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CRICKET. coinm-jr-of-airo rejoicings furnished a grand amount oif excit-urn'-it. i'iie Montgomery cricketers ur-j ne:■(> !v(;>iiv as wL" tifi- !>;»vo to meet a really good sc>-atch team. Years ago Mi" Henry Jones used ro fitkt; good scratch teams t<> Lymoie, bat he invariably came (iff second he«t. Mr Harrison had got together a strong XI., ami one which on paper, ought ea-dly to have defeated Montgomery. The first iu aim's of MO-Mgomery was nor, a lengthy affair :ui«l reached 61, -Air Eaton (19) and Tom lev (12) .tHi.1I tnf) '(.lr'(1r; W. 10. Pryce.Jon«s \1-i;1 his 0"sr bowiinsr lorm aiv.t tunic e>srtst wickKs Tor 19 runs. ihe Caerhowel team rjp!>u with 78. (14 11111 Meyr.ck -J.2) wore th" only ones r<> reach d-»:iblr- gure:. An r.riii-overnciit ton! place i:i the second nnings of -11 90. R. T. Harris, 21. and Shvv aid P Eaton 11 »>ae!i. Shaw and Baton bov. '-n for aii( they w 're w.,?"h j„ the second iiiM ■; •: et T!V.w<?!. and jus- p-evmted the home team winning by sre tire.- ai! ou- ''or 70. (."apt Hayhu-t-Frano* had to retire aft-i- «e.,ring 15, it is more than probable th» victory would have been the other way about. The bowling of Montgomery was assisted by verv good S!T,arfc fielding, the captain of the M>nt^omerv team set- ting hi«? m»n a v»ry tin- oxamnfe in «h>c respect, ana i.e .m-.i a<i,tn. «•»!{*} of' onfebiug the last man out and thus winning the rmtch. W. E. Pryce-Jones again was the ma nstav of his side and carried hid bat for ag-ood ionicit's of 19. 0,1 Saturday Chirbury were defeated with great ease by the iiontgomery players. Shaw was absent from Ui village team, three good memoers of a neighbouring club made ap for this. 1 he .Salopians batted first hut could not look at the bowdug of C. Williams aud were all out for 18. C. "VVilliums look 6 wickets for 4 and Tippiug 4 for 10. The .dontyomery men did not show anything like their nsaal bar.ting form—probably the bowling was a bit too good for tiit-nt—and their total only reached 44. Parry took 5 wickets for 25 and Butter 4 for 15. Pi-ve, fclaton, who sterns to have early got into form, was The only man to get into double figures. and his 17 runs were well got. Chirbury g,>* 4o for 7 wickers in She second in- nings. VV. Fhzhngh took 6 wickets for 17 runs. On Bank Holiday, Mr Clipston took a scratch team to meet another scratch team called Vernie- B-atnblers at Llanymynech. A good and pleasant game took place which ended in favour of Mr Ciipstou'a men. The batting on both sides was chieilv the work of two good men. For the winners Alf Eaton plnyed a line innings of 48, but on the other side Stretton played a much finar one for 49 not out. lncluded in his score were some love]v six was a beanty. Seores— Montgomery 92, Virniew Ramblers 75. Jack Ernon bowled weli for the winners and did the hat trick. The Oswestrv cricketers on Ba~ k Holiday re- ceived a visit from Wrexham and a very good game took place. Tie Wiexham men on taking the inn- ings made such a promising start that there seemed a probability <>f a big score. Wilding and Wright put on upwards of 30 for the first wicket by good and careful batting against good bowling Wright's score of 24 was the result of very good pJay. Gcugh and How after the fall of the first wicket had not much difficulty with the rest and all were out for 76. Oswestry made a good start W. W. Sabine ami Captain Hayhnrsfi-France playing good cr.ckeo f'»r toe.i scores. At one time there was a little excitement as hve wickets were down and eigh- runs wanted to win. These two wickets fell at the same tigures and the Wrexham men played up well Bob Jones and Aston played steadily at the pinch aud in the end Osr.