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ANOTHER GENERAL MEETING OF CHURCHPEOPLE. STRONG MEASURES ADOPTED. On Tuesday evening a largely attended meeting of Churchpoople of all grades was held in the Vane Hall, when on the proposition of Mr Joseph Evans, seconded by Mr R Gillart, Mr G W Griffiths was voted to the chair. There were also present: Messrs E Gillart, Joseph Evans, N Llovd Jones j Edmunds, H Lloyd-Jones, R Gillart, Dr Davies Messrs T Carruthers, B Pearce, Mrs Thomas (Vale View), Messrs R Thomas, E Goodwin L Davies, Williams (Barracks), Leah, Tibbott Mrs Samuel, Miss Whittaker, Miss Jane Morris Messrs Ed Jones (clerk), Ed Edwards, Rd Jones (Doll Street), Dd Edwards (smith), J J Humphreys John Jones (Wheel), Dd Lewis W Rees (Garshon), Ed Morris, Griffith Griffiths* John Jones (Toll Gate), John Williams (Bryntynol) John Price, Ed Humphreys, Mrs Breeze, Mr Lloyd Roberts, Miss Ann Griffiths, Mrs Ann Wood Evans Messrs Dd Edwards, Dd Evans (Foye), Owen Arthur, H Watson, Dd Lewis (Baker), John Hum- phreys, M Evans, Dd Williams (skinner), T Lloyd, J Isaac Williams, R Morris, R Tibbott, S James' Mrs Catherine Humphreys, Messrs G Griffiths j unr, Richard Rees, R W Ileut y, John Edwards (Cac, Garshon), John Leek, David Jones (Llynlled), T Portlock,:W Sanger, H Lewis, P.O., Wm Hughes T J Thomas, G Pryce, John Pearce, T Clayton, W Griffiths, Pattison, E Jones (Lion), John Lewis (tailor), Mrs E Thomas, Miss S Lewis, Messrs David Humphreys, J Edwards, Mrs Clayton, Messrs Tom Parsons, Evan Jones, D J Davies (Glyndwr), John Rees (Derwenlas), Misses Taylor, Mrs Morgan (Llwyn), Mr John Jones (Red Lion), Miss Williams, Messrs P Williams, John Kerr, and others. The CHAIRMAN said that he was glad to see that most of the Church people were present, which showed that they took a deep interest in the old mother Church (applause). Unfortunately they were not altogether in harmony with the Rector and there were limits to everything, and the Rector had been carrying on for many y?ars in too high- handed a way (cheers). This was not the first time. They might have looked over it a bit, but this high-handed conduct had been carried on con- tinually, and they must now stand and see what they could do to get a better rule than what they had had (applause). They were objects of interest to the whole of Wales. Some might think there was fault on both sides, but the majority of the Churchpeople saw where was the particular fault (cheers). He was not going to dwell too long upon the question, and would only suggest that a petition be got up and sent to the Bishop with all the particulars of what had happened. The former Bishop of the Diocese knew more about them than the present one, and, therefore, it would be neces- sary to give all the information they could to his lordship, so that they should Eee what he should do that they might be more like worshippers than they had been for a considerable time (cheers). Mr. H. LLOYD JONES, who rose to move the first resolution, said he wished he could have come there that night under happier circumstances. Their meeting that night was a very unpleasant one, but circumstances had arisen, and they were bound to meet their difficulties. He saw that difficulties were coming after the death of dear Canon Griffiths, but he had hoped, with a little care and forbear. ance, that these difficulties would have quieted down, and they might have gone on happily and prosperously. During all those years many efforts had been made to go on quietly (hear, hear). Many of them had tried. They had spoken about them, they had reasoned about them, but all had come to nought, and they had drifted as Rector and parishoners further and further apart. Well, cir- f'llmstI1TIf" 'hi1 rr"-V r> r ■ during the last week, that had brought on w might term a climax in their affairs (c: eprf,ce. thought that there was a limit to ior.e^eS to They, as Churchpeople, certainly had u ,cn(i to perform they had to consider that they Church to worship. How could they ,^)egrg.) under such a state as they were now in Vc. Had it not become a duty upon them to see could in some way or other put an end to pleasant business. He was glad to see so vere there that night, as it showed to him that t ej fully realizing the difficulties. The difficulty N, their seeking. They had tried to prevent i stop it; but they could not, and cIrcustanc itioI1 place last week which placed them in a P '^ere that they could endure it no longer. Of coU^e did were a great many things said last week, an not think it was necessary to detail them a^aia(j night, and he would say nothing more than r'a -ong resolution :— That in view of the unhappy 10 fee which continue to exist between the rector an members of the Church at Machynlleth, a pe signed by members of the Church be preset .