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UNIOM f ntr -~r- • —-OT.'C vie, LU^ FX 'Sn: urn- -JAii. ttt[,V -vVa «r,.< uxnoa coitri» %qS» Mid A;n."m i i. '>1 t« IV, NFlV VftQI/ Fast Steamers "STATE OP ^rnASKA" .*™f I Unix and "STATE OS" CALIFORNIA Sail c-^PDhr. » fortmglitiy train (.KargOvV. A. ALLAIM, 2-5. Bothwell Sti-cet, G!:i??OW. GUABAKTEED~PUKE^ r.jpp^ JlffK fRr>/Utrrcd r,> J. i^IMEST YSAST EM TJJE woHLDJ be £ TJi:^ ^3 \tixis. sea ia, ;hi'i di. tr r-r. 8 hours tfo.r Ma.iiufaot MAM.-nr-f. FP roj.KI.T VY w LEA VAZ.ii" T •DISTTT..t.T:T C'l. LTD., -"'^o- London, E. ^vAtrC"r -f r :j & co.. ltd HULL, H^LUARDS &' CAOATiLLE.^ >■ Ji'tiard 'l'nb.a i-Iakasf, gy?J- H-yh ft. feomer of >- tv uxioi'd St.), London, •— house for «.:•«••"••• *"id all kinds of ra^ulaitM. —— -Price ils,ta and garn ii* free. 3Sst. lBQ^. BttlH: j |j»p (for Delicate Skins),^ I Ftaa Spota, &«•)> 1/11. 1/9. m *» wbnfa»ay«*»k u«, i/fc I by. BSTAELI3HED 18S1. I fiftKJBECKL BANK ^dr £ Building?, Chancery Lane, London. J&OgM&A-HALF per CENT. INTEREST allowed on I fe^O ^Payable on denumd. I 25* »Ujr7v,,°ENT- on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, on the mini- I ^0(jv- y balances, when nut drawn below £ 100. I fere a"^ SHAKEN purchased and sold. I ?*». ^KBECK ALMANACK. with full particulars, post FRANCIS RAVENSORQFT. Manager. ^SorcPg They Wash.. They Soon.. JMm n „«*• RSF-'tiS h\ u' nt, fid dmds of users m^^y.4 £ „?. £ F*nBJ will tell you. directions, and d ? p s ^H it h aMjI ^beaStltS HclfcA. Los- f -r4 r.or MT, litfTr— fr" bT P" LiTEnroo^. jJfwV: UTALS »f ercry <iPr-crjpt.joT* purchasedfoi Baenakd & coirg, 8L "ar?P°RT.-PALACE HOTEL, Birkdale ^•iti 0 ]?'.)>* tJharmiTicr Seaside resort in own grounds. vW§Uoi]»° £ Tuikish baths. £ Palace Sta.tion rtnd <?olf.5. A. PICK. Manager. of the World inviting settlers offers tf) the AgricultTirist than [jv^iTo oij^'Phlet, with map, sent free on application to the iSs^Sa-TAEIO. Ite^SS^yji^^MEyT AGEXOY, 9, James Street, Liverpool. i Ify °oixmi.E3g NON-FOISONOUB ^2!j j H [DISINFECTANTS. I M ^AJICPHXJCT ok APPLICATION. I |ril THE SANUAS CO., Ld., WM I ^fsT BLOOD-FORMING TONIC. 8orEirrrFio OBQAJUIC SPECIFIC. ^^<^ppraved and Rsconmended by the Medical Frofessum. I iT.TjTi for:—Aneemia, Chlorosis. Poorness ) Blood, General Debility (either con- t ■ stitutional or the effect of severe tllness), m Appetite, Nei-vous Disorders. &c. aU ciiemuts, i/9 (fio Piiw, ato <100 0,18 W'"1 every bottle, Manuractiired } i"S»?CO., Pharmaceutlcul Chemist*, COLOGHI. WSSvSc\^M 1 I 'j,Jit"i«i5stt>une ul'i' bearing thit Trade Mark frrgdj E8fcJ £ .;SSj{ L. to the liritirh Wholesale Depftl (37. WhI- ASKS^BESK KX'.