- jstry won somewhat easily. Aston carried his bat for 19, made m the most promising style. On Sa nrday Utne alone prevented Oswestry add- ing another victory to their list. With only eight runs to win and live wickets to fall the game had to oe abandoned. R. T. Gough playei a dashing a^id at the same time correct intiing3 of 36 for Jsvvestry. Some of R. T.'s friends describe it as the best innings he hag ever played. Ihut the game of cricket is never over till the lafit minute was clearly proved on Saturday. The Chirk cricketers liavi done very well this season, and on Saturday they went to play Whittington. On winning the toss the Chirk men put Whittiugton in to bat, probably thinking that after they had disposed of them for a few they could go in and lave a good afternoon's fun. At first the plan "worked out well, for half the Whittington men "were ont with the score at 8 only, and the Chirk men thought, and it is not certain the thought dk not find expression, Well, these are a poor lot, and if these are the best players in the club its a pity we came." Rodenhurst and Sanderson stayed the lot for a bit by plucky piay but all were out for 45. The easy task of heading this score was too much after all for Chirk, and Charles and enburst rattled them all out for 30. Charles got 6 wickers for 10 and Rodenhur3t 3 for 13. The best bit of bowling in this district took place on the Oswestry High School ground on Saturday. Against the wonderfully effective bowling of Messrs G, and P. Benfield, Ruabon were all out for S. rerf ^s fche bowling, which is worth studying: Mr • Benfield 3 wickets for 0; Mr P. Bentield 5 wickets for 1. The High School innings did not ^pen well as two good wickets were down for one n then Horne and D. Jones raised the score to „ y S^d cricket. Kerslake and Mills then made tivelvM-n Stai'<J' aud added 21 and 40 respec- 8 hit tremendously hard, scoring two and the H' VFE fours, The last wicket fell at 103, runs Igh school gained a great victory by 95 and'nlt hairSJrTel°ri?k.t0 U C-W'' Aberystwyt\ selley the l>mr.Q either. On Saturday at Dol- 115, and with three^t^ defeated by no leas than gave a maarniticent'eih'h^1-8 m ^and- *iobbs in his fine score of 69 °f p0°d e,ean battin £ 29. There were several with a Sood one duck. E. other iair scores and not Dolgelley fellow,' out L™42 T £ °T, ratUed reaching double fio-ures p *'• Edwards alone for 16, and Thorpe°5 for 21 neS t0°k 5 wicketa This victory was followed bv «« Monday against Newcastle Fmi e eriually good on ground. The visitors took first^ ?u tbQ College E. N. Jones showed his bowKnlanir,^8> ^ut aSain ■were out for 34. Jones took 7 wiVW*0*8' and a,i D. Matthias batted wi-h most 3 12' G" for 24 out of this total. The Coli^ ° pl"ck with 170 for 6 wickets and this too in re^lied a half rather quick scoring. Hall carried^ w for a splendid display. His 76 included some hit. All ,hf b«,n,ru »» th» wta.i^2^ into uoubie figures, and the innings was a merry"f a short oue. On Saturday week the U.C.W. met their match in the Pennal team, which included such fine players as A. ill. Stithery, F. G. J. Ford, Captain Hay hudt- FraL and two or three good Machyn- lleth men, but it was no disgrace to be beaten by such a team. E lie sin ere College easily accounted for Balmoral (Liverpool). It was Penn's day out, a3 he scored the majority of runs far his side with a good con- tribution of 35, and got 4 wickets for 17. Harvey got 5 for 31. In the second innings of the CoLlege both batted wall.