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ELLESMERE. FORTNIGHTLY FAIR.—In the Smithfield on Tues- day cattle were lower, calves, however, fetched very good prices, and pigs were about the same prices. Mr C Cooke sold 401 pigs, 178 sheep and lambs. 119 cattle, and 95 calves. Messrs Parry and Batho sold 316 pigs, 131 cattle, 128 sheep and lambs, and 117 calves. Total number of animals sold was 1,485. In the Market Hall, eggs were 17 to 20 for a Is, butter 8d to 9d per lb. RUMMAGE SALE.—A rummage sale was held in the Market Hall on Thursday, in aid of the towu nurse. There was a large attendance and every- thing was soon sold. The following ladies had stalls Miss Bickley, Misses Tabor, Mrs Glassou, Misses Tower's, Alisses Wyuns, Misses Jebbs, Mrs Stanley. In the evening there was a dance, which was well attended. AMATEUR ATHLETIC SPORTS. The seventeenth annual athletic sports, horse leaping competition, and galloway races, took place on the Recreation Ground, Wharf road, Ellesmere, on Monday, and proved in every way an unqualified success. The weather was gloriously fiue, and there was one or two exciting finishes. The management is deserving of a 11 praise. The first event the mile bicycle race, confined to local talent, brought out some promising runners. After going a couple of laps, Roberts succeeded in getting the lead, and on turning the bend for home came out with a rush, and when the verdict of the judges was given, the crowd gave the local champion a hearty reception. The 120 yards handicap was watched with the keenest interest. One or two of the preliminary heats were very evenly contested, and, as far as one could judge, some good time was done, but here the absence of an official timekeeper was much felt. Some attempt was made to time the heats on an ordinary watch, but this, of course, was misleading, and the time could not be accepted. In the final heat Garrett got the best of a good start, and quickly caught up Edwards, and, going on at a great pace, came in a winner by three yards. If time had been taken in this event it is quite possible the result would have been twelve seconds, and that would have been remarkably good on that ground. The mile bicycie race brought out some exceptionally good riders, the final beat being watched with great interest. Nash, a local and comparatively unknown man, showed really good form. He un- iortanately fell early in the final heat, and, although he was quickly on his machine again, he failed to get placed. Jones, after half the journey, succeeded in taking the lead, and was never afterwards headed, winning somewhat easily by about ten yards. The 440 yards handicap again brought out some good talent. Edwards, of Elles- mere, in the first heat, with a start of thirty yards, got well away and was never afterwards caught, and won a good race by three yards. In the final Weston took the lead after going about 150 yards, and although hard pressed by Ballard for a time, he managed to keep his lead, and won by about six yards. The two mile bicycle race was watched with the greatest interest, and as several local runners were engaged, the interest was so much more intensified. Nash, who came in a good first in the second heat, was much fancied and as he ran a capital race they were fully justi- fied in their opinions. When the final came to be run off he showed two or three of the competitors the way. He made the pace hot for some time, and his victory would have been a most popular one. On entering the last lap, however, Jones got in front, and the local man had to be content with third place. Barnes of Criftins won the mile flat race by ten yards, and then the pony races followed. The proceeds were in aid of the Widows' and Orphans' Fund of Court Manor House A.O.F. The following were the officials for the foot and bicycle races:—Referee, Mr A JP Child judges, Messrs S Owen, R Copnall and F E Roberts marksmen, Messrs F Brown, H Mclntyre, and S Griffiths; lap scorer, Sergt Walker; call stewards, Messrs E Lewis and E Evans telegraph stewards, Messrs G Hawkins and C Hughes; handicapper, Mr H P Ellis, Liverpool; pro. starter, Mr J Cole, Liverpool Harriers. For the horse leaping, &c., the judges were Mr Brownlow R C Tower and Mr G Dumville Lees starter, Mr W H Lloyd; stewards, Messrs E Parker, T Emberton, R Copnall, D Price, P J Edwards, and C Kesterton; clerk of scales, Mr A Bate; clerk of course Mr W Roberts hon secretaries, Messrs J L Hawkins and C Kesterton. ONE MILE BICYCLE (Local). First prize, clock and weather glass; second, albnm.