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OSWESTRY. SUCCESS OK OSWESTRY PUPILS.—Kathleen and Ethelwyn Huxley, Union Place, have both passed the Trinity College Local Examination at Howell's School, Denbigh, the former taking honours. PARIsn CHURCH.—A special service for men was held in the Parish Church on Sunday afternoon. An address was given by the Vicar, Rev. Cecil Hook on Personal Godliness," and was attentively listened to by the large number present. Mr C. Milton Bill, the newly-appointed organist presided at the organ. GRANT TO THE FREE LIBRARy.-Oswestry Free Library is one of eleven free libraries to each of which the convocation of Oxford University, on Wednesday, made a grant of books printed at the Clarendon Press to the value of JE25. AMBULANCE CLASSES. -Thirteen members of the Police Force have been undergoing training in ambulance work by Dr Blaikie, and as the result of an examination by Dr Lawton Roberts, Ruabon, all the candidates have passed. PRESS FORWARD LODGE, I O.G.T.—On Satur- day last a pleasant evening was spent in the Templar Hall, Castle street, when the Hope of Cefn" Lodge paid a fraternal visit. The pro- gramme consisted of^ Chairman's address, recita- tions by Bros. Mac-hin,^ E. Roberts, W. Edwards, and Sis. Davies, D.D.Y.I., and solos by Sis Thomas and Sis James, G.V.T. CYCLING ACCIDENT. A cycling accident of a serious nature took place on Sunday last at Morda. Two cyclists from Salford were descending the Morda Bank on their return journey when one of the machines snapped at the crown of the front fork throwing the rider violently down, and con- siderably injuring the muscles over the ribs on the leftside. Miss Morris, head nurse at the Work- house, attended to the injuries, and the man was able to go home by train later in the day. INCORPORATION, Moii day. Present: Mr. W. Griffiths (presiding), 1. M. Bnikeley-Owen, and E. W. O. Bridgeman, Messrs. J. H. N. Walford, W. E. Frith, J. Richards, T. Whitfield, W. Humphreys, S. Parry Jones, with Mr. J. C. Bull (clerk).-The Clerk reported the number in the House for the first week to be 147 against 148 last year. Out- door relief, zP,20 14s. 9d. to 298 recipients, against JE22 13s. 9d. to 383 last year; a.nd tramps relieved 143. Number in the House, second week, 193 against 143 last year; out-door relief, X20 17a 10d to 297 recipients, against £2113s. to 324 last year; and tramps relieved 106. There were two cases of scarlet fever and one case of measles at present in the House.—Mr. Walford reported that the com- mittee appointed had visited the lunatics in the County Asylum on Thursday last. The committee found all the lunatics in good health and as happy as possible under the circuingtances. They were also well pleased with wrhat they saw in the Asylum,—The Clerk intimated there was only one applicant for the post of chap]airi) vjZ-) jjev. Walter Williams, who wrote stating Q6 was about to enter upon his duties as assistant curate at the Parish Church, Oswestry, and would therefore be able to efficiently discharge the duties of the office. Mr. Bridgeman Is he a Welshman ?—The Clerk Yes he understands Welsh.—Rev. Bulkelev-Owen pro- posed, and Mr. Humphreys seconded, that Mr. Williams be appointed to the post of Chaplain, and the motion was carried unani^o^^ _jjr Whit- field I presume that the haplaii will be subject to so many months' notice frotn the Guardians.- The Clerk stated that the agreement was a mouths notice on both sides. THE ST. ASAPH DIOCESAN SOCIETIES. The annual sermons in aid of the funds of these societies were preached in all the churches in the Oswestry Rural Deanery on Sunday. The Rural Dean preached at Oswestry Parish Church in the morning and Archdeacon Thonias in the evening. At the evening service the preacher dwelt a; some length on the work carried out by the society in Oswestry parish. Since the inception of the society the Parish Church had been completely renovated, Holy Trinity Church and Mission Room had been built as well as various schools. In con- clusion he referred to the Education Bill as a measure framed for the good of ell and calculated to give perfect satisfaction to parents as regards the religious instruction of their ellildreii.-At the Welsh Church Rev J. Evan Jones preached morn- ing and evening, and at Holy Trinity Rev T. Red- fern preached in the morning and Rev Rossendale Lloyd in the evening. At Holy Trinity Mission Room Mr A. B. Churchill preached in the after- noon. At Llanymynech Rev W. Beavan preached in the morning and Rev T. Redfern iu the eveiiiiiv. At Trefonen Rev G. Williams preached in the morning and Rev Elias Owen in the evening. At Whittington the Ven Archdeacon Thomas preached in the morning smcl licv H. UoIQG^]^ cvcnin°*. The collections at Oswestry parish (jhnrJh amounted to L15 6s 7d. TOWN COUNCIL.-—-]\ £ OXFUY' Present The Mayor (Mr Cllag. B. Williams) Aldermen Spaull, Bayley, Weaver and Rogers, Councillors Cottam, Bolton, Smith, Whitfield, Davies, Lewis, Lloyd, Mason, Lacou, Edwards,' Martin, Daniel, Jones, and Perlts) vvith Mr Parry Jones (town clerk), Mr R. O. \yynne Roberts (borough surveyor), and'J. W. Thomas (finance clerk). WELCOME TO THE TOIVN CLERK. The Mayor said before asking the Town Clerk to read the minutes he thought it w0u^(ji not be out of place for him to formally welCome thpir Town Clerk back after an absence of v hear). He was sure they were a,u very Well' pleased to see him and to all appearance he had benefit-ted by the change e).