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COUNTY CRICKET. At, Oxford, on Friday, the University cricket team defeated Somersetshire by an innings and 107 runs. The scores in the other matches are as follovs:At Ken" ington Oval, Gloucestershire, first innings 125. second innings 193 for two wickets Surrey first innings 330. At Eastbourne, Australians (against the South of England) first innings 328 for six wickets. At Lord's, Middlesex first- innings 384, Yorkshire first innings 349 for five wickets (Brown 192 not our,). The cricket match between the Australians aud a South of England Eleven was not in a position to excit" much interest on Saturday, a satisfactory finish being practically impossible. At 323 Trott declared the Australian innings closed on the desperate chance of getting the Englishmen out twice for a smaller total, but as a master of fact only five English wickets had failen when play ceased and 134 had beu scored. The Middlesex v. Yorkshire match, on the other hand, was cyiite sensational. The Yorkshire innings, which had begun so well, changed character entirely, and five wickets fell for 32. Middlesex had thus an unexpected lead of three runs and in their second inniugs they added 142. The game now seemed to be open, but Yorkshire soon dispelled the hopes of the other side, and the game fell to them with- out the loss of a wicket in the second innings. The Surrey and Gloucester match ended, as was expected, in another easy win for the former. Whit-Monday found ail the first,hiss cricket counties busily engaged. Lancashire met Kent at Old Trafford in the presence of a great crowd. The cricket was not very exciting, and at, the close I of the day Kent had scored a first innings of 254 and Lancashire had lost, two gocd wickets for 36 runs. The days cricket at Bramall Lane gave the Australians a considerable advantage over York- shire. The Colonials made a first innings of 262, and then Yorkshire, in less than an hour and a half, lost half their wickets for 86. The first day of the Sussex and Gloucestershire match was distinguished by a fine batting display from the Champion. W. G. Grace was at the wickets for over five hours and a half—the whole time play la"lt"l-for a splendid not-out innings of 266. Ah jther Gloucester put on 424 for seven wickets Thomas making the excellent scoreof 109. Surrey met Not's at Trent Bridge, and scored a first innings of 327. Notts lost one wicket for eight. A match between Middlesex and Somerset began at Lord's. The home county were at the wickets nearly the whole of the day and made 386, Stodd-rt contributing 121. Somerset had ten minutes' batting, and scored 14 without loss. At bouth- hampton Hampshire, against Derbyshire, scored 307 H. F. Ward making 113. The visitors had a few minutes' batting, which produced 20 without loss. In the Essex and Leicestershire match at Leyton the visitors went in first, and were all dismissed for 141. Essex when stumps were drawn, had put together 126 for the loss of five wickets. There was some slow scoring at Old Trafford on Tuesday in the Kent match. At the drawing of the stumps for the day Lancashire, with eighc wickets in hand, required 150 runs to win. The match between Yorkshire and the Australians had a sensational conclusion. The English batsmen could not withstand the bowling of Jones and Giffen, and their first innings closed for 118, the last four wickets falling at that total. Following on, the couuty did little better, pattiug together only 136, and leaving the Australians a splendid victory by an innings and eight runs. Grace on Tuesday crowned his giand display of Monday by adding 17 to his previous score of 226and carry- ing ont his bat. He was at the wickets for just over six hours, and his total included 33 fours. The Gloucestershire innings realised 463. Sussex made 245 in their first attempt, and had to follow on. Their steond innings had began well, 120 having been put on by Bean and Marlow without loss. The Middlesex and Somerset match came to an unexpectedly early ending, owing to the collapse of the latter's batting. Somerset's first innings reached 179 (of which Smith and Fowler contri- buted 118), and, following on, they were all dis- missed for 106, leaving Middlesex the victory by the big surplus of an innings and 101 runs. Tues- day's play at Loyton leaves Essex in a promising position. The home team replied to Leicestershire's first innings of 141 by scoring 285, and then dis- missed the visitors for 225. Reqairing 82 to win Essex had twenty-five minutes batting, and made 14 for one wicket. They were thus only 67 behind and had nine wickets in hand. At Southampton Derbyshire