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COUNTY CRICKET. The match between the Australians and the Lancashire Eleven was continued on Friday at Old Trafford. Lancashire fared very badly in their batting, especially at the close of the day, and the county now require nearly 250 runs to win and have only seven men to go in. Yorkshire gave a fine battine display against Kent at Leeds on the same day. The overnight score of 127 for one wicket was raised to 459, Lord Hawke making 110. The last partnership of the innings, between the captain and Hunter, produced 118 runs. Kent in the second innings lost one wicket for 34, so that they now require 220 to avert an innings defeat. An astonishing display was, for the second time this week, made by Sussex at Brighton. Their first innings realised only 217 against Somerset's 424, but on following on the splendid score of 283 for two wickets was made. Ranjit- sinhji scored 107, and Murdoch is 106 not out. Sussex are therefore 76 ahead with eight wickets to fall. There was an exciting finish to the M. C. C. and Derbyshire match at Lord's. The home team's second innings closed for 165, leaving Derbyshire 218 to get to win. Five of the best batsmeu were out for 120, but then Chatter- ton and Hulme made a valuable stand, the part- nership producing 69. Even with this, however, seventeen runs were still wanted when the last man came in. Marsden and Porter manage'' to hit them off, and Derbyshire won by one wicket. The Oxford University and Surrey match stands in an interesting position. Surrey's first innings closed at 96, 66 in arrears, and the University then made 142. Going in the second time, Surrey needed 209 to win, and when stumps were drawn 149 had been made for six wickets. The county still require, therefore, 60 runs for a victory, and have four wickets to fall. At Leicester the home county made 211 in the first innings—110 behind the Warwickshire total. The visitors in the second innings made 134 for eight wickets, and are thus 244 on with two wickets to fall. For Leicester- shire, Pougher played a fine innings of 102 not out. At Old Trafford on Saturday the Australians gained an easy victory over Lancashire. Overnight Lancashire, with 253 to get to win, had lost three wickets for four runs, and on Saturday the remain- ing seven men were disposed of for an additional 94 runs, the visitors thus winning by 154. The game between Sussex and Somerset at Brighton ended in a draw, greatly in favour of Sussex. They closed their second innings when the total had reached 525 for four wickets, leaving Somel set 319 to get in two hours and a half. Thanks to seme very fine bowling by Tate, five wickets fell for 14 and a sixth at 22. Only another batsman was got rid of, however, and at the close of play the score stood at 122 for seven wickets. The last four men of the Surrey Eleven were unable to make the 60 runs required to defeat Oxford University, and after fome interesting play the University won by 23 runs. Leicestershire beat Warwickshire by one wicket. Kent in their match with Yorkshire seemed at one point in the pametikely to be beaten by an innings, but though they managed to evade y that misfortune, in the end Yorkshire won by nine wickets. Oxford University began a match against the Australians at Oxford on Monday. Winning the toss, they went in, and had a bad start, four of the best wickets falling for 31 before Jones and Giffen. Then a valuable stand was made by Leveson-Gower and Foster, the former making 93 and the latter 66, and before the last wicket fell 237 had been put together. The Colonial team had 25 minutes' batting and fared uadly, losing two wickets for 21. Yorkshire opened their match with Notts on Mon- day at Trent Bridge with a fine batting display. They were at the wickets the whole afternoon and scored 390 for the loss of seven wickets. Brown made 107 and Tunniclifte 65. Peel and Hirst were not out at 65 and 32 respectively, and Milligan and Hunter had to go in. There was some rather strange cricket in the Surrey and Somerset match which opened at Kennington Oval. Somerset went in first and in little more than a quarter of an hour half the side were out for seven runs. The later batsmen made a better stand but the innings only realised 116. Surrey stayed at the wickets for three hours making 198, and then Somerset began the second innings and lost two wickets for three runs. Warwickshire opened a match with Kent at Birmingham and gained a considerable advantage on the clay's play. Kent went in first and were all out for 185, and then the home eleven made 167 for the loss of three wickets. The Yorkshire and 1 Surrey match fixed for next Monday is to be played at Bradford and not at Sheffield. The Bramall Ground Committee met on Monday and considered a letter from Lord Hawke urging that in conse- quence of the state of the wicket the venue of the match should be changed. The Committee, while not admitting that there was sufficient justification for the complaints against the ground, were willing to accede to Lord Hawke's wish. Surrey won an easy victory over Somersetshne at the Oval on Tuesday. The visitors in the second ^ere all out for 163, leaving Surrey 82 to 1 °\ These were put together without the tf a T et' Br°ckwell making 54 and Abel 29, At \Tr,C ^mP10n county thus won by ten wickets, to tb(» t^e Yorkshire innings was carried SJde 2TO S Z50' aDtl theh°™ whi^ii nn a e,. us^ra^ans' innings at Oxford, on Tiie«^enef vIo n°n ^or»day evening, was taken on Tuesday to 308, Giffen making 76 £ d Gregory hind wT beginning their second innings 71 be- WarvSJ !W° W10kets for At Birmingham the Sl n Ar mmilg3/l0Sed at 325' and then Kent, Ida f second effort in a minority of 140, made 144 for six wickets. Very intelesting cricket was seen on Wednesday at Irent Bridge, when Notts made a gallant and successful fight against defeat at the hands of Yorkshire. The visitors' first innings reached the large number of 450, and on Tuesday the Notts men were uismissed for 279. On Wednesday, therefore, they followed on in a minority of 171. Four wickets fell for 50, and then a change came over the Notts batting, and a fine stand was made. The innings lasted until nearly six, producing 323 runs, and the match thus ended in a draw. Gunn made 56, Wright 69, and Attewell 96. At Birmingham, Warwickshire gained a victory over Kent by nine wickets. The game between the Australians and Oxford University ended in a win for the Colonials by seven wickets. Half a dozen matches in first class cr.cket began on Thursday. Lancashire at Liverpool played Leicestershire. The visitors won the toss and scored 116, and Lancashire when play ended for the day had lost one wicket for 20. Surrey met Derbyshire at the Oval, and Key, winning the toss, seLt the visitors in to bat on an unfavourable wicket. They were all got out for the paltry total of 96, and then Surrey made 183 for two wickets. Abel is not out 89 and Hayward not out 57. A match between Yorkshire and Cambridge Univer- sity opened at Cambridge. The University eleven played an excellent innings of 309. Yorkshire when they went in to bat made a very bad start, losing four good wickets for 21. When stumps A I were drawn for the day they had made 54 for four. Gloucestershire made a poor stand against the Australians at Bristol, scoring only 110. The colonial team at the drawing of stumps had made 80 for the Joss of one wicket. PIa; iug against Notts at Lord's Middlesex scored an innings of 227, and the visitors are 74 for one wicket. At Oxford a game began between the University and M.C.C. The latter clsveu were all got out for 147, and and Oxford put on 137 for three wickets. -+-




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