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MEIFOD. RDMMA.rfi SALE.—A very successful rummage. sale i-i aid of the building fund of the proposed mission room at Nantymeichiaid, was held in the National Sohool on Tuesday the 26th inst The, following ladies presided at'the sale :-lilrs Wilvm Jone-rs Luxmoore, Miss Mand Luxmoore, iKss May wixmoore, Miss Holley, Miss Alice Greene, Miss Overall, Miss Cowan, Miss Parry, Miss E Vpw. The refreshment stall was in charge of Miss A. E, ans and Mrs M. Evans. Over £13 was realised at t.;e sals. Amongst otheis present we noticed Capt and Mrs Hayhurst-France, Capt and Mrs H. S. Walker, Capt Luxmoore. Rev S. and Mrs Reed, Mrs and Misses Layton, Dr and Mrd Greene, Mrs Lluyd, Dr and Mrs Felix Jones, Mrs Humphreys Mrs cI. M. Jones, Mr and Mrs Teape, &c. POULTRY SHOW.—A show of poultry was held in the schoolyard, Meifod, on Tuesday afternoon. There was a good exhibition of first-class birds several of the classes being keenly cuntested Mr Scntson, Welshpool, acted as juage. The folipw ing is the prize list .-—Best bantams, 1 Rev S RV-h]' Liangyniew; 2 Mrs M A C Luxmoore, WHte Hens; Best game, 1 Mrs Wainwright TrelvKn Best Plymouth rocks, I Mrs Jones Best barndoor fowls, 1 Mrs Preece, Kin^s lWt o Mr-. Corheld, Glanyllan. Best barndoor f i (cottagers' clas8)', 1 Mr J Evans, TroedvrlnW 9' Mr Richard Humphreys, Mino-wern P- and drake, 1 Mrs Jones, l'ontratil. Best turk cock. 1 Mr Jones, Matlirafal 2 llrs { "rKey Best cock of any breed in the 8W 1 V1"' Lower Hall; 2 Mr Jones, Caeba-dd' 'l lu'^arde' any breed in the show, 1 Mr p- u ?' tea of Hali; 2 Mr Jones, Caebardd RTV h<7eT chickens witb mother 1 Mr Trm r??S, bro°cl of Robert Williams, Meifod'' Be*t d?VCafebar<!d 2 Mr 1 Mr Evan Evans. Meifod • 2 Mr C °* The show was ably organiWd b^ C t Gl^]^ Oapt H S Walker und pt Evemll acting as se'cretaV co™ttee;