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ABERYSTWYTH. (Continuftl from PUBLIC LIBRARY.—The number of hooks issued from the public library during the week ending Wednesday Inst was 411. POLICE COURT.—At the Police Court on Monday, before John Morgan. E8Q.. Hy. Harcourt, labourer, of Hull, was charged by P.C. Thomas Owen with begging alms oil Saturday night. The defendant was said to be insolent in his manner to the per- sons whom he accosted, and he was sent to prison for seven days' hard labour aud deprived or his pedlars certificate. •Sci'PKX DEATH.—On Tuesday evening the death occurred rather suddenly of Mr Griffiths, castle keeper, Portland-street. The deceased was seen to fall down as walking along Laura Place, and some gentlemen, with whom the deceased had jusi been speakim;, went to his assistance. Medical aid was sent for, and Dr Williams and Dr Thomas at- tended, but [:12 unfortunate man sued almost im- mediately. TKMPERANUE DEMONSTRATION,—The annual torn- per.inee demonstration of the North Cardiganshire Union was held in the town on Wednesday, when there was a large attendance. The demonstration took the usual form of meetings, at which speeches were delivered, and in the afternoon there was a large procession of the various bodies, headed by Mr Jack Edward's band. IMPORTANT SALE.—The attention of our readers is called to the announcement of a sale which appears in our columns, to be conducted by Mr J. E. James, auctioneer, of this town, at the Assembly Rooms on Wednesday, July 8th, and following days. The stock on sale will include the whole of the furniture and fitments of the Reception and Retiring Rooms to he used by T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales, on the occasion of their visit to the town. ABERYSTWYTH MUSIC WAREHOUSE.—As will be Seen by an advertisement which appears in another column, Mr H. E. Wheatlev, who for many years has been the manager of this branch of the business of his late father, has purchased the business and taken over the entire stock of musical instruments, oil paintings, etc. The premises in Terrace-road have been enlarged and considerable improvements eifected. The stock comprises in- struments by the leading makers, and an inspection of the how room is invited. THE Loss 8F THE GLANAYRON.— The Liverpool daily papers of Tuesday published the following, telegram, received from Dalziel's New ), uII. Agent, which will be of interest to our readers The crew of the British steamer" Glanayron," of Aberyst- wyth, which was wrecked on the 22nd ult off Cape Hatteras, applied to the British Consul here this morning: for transportation to England, The crew numbered 23. The Glanayron left a port in Florida on Mav 15th last. bound for London with a cargo of phosphates. On the 22nd, the atmosphere became hazv rocks were reported ahead, but not in time to save i he vessel from striking. The crew were landed.acnoon the next day. It took the life- saving men five hours to travel twelva miles to where the steamer lay. The officers of the steamer boarded her again after a day or two, and found her in a sinking condition. The crew were sent to New York on the schooner "Samson," which sprang a leak on the voyage, making it necessary to keep bailing her out to keep her afloat. The ''Gianayron" is the property of the GIanayron Steamshiy Com- pany. The British. Consul has granted the men transportation to England. THE JUBILEE OF THE CAMBRIAN ARCH.EOLOGICAL SOCIETY.