> for DKSCBIPTIVB I^ami-IILBT, wi; h (..pinion ol WA&WZ'X WOr^A^J "S 5^!la^lrtoKtraS'J GA^BIEL for U.i^A^n AjfV^CJCAr, AriM fANc:.?. :o e two penn., b„.mips Uh V'0-PV FTICH T' T'OT'-F'ii o.. iSllEST FAMILY MEDICINE; ■ ^5-3EVEy YEARS' REPUTATION. II iTi Dl || bltl 1 M«4 "UNIVKRSAL»j S^js&Sfla.88^,JPOE, AiiL Liva& 'AND IBI^ious ^aBtiTln^7ICK £ 9T EfiMEDY FOR FSVER Sc <2«a (yg«. BN80RB BLEEP. ABSOLUTELY NO aO COMMON WITH 1CBRCURY •k, MiNBRAIi DRUG8. 8APE AND Uht IN all CLIMATES. ta.ff!UB!<L SUFFICES TO MMVtHCE. 55 lot ^'8 *nd Uedicine Vendor* ID Boies, l»Jd. and 1/#. .2.' W„, DKBS, Mid. per Box; OINTMENT, Mid. and 319 «JT|8i?«e»ale Hoane*. or from Mean*. MOBISON CO., j>7([; LLEQE ot HEALTH, 83, Boston Rd., London. *7 af*° pTtroattd with a P'aH Coat in? which rtnder$ ^*t_does not interfere with their prompt action, Kf^lTlIISH 0UEED. ^hem^.r'swickS.i. London,'W.C.has been thoroughly ycu^Wdtism nftv muirh suffering, will gladly send ^liy Miffei-er on receipt of application to her. INTERLAKEM v°SL (iEAivD EOTEXi ^op?ooff TO RIA. JCi'IGFEAU. 1) E! 1V- S. 250 Beds. BO j vi<« from Ir. 2.B0. "fW 1,4*?, LIGHTING THROUGHOUT. Pfa> J AW.V TENNIS. &C. u ? HONOURABLE & SUCCESS- <5!VotiovTRIK0 ,;ial ASSOCIATION. S^w"' }r, Jnitlfii, Pv*« and Marriages arranwd for the Vrstv* a,rf l'atroi.ih. d by fio N<.t»jlity. ^e,1G0v <\>, rcooninicii icd bv tlj<* < i'1 W -V;'L PllU Parii-nV.W of biuiue-ss w, l^ v'Ol la Stamiis.—A.ld.vrv-. HC%!v W- -f. London. W.C.- r^8^ullv"'i>,Lt>■! uidin.t!& Kupturcd Hovses ruli by V.*Ai;rKK I>i-: a', (ia>ii.ij^(.<t,CAMBS. for it. From ly4 to 2/4 per lb. y \r~ HINDOO VALLEY TEA CO., a, Idol Lane, LONDON, K.C. and MABCITJEES App^0^ GOVERNMENT STORES for sale 10', Gre it Dover Street, London. S.E. • oiay await you—Soldiers who ^^luUv* °r m July 1864, disoharped Free with 14 » ,Lor!,as Iiival.da, or," Ileduction of 'orps. "uJOR^n, Kei-diston House, Walthiiinstow. Oyi!11 PERFECTION ts. 7?1 0F INVESTMENT Suj^jpnly an<* Protected) an income is regularly an* aPital o mk of failure. Si .^Pital a Weekly Profit of £ 2 to £ 3, tht ^r,68 a .Weekly Profit of £ 20 to £ 30, K/ft pooJJt.loss so founded upon caution and ^l^l^eapp??l?lPce.8Sfi«, assured, fhis system is the $N» mfallibility. ^s* n»aid everv^r of 166 or £ 1° MAYBBXADX. W^Pt^f .J'^cnla^ ^Pital withdrawable at t«n W-JJ 01 ^dress sent FREE OF CHARGE ■ BTrio-Tk^. d ■* onoe to MILLER, u, Holborn, w«HTL AND CHAIES of ^J^TTrT ^—gioeatHby appointment to Her Majesty) «e n^S?f?HP0RI)'& WILLIAMS. DURING 1895. ♦ o?fe 2. £ lO j,^6 yiarch I, £ 5: April 1, £ 6; >;s mffi"01 °~rtT •• .RING 1896. h \r £ 7 „ *• ?ar ? • per cent. xS £ ayi ,A?.r 1 ■■ •• lLLUSTn.i6T-n ° MA NTT AT. ^bi^i J'roi^T ^^PE^YATTA^°w these protits m&? lJ(JL4 olal> maTh w0tlih- TriaI investments of £ 5 «. We have not a dissatisfied Client. ft WILLIAMS, ?i^*4cS^SS^POETHCAWl, fac- ^iSSSSffiff^^SftSSaHKBi V1? sandy ROII, southern aspect, "^n. "nleni.idgollflnka L 1 SEAL BOON TO LADIES, ti 'bw Who wl»h to Vnnw T A T'TT' Q IV «»' a •►Jel'ffrtma. and apaedy remedy JUiil/A •:■> O y. tor «. i> f■.