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which was a real village choir (renewed They came next to the winning choir, and sbou encouraged (hear, hear). The prize, hoWevr would go to No 3—Llansantffraid (cheers). The Town Clerk, as Chairman of the Committee, proposed a hearty vote of than '8' Professor Rhys for presiding, which was hertl responded to, after which the learned PreS1fvL replied, and so terminated the afternoon's tnee i -+- LLANDRINIO. d PERSONAL.-Mr II. Ivor Thomas, elder SO .°b. Archdeacon Thomas, has been appointed BrItls 11 Vice-Consul at Cindad Porfirio Diaz, Northe. Mexico. There are a large number of British su jects living in the States of Coahuila and DurangO&t who were, until this appointment was made, a beyond the reach of any representative of S- Government. Ciudad Porfirio Diaz is some L miles distant from the city of Mexico whe H.B.M.'s Consul resides. Loug-Waistecl CO RS ErrS. PERFECTION! Sold by all Drapers AI111uøJl1 One :Million Pa¡r8 1U, 6 tO n M illion 1 F^n'is size and enel'osin ^oqC0 sent you, n Q{ J# These world-renowned Corsets have a reputatio ars' standing. Present sales larger than ever. colouP» The Popular Onrset for the Million (No. 3104), Sd. W. S, THOMSON & CO., Limited, Man*" Fore Street London, E.C. Made in Lengths, 13, 14, and A. large stock of these GOOD VALUE Corsets and at EDWARD HUGHES', Trade Hall, J. ROBERTS, TOBACCONIST, ø TERRACE RD., ABERYSTVrf (LATE MARY STREET). [f you want good FOREIGN or BRITISH CI 'r CIGARETTES GO TO ROBERTS. f you require any FANCY TOBACCO GO TO ROBERTS, O If you want a GOOD PIPE or WALKl-N^^ GO TO ROBERTS. GO TO ROBERTS FOR ANY SPECIALlf1. ff you want the MONTGOMERY COUNTY GO TO ROBERTS. Ts J. HUTCHINGS" NATURALISTS & GUN MAKERS. BRIDGE STREET, ABERYSTW^, THE ABERYSTWYTH AND DISTRICT 1- JJILL pOSTING Members of the UNITED BILLPOSTERS' ASSOCIAT# MANAGING DIRECTOR: HERR P AREEZ Office, The Pareezer Hall, Portland St. BILL POSTl In Aberystwyth and District on reaSbn'uble SEND FOR PRICE LT^' Bill Distribution amongst Hotels, Shops, House, and in the Streets. 0 HORSE AND TRAP KEPT F COUNTRY WORK. tb6 The only Billposters with Private Boai"^ rpfjf district, which includes Devil's Bridge, Bortb, bont, and Llanwristed. MANAGER, MR. T. ROBERTS^ ESTABLISHED 1857. 1, Messrs. MURPHY & HOWL SURGEON DENTISTS, CORNER OF TERRACE ROAD AND CORPORATION STREE?'#. ABERYSTW* Postal Address— 54, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYST r£1tø Mr ROWLEY visits—MACHYNLLETH First and Third Wednesday in each montb. beÍ" rendance from 2 to 5 o'clock at Mrs. J. Oovey View.. 901 i' TOWYN—The Second and Fourth Frjon0* jach month, from 2 to 5 o'clock, at MrS* l3, High Street, near the Railway Station. Messrs. M. & R. are at ABERYS MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, and THURSDAY CONSULTATIONS FREE. JJ $ JJONES ESTABLISHED 1851. i BIRKBECK -i85B Southampton Buildings, Chancery TWO and A HALF per CENT. INTERS lowed on DEPOSITS, repayable on denaa'JrXfifg TWO per CENT. on CURRENT ACCOV*^?* minimum monthly balance, when not dra < fiioo. STOCK, SHARES and ANNUITIES purO sold. SAVINGS DEPARTMENT. For the encouragement of Thrift the jeives small sums on deposit, and allows n Monthly on each completed £1. BIRKBECK BUILDING SOCIEJV HOW TO PURCHASE A HOUSE to GUINEAS PER MONTH. BIRKBECK FREEHOLD LAND HOW TO PURCHASE A PLOT O* FOR FIVE SHILLING PER MONTII. 11- The BIRKBECK ALMANACK, with V ulars, can be obtained post free on apph° .j.. FRANCIS RAVENSCOFT, Man T & I. & G. LLO COACH BUILDERS, d Alfred Place, ABERYST^ p' 0* CARRIAGES MADE TO THE SHORTEST REPAIRS PROMPTLY J 0 H N LLO Y D, ABERYSTWYTH TOWN CRIER A* of POSTER. ALL Orders for Bill Posting and D1 Handbills are attended to with P COUNTRY WORK UNDERTAKE • d 18, SKTNNER STREET, abeeysTJ:^ — ted PRINTING of every description eJ, ti,e )j1 I- dispatch at the COUNTY TIMES s pool. First-class Commercial work a Estimates given.