—At the meeting recently held at the College, in connection with the Cambrian Archaeological Society, a number of suggestions were offered as to the trips that might be taken by the members of the society at their jubilee meeting at Aberystwyth. For the'first day Strata Florida might be taken as the centre, and a visit made to Gwncws and places around about Crosswood. noting things of architectural and antiquarian interest, such as earthworks; or, as an alternative, Strata Florida and Llanddewi Brefi. On another day the Society might go north, towards Machyn- lleth, taking in Llvfnant Valley and Bedd Taliesin, or go further afield to Towvn and Peniarth. For the third day it was suggested they might traverse the coast between Aberystwyth and Aberayron, going, perhaps, as far as Llanddewi Aberarth; or, as an alternative, take Hafod, Devil's Bridge, Ponterwyd and Ysbytty Cynfys. The fourth day was proposed as a home" day, to confine the attention to Aberystwyth and Llanbadarn. Pro- fessor Ainsworth Davis has promised to read a paper upon Hill Fort" in the neighbourhood of Aberystwyth," and Mr. David Samuel on The History of Aberystwyth," and Dr Brough is to be asked to read a paper on The Tribal occupancy of the Neighbourhood." Dr Harries promises to get a map ready of the district between Talybont and Machynlleth by the next meeting of the local committee, and it will be of great interest; the Society will also welcome the loan of similar articles, which will be properly cared for daring the short time in which they are in their charge. Rev D. H. Davies, Ceniarth Vicarage, who has a valuable collection of old coins, has written saying he would be glad to do what he could to assist the society. The local secretaries are the Rev Eben Jones, and Mr David Samuel, M.A. PETTY SESSIONS.—At these Sessions on Wednes- day, before Councillor T. Griffiths (Mayor), Councillor E. P. Wynne, and Mr. John Morgan, Andrew Patterson, of 2, Rees' Cottages, Portland ,^j.ne' charged by the Borough Surveyor r" Jones) with disobeying a magistrate's order. by not giving up possession of a house occupied by him.—Defendant said that he could T°V,^8TR-A .ouse-Ordered to leave hI three davs.— -pV^p 1^lns, Windmill Court, was summoned by owe with allowing the chimney of his house waa flned Is.—P.C. L. Evans for nhstr *ne Lloyd, Grocer, Church Street, rmtatopq tn ^ootPath, by allowing bags of length of ri reTnai]1 thereon for an unreasonable cosfs Unon%rd She Wa3 2s- deluding MTSETWTHET/^1011 OF CHARLES order, to take effecTin tw* T?' peCtmevt granted agains Thomas EdwrdX^! >7' ™ An occasional license to sell at' thp wt was granted to Mr.^Villiams, 0f the TITH H An application by M>. Charles f Ji.H0 e1' manent transfer of the licence of t-v, x>r PeF" Pi,, tor from Mr. G. C^XIj S-L7°T Morgan and Company was granted. ° lessrs. ATHLETIC SPORTS.—The annual snort* „ tion with the Cardigan Artillery have been South Hook, Mil ford Haven, where the r^i^ V at present under canvas, with the usual su _The weather was fine and there was a large atteT" dance of spectators. The Sports Committee-wa" as follows :—Judges, Capt M B Castle, Capt S Lushingtori, Lieut Hughes, and Sersrt-Maior Heslam; starters, Lieutenant and Quarter-Master' Stephens, and Quarter-Master Sergt Payne; clerk of the course, Capt E C Rogerson. The following events were contested:—High jump, Williams 1. Worthington 2; throwing cricket ball, Rogers 1, Worthington 2; quarter mile flat race (open), T J Lewis 1, J Jones 2; broad jump, Williams 1, Alien 2; 100 yards fat race, Owen I.Morris 2; soda water and biscuit race, Lewis 1, Jones 2; hurdle race, Morris 1, Williams 2 egg and spoon race, Morris 1, Evans 2; mile race (open), Corporal Lynons 1, T Jones 2 putting the shot, Logan 1, Diamond 2, 27ft 9ins; mop contest, Jones and Davies 1, Wilson and Holmes 2 best turned out man in marching order, Stoneham 1, Brammer 2, Eynon 3 physical drill, 4 Company 1st, 5 Company 2; marching order race, Morris 1; bandmen's boot race. Dallison 1, Wakeling 2 sack race, Evans 1, Wilson 2 permanent staff handicap, Serjeant- Major McMillan 1, Sergeant Farrow 2; Officer's race (pick-a-back), Capt Rogerson and Lieutenant Alexandra; tug-of-war, No 5 Company; obstacle race, Roberts 1. Worthington 2, Wilson 3.










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