•;■,i'.ir:tie« and ohsir ieaons, i T\T"r W LAl.).[.ho TO RBd LADLES r. OnsxiNATI CASKS J I-■■■?• £ 3 fAILI TO AjyOItD JLji> j_) 1 & TO ilKUS*, LAITIES 1 T 0 » A J'JIW BOOM. L AD I E S ;T^A hop*•#, fftilura b timely T 'I'\ |"T7J Q » V/ hi M.t.9^nw,oi Berno. L'i. V_J ■°9% ?~,y Cvfibrrwell, writ««: T A k\ i iXr y«w utuworu I IA ) I i" r»-ij ras»«ry rw ov«r witlsin TA <t* hotri, ait/u=ufh fiv ovm T, A "l^T '-Z v/ I.u>n;l,ii i.nd l>W!J diily UX'.w -i-JTi.I *«S'itr t^jhsja is itiii BVf • y ? } ye'i *(»nvprCTv»>if/«.'C<r.v< f 7,. joy ciid } v/ A zv.T%Twit«eia anoktted wlt?» 1 lr\ l>J :i r. ■$) *w>Jrfc -f\"r r- »;)• ->V>/ ^;yr. •> or-:< l^ui^ »: U 3kL I »A || .(i, >. v- t tyM. <5 .y i. !.•*■■ •*■ •— •- •/ tr. IWW T )\ T Y V"' O f-'1'1 far.! wl.I »>a (vr i. '.i -I v* (svi n f.c,v on at r r T r K I { { ?'.ive\ciW. JLiAI.' ljt K) j"; &nv&;4\ 4d—' L; J, I) j Ura. J. 6. 5., Tit' £ ] • r j'1 ti*. tf'io: JiwsiLL 1 O t.O •■■!»?! fii.W. < i TO WOMEN.ST^SS^ OEMAZN Method WITKOUT MBDlcrifli No i'illp. k:x tuxes,or U^cJess Injeraions. Greatest )>iscor-r;<>/ Modem Medical Science, Send siampedonveJope for particulars,Tr»stimon\ai^,&< Hish Hoibom. London, W.C TODI5PEMSABLE TO LADIES? WhOaeSlrl\q¡'1dt Xsafe and reliable rcreedyfor all obstructions r.nd irregu- larities, a medicinA which cures (usually ip Ii few bourn) cases whlCa have bamed the skill of the best medical men. NIJ lady need despair as the most obstinate 4 hopeless cmos bar* beeu immediately relieved by thin remedy. Mrs. Wilson, 01 Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, savs: "Your inv's.luabla remedy took immediate effect; intossthamshoura was all right, after 14 seeks of misery and hopslesg- ness." A properly certified guarantee is enclosed with aiJ tead- monÏ and m:,¡dne, One package lit 45,6<1, is usually sufficient for any cise. Ladies send at once fully rlirt)cteJ en- velope for partieu] a. rs and proofs. I wi] J forfeit £ 1000 for ovary testimonial that is not Henu.i:1c. Thousands of t('tÍI1:(.'1¡lø have bc?u receivel. EstabIbherl over luG years. Do) not be rr.i -ir 1 l.y shiiTjy advertisementsatid other (!f)-c::Pc'11'1'!r.r" '"q whi-h are utterly r-orthlcss. Write privately, at One-, lo— TfZ K3 XT' 3 £ « J&. X XV, MEDICAL INoTITifTE. HACKKET SO.10 (Op?:)iZO bboradltcih Churchi, Lonaou, N,S» ^.LECIEICITY FOR EYEPArONE.Don?.i,rs .'ai U.i'tfory.wori-l i'amous. Thoa>HJUis m>!1 h^. fj j- i-C frc^. i<• !g'at,<etSc.p_ Datalu^,ae ^k1._iU.cDo.nald, Str.i h.ay, M.ll. TO SIEAJC~TISE?vS AKB EMPIIOXEKS OF IaAJBOTJTL. If you wish to avoid BmnR EXPLOSIONS ca BREAKDOWN OF ENGINES INSUrtE WITH THE OllE INSURANCE lbs? AND POWER CO., ID. HEAD OFFICES: 67, KING STREET, MANCHESTER. THE FIKST AND LABQEST COMPANYOFTHE KIND INTHE KINGDOM. Also apply to this Company for Terms for LIAB5LJTY AMD G.JiriERAL ACCIDENT iNSURANGE. ArriiirATioss FOB AGENCIES IKVITEP. J UNO C YCIjE S vSI LhSeT. hacing, Toui'iKc, jl- 43 — cSW.tJt LABIBB- Votixus' L""«: -'t, M ||ri ?