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I Klvixr.T.

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I Klvixr.T. X.2\t'J\V:\ f<,l1c-l<l lP) tLe:l' 0(Jd \vorl.: on 1Vl1it when thev had slightly the best of the draw with Dolgelley, as the scores -Newtown 124, Dolgelley 116 for 9 wickets— testify, with a most creditable victory over Welshpool. The Welshpool players threw the match right away. Fancy six men not able to make a run each, which would have saved them from defeat. Of course the bow !ers on the other side had something to say abuuc this, bnt the batting of the tail end WDS dreadfully weak. A few straight bats would have donf the trick easily. J. H. Addie was badly run one by Parry at the tension poiLt of the game. After this the Newtown men played up desperately, Binns towards the end bowling very well, and just snatched the match out of the lire. W. F. Richards and F. R. Hal! (21 each) batted in good form for the winners. Old Tallis bowled capitally, and took 4 wickets for 15. Two of the Welshpool were crippled early. Parry in stopping a hard return hurt his hand and could not bowl, ami J. H. Addie dislocated a finger joint. Welshpool faced the total of 74 with confidence, and old Tallis and D. R. Jones got well on the way before they were parted. Both played the right game 011 the wicket, though it appeared risky. W. Jcnes, FTart, and Parry afso Ptrry also did well, and the game was well in hand fo- the loss of 5 wickets. Then Addie was run out and the collide took place. All out. tor 71—just 3 behind. There was some good fielding on-Doth sides, and some of the other sort. Hiles brought off a grand catch, which well atoned for his bad Jilek in batting. Bums too brought off a j-ood one. The Rock Ferry telun visited Shrewsbury or Wednesday, and played the famous School a good game, the latter winning by 16 runs. Mr. H. West-by, son of Capt. Westby. Welshpool, plaved a kiihiant game, making the magnificent score of 60 for his side. The R.W.W. team were not so successful as their rival townsmen. They had a much hardev task on, and although they failed badly in batting their bowl- ing deserve credit for getting such a strong batting team as Oswestry all out for 78. It was R. T. Gough's day, and he was on the wicket so well that the Newtown men could do nothing with him, and all were out for 33. Oswestry started badly, bnt F. How and F. J. Gough, with i9 and 20 respec- tively batted well, and with several useful little additions the score gradually rose to 78. A. W. Pryce-Jones was far away the most successful bow;er for R.W.W., and took eight wickets for 37. Very good work. In the second innings of the R.vY.W. they only succeeded in patting 41 together -A. W. Pryce-Jones ten of these. Gough and Sabine did the truudling this time and both-were successful. Oswestry in obtaining the two runs necessary for a win lost two good wickets. H. T. Gouyh's bowling in the whole match was excellent. Here is the analysis, 13 wickets for 28 runs. A pleasant and capitally contested game between Llanvmynech and Oswestry A ended in a draw, in favour of which ever side wishes to claim it. As Sir Roger de Coverley said much may be said on both sides." The villagers took first innings and ran up 35. Pugh and Rees started well and scored 57 before Aston found Pugh's wicket. R. Morris (13) was the only other batsman to show much form. The ground was very fiery and dangerous, and Pugh was badly hurt on the elbow and head. H. Aston was the most successful bowler for