^ip the Bishop of the Diocese praying that his may be pleased to interpose and make arrange! for an enquiry, at an early date, into the P1 unpleasant position of Church affairs, and o0 default of such enquiry, it will be mcuniben the Church people to secure a building Parish Church for holding Divine service m U Lcon- Tlie resolution was received with loud anf tinued cheering. Mr Jones added that he glod they approved of it so cordially. difficulty in rising to read it to them, but u]d encouraged them by their support, and thej find that they were not in any way betraye (cheers)- oO JJR. A. O. DAVIKS M seconding ttie res" said that he did so with regret that it aS cause of their meeting their that night- Lloyd-Jones had very ably put before theio state of affairs which had become so serious able for mouths and mouths past he had not been rsol1 to go to church. For any proper minded pe this was not a happy position to be in. It vvaSaBd that he did not want to go but he could not £ °^ef feel any benefit from it. Unfortunately people were in the same position, until at ( climax had arisen, and that was that Canon fr had taken upon himself not only to elec churchwarden but to elect two. This was proper state of affairs. If Canon Trevor wed privileged to elect one he ought to lian,ellllo ap, them an opportunity of electing one. If pointed a churchman there would have bcon o0. difference but he had elected a hot radical aD<? t^gi- conformist and a strong supporter of disestao meat (cheers.) Ja Mr JOHN LEWIS having read the resol«tl0 j„ Welsh, it was put to the meeting and carried mouslv and amid cheers. eBlb Mr JOSICPH EVANS said that he could only in the same strain what they had already 113t0 from previous speakers and regret the unfol1 ba.d business that had called them together. always endeavoured to be a staunch supp°1j' py the church (hear, hear). He had spent many "^y years in Machynlleth in unity, peace, and harB^j-0^- with the church and its callings (applause)- x g0, he regretted to say how impossible it was to and his feelings were as one amongst cu endeavouring to bring up a family to the ci ^ey and in support of the church (cheers). had been discouraged, and he said so in the *a^0ijfc that assemblage. They had had no encourage risb. as church-people to work for the good of the but This remark did not only refer to the hurc nd At to the schools and the question of education, last they had been compelled against their ear, stand up and ask for what were their rights ( hear, and cheers). The matters were to them all and he was assured that their £ e ran [in ithe same channel. They had seeaence 1 00 reports of the meetings and the correspoo". ejj which appeared in the papers and much to to a regret they were compelled to bring matters 9 head. He strongly supported the first resol° and now begged to propose That a deputati0 appointed to wait upon the Bishop and Mfi petition, the deputation not to consist of moi-0 six or seven gentlemen, arid on behalf of the tIlid" ing that the Bishop be asked to give hIS: the (cheers). They were taken advantage of a eleventh hour and had no opportunity of ine, v to the difficulty, and they considered it their du 7 go to higher authority (hear, hear). Mr D. J. DAVIES was pleased to "second the F position, and it was carried amid cheers. Mr JOHN LEWIS said that all of those tf were frequenters of the parish chiMeh* and nwar bfeen itn Otohfm- inhis there were few single members of the ae had done more for the church than he hsfiS g0f- the conducting of the singing portion of vices (hear, hear). He was sorry that f°r 1j0 years he found it quite impossible to carry used to do. Ho proposed the following getit f the, as a deputation to wait upon the Bishop 