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MACHYNLLETH. OTTEP Hrxx.—On Thursday Mr Buckley's otter oun s hunted the river Dovey below Machynlleth, in kllling two otters. A large RPWI ° 'es ANFL gentlemen attended the hunt. F°R\ALOtJR-—The Liverpool Shipwreck S°Ciety have P^ented a silver Henry HamtA T6- °f tha'"k3 ro PC" 201' B" hold of the reins Sa Everton road on the ni°ht oTS 2?rh 'Y T ? The driver, who was drank v, 'a iT APn1' and seriously injured The r & rown ing on to the reins, lasted do^' h°.ld- cab and run over, receiving iniunVa ? V a has not yet recovered. P.C H r°^1 1C Sergt. Hamer of this town. ainer is a son of ACCIDENT.—On Tuesday morn.'™ A* Phelps, Newlands. met with an n -i' t5ac'sv^^e Sail way Station. He was starting eai at t^le while walking on the platform caught h* a sheet which was bemg used by the nnW C in are enirasred painting the station, and fell" ers.^>1Q injury to his face. Dr. Rees, Cyfartha Worw! happened to be in the station, attended to^-0 injuries, and he was able to proceed on his ion-* HOLIDAYS.—Monday being fine a large NUMB7' of persons from here went to Aberystwyth and other places on the coast. On Tuesday a la i .o Innists name to t.ho 1. na!Miitroiciwuo.vU.~ TroM Preston, all 1, fter having breakfast at the Wvnn- stay Hotel, di ve in brakes to Talyllyn. "Tho Abervstwvth Cycling Club also canio to the town, and made tho Lion Hotel tr.eir headquarters. The number <-f cyclists that passed throusrh this year far exceeded that of previous years. On Tuesday even in? a lar?<e number drove up to Corris to hear Mr T. E. Ellis and Mr Lloyd George, who haq, been announced to address a meeting. Mr George was, however, unablo to be present, and although feeling disappointed they did not regret the journey, Mr Ellis's speech having, to a great extent, made up for the disappointment. MUSICAL FESTIVAL. On Whit-Monday the annual musical festival ia connection with the Wesl Snndav School Union of this district was held at the Tabernacle Chapel. The morning meeting was presided over by Mr T. H. Evans, Tycerritr, and was devoted to the children. In the afternoon Rev. R. Huehes, Corris, presided, and Rev. D. Morjnn, Machynlleth, presided over the evening meeting. Mr Wilfred Jones, R.A.M., con- ducted the singing, and the fcllowing tunes' and anthems were suuer" C wrdd yn Ghref," D cbwi at lesu," Fel y brefa yr hydd," Rym vu Erfvn," Belmont," Y ddafad a-olIediV' '"Howard," Tangnefedd diangfa," "St.Croar." Calfaria." Peniel," "Dole," "Dies Lra»" Howeil." Dvffrvn Baca," Par i mi wvhod dv ffj"ld," \Vel fenaiJ dOf! yn m]aen." Miss Lizzie Evans accompanied or. the harmonium, and the were also assisted by an orchestra of seventeen and brass insti naici-ts. INTERMEDIATE (J CATION T -L BOA LID. Mr Ril Recs vice-chairntat:, presided over the moutlilv meeting of the Board held yesterday in the Schoolroom, and there were also present Messrs R. E. Rees, W. M. Jones, John Thomas, R. Owen, Mrs Jones, with Mr D. Phillip Jones, cierk, and Mr H. II. Meyler, headmaster. — The minutes ot a meeting of the sub-com- mirteo appointed to consider the site question and the laying of the foundation stone was read, and they reported that Sir Watkins's agent had been communicated with, and Mr Edmunds was willing to assist them in every way. Lady Londonderry had intimated her desire to assist the Board in any way she could respecting the laying of the founda- tion stone, and a letter had been sent to her requesting that if a member of the royal family could not find time to lay the foundation stone, that her ladyship and a member of her family should kindly undertake the task. Lady London- derrv had replied to the effect that she could hold oat ne hope of any member of the royal family < t I undertaking the work, and under these circum- stances Mr 1: Rees proposed t!at the same depu- tation as waited upon her ladyship on a previous occasion should again wait upon her ladyship with the object of obtaining her consent to lay the stone. A report of the meeting of the subscribers was read, at which it was decided to purchase Clle Garsion site. At the same meeting a number of collectors were appointed for the purpose of obtaining subscriptions towards the school funds. Mr E. Rees reported that Mr Mej ler had presented a report to the sub-committee upon the question flf scholarships, but. as the sub.committee had not had sufficient time to deal with it, he asked that the matter should stand over for the present.— Mr Meyler said that the Hon. W. N. Bruce, who came down to examine the site, made an inspection of the school, and laid emphasis upon the fact tiitt the school was without an apparatus for the practical demonstration of scientific teaching. If the apparatus was not obtained the schools would have their Treasury grant »ndnngered. Mr Meyler informed the Board that they could easilv tind room for a sufficient apparatus to comply with the requirements of the Act.— Mr Lt. Owen proposed, and Mr W. M. Jones seconded, that the apparatus he obtained at once, and Messrs E. Rees, J. Thomas, and the Head Master were appointed a committee to obtain the necessary articles. A further question of obtaining charts for the teaching of physiology was likewise referred to the committee, this being, with the other, a compulsory subject.