■ | MILITARY, ASI> k BASY TE2V3 JF !.VJM B -N\ 1 10' MoldTsILV. » (A<. 'VA #/y\l/ I LABOB DISCOUNT. 1 CAKKIAGE PAID. I —~| Send at once/or Few 9 I Season's Large lilnstra- I POST 5 ted JUNO jAst o/ Ma- R 1 chines, Pitting tarts, 1jm.I iffl Sundries. Sftjtt post free. {L*nKMUffiifii'wtv•nlfi lin 'r r I 'wK^Cj *11 Machines KxohJ-nged. lvSKTROPOLITAW MACHINISTS' CO., 3/rD. MPXROPOLITAN Sewing Machines. 5/- Monthly. H'r«'Jor Lid. T5Jfc T M .;iinonjh«<s Papeft Cycling] Ml WAWNC IE.UUS- W, fy>) 1-TEAT5D WUNS PAPtfR* ^^#7 viocnns «f) ^W^rVCKY WNKDAYI "Pflft feTOI IT FoT r«*lcin* Stoutneia rut WARDS FUCUS VSSI^ -UU 0 I UU I CULOSUS PILLS. HknsUMftBdyUuaatUtake.9/ I- vx. Obtainable only from LONG, Cliainiit,2<,8TAMFO» HttU I<Q|T»OW^. QTONE BREAXEBS, Concrete, ^Coke::rc;l;crs.Mortar Mills,DisintegratorsftEngf hsTi 1. for sale or liire purchase.—MABOH Baoa., Brand "BALEiliS" UIESIIALLED RAIiBTGH Cytrlps or.» built under the pcr^qnul 8or»wini(-.i)J( ncn of Messri*. •' BA?aKTT& MILLS, until r^ccntfymanft- uL^3sfer '> and chief ilepigrner.respeotively, at the y J'' « vVjrT'v, >>ce^ton Humber WOI'KS. T>jo past work ^Wgy>>/of tho«eifer\tiems*n ifi a g-u-iraMw o* the ^ScT^^rf" y future. »*nd neither e?nM'gr.v nor ^xpenne have heen Fpared to pTagp ^ALEIGHo ohmd <rf ;>n viral*. THE BAJL3EIQH OYCLE CO., LTD., NOTTINGHAM. BELZN" ■ INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION in the Municipal Park at Treptow on the Upper Spree. UHDFR THE PATB01(A.GB 0.: E.R.H. PRINCE FREDERIC JJBDPOIiD OF PRUSSIA. BARON VON BEBLEPSCH, P,8Ïa" Minister of Commerce aad Industry, Honorary Pretident. MAY 1st TO OCTOBER 15th, 1896. Open daily until towards Midnight. THIS EXHIBITION is of larger dimensions than any Inter- national Exhibition hitherto held m Europe. It oovers an area of more than a million square yards, the principal exhibition building occupying a space of oyer 56,000 square yards. The Exhibition is divided into sections for fishing, sport, alimen- tary products, sanitary and hygienic arrangements, education, chemistry, scientifie instruments, and photography. There is also a department for astronomy, with a giant telescope. A lanre hall is set apart for building and engineering. THE EXHIBITION presents a Complete Picture of the Industry and Art of the German Capital, and comprises as groups, representing all branches of trade. TI1I1 ABB ALIO CONKKCTSD WITH IT 1. The GERMAN FISHERIES EXHIBITION. Pains I-14TZPIILD.'fRAcHII".lIae ft President HIBWIO, Hon. President& 2. The GERMAN COLONIAL EXHIBITION. Or(1artÎuù wit" the Cøet'Ø1iot& vi tM I Government. PatKi YON ARBRBBHS and Ha. KTna. head of the Colonial Depan. ment of the German Foreign Office, Honorary Presidents. 