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BISHOP'S CASTLE. TOWN CONUCIL, Tuesday.—Present: The Mayor (Councillor Walter James), Aldermen Geo. Bowen aud A. Greenhous, Councillors B. Bowen, Dr Boa, George Strawson, George Edwards, Geo. Fletcher, Thomas Jones, and Thomas Evans, with Messrs A. Hamer (surveyor), and E. Griffiths (town clerk).— The minutes of the various committees were read and adopted and the seal was ordered to be affixed to '1 general district rate of Is 3d in the pound.— Balances were reported as follows Urban sanitary £117 12s lOd in hand borough fund, £15 9s 8d allotment, JE6 19s 6d water works due to BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. — TUESDAY.— Before Walter James and B. Bowen. Esqrs. AN OLD CASK.—James Jones, of Bishop's Castle, labourer, was charged by Sergeant Finney with be- ing drunk at the Three Tuns Inn on February 10th last. The defendant was summoned for the March Petty Sessions, but in the unavoidable absence of Sergeant Finney, the case was adjourned. Defend- ant subsequently left the town and only returned a few days ago, He denied that he was drunk, but called no witness.—Fined 2s 6d and costs or Benn days. Allowed till the end of month to pay. DRUNK ON THE HICHWAY.—Francis Pugh, ]un., Bishop's Castle, was charged by Sergeant Finney with being drunk on the public streets on the night of May 2nd. Defendant denied the charge which was proved by Sergeant Fiuney and corroborative evidence was given by P.C. Arkinstall. Fined 2s 6d and costs allowed till end of month to pay. —Richard Hotchkiss and Samuel Home were charged by P.C. Arkinstall with being drunk on the 9th ult. (the day after the fair). Home did not appear. Hotchkiss, who was represented by his father, admitted the charge. He has been convicted twice this year and was now fined 2s 6d and costs. Home was mulcted in the sum of Is. and costs.— William Powell, for being drunk in charge of a horse and cart on May 8th, was fined 2s 6d and costs. RATE CASK.—Maurice Pugh was charged by Mr E. J. Thomas with non-payment of rates amounting to £7. Mr Thomas said that Mr Pugh had that morning paid him 25s. The demand was made in t ebruarv and an order was now made for payment m 14 c'ays, with costs.—Oliver Morris was charged a s™ilar offence. Mr Thomas said that <- e endant had paid the rate. He (complainant) now made an application for costs, which was granted. MAINTENANCE ORDER.—Samuel Adams, Bishop's Catl, was summoned by Mr William Davies, relIevmg officer, to show cause why he had not paid p • arrears due to the common fund of Clun Lmon under the maintenance order towards the navmonK i'c ?lot -^n order was made for labour JS' °r m defaTllfc 14 days' hard PONTDOLGOCH. Daltp IfARATST-—°n Wednesday Mr Benjamin Davies, Lwjrdcoed, cut a capital field of clover. I he crops are very much in want of rain in this district. Meadow hay crops are very thin and sbort. BERRIEW. PARISll COUNCIL.—Held on Friday evening, in the Schoolroom, Mr. Humphreys Owen, M.P. presiding. There were also present :—Councillors W. Pritchard, E. Davies, W. Davies, D. Jones, D. Lloyd, A. Evans, D. Proctor, W. J. Owen, R. Clayton, James PrJ co, with Mr E. Lloyd, clerk.—A letter was read from the Clerk to the County Council, stating that they had no money to spend re Ambu- lance Class at Berriew.— Footpaths Mr Lewis, Trwstllewellyn, wrote, stating that he had removed the obstruction mentioned. Respecting the footpath near Bronllwyn he could see no trace of a footpath. —The Chairman: We had better get a statement signed by some trustworthy person, stating the fact that there had been a footpath.—Councillor Clayton thought the path of no importance.—The Chairman thought they could not discuss that question. They were there as the trustees of the public, and the question was whether it was a public or private path.—Councillor W. Pritchard said there was no question about its having been a public path. He moved that an independent com- mittee of Councillors--W. Evans and W. Davies- view the place, and if necessary procure a written statement as suggested and report to the Council.