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_n. GUASi'NTSSD PVTJE-. J^X. AM I IV^YEAST' "'S;c.- 1 J1Jl() IKeyisrtrcd Treble Mt.-rk.) '0 PlaMEST YEAST in the world J CanK AND WINTER. e uaod in ilii", di t" it S h^nrs aft^r 7.1°.^v.facture. new vj^Y"r>iATiw £ Es.-r co. LTD i oW &?i: vi:?o;]). ir >>. 0;, E. Sole G pr.or a't A.N A.r Tnitoi Kinsrfron :— *0 Vr>.i-\t; Li -i:.v,vi T:yt 1)0 TO-. V. JlLUARDS & BAGATELLE. HSJOTCG- BH03., Lr. Milliard TaWa Maker#, K, TT'fHTi s't Vcmer of Oxford St. n T O?i'Ion, W.C, <Hfcai»esi i-aae for repairs and ail kinds of reauintoa. co lista and san-.yl:tt &ee. Eat. 18e9. ii S¡!;¡ Si II |ipt\M|| 11 ™ 'I"U I p (for Delicate Skin-), i4., G4., 84.. 104., & per Tablet. ij^AJI (for Itching, Fao* Spots, Ac.), I/li, 1/9. ff&jljl flaa fot Triht, Bsmezg: Ircw), Ij-, Ajfc Vv_ ESTABLISHED 1851. ^JBKBECK BANK •vo'cth.'impton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London. &i$,&kNl>-A-HALF par CENT. INTEREST allowed on repayable on demand. Pet CENT, on CURRENT ACCOUNTS, on the mini- balances, when not drawn below £ 100. ('&S and SHAKES purchased and sold. ^CIKJBECK ALM ANACK, with full particulars, post TRAXcIc') ItAVENSCROyf, Manager. II ^CIKJBECK AM ANACK, with full particulars, post TRAXcIc') ItAVENSCROyf, Manager. M?SICA.u STBUkB>TTS for Brass, Eeed, D.. Pl(e Bar.d-s Pi,no*, Organs, Jloiodeonfc ?*a^nuias- fyeci.ury rr'iue.-d prici* po»t trv Kuoif: for i'a:'dsni>s Caos O.d 1;.airni^eiiu'. bcu.J\~ <>.• tf.keti ?*a^nuias- fyeci.ury rr'iue.-d prici* po»t trv Kuoif: for i'a:'dsni>s Caos O.d 1;.airni^eiiu'. bcu.J\~ <>.• tf.keti seootid-itfii-ci r-i.Tuflientn on oal« £ 5/ Olii-; & uo.. buxioa KivrJS, Haac'-iVNi. I ^dford^i THsy^frash.. They SOQn. g&Vis; J h <h,, k*P Hn«. ?Iolb„n> £ g | J beautif ul DO,f or Deant- 7^<rr/d la^'Vceart8hou SS«e;»»m**E lYVy-frt* fay !• — M 1ST A LiS of every description purchased fox H. B. babnabd & Walk .London. ^THPORT.-PALACE HOTEL, Birkdale Chil rrnins Seaside report in own grounds. f" hght. Turkish barbs. Birkdale Pal&re Station Tennis and ijoll.—jj. A. i'iCK. Manager. hPart of the World inviting settlers offers r-.eiter prospects to the Agriculturist than gcr¡ Om- T .A.E:,Z <>. with map, fient tie« on application to the ^Qvehnmant AGENCY, 9, James Street Liverpool. POWDER SOAPS | COLOR3^E88, NON-POTSONOT78 I H | disinfectamtsTI H Hkfl PAMPHLET ON APPLICATION. |1|B JfA\S THE SAN IT AS CO., Ld., I Iffj^Uk^tlinal Green, London, hl Ir — ISMJTH#.TS] I P^T BLOOD-FORMING TONIC. „*■ SOIEHrXIFIC OBQANIC SPECIFIC. J I n^Tvro»fxi and. Recommended by the Medical Profession. hh^^ALLED for: — Anemia, Chlorosis. Poorness I B Of Blood, General Debility (either con- H ■ stitutional or the effect of severe illness). ■ f JBM Lo^s of Appetite, Nervous Disorders, &c. ■ f JBM Losa of Appetite. Nervous Disorders, &c. S^t1: Uuvcl-ioiis with .n-(>rv Hunui.iuturi>d bv Em-! '*K>'ysk | I'harmawiitios! 