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1 CHESS. I All communications for this department should be addressed to the Chess Editor, who will be glad to hear from Secretaries of Chess Clubs as to tournaments, matches, &o. All letters to reach this office by Wednesday morning. Local intelligence wiil be given the preference to other news. Correct solution to Problem No. 26 received from Maurice Whittiugham, S. Jones, P. Carter, T. Ellis and W. A. Doodv. Problem No. 27. Solution—B — Kt4. Correctly solved by C. Ross, Maurice Whittingham, F. Carter, F. Rodenhurst aud S. Jones. PROBLEM No. 28.-Soltitionsitivit(-d. By J. NIELD, Crompton. (Hereford Times). BLACK 5 Pieces. I WHITE— 9 Pieces.. White to play and mate in two moves. Position—White K at KKt7, Rs at (t>Bsq, and KR5, B-s at K8 and QR7, Kt at K2, Ps at KB6, 03 and QKt5. Black K at Q4, 11 at KKteq, Ps at K4, Q3 arm QB4. ;¡\i: On Wednesday Mr Bird was the guest of the Queens' Atliletic Clnl) of West Kensington. In the afternoon the athletes instructed Mr Bird in athletics, and in the evening Mr Bird instructed the athletes iu chess. # A considenable section of the press seem to take it for granted that the members of the Divau Chess Association will all be professionals. This is nor the case. All first-class players are eligible for membership, aDd several players, not generally considered professionals, have already j become members. V: GAME No. 39. THE DIVAN TOURNAMENT.—The following game was played last week iu the tournament in progress at Simpson's Divan :— QUEEN'S GAMBIT DECLINED. WHITE. BLACK. Mr L Van lie!. Mr O C Muller P—Q4 2 P—QH4 P—K3 3 Kt—Q.B3 Kt-KBJ 4 B —Kt5 B K2 5 Kt- PZ p—B3 6 P-K5 QKt—Q2 7 H-Q3 Kt —Bsq (a) 8 Kt-K5 (b) Kt-Kt3 9 P—KB4 Kt x Kt (c) 10 BP x Kt Kt—J<5 ? (d) 11 B x B Q x B (e) 12 B x Kt P x B 13 Kt x P Q-ItS ch 14 Kt-Kt3 Castles 15 Castles p KB4 16 Q-B3 J B-Q 17 QR-Qsq B—Ksq 18 P-Kt3 P—KKt4 (f) 19 P—Q5 BP x P (g) 20 P x P w P -B5 21 P x BP R x P 22 P x P 23 Kt—B5 Q—114 24 Kt-K7 ch K-Kt2 (h). 25 K t x PH, x It c h 26 It x It B-Kt3 27 P—K6 dis ch K—R3 28 M,-B6 (¿-K7 29 P—K7 K—KKfcsq 30 P—KR4 (i) Q—Q7 (j) 31 P x Pelt K-H4 (k) 32 Kt—B4 ch K—B5 33 Kt x 1> ch Resigns (1) (a) Mistaken tactics the object, is, of couse, to post the Knight at Kt 3, but the piece is not -well placed there in the early stages of a close opening. (b) This.seems to be the best reply. (c) Which scarcely improves his prospects. (d) And this loses a Pawn unnecessarily the Kt should have been played to Q2. (e) If Kt x Kt, 12 Q—Kt4 Q x B 13 Q x KtP, with advantage. (f) Tne counter attack comes to nothing, but Black's only chance now was to play desperately. (g) Jn reply to KP x P, White would have con- (g) In reply to KP x P, White would ha.ve con- tinued 20 Kt x P with a strong attack. (h) This is bad enough, but any other move would be worse. (i) Q-B 8 ch at once would not amount to much, as Black would interpose his Rook. (j) Now, however, if P x P, 31 Q—B 8 ch, wins, for if R interpose, 32 Q—-B4 ch, &c. (k) If Q x 1', 32 Q x Q ch, IC x Q; 33 R—B8, and wins. (I) Further resistance would be useless if P x Kt, 34 Q—B4 ch, Q x <2 65 It x Q, ch, K x P; 36 R —B8, &c. NORTH OK THE THAIIES V. SOUTH or THE THAMES.If anyone had been in doubt as to the enthusiasm of Londoners for 1I]PSS, that doubt would have been dispelled by a visit to the Cannon street Hotel ou Saturday last. In magniticent weather outside, when the majority of men would have preferred the cricket field or other outdoor amusements, 200 gentlemen, 100 residing north of the Thames, and the other south, assembled at tho Pillar Hall of hotel for the purpose of playing a chess match. 