Oswes- try. He did much better after he moderated his pace, and B. Gough would do well to follow suit. Oswestry made none too good a start, though B. Gough hit well for 15, and it seemed all over with them when G. Whitfield went in. He played well and confidently, and if he could have had proper assistance from his companions he would have won the match. In his score of 33 not not, were some capital drives—one right out of the field was a very fine one. Powell was absent, and when the last man went in the umpire called last over. G. E. Robinson had the ball and it seemed cdds on the wicket being taken, but lucidly for the batsmen all the balls just cleared the bails, and the game was saved with the score standing at 80. G. E. Robin- son though quite out of practice bowled very well, and the fielding of Coleman was excellent all through. Portmadoc on Saturday went to Aberystwyth to try their luck against the Collegians. The "latter kept up their good batting form, and when the last wicket fell the score was 103. E. C. Hobbs was top scorer with a beautifully played 38, made in an hour. He received useful help from A. Evans 17, E. N. Jones 14, F. W. Keeble 11, and M. White 10. Griffiths bowled very well for the visitors. The highest score for Portmadoc was the 13 of Fielden, but the whole of the players batted with commend- able steadiness and were evidently bent on playing out time. In this, however, they failed as all were disposed of 10 minutes before time. E. N. Jones took five wickets for 22. Overton in another close match beat the Elles- juere College masters by seven runs. C. D. Penn played well for the losers and got 24 runs. Oswestry Grammar School in an exciting match against Chirk just managed to win by one run. The bowling on both sides was good and accounts for the small scores-39 and 40. In First Class Cricket huge scores are still the order of the day. Yorkshire put on 450 against Nottingham, Brown again batting well for 107. He is now creeping up to the top of the tabie in the averages. The Australians have not yet lost a match and are playing in such a way as to point to C.ose finishes when the test matches come on. FIRST-CLASS AVERAGES. Calculated to Saturday May, 30th inclusive. BATTIXG AVERAGES (7 innings). No. Times Most of not Total in an »L -| inns. out. runs. inns. Aver. „ 1 8 1 740 231 105.71 -nayward 9 2 495 229* 70.71 SfvT'r s- 7 2 344 117 68.80 •' •T". 10 5 318 73* 63.60 1 2* s ig[hM"-W w 2 ,95 2oi« tier Brown J T H 2 477 210* 53-00 11 «2 ??3 51-S Grace, Dr W. G. 13 Hayman, H. B li o dio -o* *= Holland (Surrey) 10 0 453 fe? 555 Webbe, A. J 3 o 9^ X3 45'30 Marlow 8 0 f"66 Wain wright 11 0 8 41.87 Gregory, S.E 8 0 307 *lA5 Owen, H. G. 7 2 204 8* 40 80 Signifies not out. 40.80 BOWLING AVERAGES (10 wickets) R- w 4 t, Hearne (J. T.) 424.2 176 762 .70 io«S Trumble, H 126.2 43 235 21 11 iq Cmrliffe, P. H. B. 145 57 254 22 li'S Jones, E 217.3 74 493 41 12.02 Attewell (Wm 365.1 163 603 44 13 81 Grace, W. G 140.1 46 284 19 14 94 Giffen, G 179 53 410 26 15/76 Richardson 443 144 1037 63 16.46 Mead 555.1 110 843 48 17.56 Milligan, F. W 222.4 it 533 30 17.76 PRESENT POSITIONS. One point is credited for a win, one point deducted for a lose, and drawn games are ignored. W. L.' D. Tot'], Pts. Surrey 7 0 0 7 7 Yorkshire 6 0 1 7 B Lancasnire 21 0 3 1 Notts 2 10 2 0 Middlesex 110 2 0 Essex 1 1 0 2 0 Hampshire 0 1 0 1 -1 Derbyshire 1 2 0 3 -1 Somerset 12 14-1 Leicestershire 1 2 0 3 -1 Sussex 0 2 2 4 -2 Gloucester 13 15-2 Warwickshir8 0 3 1 4 -3 Kent 0 3 0 3 -3 