3. The magnificent and highly attractive dtiplayi OLD BERLIN, a living picture of the History and Development of the Capital. Special Exhibition: CAIB.O." T««ATa». CoTSCKRTS. ]i*STAPKAST». In the PLEASURE PABK the most Varied Attraction$. TMPORTANT-SCOTIA DUNDEE PILLS. A wonderful and mighty medicine for the Infant, Adult, and the Aped. NO MORE DEATHS from EPIDEMICS and DISEASES by the URe of thiR wonderful and mighty ■- DISEASE-DESTROYING MEDICINE. The only firm in Great Britain who does or dare publisn OlD oath the name of the drugs in their preparations in plain English. Sold in Boxes at Is. lid. each. Try them. If not approved, the money returned in full. Address:—THE DUNDEE PILL COMPANY. 176, Fleet Otteut, London, E.C. THE ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY'S GARDENS, tillfiUD.sct. Admission,la.; onMondays,6d. (^hildreti always 6d. FEEDING TIMES OF THE ANIMALS pEi.TrAN-s 2.30 p.m. EIONS AND TIGERS 4.0 p.m. OTTKRS 3.0-p.m. SEA-LIONS ••.fonS'm 3.30 p.m. UDY & GENTLEMEN CANVASSERS WANTEO, frje. with lo TUK I«#URNE MAM) -n i I K-I>U CO., Q."I, t'u \j.itY LAvk, London..0. "yoxjng" MEN suffering from Nervous Exhaustion, General Debihty, &c., due to youthful ignorance, should send for new I Trpatment, free. ST. LOUIS MEDICINE CO.. 42, Gray's Inn Road, London. WOODt^YS MtjjuP FITTBT) TO B15?T »: A C •' > v" REP&mZDy^l £ TVIB DI'KINC PK-\M1N oamaseb racs .xn. the HYlJE IMPE"Ul w •• ltY • '"ciNDESELLA' BOOTS & SHOES 1 Far LADIES' & CHiJiUnKN's^WBAa, JMqenuin* »<aj7i;.e(?^C'INDBR]l^A. Name of nearest Agent ^;nt on receipt of poscu.l'd. OHLORODYNE. This well-known remedy for "bC&l on the staInX' the of During the recent advance m Westfanan sbare«, those of the No- Ui-m Wealth of Nd.tsov.-o muie have fully paid, and can i>i«ked 1 ""I'YI1¡¡?' over five shilling's. is practically ce- n.i. A rich i-l o o, ore running property, which 1= Uwo to the c»- i-»>. aau j1! Nations mine. aianau *•- -• iust returned fr ,i u"'1'' »li! 1 "'a"^ .,7, terms of its pr< .An -s;me:it m tbe,e shares are sure to remit in a ::il,Ùi p^Oii [Advt JUST T>ublip'' 2 otamps, j AIpssvs. Unrnos & Co., a Trrn' -■mitlea HOW TO ENSURE HEALTH:" fI. n i-MMiable V.ook for Young Men. On the LAWS G.-vr-«siNo LIFE and the CAUSES, SYMPTOMS and Tk. VR N-NT of all dwanes depending Palpitation of tb<- W^art, Noises in the Head ana Ears, Impaired Sitrht and Memory, IodlgestIon, Prostration, LassW ido. &c. Sent post free on re- ceipt of Two Sw»r,ti>3. Address, Messrs BABNES,& I fn.ffl. Tjonsdale Square, Thornhill Road, London,N, ENGLISH-THE BEST" BENSON'S ENGLISH WATCHES. Guaranteed for Accuracy, Durability, Strength, and