—The kelitig Clerk presented the accounts, which were referred to Rev. Josiah Jones and Mr John Thomas for auditirw and they will be advertised in our columns at an early date. THE ROYAL VISIT TO MACH- YNLLETH. A meeting of the Executive Committee was held in the Vane Hall yesterday afternoon under the presidency of Mr R. C. Anwyl, vice-chairman, and there were also present Mrs Maglona Lloyd, Messrs Edward Davies, G. W. Griffiths, J. Edmunds, R. Giilart, J. Thomas, R. Owen, It. Rees, C. R. Kenyon. John Reea, Evan Jones, N. yd Jones, W. Jones, J. Watkins, E. Rees, A. Harries, Capt Richards, Williams (Post Office), E. Giilart. N. B. Owen, J. Evans, J. Rowlands, D. Evans (hon. sec.), &c.— It W;.3 reported that nothing had been done respecting the decorations and it was decided to appoint Mr D. Gillart to draw up sketches nnd specifications of the work.—Mr Williams (Post Office) proposed that the address, as read, be prepared in Welsh and English.—Mr G. W. Griffiths seconded, and it was carried.—Mr D. Evans said that Sir Francis Knollys had intimated to Ladv Londonderry that if the reception committee only numbered six they could be presented individually at the station, but if they numbered more than six they should be in- troduced en bloc.— Mr R Rees proposed that this last course be adopted.- -Mr Gillart seconded aud it was carried.—Mr R. Owen proposed that Mr D\'id Evans be asked to read the address.—Mr Harries seconded and the proposition was carried amid applause.—Mr David Evans mentioned that the usual, course was that the reply of the Prince be handed to the Chairman or the Reception Com- mittee, but Sir Francis Kuollys had intimated to Lany Londonderry that as his Royal Highness was coming to stay at the Plas an exception would be made upon this occasion, and instead of the reply being handed to the Chairman, the Prince of Wales would read his reply (hear, hear and cheers). Lady Londonderry added that she was glad of this as it- would please everybody (cheers).—The next business was the question of an illuminated ad- dress, and a discussion took place as to the amount to be expended on it. The usual course was to present a scroll in a case, and not a framed address. —It was decided that the address should be pr r- chasad from Waterlow & Sons through their local agent, at a cost of not less than 115 and not more than £ 20.—Mr E. Giilart proposed that the form of the official progiamme be the same as that of Bangor.—Mr Richard Owen seconded.—Mr W. M. Jones was in favour of advertising the town bv the printing of views of the town.— Mr Richard Rees seconded this proposition. —Mr David Evans said that he hoped they would have a permanent benefit from the visit of the Royal Family, and he was in favour of employ- ing a competent person to write up an historical account of the town, together with a guide to places of interest, and other matters.—Mr W. M. Jones suggested that a committer should be appointed to take the matter in hand.—Mr R. Gillart proposed that a committee be appointed, and this was seconded and carried.- The following were put upon the committee Messrs J. Rowlands, E. Rees, E. Davies, R. Rees, and David Evans.-It was decided that the collectors should make a visit to the inhabitants of the town for money on Tuesday. -On the proposition of Mr E. Rees, seconded by Mr E. Giilart, it was decided to ask the Urban Council for permission to erect arches and street barriers on the streets.—Mr R. Gillart said that outsiders had asked if carriages would be allowed on the streets that day.—Mr R. Rees thought not. —Mr David Evans pointed out that at Aberystwyth the streets would be blocked to traffic an hour be- fore the royal visit,—Mr R. Giilart said he had merely been asked respecting the matter, but he was of opinion that such an arrangement would spoil the view of the pedestrians.—Mr Joseph Evans proposed that application be made to the Council for power to stop the traffic for an hour before the departure of the royal party, and an hour before their return on each day.—Mr Richard Rees seconded,and it was carried.—The Chairman, in reply to a question, said that carriages could not be allowed on the streets that day as they would be I trespassers under the law.— Mr Williams (Post Office) said tha:; it would be very unfair to house- holders (hear, hear).—The question of the erect.on of arches, street barriers, and carrying out street decorations, etc., was referred to the Superintending Committee.—As to the police arrangements the Chief Constable said that he had not decided upon the force to bring down as he was waiting for particulars of the programme.— As to the accommodation of school children, Llanbrynmair intimated that they were not sending I any children to the town on the occasiOD.M I' N. B. Owen suggested that ùho children should be left in charge of their parents, this being in his opinion the most desirable course to adopt.—Rev Mr Edwards, vicar of Corris, said that unless there was a big demonstration of children it would be an absurdity and a danger.—Mr Edmund Gillart said lie did not know whether any special arrangements would be made respecting the providing of food for visitors. He IInderstood that about 1,500 persons would come down from Oswestry. -The hon. sec. was instructed to get information from the local hotel keepers, refreshment contractors, &-c.rh(i | escort of soldiers will be provided by the 13th Regiment of Cavalry,and there will also be mounted olice.

















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