— Road from Brooks to Glyn :-Counc-illor Lloyd said he was asked to bring this matter before the Council. The road was in a very bad state, and almost impassable, especially for children going to school. —The Chairman Does the District Council repair it ?—Councillor Lioyd There is but a por- tion of it in Berriew, the greater part is in Bettws. —The Chairman Is the matter of sufficient con- sequence to apply to the District Council r-Coun- cillor Lloyd moved, and Councillor Pryce seconded, that the District Council be asked to take the road over.—The Documents, Allotments, and Sanitary Committees were re-appointed. — Councillor W. Pritchard moved that a committee be appointed to ascertain from the award what footpaths and other roads in the parish were repairable by the owners of the adjoining lands.—-Councillor Proctor seconded, and the following are the committee :— Messrs. W. Pritchard, E. Davies, D. Proctor, the Chairman, and the Vice-Chairman.—The Chairman said Mrs. Humphreys-Owen proposed to arrauge some cookery classes, and suggested that formal application be made for a grant, and that a com- mittee of the Parish Council assist with the man- agement. This was moved by Councillor W. Pritchard, seconded by Councillor W. T. Owen and carried.—Councillor E. Davies thought this sort of thing did not benefit agriculture. Would it not be better to have in addition lectures on Cattle and horses?"—The Chairman: Yes; you can have veterinary lectures.—This was agreed to.—Coun- cillor Clayton proposed to bring on for discussion the question of Workhouse amalgamation.—Coun- cillor Evans said there was an obstruction in the Dyffryn lane, boughs of trees belonging to Mr. Humphreys-Owen and Major Corbett striking out into the middle of the road.—It was decided to call the landlords' attention to the roads. LLANERFYL. PRESENTATION.—Rev S. Reed, Llaugyniew, the late Rector of this parish, was, on Tuesday, at the Llanerfyl National Schoolroom, the recipient of his portrait beautifully painted in oils. The gift was presented, on behalf of the parishioners, by lHt William Vaughan, Havod, churchwarden, as a small n.omento of the parishioners' appreciation of the past services rendered by Rev S. Reed during the 13 years of his incumbency in the parish. During that time, whatever Mr Reed undertook was adequately and well done, and the reminisences of his good, honest, faithful, and kind disposition will be remembered for a long time to come.—After the presentation of the testimonial Rev S. Reed thanked the audience and subscribers most genially for the gift.—Short addresses were also delivered by the Chairman, Messrs Thomas Evans (Maesgwyn), D. Roberts, jun. (Tyurhos), W. Vaughan, and Revs Carrog Jones (Llangadfan) and J. Roberts (Garth- beibio). A song, composed for the occasion, was sung before and after the presentation by Mr D. Roberts, jun. Mrs Reed was also piesented, by Miss Â. Howells (Coedtalog) on behalf of the subscribers with an embossed silver tea and coffee service as a token of the high esteem and respect in which she was held among the parishioners. Mrs Reed was regarded by all as one of the most charitable aad affectionate of wotren, and her loss from Llanerfyl is keenly felt.—Mrs. Reed briefly returned thanks.—About 70 members of the Sunday School and their friends sat down to tea provided by the ladies of Llanefyl in celebra- tion of the event. The following ladies presided at the tables :—Mrs. Jones (Neuadd Wen), Mrs. Howells (Coedtalog), and Mrs. Evans (Maesgwyn), assisted by Mrs. and Miss Roberts (Tynrhos), Miss Howells (Coedtalog), and Mrs. Bourne (Brickyard). Mr. Heed, in the course of a. short speech, said that that was the last day for him to meet them at Llan. erfyl in the capacity of Rector; for he had that day delivered his charge over to Mr. Harrington, the new Rector, and he sincerely hoped that the same good will and courtesy would, in the future, exist between the parishioners and Mr. Harrington as had existed between them and himself in the past. He invited those present to par- take of his hospitality at Llangyniew on Wednes- day next. A prayer was delivered by Mr. Reed, and the meeting termihated by the singing of the old hymn tune Caersalem, to the words, Dan dy fen dith wrth ymadael." LLANFAIR. THE FAIR.