'hernias Co,j«»r p JM .vgare Pennine tl„s r*-a.te Mark Ircn;t.i H' n f. ,:r;t i. !mV«iW.W:. ,Vrj& | —»;[; I FRANK BBYANS Patent JMET BAHING HANDGUARDS r-?Slt SEWN ON. Of aU Dealers, or full List tree. I y^AR-r^HQUSB BftPARB. LOMDON. K-O- I "vfSfr PANVASSERS WANTED, in all ^4ietr a« AflFVTS for a patent article reqtrired ta C^RY WlARRiED WORflAN 7s oi?q1'1 aPPly to NURSS G ABRIEL for ILLUSTRATED I to *?^piu;n;Ar, Aitmantps. 12 <c!o-e two ponuj stamps U/, ^"i-0-FH.ENCH EUBEEU O.. I k1MA'R!M0NIAL HAPPINESS & ECONOMY k hBaSwBKb >end addressed envelope to W PAKKEB. I r mm mC Hn -0, Mount iTe-ton, i>eds, for ILLUSTRATED | iJlilt. LIST or Articles & Specialities indispensable A HTB^P to fche Married or tho-e about to marry. I TENTS and MAT?.Q,TJEES I J?* Prio?CT FROM GOVERNMENT STORES for sale Grout Dover Street, London, S.E. I fan''lONS. may await you.—Soldiers who I ^]-r4 l|f'forc23rd July 1864,discharged "Free" witlilt I ^Sywiv t? or m-.i-H; or. as Inval.ds, or," Reduction of (:orps,' A.io it FISH. Kerdiston House, Walthanistow. I Aebest FAMILY MEDICINE. I l^h^Y-SEVEW YEARS' REPUTATION. I I. I 'PUllELY VEGETABLE I |||S8ED FUR ALL iTlV £ R" AND BILIOUS I OtnCK-EST REMEDY FOR FEVER & I BN81XRB SLEEP. ABSOLUTELY NO •^?2 oSS. COLD SO COMMON WITH MERCURY I ite.^SR MIW3RAL DRtT08. SAFE AND I lll|| £ PICACIOUS IN ALL CLIMATbS. I iy PI-JBIAL SUFFICES TO COHVINCE. rod Medicine Vendor* in Boxes, ISid. and IV. Tfifo'. Om&JW DEBS. U4d. per Box. OINTMENT, laid, and I V J'&ITlou8'1* Hou*«a, or from Me»«rm. MOBISON A CO., I COLLEGE OF HKALTH, 88, Euston R4., London. I f*pjb mrt also prepared with a Pearl Coating mkich renders | dort not intrrfert with their promt'* action. I *tjis Rheumatism INURED. I T. I 'Ulfc of ^.j^Brunswick.^q.Ijondon,W.C,hasbeenthoroughly I ii 11'"aci.sm ai er niu h suffering, will gladly send a ai's to any sugercr on receipt of application to her. I l|ff GREAT SUCCESS IN LONDON. Q g "W NlW DEPtRTU^E IN MILLINERY. \xrJr -A"2.X^ at 9/6. Gr(»at variety l-Von^'h I tlv-A. J*a^- & Honii"! 1C 6, j'Jirr. paid anywhere. ill»:.«truiv! I V' U p s -('ll.iPBAO Bos ^ABrHE Co. I Ntll#— vt">i' l0lt- Agentn wanreJ -.y'lore. I r fortnightly from Glasgow. I A, AT.T.htj. 25. BothweU Street, Glasgow. I THE PERFECTION rs b^STEM OF INVESTMENT I oniv 'Registered and Protected) I toart^16^1?^ by which an income is regularly »t)4 Canit ^thout risk of failure. S?° Canif, sec«re3 a Weekly Profit of £ 2 to £ 3, ^V'0. rat 8ecures a Weekly Profit of £ 20 to £ 30, I .rules being no founded upon caution and ■frfcr. P^sihu'^ "lat assured. ThU system is the lu-o-i? aPI>roaeh to iniaiU'oility. I paid TJtENTS of £ 6 01 £ l° MAY I »6r.notice ^ery. Monday. Capital withdrawable at ten ,,f „r^rticulars wiU be sent FREE OF CHAEOl •415, ITT, J,S- 861,(1 at onoe I ttENRY MILLER, 14, Holborn, LONDON, K. O Irregularfties