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BOARD OF GUARDIANS. w EUXESP' A V Present: Mr. John Rowlands, chairman, Mrs. Maglona Lloyd, Messrs. Ellis Hughes, Cemmes, vice chairman, N. B. Owen, Penegoes, John Jones, Ynyshir, Edward Hughes, Llanwrin, John Rees, gjohn Owen, and Evan Evans, Towyn, W. Jones, Aberdovey, D. Evans, E. M. Jones, Llanbrynmair, W. Parry, Pennal, Rowland Jones, Caereiniou fechan, John Davies, Darowen, Edward Pritchard, Issygarreg, D. Lewis, Uchygarreg, with Mr. D. Evans, clerk, and Mr. D. Morgan, deputy clerk. OUT RELIEF, ETC. The following amounts have been paid in out relief during the past fortnight: Per Mr. John Jones, Machynlleth, £ 18 5s to 72 recipients per Mr. Daniel Howell, Darowen, C41 6s to 154 re- cipients per Mr. W. Jones, Pennal, Y,30 19s to 97 paupers. Number in the house 36 as compared with 37 during the corresponding period of last year. Vagrants relieved during the past month 114 being a decrease of 37 as compared with the same period last year. CHILDREN'S TREAT. The Master reported that all the children of the House were entertained to tea at Graig Chapel on May 11th, and that Mrs Lloyd sent scriptural texts for the House.-The Board passed votes of thanks for the kindnesses shown. AN EXPENSIVE TRAIN. In reply to an application for increased railway facilities the Cambrian Railways Company wrote to say that they could not accede to the request, as the cost of running a special train on market days was that the receipts from the passengers did nut pay for the coal the engine burned (laughter). SURCHARGE. The Local Government Board sent down a com- munication dealing with an application made by Mr. Daniel Howell for the return of the sum of 10s. surcharged to Mr. Morgan, district auditor, in the absence of a voucher. The Board upheld the de- cision of the auditor as being lawful, but as the voucher bad since been found the money would be refunded. WORKHOUSE AMALGAMATION. A letter was read from the Clerk to the Newtown and Llanidloes Union, asking the Board to favour him with a copy of any resolution that they might pass upon the report of the committee before the 10th inst, a copy of which had already been sent to them. The report of the committee recommended the amalgamation of the four workhouses in the county as there would be a saving by the adoption of such a course.The Chairman asked if the Board would discuss the matter at this meeting or refer it to a committee to report upon at the next meeting. He bad a letter before him from the Guardians of the Caersws Union in favour of the amalgamation of the workhouses in the county.— Mr David Lewis was of opinion that it would be inconvenient for the Guardians from this end of the county to attend the meetings at a centre in the county.—Mr Edward Hughes was of the same opinion.—Mr David Evans was in favour of the proposal and moved that it be referred to a com- mittee consisting of seven members of the Board for consideration and to report to the next meeting. —Mr John Owen seconded the proposition.—Mr Edward Pritchard disagreed with the proposed scheme as he considered that it would mean extra expenditure.—Mr Edward Hughet proposed, and Mr N. B. Owen seconded that the letter be allowed to lie on the table.—Mr John Jones proposed that the matter be referred to a committee of the whole Board, and this was seconded by Mrs Lloyd.—Mr David Evans said that if this was done the matter would not receive such consideration as a small committee could pay to it.—A vote was taken and the proposition to refer it to a committee of seven was carried, and the following were appointed :— The Chairman, Messrs Edward Hughes, N. B. Owen, David Evans, Evan Evans, Ellis Hughes, and John Owens. REMUNERATION OF THE CLERK. The Assessment Committee recommended that the Clerk be paid X90 for his services as clerk to the Assessment Committee for the past year.—The Chairman explained that the recommendation was agreed to at the last meeting of the committee, when the clerk presented a bill for Cll4, and also a statement showing the work carrid out by him during the year. A large amount of extra work fell upon ths clerk through the new assessment, and it appeared that he had paid £50 for extra labour in connection with the same.—Mr John Rees proposed, and Mr E. Pritchard seconded, that. the committee's recommendation be adopted. An amendment proposed by Mr John Jones, and seconded by Mr David Lewis, to defer it for the presence of the clerk was agreed to.