scored a first innings of 342-35 more than Hampshire had gained the previous day. The home team in the second innings lost one wicket for 42. Notts against Surrey scored a first innings of 183, against 327, and thus had to follow on. In their second effort they put on 144 for three wickets, Jones playing a fine innings of 87 not out. Lancashire at Old Trafford on Wednesday scored the 150 runs which were needed when play closed on Tuesday for a victory over Kent, for a loss of five of the eight wickets in hand, thus winning the match by three wickets. Some remarkable cricket was witnessed at Brighton in the match between Sussex and Gloucestershire. At the opening of play the home team were 97 behind. Bean and Marlow, who overnight had made 64 and 56 not out respectively, carried the score to 211 before the partnership ended. By a quarter to five Sussex had made 420 for three wickets, Ranjitsinhji having followed the example of Bean and Marlow, and passed the century, scoring 114 not out. The innings was then declared closed, with only eighty minutes left for play. Gloucestershire went in, wanting 204 to win, and the Sussex bowling met with such astonishing success that seven wickets had fallen for only 88 runs when time expired. The match was then drawn, greatly in favour of Sussex, who on the fiast innings were in a minority of 217. The match was further noteworthy for the fact that five centuries were made. Despite the fact that at the close of play on Tuesday Hamp- shire and Derbyshire were on almost equal terms, Derbyshire managed to win yesterday by seven wickets. Hampshire's second innings- produced 179, leaving Derbyshire 145 to get to win. These runs were put together in an hour aud fifty-five minutes, but the match was not wou till a quarter to six. At Trent Bridge Surrey beat Notts by six wickets. The Essex and Leicestershire match ended in a victory for the former by seven wickets. The Australian cricketers commenced their first engagement with the Lancashire team at Old Trafford on Thursday, and, winning the toss, were at the wickets the greater part of the day. All were disposed of, however, for 281, Iredale's 67 being the highest score. Ward and Paul opened i the Lancashire innings, and 54 runs were scored for two wickets, Ward obtaining 31 and Paul (not out) 20. Kent commenced an engagement with Yorkshire at Leeds. F. Marchant scored 128 out of the 205 made by the Southern team, and York- shire, with only one wicket down, had reached 127 when play ceased. Warwickshire made 321 against Leicester, at Leicester, William Quaife scoring 105 and Weiford 118. Leicester after- wards lost one wicket for one run. At Oxford the University made 162, and then got nine of the Surrey Eleven out for 96. It should be mentioned that Abel, Richardson, Wood, and Street were absent from the Surrey side. At Lord's Derbyshire are playing a Maryleboue Ciub eleven. The Club made 157, and after getting the County out for 105 went in again and lost six wickets for 62. S. 31. J. Woods, playing for Somerset against Sussex at Brighton, carried out his bat for 158, the total reaching 424. Sussex were 44 for one out when stumps were drawn for the day. FIRST-CLASS AVERAGES. Calculated to Saturday May, 23rd inclusive. HATTING AVERAGES (5 innings). -J/ No. Tims Most of not Total in an inns. out. nine. inns. Aver. Hayward 5 2 466 229;' 155.33 Abel 7 1 680 231 113.33 Peel 8 2 463 210* 77.16 Jackson, Ft S 7 2 344 117 63.80 Holland (Surrey) 6 0 354 1::3 59.16 Ranjitsinhji, K. S. 9 0 512 138 56"88 Wainwright 8 0 429 145 53.62 „lU'C 5 1 202 73 50.50 ^layman, H. B 10 2 397 152 49.62 w^\ c. 8 2 294 82 49.00 DarT' T 1 3 0 337 108 48 57 BrownJ T ° 285 115 47"50 Gunn ? 427 203 47.44 I iiawko,Lord. I I Kead, WW 1 ? ^33 166 49'60 Moorhouse J I 112 «1.60 Hirst I 2 325 113 41-60 2 240 90 40.00 Signifies not out. BOWLING AVERAGES do wickets). Hearne (J. T.) 235'.4 f42 £ 1 Z' Jones, E 139 53 gg 26 l?*?? Attewell (WM) 243.2 110 391 31 to'H <^e, W. G 124.1 43 233 18 12 S Raikes, G. B 83 33 157 12 13 08 1 Anson 89.4 24 223 17 13.11 Jackson, F. S 87.2 38 152 11 13 ri Curliffe, P. H. E. 101.1 J6 186 13 1430 Hayward 147.2 53 352 24 1468 Trumble, H 90.2 24 193 13 14.84 PRESENT POSITIONS. One point is credited for a win, one point deducted for a lose, and drawn g^mos are ignored. W. L. D. Totli. Pts. Surrey.? 0 0 7 7 Yorkshire 5 0 1 6 5 Lancashire 2 1 0 3 1 Notts J 1 0 2 0 Middlesex 1 1 0 2 0 Essex 1 1 0 2 0 Somerset I 2 0 3 -1 Derbyshire 1 2 0 3 1 Hampshire 0 1 0 1 -1 Gloucester 13 1 5 -2 Kent 0 2 0 2 -2 Sussex 0 2 13-2 I Leicestershire 0 2 0 2 -2 Warwickshire 0 2 1 3 -2 -+-.






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