and obrtructton*. A Ntu., y SUFFERER having tried evjry adyerUse# [ t»-„ remedy in vain, has discovered a Sim pie Cure 10 *1L Send stamped °';velope at once 10 &11. Send stamped P1:velope at once Bn„vt MR8- b- ST. CLAIR. floS'i. ga^lamDtop R"iMi"n T-r""i"n- wc- I 2 pl?,f TJNC-ERFO.? D,& WILLIAMS. I ■«sssSK1?8-«> | v'« ^K £ 5i?; s" £ 3i I i8>, J>T,. £ 8 Per per Cfrt.. an average of nearly S°FlTS D,c- p K month. b- I i:n„ A:1> DUH.1NU 1890. J NEwS'TT A^P-cent. £ 6 —A,;TIAL, i <h:r I J0*1 H.' ''r.ai ;"v •' I TXTT Vi"- i»*venot >«. d> l:<-nt. V. 6. CopS^E^O^D. & V/IbLIAMS, I K^T~ £ jage_de la limu.e. l'ar.s. A^T 7T A for FARM I •' on, in bags. I Pa«PtorpO :"uvt' '«g. carriaa# I ^5^85 fini?8 ^Idreis ka TTO'l 'r s ^^timoiiiftls I l^ft^gestreet r OL.ilio COMPANY, LD.. WS-ted, I PORTHCAWL, fee- I 0 ^i;an^m!eC^ric I^^t,moderarc terms, good P ,u i i*> '• a.°. Bon "emcuth but & a .V Mrysanrlysoil. soutiv-aspect, I ¡;l x'-t. ,It ( !1. I I l' 'rc,t-c'j)'r' I S't. 'I 'i A D ',f,};)},.¡_!i. 1 I BOON TO LADIES, i'O LaDIES ro :1;¡i;adLh LADIES cirt and :•• U^ratMlaiiheul TO ,n<s I jAD IE s ,w^ OBatTiTSATJS CAS«8 /{J '•j,' *• KXT.IK FAILS TO AJTOED r 0 usual, LA 1) IE ) '10 1Ii.'I:IOLO-U uf a rxw uvu. LADIES (TIA r^L* ■tMrnt la nirepj? T A UypQ 1U *HDp».fc'f tira. Soow.of De«'.uivrs JLi Ji_X/ i. L.i; j {WA Hi Ca?".l>rweH, -r -txt j *> Lv/ *'•" vl,ttT tr«atraw?t >nv A ijl 5 TjO hnx\? »r..i nuMry ov«r witbhi *Pf\ v«r«;i:.v f'-vu? bo;vs, althoog-b fe>«' ov^r T A 1M *>2 JL \J ,hT' ■•»;» h>- I Uiv? bren d\y ta.k!<i$JLiX-vX- i .t.A Ki thia^s ix Tain. 15a'? y a T"*T! T 0 J-IAD IE •*) *»''»*»* ;"> ttnd iarprUw." (\ A I« en«io»^<? uteli l j 3 _t i^S i%3*t?4 Yr.Q&ntin*. wjmvIs f ) U 'I •V'ril»rC M 0,»1 .It 41 '•! T >\ H' S i i;»- *4 '>A.\ 19 liMiawij 1MZ\<iiC*A •• '^vo. r J fi [ i 'C'-v' "t>^rr5 Ti'l b« s^Uj fsw- iiil I' i.v..i <■ I VMS* \t, tJiy IjU? «a »x r a e f v i'h i :tJ JLi.A. \) i I'-i o W(t'l>rb..¡"I,.w- LADIEB -Vw ■> «r». S..1. T t J ,7. (■■■ j !<». BJ OCKWJILL *0A». Aj'"i "y J l~l' la t.Ol«;>OK. H.W. L-\ J i TO W0Pv1Fi\! IrrcgnHarit.is8,Obstructions I W removed bv an Ai SOLUTKI^T CERTAIN Method WITHOUT MKBICIN>v No TUU, Mix- tures,or Useless Injections. U-reatwi hiscover; < Minirm yicdic-ai Science. Bend stamped envelope for particulars,IVatiinotiialsi&o., to Mas. AMOS-BeNTNYpyf 32K, Hi/?h Holborn, London, W.G. Liming)" piSISPENSABLE TO LADIES! Asafe and reliable romedyfor all obstructions and irregu- larities, a mcdicino which cures (usually in a few hours) cases which have baffled the skill of the best medical men. No lady need despair as the most obstinate Ahopeless eases hav« larities, a medicine which curcs (usually in a few hours) cases which have baffled thesldlJ ofilie best medical men, No lady need despair as the mom obstinate Ahopeless ca-PH bave j been immediately relieved by this remedy. Mrs. Wilson, (It