—1 F Roberts, Ellesmere, scratch 2 C Cartwright, Ellesmere, 50 yards; 3 W Humphreys, Bronnington, 50 yards 0 A Roberts, Cartwright led for the first two laps, when Roberts got on terms and succeeded in taking the lead, which he main- tained to the end, winniug by about ten yards. Humphreys pressed Cartwright for the last two hundred yards but could not get quite up, and was beaten by about a couple of yards. 120 YARDS FLAT RACE (Open). First prize, marble clock and bronze statuettes; second, dressing case third breakfast cruet. First only to run in final. First heat—1, T Edwards, Ellesmere, 9 yards; 0, H G Bradley, Shrewsbury, 3 yards and A J Ballard, Shrewsbury, 6 yards. A good race, Edwards win- ning by about six inches. Second heat—1 E B Garrett, Shrewsbury, 7 yards 0 W Mainwaring, GriDdley Brook, 5?J yards; and D Western, Liver- pool, 7 yards. Garrett at once went to the front and though hard pressed by W estern won by half a yard. Third heat—1 G H Moore, Chester, 7 yards 0 J Challinor, Whitchurch, 9 yards W Wycherley, If ton Heath, 6-J yards; and J Haycocks, Ruabon, 7 yards. Won easily by a yard. Fourth heat--l H C White, Welshpool F C, 3 yards; 0 T H Smith, Shrewsbury, 5 yards; T Derricott, Whit- church, 6h yards; F Roberts, Ellesmere, 7 yards; and G Morgan, Ellesmere, 9 yards. Won by about a yard and a half. The winner was put back a yard for leaving his mark before the firing of the pistol. Final heat—1 Garrett, 2 White, 3 Edwards. Garrett got well Away and set a capital pace. He was hard pressed by White, but the latter could not get quite up and was beaten by three yards, Moore of Chester being about the same distance behind White. ONE MILE BICYCLE RACE.—First prize, Glad- stone bag second, pair of field glasses. First and second to ride in final. First heat—1 J S Jones, Avondale W, 185 yds start; 2 J Read, Seacombe and D C C, 135yds; 0 E Speed, Whitchurch, 150yds; J W Corfield, Whitchurch, 170yds; C Leal, Sea- combe and D C C, 175yds; P H Owen, Newtown, 180yds; and J Almark, Whixall, 200yds. Two of the runners, Speed and Corfield, came to grief after going about 200 yards. Jones went to the front on entering the last lap, and kept the lead for the remainder of the distance, winning by about 8yds. Second heat—1 G Campkin, Lie Vic C C, 115vds start; 2 G Nash, Grindley Brook, 185yds; 0 J Mercer, Chester, 150yds; H Dunning, Chester, 170yds; F Roberts, Ellesmere, 180yds; W A Owen, Newtown, 190yds; C Hammond, Preeshenlle 190yds and T R Dawson, Rhosddu, 200yds. Daw- son came to grief after going once round. Roberts, Nash, and Campkin alternately took the lead. About 300 yards from home Campkin took the lead, and coming with a rush got in first by about ten yards. Third heat—1 G Brockbank, Avondale W, 185yds start; 2 J R Beedles, Welshpool, 185yds; 0 G Morgan, Ellesmere, 200yds. Brockbank went to the front after going about half a lap, Beedles keeping him company at a distance of about twenty five yards. Brockbank was never caught, and won anyhow by fifty yards. Final heat—1 S Jones, 2 Brockbank, 3 Campkin. Nash fell, but quickly re- mounted. Jones went to the front after going half the distance, [and although hard pressed by Brock- bank he maintained the lead, and won by 10 yards, two yards dividing the second and third. 440 YARDU FLAT HANDICAP.