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OSWESTRY. LARCEXY.—At the County Police Court on Mon- day, before G. Owen and W. H. G. Weaver, Esqrs., David Jones, tramp, labourer, no fixed residence, was charged with stealing a hedge hook the property of John Yang-han, Fron, Selattyn. P.C. Edwards proved the case and accused was fined 5s or seven days' imprisonment. DRUNK AXD DISORDERLY.- At the Borough Police on Wednesday, before W. H. (:. Weaver and Robt. Lloyd, Esqrs., Edward Burke, travelling hawker, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the previous day at the Post Office. The case was proved, and accused was fined 5s and costs or seven days' imprisonment with hard labour. THEFT FROM PARK HALL.—At the County Police Court on Wednesday, before W. H.G. Weaver, Esq, Frederick Jones, labourer, arid James Ashlev. cork cutter, were charged by P.C. Wilson and P.S. Francis with stealing from a tent at Park Hall on the 26th inst. two pair carvers, three metal mustard pots, one corkscrew, three roller towels, two galvanised buckets, nine table knives, one dozen and nine table prongs, one dozen dessert knives, one tablet of soap, two toilet towels, three salt spoons, and three mustard spoons.—Superintendent Lang- ford stated that during Monday night the refresh- ment tent on the grounds at Park Hall had been entered and the articles stolen as well as a quantity of beer from bar-els. On Tuesday the prisoner Jones went to Mr Dale's pawnshop and offered for sale a number of knives aud forks. Suspicion was aroused, and Mr Dale gave information to the police, and the prisoner was brought to the lockup where he gave a very unsatisfactory account of how he came to be in possession of the articles. On Tuesday night prisoner admitted taking the articles from Park Hall, and on inquiries being made it was found that he and the other prisoner Ashley went into the Fighting Cocks Inn and sold there a dozen knives and forks. Several of the articles had been recovered and Superintendent Langford asked that the prisoners be remanded until inquiries were made as to the rest of the missing property and also as to the characters of the prisoners who were practically unknown to the police.—The case was adjourned till Tuesday. THE QUEEN'S BIRTHDAY.—Ou Sunday flags were hoisted on the Castle Bank, the Armoizry, and the Parish Church in honour of the Queen's birthday. On Whit-Monday Holt's Lent Part Peal of Grand- sire Triples, consisting of 5,040 changes, was runs in three hours and two minutes on the Parish Church bells by Messrs George Davies 1, Edward Jones (conductor) 2, H Jarman 3, R Martin 4, M J Morris 5, D Davies 6, R Edwards 7, and W Worton 8. THE CHURCH LADS' BRIGADE.—On Tuesday evening the boys of the above brigade gave an entertainment in the Gymnasium. There was a good attendance and a pleasant evening was spent. Rev Cecil Hook presided and delivered an interesting address. The members on parade numbered over 60, Captain II W Sabine being in command. The other officers present were Lieutenants J Jones and Pierce, Chaplains Hook and Birley, Sergeants W Bayley, D Davies, -T Pugh, J Bayley, and S Vonles, and Sergeant-Major E Bayley. The first part of the programme was of a miscellaneous character, the following taking partMiss Gertrude Cobley, Miss K Newman, Messrs Dolbey, Roberts, Kerr Davies, W Bayley, Pugh, J Bayley, and Molvneux'. The accompanists were Miss Sabine, Miss Holland, and Messrs Pierce, Davies, and Alfred Bavley. Mrs Hook, assisted by Captain Sabine, presented certificates and medals to th9 members of the brigade. The second part of the programme consisted of the one act farce Leave it to me," the following taking the characters :—Miss Sabine, Miss K Newman, Messrs H W Sabine, W H Ellis, A W Sabine, and J Moore. Lieutenant Jones was the stage manager, Mi Glover costumier, and Messrs G and H Ellis gas engineers. COUNTY PETTY SESSIONS, THURSDAY.