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GUILSFIELD. BAZAAR AT GROE3 CHAPEL. The Groes Calvinistic Methodist Chapel was built twelve years ago at a cast of £ 300, all of which sum has, with the exception of a moiety of £80, now been paid off. Jt was with the object of liquidating this amount that a bazaar was held on Thursday afternoon, in a marquee adjoining the chapel. For some time past the friends associated with the chapel have been working assiduously for this event, with the result that a tasteful collection of useful and fancy articles was placed upon the stalls, which were in charge of the following 1 (fancy stall), Mrs Gil tins, the Bridge; Mrs Richards, Trawscoed; Mrs Jones, Varchoel; Mrs W. Jcnes, Oswestry, and Mrs Jones, Stone House. No. 2 (fancy stall), Mrs Griffiths, Tabernacle; Mrs Pryce, Great Weston Miss Jones, Broniarth Miss Jones, Trelydan. Refreshment stall Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Brown, ML-;s Jones, Star, Welshpool: Miss Evans, Brook 11 Flower stall (to which contributions were sent by the Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone, Hawarden Castle, Flintshire, and Mr A. Wynne Corrie, Park Hall, Oswestry) Misses Gertie Walker, Gertie Jones, Varchoel; and Gertie Jones, Trelydan. Although heavy thunder showers fell in the early part of the afternoon, a good company, notwithstanuing, was present at the opening ceremony, which was per- formed about 2 30 by Mrs Humphreys-Owen. The attendance included Mr A. C. Humphreys-Owen, M.P., and Miss Humphreys-Owen, Revs J. Griffiths (pastor), G. O. Evans, Llanymynech; J. Jones, Oswestry and Sidney Morris, Coedway Messrs J. Jones, Varchoel: D. Prjce, Great Weston R. Howell Davies, Oswestry; Mr and Mrs Hughes, Trade Hall, Welshpool; Mrs T. Rowley Morris, Welshpool, and otliers.Iri declaring the bazaar open, Mrs Humphreys-Owen expressed her regret in bringing with her such very bad weather. Con- tinuing, ehe remarked that a debt was a bad thing to deal with, as it was a dead weight on their efforts, and was damaging to their hopes for the future. If they would deal with the present and look forward to the future, they mnst rid themselves of the claims which the past had upon them, That was why they were there that day. She saw around her such a large number of things to suit all tastes and all purposes and she sincerely hoped that if the object of the Bazaar was not attained, they would, at any rate achieve a considerable amount of suc- cess. One thing which always struck her was the I y unity of action, displayed in the collection of articles like those she saw before her. One of the distinctive features of the present day was that of separate efforts united into one. They heard a great deal about decentralisation, and that was one of the examples of the art of decentralisation. When she looked round on those different :iiticles and saw how they varied, it was pleasant to see how by our varying work in life, we could a.11 make a small contribution towards building up the edifice of health aud happiness. In every building there were many stones, and they could not all be key stones, yet what would the key stones be if it, was not for the bricks and mortar ? So in life, if they could not hope to do anything very great, they could still do the works of bricks and mortar, and support the geniuses. That was a lesson which they could all lay to heart on occasions like this (applause).—Rev. J. Griffiths proposed that the warmest thanks of the meeting be accorded to Mrs Humphreys-Owen for so kindly coming there in such weather, not only to attend thsir little bazaar and to grace it with her presence, but especially for bringing with her the member of the county- (applause)-and her daughter as J. Jones, Varchoel, having seconded the motion, which was carried amid appiause, the company sang Praise God from whom all blessings flow." —Mr Humphreys-Owen, in responding, expressed his pleasure at visiting this part of his constituency. Although the general sentiment of political opinion was rather divided-(Iaii liter)--he did not think he had a single persona] enemy there (applause). If he was going to make a party speech he would suggest that the rain which they had had that afternoon was only a sequel to the recent decision of the two constituencies-Frome and Wick, whilst on the other hand he could quite understand his political opponents regarding it as the tears of an offended Heaven-(loud larghter)-at the perversity and folly of some of their fellow-subjects. -Which view of the matter was right be left them to decide. In conclusion he wished success to the Bar- (laughter)—he meant to the bazaar, and to those who had done so much for it (applause).