—First prize carved oak weather glass, second, case of cutlery. First, second, and third to run in final. First heat—1 T Edwards, Ellesmere, 30 yds 2 A J Ballard, Shrews- bury, 22 yds; 3 H G Bradley, Shrewsbury, 12 yds; 0 W Joyce, Liverpool, 25yds; 0 A Roberts, Elles- mere, 25yds; 0 J Challinor, Whitchurch, 26yds; 0 E B Garrett, Snrewsbury, 26yds. Edwards got the best at the start, and led from start to finish, winning by three yards, the second and third cbse up. Second heat—1 D Western, Firvale F C, Liverpool, 24yds; 2 H C White, Welshpool, 12vds; 3 W Wycherley, lfton Heath, 25yds; OF H Smith, Shrewsbury, 18vds: 0 W Mainwaring, Grindley Brook, 20jds; 0 G Morgan, Ellesmere, 30vds. Western went to the front after going about 100 yards, and won by three yards, half a yard separating second and third. Final—1 Western 2 BalIanl; 3 Bradley. Western ran into first place after going about 150 yards, Ballard being in close attendance. A hundred yards from home Ballard spurted, but failed to get up, and Western going straight won easily by six yards, the same between the second and third. Two MILES BICYCLE RACE—First prize large case of cut'ery, second, marble clock, third, horseshoe timepiece. First, second and third to ride in final. First heat—1, G Campkin, Lie Vie C C, 220yds; 2. J S Jones. Avondale W, 360yds; 3, J W Corfield, Whitchurch. 330yds; 0, 0 Edwards. Chirk, 310yds; 0. J It Beedles. Welshpool, 360yds: 0, A, Roberts, Ellesmere, 350yds, Edwards soon cried a go. Jones got on terms after going three or four laps. he and Campkin alternately leading for the remainder of the journey, Campkin ultimately coming in first bv about ten yards, Corfield, a long way behind, being third. Second heat—1, G Nash, Grindley Brook, 360yds 2, G Brockbank, Avondale W, 360yds; 3, C Hammonds, Prceshei.lle, 370yds: 0, J Read, Sea- combe and D C C, 2(;Khus: 0, E Speed, Whitchurch, 290yds; 0, 11 Dunning, Chester, 330yds; 0, C Leal, Seacombe and D C C, 340. Nash and Brockbank rode ha;d for first place. Nash got in front on entering the last lap, and came in first twenty yards in front of Brockbank, who was five yards in front of Hammonds. Final heat-l, .Jone; 2, Campkin; 3, Nash. Jones, Nash and Brockbank kept close company for half the distance, Campkin bringing up the rear. Campkin got into second place the last lap but three, Brockbank bringing up the rear. On. entering the last lap Jones was in frojjjt, Nash, being second and Campkin third. One hundred yards from home Campkin made a great effort to wrest the lead from Jones, but failed, the leader coming in first by three yards, Nash being third about two yards behind. ISN MILE FLAT RACE.—First prize, electro tea and coffee set and waiter; second, case of carvers third, case of spoons and prongs—1 T Barnes, CriftinM, 120yds 2 AH Roberts, Ellesmere. 130 yds; 3 J Murray, Overton, 75yds; 0 II C White, Welshpool, 65yds 0 W Mainwaring, Grindley Brook, 100yds 0 R Derrick, St Martin's, 100yds 0 Healing, Shrewsbury, 120yds 0 W Joyce, Liver- pool, 120 yards 0 G II 1 ownsend, Shrewsbury, 140yds. Townsend, Barnes, aud Roberts, in tho order named, kept close company for half the distance when Barnes went to the front followed by Roberts and Townsend. On entering the last lap Barnes got a good lead, Roberts being his nearest attendant. A distance from home Murray got in front of Townsend, Barnes kept his position, and came in first, 10 yards in front of Roberts. Murray, easing up, was third. INNKEEPERS' GALLOWAY RACE.—Of £ 5 to the first, and £1 to the second for galloways 14-2 and under. Three-year-olds, 10st; four-year-olds lOst 71bs six and aged, lIst. Winners previous, 71bs extra. 7ibs allowed for every inch under. About l miles. Entrance 7s 6d. 2 Mr S Payne's Wont Go, 5 yrs, 10-7 1 Mr A Vaughan's May Flower, 3 yrs, 9-7 2 Mr J Lea's Jessie, 3 yrs, 8-7 0 Mr C Hill's Little Bessie, 9-0 0 Won easily by two lengths. LEAPINO COMPETITION.—First prize, CIO; second, £ 2—1 Mr J R'odenhurst, Ellesmere; 2 Mr R Turner, Rhos 0 Mr E Davies, Baschurch 0 Mr W Butler, Hordley; 0 Mr W Butler, Ellesmere. The leaping was watched with the keenest interest, and when the numbers were up Mr Rodenhurst was greeted with loud cheers. ROBIN HOOD PONY RACE.—Of X5 to the first, and zOl to the second; for pones 13-3 and under. To carry lOst. 7ibs allowed for every inch under. Winners previous, 71bs extra. About lili miles. 2 Entrance, 7s 6d. Mr C Hill's Little Bessie, 10-0, 6yrs 1 Air A Vaughan's May Flower, 13-2, 3yrs 2 Mr J T Gabriel's Polly, 13-3 4yrs 0 Mr J Lea's Jessie, 13-2, 3yrs 0 Mr W H Lloyd's Poverty, 13-0, byrs 0 Mr Burgess's Butterfly, 2yrs, 4-7 0 At the conclusion of the sports dancing took place on the ground.