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WELSHPOOL 5 TOWN COUNCIL.—TiiiRii.iv, Present The Mayor (Mr W. Forrester Addie) presiding, Aldermen Harrison, Howell, and Rogers, Councillors D. Richards, D. Jones, R. Jones, and R. P. Jones; with Messrs E. Jones (town clerk), A. E. Breese (town clerk's office), ü. Snook (surveyor), T. A. Basnett (collector), and Dr Marston (medical officer of health). THE LATE COL. HARRISON. I The MAYOR said that before commencing the business of the Conncil he would like to refer to the sad eyent which had, he felt sure, affected the whole of the county and also that borough—he re- ferred to the death of Col. Harrison. Although the deceased gentleman had not been officially con- nected with that borough he had been intimately associated with it in many respects, It would not be good taste on his (the Mayor's) part to, in any sense, pronounce an eulogium on Col. Harrison, seeing that that gentleman had been known to them very much longer thau he had been to him (the Mayor). He could at any rate say that he felt the death of Cel. Harrison very deeply, and that feeling would be shared not only by every member of the Council, but by everyone in the borough. It would be a graceful act on their part to send to Mrs Harrison and the members of the family a vote of condolence as well as an expression of sympathy with them in their sad bereavement. He begged to move that the Town Clerk do so. Alderman HOWELL, in seconding, alluded to the great loss sustained by the death of Col. Harrison, particularly as chairman of the Forden Board of Guardians, and also to the great advantage derived by the town for his association with it, especially iu connection with the Powysland Club. Having known Col. Harrison so long and so intimately, both before and after his marriage, and knowing the activity he had shown in the interest of the borough, it would be wanting in them if they did not bear testimony to his good work. The resolution was carried in silence. APPLICATION. An application by Mr. C. H. Jones for the loan of the Poultry Market for the rehearsal by the Welshpool Choral Union that evening, was granted. THE RIFLE RANGE. The TOWN CLERK read the communication from the War Office, which has already appeared in our columns, to the effect that the Board of Officers having made an inspection of the proposed site for a rifle range had found the same unsuitable as well as the alternative sites. The MAYOR expressed his regret at the result of that communication, having hoped that they would have been able to secure for the town a proper rifle range. It seemed that the War Office saw otherwise, although, so far as the town was concerned, they had done their best to secure it. He was sorry that the authorities could nat see their way to let them have the rifle range. Alderman HOWELL asked if there was no possi- bility of their having a rifle range nearer than 70 miles away. He thought that a range might be found over the hills at Llandrindod Wells. He supposed, however, that if they could not find a range in their own borough the War Office would not be inclined to listen to them. BUILDING COMMITTEE'S REPORT. A meeting of this Committee was held on the 15th ult., there being present the Mayor (Mr Addie), Councillors D. Richards, C. T. Pugh, and T. S. Pryce. The Committee visited and inspected the alterations to Mr Cowan's shop, and were of opinion that the plans were in accordance with the bye- laws, and were approved, but they considered that the work should not have been commenced, and the hoarding placed on the footpath, without the consent of the local authority, and it was in con- travention of the bye-laws in that respect and the permission now given to proceed with the work should not be taken as a precedent. As to Mr. Bushell's plans, the Committee Ihad also carefully considered the plans proposed by Mr. Bushell, and as they complied with bye-laws they had granted permission to proceed, with the work. They also inspected Mr. Gittins' shop in High street, and the plans of alterations being produced, they consented to the work being proceeded with on certain stated conditions. Adopted. SANITARY COMMITTEE'S REPORT. A meeting of this committee took place on Friday, there being present Alderman Howell (chairman), the Mayor (Mr W. F. Addie), and Alderman Rogers. The report of the Surveyor having been read, the committee was of opinion that the water should be turned off as mentioned in the report. The question of the nuisance at the Sylfaen Mill was again considered, and the Town Clerk was directed to ascertain from Lord Powis's agent the terms upon which the house and build- ings could be acquired by purchase or lease. Adopted. SCRVEYOR'S REPORT. Mr G. SNOOK (surveyor) reported that the water at the reservoir was holding oub well. Although little had been running in for some time it was on the 4th inst. about 16 inches above the overflow sill of the lower reservoir and the middle pool was full, showing a great saving of water by turning it off during the nights.. to Alderman HOWELL, referring to the water supply, asked if the water was still turned off at night and allowed to run in the day. The SURVEYOR That is so, as per order Reply- ing further to Aldermaa Howell, the Surveyor stated that there was a fixed time for sweeping the streets, viz., Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays," and Saturdays. The water cart was distinct from the scavenging cart. LOCAL GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE'S REPORT. The committee appointed to consider the Local Government Act, 1894, and the powers to be ob- tained thereunder, met on the 5th inst. when the Mayor (Mr Addie), Aldermen Howell, Rogers, and Harrison, and Councillor T. S. Pryce attonded. A letter, dated May 19th, was read from the Local Government Board as to appointing assistant over- seers and recommending that the Council should obtain such power. The committee recommended that such additional power should be applied for. As to the trustees of charities the committee recommended that the power be asked for which was referred to iu sub-section 3 of Section 14, Local Government Act, 1894. The committee further recommended that the additional trustees should be the Mayor for the time being and Town Clerk, with Alderman Howpll and Councillor T. Simpson Jones.