—There was a small supply of stock and higher prices were asked. Only a very small number changed hands. COMIN'G-OF-AGE.—In connection with the coming- of-age of Mr Hugh Harrison, of Caerhowel (a full report of which appears on page 3), the following sports took place, Dr Humphreys presiding:—100 yards' race for boys under 12—1 Ivor Morris, 2 W Watkin 100 yards three-legged race for boys under 12—1 Edward James, 2 J. Hughes; 100 yards race for girls under 12—1 S. J. Evans, 2 Bessie Davies; 60 yards race for boys and girls under seven—1 Louisa Evans, 2 Ivor Evans 150 yards flat race for boys 12 to 16—1 W. Pryce Astloy, 2 Evan Morris 440 yards obstacle race (open)--l Joseph Davies, 2 R. Griffiths; egg and spoon race, 150 yards-1 W. D. Peate, 2 J. W. Astley three-legged race 150 yards —1 Joseph Davies and W. P. Astley, 2 H. Tudor and Evan Morris second egg and spoon race—1 Evan Morris, 2 E. E. Thomas sack race—dead heat between J. E. Story and P. R. Harris climb- ing greasy polR—Edwin Evans tug-of-war— Manafon team. The Band played at intervals and dancing was kept up till a 1[1te hour. GREAT WOLLASTON. THE SCHOOL. — The report of the Diocesan Examination recently held by Rev. J. W. Andrew has just been received, and is as follows :—From various causes, including the closing of the school for two months on account of sickness, less than five months had been given to the subjects of examinations. In spite of this great disadvantage, the children did well, and the school, in regard to religious education as a whole, is in a very good condition. The written answers on slates, as well as on paper, were neat, fall, and accurate, bearing evidence to careful teaching." SALE OF WORK.—On Thursday week a sale of work, which had been organised by Mrs. Lightfoot Harrison, the Vicarge, took place in the School- room. Many willing helpers provided goods for sale, refreshments, curiosities, Ac., who also assisted in the work of the day. There were two large stalls for tho sale of goods both old and new, pre- sided over by Mrs. Harrison, Miss G. Edwards (Ness), and Mrs. Whittingham. Many ladies and gentlamen in the parish contributed articles for sale and refreshments, and many thanks are due to them for their generosity. Theie was a large refreshment stall, which had been arranged by Mr. Whittingham and Mr. Morris, and which was in charge of the Misses Parr and May Brown, these ladies working hard to supply the wants of the inner man." Under the management of Rev. W. F. Lightfoot Harrison and Mr. Baker the classroom was transformed into a museum and art gallery, where many found much to interest and amuse them. Among the collection were ancient armour lent by Mr. Bennett (Shrewsbury), several curiosi- ties belonging to Rev. W. Harrison (Pontesbury), and Rev. W. F. L. Harrison (the Vicarage), and a number of drawings and paintings from the South Kensington Museum. The cloak-room was utilised for the performance of a Country sketch" by Miss Hall and Miss Holberton, who played their respective parts in capital style, and gained the applause of their several audiences. On the whole the sale was quite a success, the proceeds amount- ing to J616, which will be divided between the two churches and the school. LLANGYNIEW. SCHOOL TREAT. — The members of the Sunday school, and the day scholars, numbering together about eighty, were entertained at the Rectory to a tea on Thursday lasJ. The tables were tastefully decorated and ample justice was done to the good things provided, after which an adjournment was made to an adjoining field were various games and sports were heartily enjoyed by the children. On the motion of Mr. Griffiths, hearty cheers were given the Rector and Mrs. Reed for their kindness. The Rector in a short address impressed upon the scholars the duty of being truthful, civil, and dili- gent. The singing of the National Anthem brought a very enjoyable afternoon to a close.


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