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r CHESS. All communications for this department should be addressed to the Chess Editor, who will be glad to hear from Secretaries of Chess Clubs as to tournaments, matches, &o. All letters to reach this office by Wednesday morning. Local intelligence will be given the preference to other news. Solution to Problem No. 33: R-Ksq. Correctly solved by F. Carter, Maurice Whittingham, T. Ellis, S. Jones, aud IV. A. Doody. PROBLEM No. 34.—Solutions invited. BY WALTKR G LEAVE, London. BLACK 5 Pieces. WHITE— 8 Pieces. White to play and mate in two moves. Position White—K at KR4, Q, at QKt3, R at KBsq, 13s at QKtsq and KB8, Kt at QKt8, Ps at QB4 and KKt6. Black—K at K4, Kt at K3, Ps at K2, QB4 and QKt5. STEINITZ v. LASKER.—Before sailing for New York Mr Steinitz informed us (Hereford Times) that the conditions for his return match with Mr Lasker for the championship are practically settled. The match is to begin at Moscow on 12th October (1st October Russian calendar), and, as already an- nounced in (this column, the Moscow Club gives £ 200 to the winner of the match aud to the loser, besider travelling and hotel expenses. Mr Lasker has consented to play for a lesser stake than £ 400, the stake contested for in the first match, and the figures agreed upon are minimum zC50, maximum £ 400. Other conditions are similar as in the first match. THE NUREMBERG TOURNAMENT.—DrTarrasch has favoured us (Standard) with the programme of the forthcoming International Chess Congress sit j Nuremberg. Material alterations have been made since the publication of the preliminary programme. The Nuremberg local committee, not having been able to agree with the management of the German Cheis Association, are determined to hold the congress under the auspices of the N nrem berg Chess Club, and offer prizes double in amount to those given in the tournaments orgauised under the auspices of the association. The main points of the programme are :—1, The tournaments begin on July 20 and end on Augusf 6; 2, one game to be played per week-day 3, prizes, £ 100, £ 75, LSO, 1,30, £ 20, £ 10, and £ 5 4, entrance fee, zC2. Entries to be sent, on or before July 1, to Dr Sigbert Tarrasch, 25, Further Sirasse, -Nuremberg. The prizes are liberal for a contest of so short a duration, and it is therefore probable that players j like Lasker, lillsbiiry, Steinitz, and Tchigorin mav be tempted to compete. GAME No. 41. WHITE. BLACK. Bird. Mr L Van Vliet. 1 P-Q4 P-Q4 2 P K3 Kt KB3 3 B-Q3 P-B4 4 P—QB3 P—K3 5 Kt—Q2 QKt—Q2 6 P—KB4 (a) B-Q3 7 Kt-R3 IJ-QKt3 8 Castles B—Kt2 9 Q-B3 Q-H2 10 R—Ksq Castles (QR) (b) 11 P-QR4 P-KR3 12 Q-Bsq (e) Kt-Ktsq (d) 13 Kt-B3 (e) Kt—K5 14 B-Q2 P-B3 15 KR-Qsq P—KKt4 16 B x Kt P x B l'i Kt-Ksq R-RJ! 18 P-B4 (t) PxQP 19 P-Q-Kt,3 (g) P-Q6 (h) 20 P-R5! B-Kt2 (i) 21 P-QKt4 KR—Ktsq 22 RP x P j R,P x P 2,3 -PxfjWf 24 P x B B x QBP 25 KR—Bsq R—Q4 26 P x P R—B4! 27 Kt-B2 KR x P 28 P—Kt3 Kt—B3 29 Q-Kt2 Kt-K2 30 R—R4 (k) B-B3 31 QR—B4 R-K4 32 Kt R3 (1) B-Q3 (m) 33 Kt x R (n) R x Kt 34 K-ltsq K—Q2 35 Q—R3 P-R4 36 Kt-Kr2 Q-Kt2 37 Kt-B4 B x Kt 38 KtP x B R—QKt4 39 R — Q4 oh B-Q4 40 Q x RP R-Kt7 41 (,)—Qsq Kt-B3! 42 B-B3 (p) Kt x R 43 B x Kt (q) R-K7 44 Q-Ktsq R—QB7 45 R—Ktsq Q-Bsq 46 B x P Q—KBsq 47 B—K5 Q—R3 48 R—Rsq B-Kt2 49 R-QBsq (r) Q x IIP ch Resigns (s) (a) This form of the Queen's Pawn opening re- quires very careful treatment on the part of the defence. (b) Not altogether safe, but it would be more dangerous to castle on the King's side in which case W hiie could at once start a fierce attack on the Kinr. (c) 12 1'-K4 seems preferable, ° (Il) To prevent 13 B—R6. (c) Here ataiu P—K4 seems the correct coe- tinuarion. (f) Obviously if 13 Q-B2, P—Kto in reply win. Black a piece. (,ilv iii,)vo, to avji(i further lofs. Ol) The game might have been simplified by 10 PxP: :20 with a safe position and a p-wn ahead. Zl) .\Ji( hero I • ivl<4 was probably superior to the text move. J (j) Quite justifiable under the circumstances, his only hope consisting in being able to maintain some attack. (k) If 30 KxKP, li K4 would win a piece in two or three move. (1) And jf, Kt x KP, R x Kt 33 R x R (if 33 R i, R 1: it x R, R—K4 with a winning advantage). Q—Kt 2; etc. (m) L,,)sitioii is so complicated and difficnlt that :;t is easy to make a. wrong move, and Black's las! move is wrong. q-Kt3 would have been better. The Joss of -cite exchange would then have bee;1, of little consequence considering the strength of (it) White, however, fails to pvolifc by the weak- ness created from the opponent's last move, He could have played 33 Kt x QP, as the Knight could n C) taken on account of 34 R x B, Kt x R, 35 R x Kt, itc. (0) It is now too late for Kt x P, as Black would counter with B x KtP (p) If 42 R-H.4, B-Kt6 wins the Rook. (q) If 4.3 B X R, Q X B and if then 44 P x Kt, P—Ki6 (lis ch, wins the game. ('■") A fa! ai mistake. (sj For after 50 Q x Q, R x R ch 51 K—Kt2 R rlt ch followed by R x Q and P— Q7, &c. # Tin; TOCKXAMEXT AT SIMPSON'S.—Not much pro- gress has been made with the tournament at Simpson's since our report. Several of the players are holding back, and it his difficult to induce these gentlement to play their remaining games. Bird has lost to Fentou, and the latter to Lee and to Mnller. The adjourned game between Teichmann and Creswell has been won bv the latter. Mr Creswell conducted this game with marked skill and lIe is deserving of great credit for having been the only player thus far who has defeated Mr Teichmann in this tournament. At the time of writing, Mr Teichmann has won six games; he has an adjourned game with Mortimer, very much iu his (Teichmann) favour, and he has still to play Messrs Ingoldsby, Loman, and Van Vliet. Mr Lee has seven games to his credit, and has to play Messrs Ingoldsby and Rolland. Mr Loman has six game3, and has lo play Messrs Teichmann and Farrow. The adjourned game between Messrs Loman and Van Vliet has resulted in a draw, although the latter could have won easily, but he made a mistake soon after the game was resumed. Mr Van Vliet has five games to his' credit, and he has still to meet Messrs Teichmann, Bird, Farrow, and Fenton. There is little chance of the tourney being completed in less than another fortnight.- Hereford Times.