0 Dot diocese :—Messrs Sackville Phelps, Joseph 8itbS' H. Lloyd Jones, Richard Gillart, G. W. so), Edmund Gillart, and Dr A. O. Davies (applgt" ,,a Mr JOHN EDMUNDS seconded the proposItIOl1, tjoJJ said that after what had taken place in cono6"^ with the church during the past week or two it imperative that they should take some u (cheers.) He quite agreed with all that had said, and it was useless tnkino* n.nv nther than going to head quarters (hear, hear). The resolution was carried amid cheers. ot The CHAIRMAN: announced that anyone prese was at liberty to speak.. to"j Mr PETER WILLIAMS said that he did not 1° 9 speaking that night, although he was as 0 jjg parishioner as the rector (laughter and cheers): as had some recollection of a Sunday school, and i a terrible thing to find how backward they Iloa going in schoiars and teachers. For a time they the assistance of the rector's wife and daughter' e right glad were they of their help when they ^y amongst them. They could do good work an" suggestion made by Mrs Trevor were most re^iept taken up. On their arrival they had an exce^^y superintendent in the Sunday School (cheers)- jjf were all as brothers and sisters, and looked up Joseph Evans (hear, hear). Circumstances, lap ever, had arisen which caused Mr Ebans to his office, much to the regret of the whole sC Q Q{ As the Rector had been the cause of this s0lTrju- them thought they would make the Rector sUP ftIjd tendent (laughter), and they did so unanimously it was accepted. He believed that he paid an visit to the Sunday School whilst he was tendent (loud laughter), and had to be vera\hijig about that. He had all along hoped that soin?app/ would happen as would bring about the old ^et» state of affairs, but it had not come, and thej justified in taking the steps they had tsken ( hear). 0t> Mr EDMUND GILLART said that he was S°R^^»S to have been present at.the last meeting but, > giad to be present there that evening to 3° gejit' them in devising some scheme whereby the V unpleasant position could be avoided, of been living in Machynlleth for a great numb: a years, and had attended Church regularly, a° foe, taken an active part in the musical portion service (hear, hear). He took an interest 1 9 Sunday School and was induced to beco teacher, and for a long time had a class °^uld boys. He thought he was doing all he c naj^f the interests of the Church, but another F thought otherwise and in order to avoid uup'f ness he was obliged to resign his posit1 teacher, and he could not tell them how sore to was when his connection with the school c gf an end. Efforts were made to smooth matters but despite all efforts in this direction thin." yjj* come to a crisis in the Church history of flt lleth, and there was nothing else for them to seek help from higher quarters. He fogfr that as Churchpeople, united as they _yver0-og f night, they had taken a wise course head quarters for that protection which 00 the Bishop would afford them. As one deputation he would be very to give the Bishop every infor ,j.0r t and he hoped that an enquiry to investigate jggtt0 would be held at an early date, and that the roseVP would be a moro amicable one than the P state of things (cheers). Whilst being gte0^ see so inanv present he must express regret at the cause that brought them o* (hear, hear). He felt sure that under the the late Canon Griffiths there would not ha ^0,0 a better stronghold of the Church in 6 what their's would be (cheers). ooø Mr THOMAS PARSONS, who said that he tb0 of the sidesmen of the church, said that appointment of a Nonconformist as churc he had refused to act any further. ^'an^T^0 had spoken to him about it, and appeared 0* satisfactory reason for his conduct. Bu planation did not explain away the aPP Tr0?^ of a Nonconformist. He had given CacoM tJlorÐ to understand that he would not collect any (hear, hear). that K Mr. EDWARD JONES (Lion Hotel) sai u0yh°° had been attending the Church ever s^c bet^'e^ and had never experienced such a feeling v? parishioners and clergy as existed sorry that it had happened, but they the best of it. Mr. Lloyd Jones had e the situation only as a truly religious P do (hear, hear). He knew persons been inside the Church owing to the c0° Rector, and he hoped ti, p t" rn-w to p, M