Value. Thousands of Testimonials have been received. BENSON'S BENSON'S English Lever Keyless English Lever B-1) JU "LUNATE* WATCH BANK" WATCH. In Silver Cases. ^In^l8-ct. K B Pfc A<A 4 A Silver Cases. fflllillMk Silver Cases OLD WATCHES AND JEWEL- Selections LERY of TAKEN I Watches or EX- 44 1 JeweIlery e.t free on ree All Goods eipt of Not reference. Approved will be Ex- Cheap" Sti-onsrest and most Durable London (A good Knockabout "Watch for rough wear at a made TIlBEE-QU'AilTEB PLATE ever sold. low Best London made, Three-Quarter Plate An English Lever..Towelled with 13 Rubies, Chi'ono- English Lever, Large, Chronometer Balance, Jewelled meter 3a!cuice. Patent Large Barrel, and Damp and m Rubies, Strong Keyless Action. Dust Proof Ring Bano. Price £ 5 5s. An Exact Timekeeper, and better valnn than mv Keeps better time than. and is double the Strength Keyless Watch sold for £10. rmd Value of. any £ 5 5s. Watch made. In Sterling priw f.c -p„+ra strength o i „ Silver Cases, with Strong Crystal Glass. rtioS, Sterling Silver, Crystal Made in Four Sizes at one Price, £ 5 5s.:—No. 1. Gentlemen & Youths No. 2, Working Men; No. 3, RENSGN S ENGAGEMENT RINGS, in Half- Railway Men and Miners (as illustrated): No. 4. Ladies. Hoop. Marquise, Gipsey and all other designs In massive 18-ct. Gold Case«. with Crvstal Glass, set with Brilliants, Rubies, Emeralds Pearls, &ip- Gentlemcn's size, £ 12 12s. Ladv's sijso. £ 10 10s. phires, Opals, Turquoise, &e., &c.,or in plain goj^ Gentlemcn's size, £12 12s. Ladv's sijso. £ 10 10s. phires, Opals, Turquoise, Ac., or in plain gold. ALL WATCHES AND JEWELLERY sent post free, and at my risk, to all parts of the World on receipt of Draft. Cash. or P.O.O., payable at. GP o. SEND FOR BENSON'S BOOK of WATCHES from .£229. to £500. CLOCKS, CHAINS, ENGAGEMENT RINGS, BROOCHES, PLATE, etc.. Ac. Rent post free on application to JW l^TCWQfPliar WATCHMAKER and JEWELLER TO • Its JSJE^X^ WW, H.M. THE QUEEN and ROYAL FAMILY. Steam Factory: 62 ift 64, LUDGATE HILL, And 28, ROYAL EXHANGE, E.C., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. WATCH, &c., CLUBS.-Applications for agencies invited. Easy system, no risk. BLINDS BLINDS BLINDS VENETIAN WINDOW BLINDS. MADE ALL COMPLETE, ANY COLOUR, 4Jd. and 5d. per ft. WARRANTED. 2 TED. SUN, WIRE, CANE, SPRING, & OTHER ROLLER BLINDS. Before ordering elsewhere send for Samples and Estimates, Free of Charge, to W. PAYNE & CO., Office: 114, QUEENS ROAD, PECKHAM, LONDON, S.E. N.B.—SPECIAL PRICES TO THE TRADE AND BUILDERS. Old Blinds Re-painted, Taped and corded equal to new, 2W. &3d. per foot. Shop Sun Blinds fixed complete. Send for Estimates Free of Charge. ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS. BANKERS E. & S. W. BANK.






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