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NEWTOWN. URBAN DISTRICT COTOCIL. A meeting of this Board was held last night. Present: Mr A. Ford (chairman), Mr J. Hughes (vice-chairman), Messrs G. H. Ellison, Barker llalliwcll, J. Green, P. W. Jones, Evan Morgan, R. Lewis, T. Bowen, A. S. Cooke, T. Edmunds, J. Humphreys, D. Owen, and E. Ashton with Mr W. Cooke, clerk, and Mr R. W. Davies, surveyor. THE INFECTIOUS DISEASES ACT. The Chairman stated, on behalf of the committee appointed to consider the above, that no meeting had been held, and requested that the matter should be adjourned. PROPOSED IMPROVEMENT OF THE CROSS. Mr. J. Green said he had been asked by several ratepayers to ascertain whether the Council could see their way clear to appoint a committee to make enquiry about removing the premises on the Cross lately occupied by Mr Rowland. He had been to talking t a certain party, who was willing tu give £150 towards removing those premises, and he had had from another gentleman a promise of £100 (hear, hear). He thought that if a committee was formed they would be able to obtain enough money to move an obstacle which had existed for years. He should say, if they could get rid of it, it would bo the grandest improvement that the Council or any Local Board had undertaken in the memory of man.—Mr Ellison saw no reason why the Council should not accept the suggestion. He believed that if the late Mr. Rowlands had been spared the obstacle would have been removed. It was a very daugerous place, and he had much plea- sure in seconding the proposition.—Mr D. Owen supported.—The motion was carrried, and the com- mittee was constituted as follows :—The Chairman, Messrs J. Hughes, G. H. Ellison, Green, and P. W. Jones. THE VISIT OF THE PRINCE. Mr P. W. Jones said that Newtown was one of the most important towns in North Wales and as they had heard that the Prince of Wales had paid some little respect to the town by arranging that the train should slow down in passing through, he thf rht. the townspeople should show their loyalty by presenting H.1,lI. with an address. There was no donbt other towns would do it and if the Council had not formed themselves into a committee to consider the subject the matter would probably have been taken up outside.—Mr Ellison agreed, and said that if Newtown people were loyal they should show it in a tangible form. An elaborate address was not required, only something to show that they were loyal. He suggested that by giving the Prince a hearty welcome H. R. H. might be attracted to have a mansion in Wales when he came to the throne which however, he hoped, would not be for some time. Surely the Prince of Wales ought to have a home in Wales. He had much pleasure in seconding the proposition. The motion was carried unanimously. Mr. A. S. Cooke suggested that it would be desirable to present tne Prince with a number of specimens of their Welsh pro- ductions in addition to the address. — Mr. Jones cordially agreed with Mr.Cooke's remarks and said he intended to have included the proposal,in his mof'on.—The selection of the articles to be pre- sented was left in the hands of the following com- mittee :—The Chairman, Messrs P. W. Jones, A. S. Cooke, John Humphreys, and G. Ellison.—The chairman was thanked for his efforts to obtain the concession of tickets for admittance to the railway station, and other privileges, on the occasion of the visit of the Prince of Wales, from Mr C. S. Denniss. THE BOUNDARY. Mr R. Lewis had given notice of a motion in reference to the boundary, bat now applied that the question should be adjourned until the next meeting. CORRESPONDENCE. A letter was read from Mr Evan Morgan thank- ing the Council for their kind vote of sympathy with himself and family in their sad bereavement. LIGHT RAILWAYS. On the motion of Mr Edmunds, seconded by Mr R. Lewis, a committee was appointed to meet a committee from Llanwyddelan Parish Council on the question of promoting a light railway from Llanwyddelan through Bettws, Tregynon, New Mills, &c., to Newtown.—This was all the business of public interest.




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