1 a addition tu the participants," a 1)1,tycrs were Dresent to witness the match. Prominent among these were Messr. backer. Bhickburne, Guusbery, Mason, Hefier; 7'insiey, Fenton, Guest, etc., and a number of ladies. Applications to be included in the teams were extraordinarily larg-2, and we believe that 250 names were sent ill on the southern sido alone. The selection committee had, therefore, a difficult task to perform, and it, of course, follows that many amateurs who are strong enough to rake part in such a match had to be "excluded. Ir is, nevertheless, regrettable that the committees could not see their way clear to give the ladies some representation on the teams. Thousands of ladies are now taking an interest in chess, and they are very enthusiastic, and oright to have been con-iere.'f, especially as the incJusion of, sav three lady players ou each side, could have made little difference in the result of the contest, Pla A. started at 3 o'clock, and by 5 o'clock the north had scored 22.'f games to 8|. At 6 tiiis I 2 advantage had been increased to 41 against 2CJ, and by 6 30 the north had actually won the match, the score being then 50?,- to 2?b. Curiously enough] immediately after this the south begau to 'iain^iu the scoring, and when time was called at 7 30 the figures stood at 55 to 37. The remaining games i were then adjudicated upon by Mr. Gunsberg, and the result of the adjudication further reduced the 1101 tie rn majority, the final outcome being, uorth, 576 south. 42 V a bptcer result for the south than sectued a t one stage of ,the contest- probable. :N :f: 40. Ginsberg. Smith 1 P—K4 I'-K3 2 i 4 P—Q4 3 P x P p x P 4 K t—.B3 5 Kt — K 143 B-QJ 6 Kt K3 Castles K t5 It-Ksq cli B Kt — B—KKt5 9 <>. -Q2 QKt—Q2 10 Castles QR 1-134 (b) 11 P x P (0) B x P 12 Kt-B4 (<1) Q-Kt3 (c) Id B—R4(f) (g) 14 it x R ch 15 Kt x 11 (h) 1]—Kt5 16 O-Y3 P—<)5 Q—K4 13 P-QB3 (i) (l x P 19 B — Ktsq ().H5 20 Kt-B2 P x P 21 B x Kt Kt x B 22 Kt-Q3 p x p ch 23 Kt x P B-R6 24 q-Q5 Q—Kt5 25 P—Kt3 (k) Kt-K5 26 Q-K8 elJ (I) 11 x Q :.1 27 Kt x Q J: xKt Resigns (a) This move betrays Whine's intention t Hast!" On -en's --i-'e. This is n.Ua.-s n- very expeue'n;. :<• tie.; French Def"nc", especia y this stage.. „g (b) an excellent move, which at once g1 h Black an advantage, from which,curiously enoug > White could nor protect- himself. (c) his seems better than 11 P B3, w^ Black couhl follow up with P—B5, and P I (d) This move turns out badly. K Kt—Q4 w°11^ deserve preference. (e) Excellent play. be (f) Q —Bsq perhaps should have played, but t objection to thfuJe Si K-» 14. B Px B; lo, Kt,—Qt, Bx Kt; 1(5. Px B, P—^ 17, B—R4; PxKt4.. (g) Black continues to play with very good Jft is ment. i his move threatens H- Kt:), &c. ne absolutely necessary, therefore, that White in SOl way should make room for his Queer!. d fll (h) Qx 11 was pieEerabio. But Black won!d £ have a gcod contim.aii. n at his oi-po-al by (i) White ha:- got into a singularly unfortun f po.-itio" P— KB-'} is itnpfft b'o on account o Q x KP. Even 18 K—Ktsq will not- answer fora^f B x Kt Black threat ens either Q —Q7, or P JL. (!■:) To p»event mate, by R x Ktch, followed y mate. iost for come time; hate.er he does makes nO difference 'P; ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. The Chess Editor will be pleased to ,anS^re correspondents in this column if their questions received at the COUNTY TIMKS Office not later t Wednesrbiy. w in T. IIALL (Oswestry) —There is a tournament nO j\lr progress at Llandudno. The hon. sec" 1 Firth B yd-y-bia, Llandudno, will given y full particulars. ..+-

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