-Coniiciilor Perks said be had great pleasure in sapportjng what had been said by the Mayor. The Town Clerk in responding, remarked that while the duties ef the office were onerous and re- sponsible, and increasingly so, at the same time be had always great pleasure in dis- charging Iietn. It would not have been so if he had not always received the cordial support and aid of all the members of the Council, both past and present, and he trusted that in the future be would still receive that sympathy in the discharge of his duties and that support which had been extended to him in the past (appjause). lie had to thank his deputy, Mr Jackson. for the careful manner in which he had discharger) the duties of the office in his absence. He would not have gone away had he not felt that he was leaving the duties of the office in thoroughly efficient hands. He had also to thank Mr Morris, as the bulk 0f the work had fallen upon his shoulders. In returning both his wife and himself would be able to take up their work and to do some good for the town of Oswestry (applause)"—The minutes wore then read and passed. APPOINTMENT OF EECOR.J>ER. The Clerk read the official letter stating that Mr Robert Lloyd Kenyon had been appointed Recorder of Oswestry in place of the late 111' Charles Watiiin Williams- Wynn, and also a letter from Mr Kenyon in which he expressed the hope that the appointment would not be disagreeable to the Council. THE FORTHCOMING EISTEDDFOD. The Mayor intimated that the secretary of the Eisteddfod Committee had written asking if the Council would be good enough to honour them with their presence at the Gorsedd to be held in Caeglas in connection with the Eisteddfod meetings. It was expected that they would form tin procession at the Gnildhall and march in state. He was anxious that the Council should do so, seeing that the Mayor and Corporation aro patrons of the I Eisteddfod.Councillor Lloyd said he would be very glad to accompany the Ala3 or on that day.- Alderman Bayley proposed that the Council in state attend the Gorsedd to be held at Caeglas on the morning of the Eisteddfod.—Alderman Spaull seconded, and the motion was unanimously passed. —It was also agreed on the motion of Councillor Vv bitfield, seconded by Councillor Jones, that the Corporation plate be lent for the loan exhibition. MARKET COMMITTEE'S IIKI'OliT. Councillor Smith proposed that clause one of the report be adopted as Se\urtl ayip'ica- tions from auctioneers for allotment of pens for sales by auction were made, and it was reooti.<- mended that no further allotment be nEdc at present." In doing so he would mention that he had had two letters which he would refer to, and which would explain the steps the committee had taken.—Mr C. J. Lulham had wfitteD informing him that he had purchased all Mr McKie's rights of business from the Official Receiver. Messrs Whitfield and Sun had also written stating that if the Council did take from them the double row of pens in front of the old Baptist Chapel it would be a very considerable loss to then,. Since he received these letters he had gone round the Smithfield and looked at the matter very carefully to see how far the wishes of the auctioueers could be met. He thought it might be possible that the Council would be able to get plenty of peas for store sheep in the month of September or October, and he would suggest that the whole matter be referred back again to the Markets Committee.—Alderman Weaver seconded the motion, which was carried.— Councillor Smith moved the adoption cf the other clauses as follows :-That the gate nearest to Smithfield Road, leading from the Smithfield into Croxon's Square, be built up, at estimated cost of X8 7s 6d. Also that the cattle pens used by Messrs Whitfield and Son be paved, at estimated cost of -147, That the tender of Messrs Clay and Son for iron gates, A-c., required in the Smithfield be accepted.—That the use of the Powis Hall be granted to Messrs Whitfield and Son for wool sale in June. That the Eisteddfod Committee be per- mitted to erect galleries in the Powis Hall for the ) Eisteddfod meetiuo-s, on their undertaking to make good all damage. All worK to be done under supervision of the Borough Surveyor, and to be approved of by him. Alderman Spaull moved that the name of the chairman of the Markets Committee be added as a rider to the Borough Surveyor's in clause 6. This would divide the responsibility.— Councillor Jones seconded.—The recommendations were all carried unanimously. GENERAL PURPOSES COMMITTEE'S REPORT. Councillor Whitfield moved the first recommen- dation of the committee, as follows:—"That the committee consisting of the Mayor, Alderman Spaull, Councillors Lacon, Dauiel, and Lewis, be appointed to consider the question of the Charities belonging the borough, and to report thereon."— The Clerk intimated that the Town Council stood now in the same position with regard to the Charities as the outside Parish Council, the Local Government Board having conferred that power upon Town Councils. He had written the Vicar on the subject, and that gentleman replied, stating that he was glad to hear the Town Council were now in a position to act with regard to the charities, and recommended that a committee be formed, consisting of the Vicar and Churchwardens, the Mayor and Town Clerk, and two appointed repre- sentatives of the vestry of each parish. The recommendation was then seconded by Councillor Davies, and carried unanimously. Councillor Whitfield moved the adoption of Clause 8, which was as follows :—That the committee appointed at the meeting of the 30th of March, i.e., the Mayor, Alderman Spaull, and Councillors Whitfield and Smith be empowered to take all steps they may consider necessary with reference to the opposition to the Cambrian Railways Bill, the employment of counsel, obtaining evidence, &c., and if thought advisable to effect an arrangement with the Couipany.