Honor Oak Park, Forest Hill, says: "Your invaluabla remedy took immediate effect; In less than 12 hours I I was all right, after 14 weeha of misery and hopeless- ness." A properly certified guarantee ¡seneloried with aU W:<Û. moriialsand medicine. One package ftt 4s. ed. is usul1.ily I »ufScient for any case. Ladies Rend at onoo fully directed CU" velope for particulars and proofs. I will forfeit £ 1000 for every I testimonial that is not genuine. Thousands of tctimonb!1II have been received, EstabUxhed over leO years. Do rw be misled by showy advertisements and other f10-Cn.:¡cd remedies whir1! are utterly worthless. Write privately, at cr.ee, to— r.;j atojxl'WZIS: aasN, MEDICAL IUSTITOTE. HACKSEV (Oupostta Shoreditoh Church), iuonaon, W.13, I^LECTiUCITYFOR EVERYONE xoDondcVs •?*-J 'if' 'ii iintt^ry.wovl famous. T'.ous;<i\. is-oil ng*. :> >m -m ;re-?. tfel 5» c._p.» li.U OaC-alo^ueJU._iSJci;>osALj», 6.. h: y, N.K. to STEAM USERS AND EMPLOTEBS OF LABOtra. If you "ish to avoid BeiLER EXPLOSIONS03 BREAKDOWN OF EmilNES INSURE WITH THE TOILER IMSIiimE IJ AND CTEAM POWER CO., LD. HEAD OFFICES 67, KING STREET, MANCHESTER. TH J: TITiST AND LAEQEST COMPANY OFTHE KIND INTHE K¡NGDOJI. Also apply to this Company for Terms for EMPLOYERS' LIABILITY GENERAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE. APPLICATIONS FOR AGENCIES INVITBD. JUNO CYCEESv^J^T. SACIKG, Tot."I! NO. i LADIES', YOUTHS' iA ilIIIi'ill MILITARY. AND :i4 ir-1 I'l'llLl'i OTHEB SAFETIKS. t EASY 'JTET.TS ViiOM 8 &/ 0 LARGE DI3COff.crP. I /<v- ( >, U CAK3IAGK PAID. | f « ■. n Se 'id at once for New 8 V. V' '<h S Pen hoi? ft Large lu';ttra- | 1"|> P0ST"P.EE>7 | ltd JU1TO Lint of Ma- g g cni'i'-s, Fitting Parts, i^ETKOPOLITAir iMACHINISTS^CC'I.TC. uMF.^l?0P0LITAJy'' Sewing Machines. 5 Monthly. 7b & 70, Bishopeigate Street Wicnout, London, E.O, M_ •iinon iii3_Paper» CYCLING] ? L1ADINC „ m 1 -TEATfiD CYCLING PAPIR XR\ AH VMxrau fo ^^tVEP.Y \vTDNKDAY l" ^(TlfTl OTTi l IT ^or rcd^iDf Stoutness w WARD'S l'UOUS VBsT JO V I V U I CULO:-US TILLS. llamilect*adp!«astnttotak«. 3/9fc Habiø.hle onl, from LONG, CheiUt, II. StAKypM Hqi, Lo.ao. CI TONE BREAKERS, Concrete ^Breakers, c0Ke HTPakMortar Mills,Disintegrators & Engisesnew & second- hau l, for sa'e or liirc purcliarfft.—MABOW BROS., Brandon St., t S"n H RALEIGS" O^EyUALLED '( 'I t, :1;: 8 b \J .oJ ;{- ¡¿., v. All RALEIGH ur. Imilt under tbe pt-r>onal »u>.etiiHMi.!ene-' of Messr*. 49^fi0$k +/' < BA-SKXT & MILLS, uio.il MUM. MSs&gglSiJf I'irtSKj"- *«r »nd rhief «le*ls»er,re»t>evlIvelj-, jitthe heevton Humber wurk-. Tho pa»tr wnrk of these gentl«ini"n is n jrnarajiiee of the «hTr-r~p. future, nnd neither lw.r «xpen«e have been spared to plaee BALHGHS of <-U n>,i V THE BALEI8H CYCLE CO.. LTD.. SOTOUQHAM. H BROWN undertakes to give a good price •> fnr T.ADTES' and fiENTLEJIEN'9 l( ft-off Clothing. KXXR-XTTU31X-3 a'h!u«x1 and fc-t.ehf.d frv>in any y^-ili of London. 