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LLANBR YNM AIR. PARISH COUNCIL. — The ordinary meeting was held at the British School, Lower Ward, on Thurs- day 28th ult. Present Messrs. Daniel Howell, chairman, John Davies, Richard Morris, Richard Humphreys, jun., Rufus Owen, T. R. Evans. John Watkin, Hugh Francis, E. Maurico Jones, Richard Breese, and A. P. Howell, clerk. Punctuality was not one of the virtues of the councillors on this occasion, and the early ones had to mark time for over half an hour till a sufficient number ap- peared, to form a quorum. Business having com- menced, Mr. J. Watkin reported that the work he had been appointed to superintend on the Llan to Bont path had been finished, but that he made out a bill for the work done. He also reported that the chairman and himself had done all the carting re- quired, gratis. Being asked to draw up the ac- count there and then he did so, whereupon it trans- pired that he had allowed the two labourers 2s. 9d. each per day. This item provoked conaiderable discussion, not always in the best of humour, it being generally felt that 2s. 6d. was a sufficient wage for the work done. However, as the council had no definite scale it was decided on the motion of Mr. E. M. Jones to pass the bill. The clerk then read a circular letter received from the County Council re the establishment of dairy and cookery schools, classes to teach sick nursing. field experiments, and such other schemes of in- struction as came within the scope of the Technical Instruction Act, and they invited applications from parishes which desired to be made centres for such. Mr. R. Morris thought dairy schools, &c., of no practical value in Llanbrynmair, but was in favour of field experiments. It was pointed out by Mr. H. Francis that such experiments were now in operation on plots of land beloning to Pentre- mawr, and that these, experiments would most probably be continued for some years.— The Chairman wished to get these experiments carried out in the Upper Ward also, but no one had the temerity to propose this, as it was felt that they would be asking for all the good things to be located in one parish. Finally, on the motion of Mr R. Humphreys, it was resolved that application be made for a Cookery School, adding a rider express- ing the hope that the experiments now carried on would be continued for some time.—The Chairman then produced a petition against the Education Bill of the present Government, and stated that it would be circulated in the parish, so that all desirous of signing it should have an opportunity of doing so. He signed it first himself and then asked the other Councillors to do the same. They all did so, as well as the Clerk.-—Mr David Evans, solicitor, presented his account as Returning Officer for the Parish Council election, amounting to £8 ] 5s 6d. It being found that it contained several items relating ex- clusively to the District Council election, it was decided to ask for an explanation of same befoie paying it.—The Water Supply of the village of Bont provided another fruitful source of discussion, Mr J. Watkin, District Councillor, being "called to book" for obstructing the passing of the scheme for provid- ing the water, at the District Council meeting. He attempted to justify his action, but was immediately "pulled up" and reminded of his promise before the election that if he were elected he would do his best towards procuridg the water.—The Chairman read a copy of the report of Dr Mathews, Medical Officer of health, stating that the water at present was in- sufficient as well as impure.—Mr Watkin tried to explain it away, stating that the surroundings were greatly changed since the report was drawn tip.— Eventually it was proposed by Mr R. Humpheys, and seconded by Mr,R. Breese, that the original scheme be adhered to, and that this resolution be forwarded to the District Council.—The next meet- ing is to be held on the first Thursday in August.







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