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MOXTGOME R Y S HIR E STAN DING I JOINT POLICE COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Montgomeryshire Standing Joint Committee was held at the Newtown Police Court on Friday, when there wero present Messrs A. C. Humphreys-Owen, M.P. (chairman), R. Lloyd, D. Pryce, C. J. Newell, T. J. Williams, T. J. Ilouns- field, together with Messrs G. D. Harrison (clerk), R. Powell (assistant clerk), G. A. Hutchins (county surveyor), and R. W. Hughes (chief constable). CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. Mr R. W. HUGHES, the chief constable, sub- mitted his quarterly report and stated that the number of indictable offences was 25, the number discovered 17, the number of persons proceeded against 24, of which one was discharged. Five were committed for trial and 18 dealt with sum- marily. The value of the ttoleu property and tho amount obtained by fraud was JE93 16s 5d, and recovered £82 7s lid. The number of persons proceeded against for non-indictable offences was 268, of which 65 were discharged; orders made on 2 and 180 convicted. There was an increase of 98 in persons proceeded against for non-indict- able offences as compared with the corresponding quarter of last year, the increase being chiefly against the Elementary Education Acts, drunken- ness, highway offences, and vagrancy. During the quarter 6,792 tramps had been noted at workhouses and lodging houses by the police, being an increase of 756 as compared with the corresponding quarter of last year, the increase being principally at Mach- ynHeth, viz, 707. The annual clothing for the force had been received. Royalty proposed visiting the county in June, but he had not yet been acquainted with the full details of the arrange- ments, so could not at present determine what police would be required, but he was of opinion that they would require assistance from another force. Mr J. T. WILLAMS called attention to the fact that according to the Chief Constable's report there was a large percentage of persons acquitted. He feared that this must be due either to the leniency of the magistrates or to the too great anxiety of the poliec to secure cases. The CHAIRMAN pointed out that many of the cases were offences against the Education Act, in which the police took no part. The CHIEF CONSTABLE agreed, and added that in many criminal cases the magistrates dis- missed first offenders with a caution. EXTRA POLICE FOR THE ROYAL VISIT. It was arranged to leave the matter of obtaining extra police for service on the occasion of tho visit next month to the county of T.R.H. the Prince and Princess of Wales in the hands of the Chief Constable. The CHIEF CONSTABLE thought he would be able to secure as many as would be required from the adjoining county of Merioneth. COUNTY SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The report of the County Surveyor, having re- ference to repairs and additions required to certain police stations and public buildings in the county waR read and adopted. ;> OLD PRISON REGISTERS. The CLEHK read a letter from Mr Simpson 1 Jones, the lion, secretary of the Powysland Museum and Free Library, stating that he and Mr Richard Y\ illiams had been to see the volumes of the old prison registers from Salop and they had divided them into throe lots, of which lots A aud B would be useful ami interesting as references, but Jot \¡)¡¡}\¡ IIC¡t, be as useful. However Mr Williams would like to look through them before deciding. He would suggest that the Standing Joint Committee should hand over lots "A and B" R" tnat they might be preserved as county relies. Mr D. PRYCE proposed that they be handed over to the Free Library Committee at Wolslipool, who should be asked to give a guarantee for their sa;e custody, so that the county might retain the ritiht of them. Mr T. WILLIAMS seconded. M.r PRYCE furrhlr suggested that the County Council should provide a safe to keep these docu- menrs, which, he believed, would increase m value if they could be preserved, and future generations would feel intensely thankful to t.h .m for doing so. The CHAIRMAN thought that a safe was a very unsuitable and inconvenieut place to keep books. Mr D. PRYCE: There is a librarian and a care- taker at Welshpool, but uuless they are in a safe they will be buudled about. LIe would suggest also tint a small committee be appointed to apD\le of the arrangements made for the preservation of the records. Mr J. WILLIAMS thought that if the Welshpool Free Library Committee were really anxious to have these books they should surely go into the expense of having them preserved. Mr P It Y G: moved also that a schedule of the registers he prepared by the Clerk and incorporated with the minutes of the Standing Joint Committee. At this juncture a letter was handed to the Chairman from Mr Richard Rees, asking the Com- mittee to defer the consideration or the matter. He regretted being unable to attend, but pointed out that when the University offices were established it was very likely that a National Museum for Wales would be established iu the same place. If that Institution was founded in this County he believed tho old registers should be presented to that Museum aud he believed that Machynlleth had a greater claim than any othee town in Wales for the establishment of the Museum, both his- torically nnd geographically. Mr T. J. WILLIAMS said that there were a good many tilings in Welshpool already which might be handed over to a National Museum, and these would probably be applied for. If so, the old registers would be applied for at the same time. The CHAIRMAN thought that out of deference to the member who had been the principal agent in this mater it would be wise if they could adjourn it until he could attend. Mr R. LLOYD proposed that the matter be adjourned. This was then unanimously agreed to. THE ESTIMATE. The estimate of the expenditure required by the Committee for the ensuing quarter was then sub- mitted and passed.





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