24y, TO,llTKN IdCAM ( OUKT XiOAD, LQADON, W. I SMART'S FEMALE MIXTURE I Will positively remove the most obi'inate obstructions, from any cause. Most Powerful and Strongest on earth. 4s. per bottle, post free under cover, wit" guarantee of cure. No frre. gularity cun resist it. Rend for our Ladies' Book. oontahing 40 pages of Testimonials, all sworn on oath befere Her Majesty's Commissioner of Oaths to be true and genuine. All Letters answered personally by Mrs. SMART, 81. UXBBIDGE ROAD. LONDON, W. E l|)IBSTRiAIJXKIBITIO|l in the Municipal Park at Tre'ptow on the Upper Spree. cx:ir.a tiik rATBOK^SB 0.: H.B.H. PRINCE FREDERIC LEOPOLD OF PRUSSIA. BARON YON BEKLEP8CH, Prussian Minuter of Commerce and Industry, Honorary President. MAY 1st TO^OCTOBER 15th, 1896. Open daily until towards Midnight. THIS EXH IBITION is of larger dimensions than any Inter- national Exhibition hitherto hdd m Europe. It covers an area of more than a million square yards, the principal exhibition building occupying a space of over 65,000 square yards. The Exhibition is divided into sections for fishing, sport, alimen- tary products, sanitary and hygienic arrangements, education, chemistry, scientilie instruments, and photography. There w also a department for astronomy, with a giant telescope. A larpe hall is set. apart for building and engineering. THE EXHIBITION presents a Complete Pfoture of tha Industry and Art of the German Capital, and comprises 8a groups, representing all branches of trade. THBBB ABB ALSO COBHICCTD WITH 11 1. The GERMAN FISHERIES EXHIBITION. Film HATzvtLD-TBACNMMM P;esident Hzewte. Hon. Presidents. 2. The GERMAN COLONIAL EXHIBITION. Organized with the Ci-operatien sf the Impsruil Qovernment. Pmimm TM AmaBiu and Ha. Kiiih, head of the Colonial Depart- mcnt of the Oerman Foreign OfSoe, Honorary Presiaent*. 5. The magniileeDt and highly attractive <ii«play» OLD BERLIN, a living picture of the History and Development or toe uapiiai. Special Exhibition: "CAIRO. TMATEB. ConcKBTa. „ K*htad»ai»t«. In the PLEASURE PARK the most Varied Attraction*. i UNION LINE S5S and 1NTJEKMKDIATE STFA ¡ I,¡; "Ii from y-mthamvtrn •very Satnrdar fot South and oast A-tnean made Slrt'ietra auti Tr~>rA1 XLi*. U.TIOlf SlirP OOJCPANY (Ltmitedy. Koad, aii:ritoTi, and South African House. W to 9(i, BisuopsgtiW Within, London, E.O.. — ■ l: WaaBXL £ YS T7TTKTI TO I<F'T v. 'I Wwoool*r are RE PAS RE D FK t £ E IM ty*« )j»l III'KING sk.VSO.-J 1S9V' \§ nm%B fw;.u fy.:y :.w&. THF ivrrii" rv^r."1 _J"2ri."tfv." #' tiSEfiLLfi' BOOTS & SHOES For LADIES' & OHILDRKN'S Wbab, AU genuine, *tarn i,,f" Crsf)F.TlBT.Uk_" MANUFACTORY, Wohokstkb Name of nearest A .^eut sent uii receipt JLs.mpl.po.^d»'». St.Clair. 