—The Town Clerk was requested to ascertain from the other parishes in the borough if there arc any charities theiein and the nature of them. HIGHWAY COMMITTEE'S NKPoitT. This met on the 5th inst., Alderman Harrison (chairman), the Mayar (Mr Addie), and Councillors I). Richards and C. T. Pugh being in attendance. The Surveyor's report to the commit- tee having been read, the folio wimr were appointed a snb-cemmittce to examine the award map at Powis Castle; The Chairman (Alderman Harrison), the Mayor, and Councillor Pugh to inspect the same so a,s to ascertain if the road from the Hope Chapel to Bryn road was a highway and as to the line of the footpath through Harrett's coppice.—A Jetier was read from Messrs Watkin and Jones com- plaining of the state of the channel in Church street, and the Surveyor was instructed to remove the nuisance. A letter was also read from the Secretary of the Gas Company asking the Council's approval of the incandescent lighting of the public lamps, and the committee while not disapproving of the proposal thought it but right to notify to the Gas Company that in their opinion there should be I a revision of the present tariff of charges paid and that consequently the Council might be asked to consider during the next 12 months the advisability of making fresh terms with the Company.—The Surveyor reported that about 30 tons of stone had been raised at the new quarry, Cwmbvchan, on the Hope road, and the stone obtained was of a superior quality to any in the district. About 50 tons had been raised at CJetterwood and Cwm-y- seal quarries for the repair of the Welsh Harp road. He had received from the surveyor to the Llanfvllin Rural District Council a letter inviting the Council to contribute towards the erection of a culvert across the stream, dividing the boroutrh boundary between the Groes and Rock terrace. He estimated the amount required for payment during the ensuing month to be £32 10s. Alderman HARRISON, in moving the adoption of the report, stared that by the kind permission of Lord Powis they now had a new quarry at Cwm Bychan,the stone from which promised to be of superior quality. They had accordingly authorised the Surveyor to use it as far as possible. As re- garded the culvert alluded to in the report, that particular spot was used by a very limited number of the public. There being a ford there already, the (. ouncil did not consider the culvert a necessary expense. Alderman HOWELL asked if anything had been done in regard to Canal Bridge approaches, and whether anything had been received from the ( oamy C oiiiicii to proceedings against the Canal COIllP:!] I y. Alderman HARRISON observed that he might state unofficially that the matter had been before a Committee of the County Council and would come before the Council at tlieir next meeting. The TOWN CLERK Do you think it advisable to communicate with the Canal Company r Alderman HOWELL The Canal Company repu. diated all liability. It wae decided to await the decision of the County Council before taking any further steps. Alderman HARRISON, alluding to the communi- cations from, and with, the Gas Company, men- tioned in the report, stated that in the opinion of many they were paying too much for their gas, and it would not be well to put the Company to the ex- pense of laying down incandescent light through- out, when they (the Council) were going to recon- sider the prices paid in twelve months' time. On the motion of Alderman HOWELL the Town Clerk was instructed to communicate with other authorities as to the terms of contracts which they were under, with their respective gas companies. LIGHT RAILWAY COMMITTEE'S REPORT. This committee met on the 28th ult, when there were present the Mayor (Mr W. F. Addie), Alder- men Howell and W. A. Rogers, and Councillor D. Richards. The committee having considered the question of the Light Railway to Llanfair, were of opinion that the first step to take was to obtain a proposed scheme, and having seen Mr Ward on the subject that gentleman agreed to prepare a suitable scheme with rough estimated cost for the com- mittee, in about ten days' time, and the meeting was adjourned for the receipt of such scheme. FINANCE COMMITTEE. A meeting of this committee was held on the the 5th inst., there being present Aldermen Rogers (chairman) T. R. Morris, and Harrison, Councillors Addie (Mayor), C. Galloway, andD. Richards. The committee went through the usual bills, and re- commended payment on the borough fund account of £100 3s lid; Urban Sanitary account, JE131 153 5d Surveyor's wages account, statement here- with showing a balance of £4 15s 8d due from the Surveyor, and estimate for ensuing month of £32 10s, reducing the amoutit required to £27 14s 4d. It was recommended that cheques be drawn in two instalments of JE13 14s 4d and £14. This concluded the business of the Council.