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ABERYSTWYTH. (Continued from Page .9.) PUBLIC LIBRARY.—The public library is well patronised and during the week ending Wednesday 431 books were issued. THE ROYAL VISIT.-It has now been definitely arranged that the Prince of Wales and those of the Royal Party who will accompany him will travel the Mid-Wales route upon his journey to Cardiff. A LARGE SLAB.—An exceptionally large slab of marble has been successfully set in the new shop of Mr Saycell, fishmonger, by Messrs Hosking and Miller. ST. MARY'S WELSH CHURCH.—Rev W. Morgan, curate, is at present delivering a course of sermons based on the seven words on the Cross. The con- gregations are very large, the sacred edifice being crowded on each occasion. INTERNATIONAL HONOURS.—Our readers will be glad to know that Captain Jack Garner of the town team has been selected to play for Wales against Scotland, a telegram to this effect having been received on Friday morning. COXCERT.-The annual concert in connection with the College was held on Friday evening week. We should have liked to have given a full account, but are prevented from doing so owing to the fact that we were not invited to the concert. A PEDLAR IN TROUBLE.—At the Police Court on Monday morning, before Councillor T. Griffiths (Mayor) and Mr T. Hugh Jones, Wm. Johnson, a pedlar, of Flint, was charged by P.C. Jones with refusing to produce his pedlar's certificate when asked to do so. He was fined 5s and costs, in de- fault seven days. Defendant had only eleven- pence in coppers and he went to gaol. CHURCH LEAGUE.—The Church League was held in St. Michael's Parish Church on Thursday even- ing, when there was large attendance. Miss Knight occupied the chair iu the early part of the evening, and Rev. W. Morgan took the chair during the latter part. Miss Boycott read an interesting and instructive paper on hospitals, describing the work of the nurses and general routine of hospital life- A short but rather amusing reading was then given by Miss Knight, and she was followed by isss Pratt, who read a paper on The life of the °nsort." Both the papers and the reading were much enjoyed by the members, and a hearty kindness ^Ti! W&S passed to ladies for their the series ami° ^eeting will be the last of ful season' W1 to a °lose a most success- sea^n^connStbT'witJT^p106 t° f°S* Dancing Class was held in tt^TmSy Ro'oms o" Wednesday evening, when over seventy were present. The room had been neativ 7 the ladies and gentlemen of the dai, and pre^nted a gay appearance when the various dances were in progress. The music was supplied by Mr Wheatley's Quadrille Band, and gave every satisfaction. To Mrs Davies, of Pier Street, fell the task of supplying the refreshments, which it is needless to say were the best of theii kind. The hon. sec. was Mr E. J. Davies, and the hon. treasurer Mr T. F. Gardiner, and they, together with all con- cerned, are to be congratulated upon the successful finish to an already successful class. The list of dances was a long one, and included the inevitable leap year dance." FOOTBALL.—Messrs A. G. Morris and J. C. Rea I are chosen to play for Wales against Scotland. Amongst the reserves occur the names of Messrs Garner, W. R. Jones, and Roose. PRESENTATION.—On Wednesday evening, Rev T. A. and Mrs Penry were the recipients of some valu- able presents from the members and friends of the Congregational Chapel, of which Mr Penry has been pastor for many years. WOMEN'S TEMPERANCE ASSOCIATION.—On Mon- day evening a free tea i:1 connection with this association was given to the members. Mrs F. F. Roberts presided over thf: after proceedings which included a programme of music. SUCCESS OF A STUDENT.—Mr. R. G. Roberts, of the College, has been invited by the Baptists of Dolgelley to become their pastor. SOIREE AT THE TABERNACLE.—In connection with the Tabernacle, the annual soiree took place on Tuesday evening, when Rev. T. Levi presided. There was a good attendance, and the proceedings were much enjoyed. LLANBADARN SCHOOL BOARD. THURSDAY. Mr. 11. Edwards, vice chairman, presided. There were also present Miss Davies, Rev. E. Jones, vicar, Messrs. Hugh Hughes and Morgan Williams, with Mr. Atwood, clerk. RESIGNATION OF CAPTAIN COSENS. Mr. MORGAN WILLIAMS asked if the resigna. tion had been accepted, because he understood at the last meeting that the matter had been de- ferred. This view was not held by the rest of the Board. Mr. WILLIAMS then intimated that the Board should express to Captain Cosens their regret at his resignation. The VICAR supported this view of the matter and trusted that Captain Cosens' retirement from active work would restore him to health and stieugth and that they would have him amongst them for a long time. COMMINS COCH SCHOOL. The CHAIRMAN mentioned that the sewing mistress at this school applied for assistance. The number of scholars reached 52 and a member of the old Board had told her to apply to the new Board for assistance. She was given to under- stand when she took the work that she would have to take the sewing lessons. Mr. HUGHES said if that was so there was an end of the matter. Miss DAVIES reminded the Board that three weeks after the appointment was made the mistress made a similar application and was given the same answer, viz., that the appointment was made on the condition that she took over the sewing class. The matter then dropped. CWM PADARN SCHOOL. Miss Charles was the only applicant for the post of mistress of this school, which would shortly become vacant. The post had been advertised three times in the Schoolmaster, and once in the School mixtress. Mr MORGAN WILLIAMS proposed that it bo adjourned for a full attendance of