—The sales were then proceeded with.—In addition to the stalls there were two bran tubs, which were under the respective care of Misa Griffiths, Varchoel Hall; Master E. Pryce, Great Weaton and Masters H. C. Jones, Varchoel, and E. Jones, Trelydan, with Miss Louie Joues, Oswestry. Whilst their various wants were being attended with great promp- titude, the entertainment of visitors was by no means neglected, there being provided an Art Gallery in the care of Mr R. Howell Davies, Oswestry, and a Shooting Gallery over which Miss Joues,,Varchoel, presided. During the afternoon and evening, concerts were given, the following, amongst others, taking part:—The Tabernacle Juvenile Choir, under the conductorship of Mr Rees Davies Mrs Tanner-Francis and Mr Watson Lewis, Oswes- try, all of whom were accompanied by Mr Howarth. Tea, which was served during the afternoon, was under the superintendance of Mrs Davies, Park, Mrs Beckett and Miss Evans, Brook House. Many had worked hard for this bazaar, but none more so than Mrs JOIT-S, Varchoel, president, Mrs Griffiths, Fron- henlog, treasurer, and Miss Jones, Broniarth secre- tary, who had spared no pains to ensure its success. TREFONEN, COMPLIMENTARY DINNER.—On Tuesday evening, Mr II. W. Jones, who has just left Trefoneu Hall for Walcot, Chirbury, was entertained to dinner by his friends and neighbours at the Efel Inn, Trefonen. Mr T. H. Stokes presided, and he was support ad by Messrs Richards, Llanymynech T. Whitikdd, Trefarclawdd W. Whitfield, Weston Peter Edwards, Llangedwyn A. Whitfield, Morton Hall; W. Jones, Chirbury; D. Morris, Lloran Issa.; It,.1. Roberts, Oswestry; Flux, and Jones, Llanymynech. After dinner and the usual loyal and patriotic toasts had been given, The Chairman, in giving the toast of the evening, health, prosperity and happiness to Mr Wynn Jones, said it was with mixed feelings of regret and p'easure that, he proposed that toast, and assured Mr Jones that he took the good wishes of everybody with him (hear, hear). He bad known )11. Jones ever since childhood, and he had always found him straightforward and upright. He felt pleased that he was taking one of the Earl of Powis's best farms, and he hoped he would be successful (hear, hear). Mr Jones was also going to take unto himself a wife ,(elloers)-a very im- portant thing. They were told it was not good for man to be alone, and Mr Jones evidently agreed with that (laughter).—The toast was received with musical honours.—The Chairman read a letter from Mr T. II. Johnson, of Llauymynech regretting his inability to attend owing to having to do double duty.—Mr Jones suitably responded.— Mr Whit- field, Trefarclawdd, proposed "Success to the agricultural interest," and said he hoped they would have rain to improve their prospects.—Mr Richards, Morton Hall, repiiel.- Mr A. Huehes proposed The Visitors'" coupling with it the name of Ili- Richards, who W. Whitfield proposed the health of the Chairman, and said Mr Dumvillo Lees was to have taken the chair, but they had n capable substitute in Mr Stokes, and ho 'thought he was the right man in the right place (hear, hear).—The toast was cordially drunk, and the Chairman, in responding, said he was always pleased to huIp in a convivial gathering in their village.— Several other toasts followed and a pleasant evening was spent. MIDDLETOWN. TitAr ACVIDKNT.—On Monday as Mr R. Evans, horsebreaker, was driving a young horse belonging to Mr. R. Twist, jun., from Welshpool, the horse took fright at a carrier's cart opposite Buttington station, and turning to the side of the road the wheel struck the ditch bank. which stopped the vehicle so suddenly, that Mr. Twist and his father were thrown out, Mr. Twist, sen., receiving a severe cut on t! e head, and Mr. Twist, jun., having his elbow pat out. Both are attended by Dr. Bradshaw and are slowly improving. WKSLEYAN Sex OA Y SCHOO r.Tho anniversary services in connection with the Sunday Sehool were held on Sunday last, when Mr T. G. Robin, B.A., of Shrewsbury, preached morning and evening. In the afternoon a children's service was held when Mr Robin gave an address. Special hymns were sung, and psalms, chapters and hymns recited by the scholars, the following taking a special part:— Jennie Goliath, Sissie Davies, Edith Hughes, Tiny Parry and Pattie Lloyd.

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