report of Mr W. Belton, C.E., on the condition of the Gasworks. The report stated that the roof over the retorts was too low and could be raised with advantage. He recom- mended that the roof be removed, the walls raised 18 or 21 inches and a corrugated iron roof placed over coal stores.—Mr Sinclair thought the present would be a good time to carry out the improvement, and proposed that the work be done immediately and estimates obtained from the local tradesmen and submitted at next meeting.— Mr J. Cook, in seconding the motion, said it was time the long-talked of roof was put over the Gas- works. Mr C. Cooke proposed that the matter stand over for another year when they would be in a better position to make a good job of the work.-— Mr Nunnerley seconded the amendment.—The motion was carried by 5 to 3. LIE WATER QUESTION. The Clerk read two letters from absent members of the Council, after which the Chairman explained that as Mr Stooke their engineer was not present, he did not see that they could do anything.—Mr Emberton said he thought there was one thing they could do, which was to ask the Local Govern- ment Board to re-consider their decision, pointing out that the Council were willing to fall in with their views, but stating at the same time that they respectfully ask them to re-consider the necessity of a reservoir when there is an abundant supply ot water to be obtained from the pumps in the event of a fracture in the mains in the Yyrnwy acqueduct.-Mr Hood entirely agreed with Mr Lmbei ton. He was sure the ratepayers of Elles- mere clia not want a reservoir and were against- the expenditure of so much money when it. was not icquired. He thought they should reduce the pipe to six inches pointing out to the Local Govern- ment Board that there was sutneieut water to supply the town from the pumps in the event of a stoppage of the Yyrnwy supply. He begged to propose that the clerk write to the Local Govern- ment Board and state that the Council had given their letter careful consideration and had come to the decision that there was not the slightest need ot a reservoir. In tho event of any stoppage: of water three days' supply could be had from the pumps, and besides they had the Mere close by; and also that the Council were quite agreeable to adopt a six-inch pipe The Chairman pointed out that a reservoir was include in the scheme for which the loan was- ask >d and if they made too strong a point of a rlcservojr no., being necessary the Local Government Board w, turn round and ask them why they arn'iH f one.—Mr. Nunnerly seconded Mr Hoori'- f which was carried. I'^posal, -M TTHK WATKR1*G OK THE STRFKTS Mr. Emberton said he hari J keepers complain of the condition1"of'Th^1 Sh°P' It seemed the streets w,.ro i e srreets- early morning, and the dust ? in tbe about all day. He thono-ht tv, ? al}owed to fly more than once.—The Snrv^ ul.d be waU-red difficulty, and stated that he won Id P°nfed °Ut the ments to have the wnrt ? anunge- future. This was all t^business^ done in the IS was a the business..