—Before Capt. Loveit, Messrs R. Moon, E. Burke Wood, W. H. G. Weaver, R. G. Venables, and Rev. T. M. Bulkeley-Owen. DRUNKENNESS. John Bromley, rockman, Portbywaen, 9th May (P.C. Brown); fined 2s 6d and costs. Jchn Edwards, labourer, Mile House, May 19;h (P.S. Wildsmith) fined 5s and costs. Samuel Stalker (P.C. Roberts) fined 5s 6d and costs. Thomas Davies, labourer (P.C. Jones); fined 5s and costs. Alfred Weatherall, labourer. Pant (P.C. Brown); fined 2s 6d and costs. William Edwards, waggoner, Mile Houfce, 17th May (P.S. Wildsmith) fiued 2s 6d and costs. DRUNK IN CHARGE OF A HORSE.—John Thomas, farmer, Llandysilio, was charged by P.C. Bowen with being drunk in charge of a horse and trap on the public highway on Wednesday, 29th April. Mr Martin Woosnam appeared on behalf of the defend- ant. The constable stated the case and said that defendant had passed some cattle on the wrong Side of the road. He had to get a man called Teggin to take charge of the horse and trap.—John Jones. Llynclys, corroborated. Superintendent Langford stated that defendant came to him about seven o'clock in the evening and was then a little the worse for drink but capable of taking charg- 1 of his horse.—John Owen, ostler, Bell Inn, Oswestry, called for the defence stated that defendant left the inn about three o'clock in the afternoon perfectly sober. E rancis Leggin said defendant passed two traps on the road and took the proper side. He was perfectly sober and drove his horse back to Oswestry to see Superintendent Langford.—Mr David Evans said defendant was sober when he went to Superintendent Langford.—The magis- trates considered the case proved and fined the accused £2 a.id 16s 6d costs. A WHITTINGTON CASE.—WM Davidson, insurance agent, Ellesmere, was charged by P.C. Phillips with being drunk in charge of a horse and cart in the village of Whittington on 20th May, also James Davidson (brother), farmer, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the same occasion Both pleaded guilty. The constable said one of the defendants was leading the horse and the other was sitting in the cart, On questioning the accused', James Davidson, he used violent an filthy lan^uao-e Fined 5s each and costs. ° DEUNK ON LICENSED PREMISES.—John Edwards, labourer, Mill House, and Thomas Kynaston, labourer, Aston, were charged by Supt. Langford with being drunk in the Queen's Head Inn on the 19th May. Mr W. []. Bott appeared on behalf of the defendants and asked for adjournment, which was granted. RIDING ON THE SHAFTS OF A WAGGON. Evan Roberts, Penybont, was chalg-ed by P.S. Wildsmith with riding on the shafts of a waggon. The de- fendant pleaded guilty and was fined 2s 6d and 6s 6d costs. CONTRAVENTION OF A COUNTY COUNCIL BYE-LAW. -David Jones, driver, was charged with a contra- vention of a County Council bve-law by locking the wheel of a waggon and not using a slipper or shoot, thereby damaging the road. The defendant pleaded ignorance of the law, and was fined 5s and 5s costs. KEEPING A DOG WITHOUT A LICENSE.—Thomas Haywood, Selattyn, was charged by Mr. Pembridg?, Excise officer, with keeping a dog without a license. Fined 7s 6d and 5s 6d costs. A SERIES OF ASSAULTS.—Sarah Jane Owen sum- moned Janet Evans, St. Martin Moors, for assault A SERIES OF ASSAULTS.—Sarah Jane Owen sum- moned Janet Evans, St. Martin Moors, for assault on 14th .Mar. A cross-summons was also issued. Janet Evans summoned Mrs Lamar Phillips for assault on the same occasion. Mr. W. H. Bott appeared on behalf of Mrs. I'hillips.-Tlic defend- ants in the first two cases appeared with a quantity of hair ill their hands which had been pulled out of their heads in the fight.