-Couiicillor Smith explained that the Committee were not in a position to make a further report on the matter. They had com- munications fronr the Railway Company, and they had met and considered them and were not with- out hope that good would result. He seconded the motion that clause 8 be adopted.—Councillor Lacon was of opinion that as this committee would prob- ably expend some hundreds of pounds in the matter they ought first of all to report to the Council and get their sanction. He proposed that before any expense be authorised the committee report to the Board.—Councillor Cottam seconded.— Councillor Lloyd had perfect confidence in the committee, and would certainly vote against the amendment. —Councillor Smith in speaking to the amendment, said he was surprised to hear Councillor Lacon asking for information. He was present at the meeting and heard the strong arguments expressed by the members of the Board that certain things should be required from the Railway Company, and he was also present when it was agreed that these things must be got, even though they had to go to Parliament and ask Parliament to get them. The Board agreed to that and to the appointment of a committee who would work with the Town Clerk to obtain these rights," and before the committee could take a step they required the sanction of the Council On the 15th of the present month the Bill would be read, and if they did not give the committee power why on earth was it appointed. —Councillor Lacon, in reply, stated he was present at the last meeting and had all the information, but he thought the committee were too anxious to fight instead of trying to come to some arrange- ment with the Railway Company.—Councillor Whitfield I may say that every member of this committee has taken off the boxing gloves and thrown down the olive branch.—The motion was put to the meeting and carried.—Clause 9, That a water pressure recorder be obtained at a cost of £7 10s was also carried.—The Clerk read a letter from the County Council with regard to Clause 10 which dealt with Beatrice street footpath. The letter stated the question of the proposed improve- ments to the footpaths in Beatrice street had been carefully considered by the Roads and Bridges Committee and a sub-committee duly inspected the footpachs and reported that the footpath was in excellent condition and in their opinion quite sufficient for the requirements of the locality that the short length iu Lower Beatrice street was in a bad condition and that inasmuch as the continua- tion of the footpath was broken by an old disused weighbridge and as the proposed improvement did not deal therewith they could not see their way to recommend the Main Roads Committee to make a grant in rcs>pect thereof, but if the Town Council would consent to the abolition of the weigh- bridge and make the footpath continuous they"' were prepared to recommend the committee to re-consider the matter. — Councillor Whitfield moved the recommendation that the Town Clerk be instructed to ascertain the price of various properties, and to report.— Councillor Cottam asked why the same application bad not been made when the Town Council bought several properties in Salop.—The Clerk explained that the Town Council wanted to get as much money from the County Council as possible. It had only recently been decided in the House of Lords that the County Council bad control of the footpaths, and this why the application had been jn:ade.—The recommendation was carried.—Coun- Whitfield moved Clause 11: That the following plans be passed: New street (York street) for M; I.C. flul-dsniaii houses in York street for 31r. T. Ilurdsman houses in York street for Ir. Evan Evans." Clause 12, which consisted of the tenders for stones, &c., for the ensuing year was also moved, and""both' were passed—The Surveyor reported that Mr. Watkin Jones had applied for extension of water main from Queen's road to the new houses in Queen's Park.—The extension was granted. THE WATER SUPPLY. Councillor Smith said while on the question he would just like to call attention to one fact. They had had an exceedingly dry summer, and lie thought it right to go forth that they had at present in the reservoir twenty million gallons of water, equal to ninety days' supply. The consump- tion was 218,000 gallons per day, and the trade consumption was out of that was 31,000 gallons. The increase in the trade consumption was 40,000 gallons above what it was in 1895. They had plenty of water running into the reservoir, and at the present time there was an ample supply for everybody, which was pure and clean (hear, hear). He thought he Council ought to be congratulated that they had got over the water diíficalty (applause). COUNCILLOR COTTA:U'S MOTION. The next item on the agenda was Councillor Cottam's motion, but several members rose to leave the room.- Councillor Cottam Any member that wants to leave the room ought to leave it now (laughter).-In moving his motion forthe purchase of properties in Beatrice street and for the im- provement of such street and entrance to Albert road, Councillor Cottam stated that in Albert road there were now hundreds of houses, and he thought that a better eutracne should be provided to so tine a street,- Council I lor Mason seconded the motion, but said he would like to alter the wording to make it read "that the Town Clerk take the necessary steps." He was of opinion that it would be money well spent.-Alderman Spaull and Coun- cillor Lloyd supported the motion. Councillor Cottam agreed to the alteration of the wording, and the motion was put to the meeting and carried. —This was all the business.