OSWKSTRY Y. NEWTOWN" R.W.W. — Played at Oswestrv on Saturday, both teams being well repre- sented, and game ended in a win for Oswestry by eight v. V\.Score — XEWTOWX. W E Prvce-Jones c SLIb b F How 9 b H W Sabine 1 W G Cannon- c F J Gough b R T Gontrh 0 c & b II W Sabine E A Edwards b F How. 0 c Sabine b R T Gough 5 E i-'ees 'o It T Gough 5 stIIayburt-Franca b H W Sabine 9 E R Pugh e raid b R T Gough 6 b R T Gough 4 A () Davies ruu out 2 b R T Goagh 0 A W Pryce-Jones c Aston b R T Gough 4 e W H Gough b R T Gough 10 E A Taylor c Minshall b R T Gough 3 ibw b H W Sabine 3 A Marston not out 4 b R T Gough 0 F P Keay c Sabine b R T Gough 0 not out 0 H Lewis c W H Gough b R T Gough 2 b R T Gough 0 Extras 3 Extras 4 Total 38 Total 41 OSV'ESTRY. II W Sabine b A Edwards 0 R T Gough lbw A W Pryce Jones 0 F How c Edwards b A W Pryce-Jones 19 J Moore b A W Pryce-Jones 8 X E Tidy c Cannon b A W Pryce-Jones 5 Capt Hayhurst-France st Taylor b A W Pryce-Jones 1 F J Gough c Cannon b A W Pryce- Jones 20 R Jones b H Lewis 6 W H Gough b A W Pryce-Jones. 4 E W Astoa not out 7 W K Minshall b A W Pryce-Jones 3 Extras 5 Total. 78 2nd innings—.J Moore run out 1, Capt Hayhurst- France not out 1, E W Aston c A Edwards b A W Pryce-Jones 0. PORTMADOC y. U.C.W.—Played at Aberystwyth on Saturday, and resulted in a victory for the College by 44 runs. W. Griffiths for the visitors and E. N. Jcnes for the homesters bowled well, the latter taking five wickets for 22 runs. Scores — COLLEGE. E C Hobbs b W Griffiths 33 EX Joues c and b Fielden 14 F W Keeble b Fielden 11 W Atkins c Roberts b Shore 2 F W Hail b Shore 1 M White c íY Griffjbs b Shore 10 S Thorp b W Griffiths 0 A Evans lbw b W Griffiths 17 J R Johnson b W Griffiths 1 W Burton b W Griffiths 0 C Mayes not out 5 Extras 4 Total 103 PORTMADOC. E Robinson c Hall b Thorp. 2 E English c White b Jones 5 T W R Stone b Jones 1 D Morris c Hobos b Jones 7 D Roberta c Hall b Thorp 9 Shore lbw b Jones. 9 L Fielden c Keeble b Jones 13 D Williams lbw b Keeble 3 W G Griffiths c Hobbs b Evans 5 W Griffiths not out 3 D Breeze b Keeble Q Extras 2 Total. 59 ELLESMERE MASTERS V OVF.RTox.-Played at Overton on Wednesday week, resulting in a victory for Overton. Scores :— ELLESMERE MASTERS. H Hare c Richmond b Tatnan 0 G Inglis b Buncombe 6 C H Lea b Tatnan 11 Rev R B Thompson o Buncombe 2 T A Harvey b Tatnan 0 C D Penn b Tatman 2- Rev B R Hibbert b Buncombe. 0 G P de Martin b Buncombe 1 F H Harward c Tatnan b Buncombe 1 Rev G A Till b Buncombe 7 F W Es-ans not out 1 Extras. 6 Total. 59 OVERTON. W H Hargreaves c Thompson b Harvey 5 C H Aston c and b Penn 8 H Wheeler b Inglis 9 o Ormerod c Thompson b Penn. 4 Rev T Buncombe b Lea 13 G Godrick b Harvey. 10 C Tatnan b Harvev 0 Dr Jones c Hibbert b Harvey 5 C Unwin b Lea 0 Dr Richmond b Lea 1 G Barnett not out 1 Extras 10 Total 66 WHITTINGTON v. LEATON.—Played at Leaton on Saturday, and resulted, after a pleasant game, in favour of the home team by 15 runs. Score :— WHITTINQTOK. G Rodenhurst st Mackav b Davidson. 2 G Roberts b Davies fi H Marsh b Davies. 14 W Williams c Wainwright b Davidson.. 0 R A Richards b Davies 0 D Griffiths c Gennoe b Davies. 0 J Beckett b Davidson 4 W Foulkes b Davies 0 A Groom b Davidson 0 W H Brown b Davies. 2 T Griffiths not out 6 Extras. 5 Total 35 LEATON. Rev J Mackay c Rodenhnrst b Beckett 8 C F Withers run out 4 R Davidson lbw b Rodenburst. 10 A Davies run out 0 J Wainwrigh t run out. 9 R Evans c Groom b Beekett. 1 J WaHord b Roienhnrst 0 G Pod more b Beckett 0 A Gennoe b Rodenhurst. 