-Peiiii with 25 and Harvey 41. The Balmoral men made a very feeble effort in the second innings, aud lost 6 wickets for 6 runs. In First Ciass cricket there has been some sensational play lately. The performance of York- shire stands out prominently. Middlesex scored 384 in their first innings, and to face this was a stifli.sh ta.sk. Yet so little did Yorkshire think of it that they put on 139 for the first wicket, and sot within three of their opponents total. Brown made his highest score, and probably his best, by scoring 203. As the Middlesex batting broke down in the second inaings, Yorkshire were left with 146 to get to win, and 2-1- hours to get them. Again Brown and TunnielifEe opened the ball, and they did it well. By some flue batting they put on the runs in 80 minutes. In contrast to this brilliant display of Yorkshire in their county match mast be placed their match against the Australians. The wicket was a vile one, as all wickets are at Sheffield, and Jones crippled uearly every batsman. Yorkshire's display was a very poor one, and they were ignomiuiousiy beaten. Sussex have dune wonders this week. Gloucester gave them the s jore of 4t>3 to face in their lirst innings. ",7. G. came out of his shell with a grand not our innings or 243, or just three short of tho whole numb'.r )" runs scored by Sussex in their first innings. Going in again, Sussex scored "420 for tin losa of only three batsmec, and then put Gloucester in ami actually got seven wickets down for S3. Beau (113), Marlow (108), and Ranjitsinhji (114 not out) played in marvellous style. So de'g'tod -.vep the Brighton spectators with the performance of Marlow and Bean that they sub- scribe: tr/enty gaitijas for them, and Mrs Mur- dock presented it to them. U.C.W., ABERYSTWYTH, v. NEWCASTLE EMLY.V.— Played at Aberystwyth on Monday. The visitors batted first, find were dismissed for the poor total of 34. E X Jones took seven wickets for 12 runs, Thorpe two for 13, and Keeble one forO. TheCol- ieciaus ha i an hour and a haIrs batting, in which time, by very vigorous hitting, and for the loss of only six wickets, they compiled 170 runs. Scores: — x t; w. ■ A s T r, V, .U L Y X. J Thomas c Johnson b Ti N Jones 2 Honrey b Thorp 0 G 0 JIatthias b .Jones 23 Brigstocke b Jones 0 ■f 21 Thomas hit vvkfc b Jones 0 W 1) Matthias b Jones 0 Robinson b Thorp 3 Evans b Joaes 1 J Uavies not oat 2 G Davies c White b Keeble 1 D Davies b Jones 0 Extras 2 Total 34 U.C.W. Keeble b J if Thomas 33 Hobbs lbw b Matthias 16 Atkins c G Davids b Thomas 10 Hall not out 76 i'J N Jones c J Davies b D Davies 10 White lbw b Robinson 20 Johnson b Thomas 10 Extras 5 Total (for 6 wickets) 170 u.c.w. ABETTYSTWYTH Y DoUGEi.BKY.— Played at Dolgelley on Saturday and resulted iu a decisive win for the collegians, for whom E N Jones took five wickets for 16 runs and Thorpe five for 21. Tie following is the score — r.