menbers. Mr HUGHES said that he did not think it was fair to adjourn the matter. Miss Charles had been employed by the Board on past occasions, and her reports had always given great satisfaction. He proposed that she be appointed. The VICAR said that he should like to support Miss Charles's application; but if there was a desire to postpone it he would consent to do so to a special meeting. It was very difficult to im- prove upon Miss Charles's appointment. The CLERK She proved herself an excellent teacher at Commins Coch. The VICAR said that he was quite prepared to second the proposition that day or that day fort- night. The VICE-CHAIRMAN and Mr MORGAN WILLIAMS expressed themselves as being in favour of the propesal. It was agreed to consider the matter at a special meeting. FILLING THE VACANCY. Mr MORGAN WILLIAMS proposed Mr J. P. Thomas to fill the vacancy on the Board. The VICAR said that before giving effect to the generous promise made by the Chairman who was not presiding that day that Mr Thomas should be added to the Board, he would like first of all before he supported it to obtain an assurance from the Vice-Chairman that he would not use the position he held in order to deprive them of a fourth member should another vacancy occur upon their (the speaker's) side. The VICE-CHAIRMAN I am taken by surprise, altogether. I can answer in this way that I have not the least intention of doing such a thing. I consider that it is nothing but fair now this vacancy has occurred that Mr Thomas should be appointed as he has been before the electors and has polled so well. 1 shall not go against any vacancy that occurs henceforth I would not use my influence in any way whatever against another party. I think that would be an assurance. The VICAR: You understand; we are giving you one. The CHAIRMAN I understand it. We nomi- nated four Nonconformists and we withdrew to thiee and if we get three we shall be satisfied. The VICAR For my own part I am quite satis- fied-with the assurance and I second the proposition that Mr Thomas be appointed to fill the vacancy. The proposition was put and carried, all voting. INSPECTOR'S REPORTS. The CLERK said that the Inspector's reports upon the schools had been received, and it was decided to consider them at a special meeting of the Board. The report upon the Cwmpadarn School was short and sweet, viz.: This school is well disciplined, intelligent, and very efficiently instructed." PUPIL TEACHERS' LESSONS. Mr. HUGHES suggested that the Clerk should ascertain from the master and mistress of Penyfren Coch School and Commins Coch School what arrangements they had made respecting the lessons of the pupil teachers. Agreed to. A SERIOUS LOSS. Mr. HUGHES said that respecting the question of the children of the parish going to schools outside, he said that he intended at the last meeting to propose that the Management Committee should take the matter into their serious consideration. The numbers of the children leaving their schools were on the increase, and at the present time meant a loss to the Board of £20 a year. The committee ought to put this point strongly before the ratepayers. They had seen the loss they were suffering. The VICE-CHAIRMAN said that he had been thinking the matter over, and was about to ask the master and mistress to let him have the names. Mr. HUGHES The attendance officer will do that. The VICE-CHAIRMAN said that there were reasons for it, and he would like to know what were the reasons. The matter then dropped, and the Board rose. LLANGADFAN. CLUB ANNIVERSARY.—The Sons of Erfyl Cadfan Peibiaw Friendly Society held their anniversary on Wednesday the 11th inst. The members assembled at 11 o'clock at Cann Office Hotel, and being formed into a procession headed by the Llanfair brass band, marched to Llangadfan Rectory, thence to the Parish Church, when the service was read by Rev D. C. Jones, M.A., Rector of the parish, and an excellent sermon for the occasion was delivered by Rev J. R. Roberts, M. A., Rector of Garthbeibio. After the procession was re-formed, and marched through the ad joining village, returning to.the hotel, where an excellent dinner awaited them, at which about 100 sat down. Dinner over, the usual toasts were proposed and received enthusiastically. Club business, songs, and speeches followed, and a very jovial afternoon was spent. The annual statement shows the society to be in a flourishing condition, and about 20 new members were admitted during the day. PONTROBERT. WEDDING.—On the 13th inst. a marriage was solemnised at Bethesda Independent Chapel, Llan- saintffraid, between Mr Robert Griffiths (Cynhinfa) and Miss Mary Ann Tudar (Moelfronllwyd), the best man being Mr Evan Griffiths (Forge Farm), brother of the bridegroom, and the bridesmaid was Miss Tudor (Cordale), sister of the bride. The officiating ministers were Revs R. J. Williams (Independent minister, Llanfyllin), and J. C. Jones (Independent minister. Llansaiutffraid). The happy pair after the ceremony left for Aberystwyth where they intend to spend the honeymoon. LLANDINAM. AGRICULTURAL LECTURE.-Prof. Parry, of Aber- ystwyth College gave a lecture in the Board School on Thursday, the 12th inst. The attendance was fairly large. Mr Edward Davies presided.—Prof. Parry urged the advantages of combination in butter-making. The cream could be taken to a factory for making butter, and the farmers would tie paid for it every fortnight or as they agreed. The milk, after the cream was taken away, would, if mixed with linseed or other feeding stuffs, fatten calves, and the farmers would be saved the trouble of making the butter and going to market.











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