2 W Jones not out 6 G Scarratt b Beckett 0 Extras 10 Total. 50 OSWESTRY 2XD v. LLANYMYNECH.—Played at Llanymynech on Saturday. Scores;- LLANYMYNECH. T Pugh b Aston 21 C E Rees c Whitfield b Powell 25 H Pryce b Aston 0 Willshaw c Parsons b Powell 0 G E Robinson b Aston 6 C H lorris b Powell 2 R Morris b Powell 13 Coleman b Aston 0 E Davies c Gough b Aston 2 Brown b Aston 0 Pitt not out 0 Extras. 15 Total 85 OSWESTRY 2ND. H Gough c Coleman b Pryce 15 A B Robinson b Robinson 1 M F Morris c Coleman b Robinson 6 Babbington c Wilshaw b Pryce 0 Fowles c R Morris b Bobinson 3 II Aston b Robinson 5 Parsons b Robinson 0 W Roberts b Robinson 5 W M Watkin not out 0 G Whitfield not out 33 Extras. 12 Total 80 # Seth Powell did not bat. Jox-'RYS'nVYTit GRA-JJIAR SCHOOL V. MR D. A. ? s An interesting game took place Kroii8*]11 f^GSe tw° e^evens on Saturday last on the winnL °, ^ormer> the scratch team eventually ulQg Dy 15 runs. Scores n n geammar SCHOOL. C» Green b O T Evans 7 lr^Blackhum bOT Evans 0 jp vmSey bJL Williams. 1 • G Morgan nm out q MrLDaSfbb5 £ 7 li J EvansbOT^ 7 -fci )vven c Horton b () t J Jehlk''P>0 ° A Horton | •J Jenkins not out R M Williams b O T Evan* Extras 0 12 Total MR D. A. JONES'S Xl[ () E Davies b O R J Green 21 A Green st J G Morgan b Danieli S V Ilortou b Danieli W P Williams b Dauiell 5 Wordsworth b Danieli 4 o T Evans c Phillips b Danian n T Jones b Danieli c D A Jones b O R J Green 3 J L Wiilliams b O R J Green 4 D II Richards not out 3 T II Gardiner b Danieli 0 Extras. 2 Total 58 SHREWSBURY SCHOOL Y. ROCK FERRY.-Pbycc1 at Shrewsbury on Wednesday. Score:— SHREWSBURY SCHOOL. F H Humphreys run out. 8 R L Evans b Needham 0 H Westby b Needham 60 G Moser c Blain b Needham. 29 A B Leathes b Needham 7 C Kenrick b Needham 11 H Druce c Thomson b Ravenscroft. 2 H Lloyd Jones c and b Needham 0 W P Salt c and b Needham. 3 F H Bowring b Thomson 11 J Richardson not out 5 Extras 14 Total I ROCK FERRY. G C Patull c Salt b Humphreys. 0 J lavenscroft b Humphreys. 69 Needham c Humphreys b Richardson.. 12 E R Moodie c Llovd Joues b Hum- phreys 0 M J Blain b Bowring 4 C H Stobbart b Kenrick 15 C II Stobbart b Kenrick 15 I J B Thomson b Humphreys 1 E N Evans run out 4 T C Wilson not out 8 K Hardman c Richardson b Bowring 2 J Corser b Humphreys 5 Extras 14 Total.134 NEWTOWN v. WELSHPOOL.—Played atnewtown on Saturday. When Welshpool had scored about 60 for four wickets the chances of victory for the home team seemed hopeless. Newtown, however, won by the narrow margin of three runs. Score NEWTOWN. H Hibbott b Hart 1 W F Richards c Addie b Hart 21 R Williams c Addie b Parry 0 H E Breese, c Hiles b Hart. 0 F R Hall b Tallis 21 E C Morgan b Tallis 0 T Worthingtou b Tallis 3 C Banister b D Jones 4 P W Jones c Addie b Hart 10 F E Binns not out 7 J Harper b Tallis 1 Extras 6 Total 74 WELSHPOOL. C F Taliis b Jones 14 D R J Oiles c Hall b Banister. 16 T F Hiles b P Jones 0 W 'o,s b P W Jones 14 R F Parry b P W Jones 11 J Hart b P W Jones 10 J H Addie run out 0 T Jones c and b Binns 0 H Blnckith b Binns 2 C T Cronk c Binns b Jones 1 G F Meyler not out 0 Extras 3 Total 71 R.W.W. v. ABERMULE.—A match was played between Abermule and au eleven from the Ware- house on Saturday, May 30th, on the ground of the latter, resulting in a win foi the visitors. The score was: Abermule, 62; Warehouse, 34. Whittington seem to have gone a little wrong again aud on Saturday were beaten by Leaton by 15 runs. Good bowling characterised the game. --+-






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