• W. A F. h KYSTW YT; 1. E C Hobbs c Fu-Iop.' b Roberts 69 E N Jouesc Hughes b Bull 7 F W Keeble b Roberts 2 J W H Atkins retired hnrt 11 F W Hall c Roberrs b Bull 29 H W Jones c Humphreys b BLill 9 ME White c & b Roberts 9 S J Thorpe not out 2 AIf Evans run out 3 Extras 16 Total for 7 wickets 157 Innings declared closed. DOUJELLFY. H H Hornby c H W Jo,, b E N Jones 6 Furlong b Thorpe 0 Lewis c Burton b g X Jones 0 R Williams c Hall b Thorpo 1 E Edwards b E N Jones 12 Roberts b Thorpe 3 Humphreys c White b E N Joijes 7 Bull b Thorpe 3 Clark b E X Jones 0 Fitehard c & b Thorpe. 1 Hugbes not out 4 Extras. 5 Total 42 PENNAL (MACHYNLLETH) V. ABEHYSTWYTH COLLEGE.—The above i -cli was played on the 16th May on the ground vi the Machynlleth C.C., and resulted in an easy win for Pennal, for v/hjta Mr A M Sutthery played grandly putting together 59 (not out) without a chance. The College could make nothing of Mr Ford, who as will be seen below, secured eight wickets. Scores:- r.c.w. Mr Keeble c Hayhnrst-Franee b Ford 2 E N Jones c Lloyd Jones b Ford 0 E C Hobbs c Ford b Sutthery 12 H Atkins c Sutthery b Ford 7 F W Hall c Carson b Ford 2 M E White h w b Ford 4 S J Thorpo c Carson b Ford 1 T R Johnson c John Jones b Ford 7 Alfred Evans c J N Evans b Ford. 4 Lawson c Havhurst-France b Sutthery 2 Burtcn not out 0 Extras 9 Total. 50 PKNNAT.. A M Sntherv not out 59 F G J Ford b E N Jones 15 N Lloyd-Jones b Johnson 15 P Vaughan b A Evans 2 C R Kenyon b A Evans 0 Captain Hayhurst-France b E N Jones 6 Extras. 9 Total 106 lorri John Jones, H Carson, T Fancourt, and T Jones did not bat. OSWESTRY HIGH SCHOOL v. RCABOX.—Played at Oswestry on Saturday. Ruabon went in first and were all ont for eight runs, Mr G. Benfield taking three wickets for no runs, and Mr P. Benfield five wickets for one run. The High School went in, and by very good batting made 103 runs, thus winning by ninety-five runs. Score :— RUABOX. C S Meadwav b-P Benfield 0 Nicholas b P Benfield 2 Edwards c D Jones b P Benfield 1 E Edkins b P Benfield 0 H Alderson c and b Parry 0 G Clay b P Benfield 3 Halsey b G Benfield 2 J Stubbs run out 0 H Jones b G Bentield 0 S W Davies c Mills b G Benfield 0 W Wright not oat 0 Extras 0 Total 8 HIGH SCHOOL. Mr G Benfield run out 1 Tom Parry b Edkins 0 D Jones b Alderson 4 Wheldon c Wright b Nicholas 4 Horne bit wicket 17 Mr P Benfield b Alderson 2 J J Jones c Jones b Alderson 0 F C Kerslake b Davies 21 J E Mills b Davies. 40 T J Jones not out 3 D H Waterhouse b Davies 0 Extras 11 Total 103 OSWESTRY GHAMMAR SCHOOL v CHIRK. This match was played at Chirk last Wednesday, which resulted in a close win for the School. Scores CHIRK. T Davies c Parry b Owen 0 Cntland c Mason b Owen 16 J Wilson b Parry 0 J Meredith b Owen 1 F Bible c Mr O'Malley b Owen 0 Dr Lowis not out 12 J Mates b Owen 3 P Griffiths b Osven ] T Williams b Parry 0 J Williams b Parry 1 Rev E J Evans c Owen b Parry 5 Extras 0 Total. 39 O.G.S. M T Mason run out 4 Mr O'Malley b J Williams 0 FQ yjVilHan,s lbw b Cutland 1 revor c Wilson b Cutland 8 V pV°pe b C'^aud 1 T w x7y b Bible 2 T rr ,;V Jcmes not out 2 13 R F W;ir Wilson 0 ii>ETOr,rc»Sbwiiiia,"s ? Extras 8 Total 40 CRICKET FIXTURE (Au matchcs played on the MAY. 30- -Tedsmore v. ()S%ve,,trY Ili(,,h 30-Llanymynech v. Oswestry A Team JUNE. 6—Oswestry A Team v. Oswestrv Hi^h k„I, 6-Llanymynechv. Gobowen S Sch°°l 13-Llatiyniynech v. Oswestry High School 17-Ruabon Grammar School v. Oswestry School J o" 20—Oswestry High School y. Oswestry A Team 27—Oswestry Hisjh School v. Wrexham Welcome 27—Knockin v. Llanymynech JULY. 8-0swestry High Sciiool v. Ruabon Grammar School ll-Ruabon v. Oswestry High School








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