—After several witnesses had been examined all three cases were dismissed. G BAND FETE AND ATHLETIC FESTIVAL AT PARK HALL. The beautiful and classic grounds of Park HaD were on Monday the scene of oue of the most inter- esting events of the year for the people of Oswestry. Whit-Monday is a day given over to pleasure-* seeking, and each year the committee in charge of this entertainment strive to make the festival more attractive than previous ones. When the sports began, between five and six thousand spectators had assembled. A slight breeze tempered the beat of a strong sun, and made the day an ideal one for such a gathering. Shortly after noon vehicles of all classes were on the road to the Park, filled with holiday-makers, and a large number made the journey on foot. The band of the 2nd V.B.S.L.I. (F Oswestry Company) were early on the scene, and discoursed excellent music to the delight of the spectators. The arrangements were carried out by a General Committee, consisting of the following 3Ir W R Lawford (chairman), Revs T. Redferu and W Fownall Owen, Messrs A Wynne Corrie. T J Bradshaw, A E Clapp, J J Davies, J England. W. Felton, E II Gibbons, J P Gascodine, W G Gough. F J (ough. G Gough, J Griffiths. T Hartnell, T E Jones, A M Jones, C P Lovedav, W H Norris. Dr O'Connor, Messrs F C Preeee, J Pearson, S Kay- bouid, R J Spink, and W Whitfield. N E Tidy (In,.Po treasurer), G A Doody and J Bolton (ioiu: hon secretaries). Everything was done in a business- like manner without the slightest fuss or hurry, and to the satisfaction of all concerned. The grass track was in the pink of condition as firm "as possible, and as smooth as a bowling green. and was the subject of genera! admiration, many ex- pressing the opinion that a finer grass track Was not to be seen in the whole of England. Punctually at two o'clock the competitors in the first event were on liieir marks, and each event was kept 1!P to its catalogued time. The following is the list of events:— One mil-bicycle handicap (local). -] G L Tilsley, Newtown C.C., scratch; 2 A E Adams, Oswestfjr, 35 yards start; 3 C Hammonds, Gobowen C.C., 1;14. Time, 2. min 50 2-5 sec won by a yard, half-a-ytfird between third and fourth six ran. 120 yards fiat handicap (open).—First heat, 1 T Hughes. Oswestry, 12; 2 R R Williams, Oswestry, 11; time, 12 2-5 sec. Second beat, 1 W H Mifjgj Oswestry, 91; 2 J Pierce, Oswestry U.F.C., m; time, 11 3-5 sec. Third heat, 1 A Hughes. Shrews- bury, 7: 2 P Thomas, Rnabon, 12; time, 12 2-5 sec. Fourth hear, 1 G Duncombe, Oswestry, 12; 2,D Daniels, Oswestry, 9; time, 12 sec. Final heat, 1 G Duncombe; 2'W H Mills; 3 A Hughes. Time, 11 3-5 sec won by scarcely a yard. "ne mile bicycle handicap (open).—First heat, 1 W Currmins, Manchester, 95; 2 A M Philltps, Liverpool W, 95 time, 2 min 30 3-5 sec. Second heat, I P Kasnett, Dingle C.C., 150: 2 W Croell, Brought on C.C., 130; time, 2 min 35 sec. TETjrd heat, i E T Owen, Wellington, 160: 2 F Molyntjnx, Mane nest ?r B.C.. 120: time, 2 min 42 sec. heat, 2 A M Phillips, 2 W Cummins, 3 S Basnet. Time, C una 35 sec: won by a length, six inches betwe._>!i third and fourth. 44G yards handicap (open).—First heat, 1. J Pierce, Oswestry, 32 2 A Hughes, Shrewsbury, Iji; 3 A E Stafford, Oswestry, 35. Second heat, I fe Dnncombe, Oswestry, 35;.2 S M: Wright, Ludl. Birchtieid.Harriers, 25; 3 W H Mills, Oswestry, j £ l. Final heat, 1 J Pierce, 2 G Duncombe, 3 A Hugbtes. Time, i 3 sec. Two miles bicycle handicap (open).—First hoat, 1 W OrookelJ* Broughton C.C., 250; 2 W H Pear- son, North Liverpool B.C., 370; 3 J T Cla^k^, Wrexham C.C., 290; time, 5 min 35 sec. SfC^d heat, JAM Phillips, Liverpool Wheelers, 180; Z 1" Molyneuv, Manchester B.C., 230; 3 S Basnayt, Dingle C.C., 290; time, 5 min 15 3-5 sec. Fipal heat, I F Molynenx, 2 A M Phillips, 3 W CrooktfrL Time, ts min 19 sec; splendid finish, won by nine inches. One mÏj," "lat handicap (oper).—1 H D Griffiths, Oswestry, 100; 2 J T Roberts, Oswestry, 100^3 W H Jones, Chirk, 70. Time, 4 mill 32 sec. Ten ran. Good race, winner finished rather easily. Physical drill competition by members of the Church leads' Brigade.