17 Pnion-pa-fiw. Iiir:niiigl::im. Jymh—<«< HPilSKS Castrated wniie tan iin Hip- it Ritptured Horaes successfully opcraWupon Oy Wai THII Pt»,uiihmat,OAHBS. CAUTIOlf,-Genuine. UH LORe, DYNE. Thi well.known remedy for Inventor Dr..1. Collis Browne. riARDEN^ SEATS AND CHAIRS of! "Man-o'-War" Tealtwood. 8end for particulars to H. Casthi Sons (Ltd. Ship iireakers, Mil1bank, London, S.W. (MaT,nlac: urers of (jarden Seats by appoimmentto Her Majesty) TOITK. NETT^ AL ^IA 'oJt"™ II lUmju from OHE cHj.Mr A' ('•• y OT • M. ALL DISEAEHB FATUEK OHMB s VoWUBKS? Paat Cr.1 If T.o. from OHMK CHEMICAL COT- ■ OTIINOUAM. "m ACKENZIE'S FEMALE REMEDY. CM Jjfii- Tf.'tlo ifiiftranteed to n?n"»ve th- .ost OBSTINATE msSiWn'loNS and IttUKOULAIilTi^-i liorn whatever caiiVc in u hours. V ni>.noawble. W'M not iniure tjit; iiJ.jiuii i. v>i uu-'riiHlfl. iie'mwly sent pore free under cover. 5 (live shillings), with WntMrs BMaXlSe?Vmfford House, S3. Dawe's Road. Fuuiaiii, t/adon to this treatment. PcHiouiaJ-s. rfwutuoi.ial-. ,n.<l Aavice po« to thi treatment. l'rt/! iCUII>.1'8. T.t.ltll""JIi¡-. "n.) A,h'lCf\ p08i f!'5:f'Jr 81?_l_t: "J •• JUST pnblUL- & Co., a Treatise (;u;,i: vii ;IU v\' i'O ENSIJRK HEALTH a most !1; Fuï Y'.udst Men. On the LAWS GOVERNING Lifw CADSES, SYMPTOMS and Trkaty-VT !i>enflr sr on Nervous Douiiiiv, luxiitii-i a-i<i h: VKha,1 Depression, ¡ Palpitation of the Heart, Xoieey in the Head and Ears, Impaired Sight and Hr.^mrn-y, Indigestion; Prostration, L'tssitudc. frop or ro- I ceipt of Two Stamps. Adurest?, jj.iss.srs Bahnks, & Co.,48, Lonsdale Square, Thornhill Road, London.N. ITISLIS SBSHL RINGS IN HALF-IJ-OOP, MARQUISE, GIPSY, AND ALL OTHER DESIGNS, SET WITH BRILLIANTS, RUBIES, EMERALDS, PEARLS, SAPPHIRES, OPALS, TURQUOISE, ETC., ETC., ETC. 5,000 IN STOCK TO CHOOSE FROM. PARCELS OF UNSET GEMS TO SELECT FROM. WEDDING RINGS AND KEEPERS. MERCHANTS KETT CASH CITY PRICES, SAVIKG ALL PROFITS. SELECTIONS SENT TO THE COUNTRY ON APPROVAL. The FINEST, CHEAPEST, and LARGEST STOCK of RINeS in LONDON. Illustrated Book of Rings, Brooches, Bracelets, Watches. Clocks, Plate, &e„ at Reduced Prices, Post Free. SIZE CARDS SENT FREE ON APPLICATION. OLD JEWELLERY AND WATCHES TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. -=-=.=- -=-=-=-=.=-=-==-=-========= j. w. benson, H.M. the Queen's Jeweller, Steam Factory: 62 64, LUDGATE HILL, U A X I ) AT 82, ROYAL EXCHANGE, E.G., and 25, OLD BOND STREET, W., LONDON. BLINDS! BLINDS!! BLINDS! VENETIAN WINDOW BLINDS. MADE ALL COMPLETE, ANY COLOUR, 41d. and 5d. per ft. WARRANTED. 2 SUN, WIRE, CANE, SPRING, & OTHER ROLLER BLINDS. Before ordering elsewhere send for Samples and Estimates, Free of Charge, to W. PAYNE & CO., Office: 114, QUEEN'S ROAD, PECKHAM, LONDON, S. E. N.B.—SPECIAL PRICES TO THE TRADE AND BUILDERS. Old Blinds Re-painted, Taped and corded equal to new, 2Jd. &3d. per foot. Shop Sun Blinds fixed complete.-Send for Estimates Free of.Charge. ESTABLISHED 30 YEARS. BANKERS E. & S. W. BANK.