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SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. NEWTOWN v. WROCKWARDINE WOOD. These teams met on the Cunnings, Newtown, on Saturday last. Wrockwardine kicked off down the slope and soon Worthen sent the ball to Parry who made tracks for goal. He passed to Nock who was not up enough, and so the ball was well returned and the Rocks were pressing. Elwell rniskicked and Howells gave Goodwin something' to do, with difficulty the latter saved. The visitors were soon pounding away again, and E. Rees just got back in time to remove danger. Teddy Davies afterwards repeated this performance in grand style. Still Wrockwardine pressed hard, and one, or twice nearly scored. Elwell sent the ball up and Pryce-Jones finished up some good work by passing to Morgan but the latter kicked out wildly. The visitors still continued agressive and their shooting in this part of the game was very fine-- Goodwin being contin- ually kept on the alert. Bould got down the left and finished up a good run with a smart shot across goal. Hamer sadly rniskicked, and Howells rushed up and popped the ball into the net, but he was given off-side. Nothing dismayed, the visitors played up, and were soon rewarded with a corner, from which a good goal was obtained. From the kick-off Teddy Davies saved an ugly rush and sent the ball on to Morgan, who handled when in a good position. Ilamsr rushed out and saved and in a moment Pryce-Jones sent in a stinger, but Leese cleverly saved. Down went the visitors' forwards and a very ugly shot was sent to Goodwin who saved splendidly. Elwell and Teddy Davies robbed the Rocks, but Bould again got down on the left and shot across to Howell who registered No 2 for his side. From a foul against Newtown near their goal the visitors nearly added another goal. Teddy Davies stopped an ugly rush, but Wrockwardine gained an unproductive corner. Kinsey right half, sent in a good shot which went just wide, and soon alter the Wrockwardine left had hard lines. Another corner fell to the visitors. This was got away and Swettenham put in a good run. He passed to Parry, who however, was off-side. Parry again effected a good run but tallied too long instead of centreing. Woi then put in some pretty work and judiciously passed to Parry. The latter and Nock took the ball up nearly to the goal line, and Swettenham headed the ball just over. Good- win was cheered for stopping another well directed shot. I'arry and Nock again affected a neat run, but the goalkeeper removed the danger. A fine shot was exetlie-atly saved by Goodwin, and soon after Pryce-Jones sent a hot one to Leese who saved cleveriv. Bould spoilt a good chance by getting off- side, and soon after the whistle with the score standing— Wrockwardine Wood 2 goals Newtown. 0 goal Even play followed the kick off. Swettenham got down I'icoiy on the right, and from the return Parry did the same ou the left. At the other end Crump sent in a splendid shot which hit the bar. Worthen got the ball beautifully away, and as IIsuai fed his wins weil, with the result that Parry, having received the paws, yj>i well up to the goal line, and a splendid centre ended in Pryce-Jones drawing first, blood for the home team in less than ten minutes from the re-start. Cheered with this slice of luck the Newtown men played up smartly and in tess than five minutes had very hard lines on two occasions. Nock had two shies at goal, but sent behind each time. Evan Rees stopped Howells and Biddulph and sent the ball well up, and New- town gaiurd a corner. This was capitally placed bv P;.irry, and Leese wonderfully saved under great difficulties. Parry had an easy chance but was rather too slow, and Leese had no difficulty in saving his charge. Worthen got the ball from the kick and passed to Pryce-Jones, who headed be- hind. Worthen again was fine, and Pryce-Jones missed an apparently easy chance. The home forwards almost immediately missed another chance, and a good pass by Parry met with the same fate. The visitors' forwards got up and nearly scored. Even play followed for some time and then the visitors pressed and had rather hard lines on one occasion, as Worthen somehow man- aged to get his body in front of a stinging shot at close range. At the other end Pryce-Jones shot against the net, and Parry and Nock on the other wing got down well, but Nock's final shot went against the rigging. Soon after Mr. Referee Wil- liams blew his whistle, and a hard fought and fagt game ended In a win for the visitors, the result being: Wrockwardine 2 goals. Newtown 1 „ The following were the teams :— WROCKWARDINE. Goal, W Leese; backs, J Biddulph and T Peele half-backs, T Kinsey, M Arkiustall, and S Crump; right wiug, L ilouelis and E Hiddulph; left wing, JBould and R Amos centre, R Poppitt. NEWTOWN. Goal, Goodwin backs, Elwell and Hamer; half- backs, Rees, Davies. and Worthen; right wing, Swettenham and W. E. Pryce-Jones left wing. Parry aud Nock; centre, E. Morgan. Linesmen, Messrs M Wood and IT Owen. Referee, Mr Jos H Williams, Oswestry. WELSH JUNIOR CUP.—DRAW FOR THE SECOND ROUND. DIVISION 1.—Queensferry Reserve v Carnarvon Ironopolis. Mr E J Hughes, Flint. Bangor Reserve v Flint Reserve. Mr A W Menzies, Carnarvon. DIVISION 2.—New Westminster v Mold Red Stars Reserve. Mr W J Hughes, Minera. Buckley Victoria v Rhosrobin Institute. Mr D Smith. DIVISION 3.—Wrexham Reserve v Ruabon Albion Mr W H CottoE, Rhostvllen. Rhos Reserve or Overton Juniors v Wrexham Old Boys. Mr J Wilkes, Ruabon. DIVISION 4—Chirk Reserve v Shrewsbury Athletic. Mr R T Gough, Oswestry. Newtown Reserve v Horsehay Albion. Mr J Taylor, Wrexham. Dawley Town v Caersws. Mr G H Jones. The first-named clubs have choice of ground, and the ties have to be played off on or before December 14th. Kick-off not later than 2 30 p.m. -A.




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