—1, No. 1 Combined Squad 2, N o. 1 Squad 3, 3 Squad. Won by one point. The d riil was conducted by Sergt.-Major Baytey, and Sergt.-Major Byrne (2nd V.B.K.S.L.I.) ated as judge. Boys' race (confined to members of the brigade). -1 J Hampson, 5s; 2 D Davies, 2s 6d; 3 J Pugn, Is consolation prize, P Cross, 6d. Messrs A Wynne Corrie, G Owen, F Bou. and G Dumville Lees acted as judges, and decisions gave universal satisfaction, although a number of the races were only won on the tiTpe. Mr It C Thomas (starter), M; W H Norris (tijBf>- keeper), and the stewards, Messrs W R Lawford, J J DMies, W G Gongh, A M Jones, C P Lovedjty, and S Raybonld, performed their work in a manner satisfactory to all concerned. Mr H P Ellis, Liverpool, was handicapper. The prises, standing on a table inside the enclo- sure. were greatly admired, and were to the vahie of no less than £57. Immediately after the raees they were gracefully preseted to the successful com- petitors by Yrs A. Wynne Corrie. On the motion of Rev. T. Redfern, a vote of thanks was given to Mrs Corrie for her kindness, which was suitably acknowledged on her behalf by Mr Wynne Corrie. The entire programme was carried through with- out a single hitch of any kind, and too much prfiise cannot be bestowed on the energetic secretaries, Messrs G. A. Doody and J. Bolton," to whose ex- ertions the success of the Fete was in a manner due. Daring the afternoon a s".1e of work was carried on in a large marquee on the grounds. The following ladies presided at the tables:—l|rs Redfern, Mrs Savin, Mrs W. Whitfield, Miss LjlJ, Miss Evans, Miss S. Evans (Carreglwyd), Legb. A variety entertainment was also provided, and during the afternoon and evening daring 'ftato were performed on a raised platform by Lemar on the aerial slack rope, the celebrated Sisters Carlo in their marvellous double feat on the tight Mons Frederick, th# renowned chair balancer Sai pyramidist, while entertainment of a lighter nature was provided by Horton and Lindcr, the eccen&ie Chinese treble horizontal bar performers, and be comiea1 Wallis and Walters negro comedians and dancers. The refreshment tent was an indispensable adiunet to the festival, as was evidenced by the large numbers who took advantage of the eI- cellent fare provided by the Refreshment Com- mittee. xhe following were the tea makers :—Mrs Bra.ashaw, Mrs Doody, Mrs Massey, Mrs Cadwalladr, A. Jones, Mrs Gascodine, Mrs Day, Mars Gibbins, Miss Gwynne, Miss Benbow, Mtse Willian-s, Miss Bradshaw, Miss Barrett, Miss DU ,er"3' !/iiR8CS Spoils (2), Messrs Cadwalladr, Phillips, J. Jones, and Masters Bradshaw and F. bvvYime. A large marquee was also erected for dancijig, an> v,as well patronised. Music was 8iJpplied_- Mr h. d. Tims' string band, and the arrange were carried out by Messrs R. J. Spink, F. J. Gonek, and J. Pearson. In the evening the festival was brought to a close by a grand illumination of the grounds, and a mag- nificent display of fireworks. The set pieces included representations of The Jewelled Trae," Changeable Star," The Niagara Falfii," "Thp Double Revolving Stars," The Skeletoa Trapeae Artiste," The Forest of Revolving aud Roman Batteries," "The Silver Fountain," and The Japanese Star." The sight of the illumijtjed grounds was very pretty aud was greatly admiiV* Two balloons were sent up and were watched with interes*. until they disappeared. The whole coa- claded with a grand flight of rockets, and a specially prepared desiga Thanks to Mr and Mio Wynne. Corrie," after which came "Goodnight," and the playing of the National Anthem by the band told that the day's enjoyment was at an end. The committee and the general public we are sure. tender to Mr and Mrs Corrie their heartiest thanks for their kindness in permitting the sports to be held within their beautiful grounds, and for their personal interest in the proceedings. Diring the afternoon the committee were photo- graphed on the ground by Mr J. Maclardy, Oswestry.