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TA LLANIDLOES. this dis O.RESTERS.-At the half-vearly meeting of Wednes 1rie': held at the Trewythen Hotel on a^> Mr. John Evans presiding, Mr. Fred. ^e°fee Ar^ e\ec':e(i District Chief Ranger, and Mr. Q J orris District Sub-Chief Ranger. OttEGI ••—Mr. D. Jerman, of Llanidloes, has Senat III the first division the examination of the 11d hils Academicus of Manchester Baptist College, awarded the Shepherd and Cory J arsfe,P of the value of £ 87 a year. V *>ESR,EY n lghed • "CIII).—A Wesley Guild was estab- ^^Qrchln counection with the Welsh Wesleyan Davies on Thursday week, when Rev. D. Darlev WaS e^e°t«d president. A miscellaneous pro- residp8 Was sustained bv Miss F. Jerman, the Hal Iessrs. R. Williams, G. H. Harrison, T. Y^ er> and J. Morgan. MEN'S FRIENDLY SOCIETY.—At the first ^0llowiS the session, at tha National Schools, the II. Q S officers were appointed :—President, Rev. Robert u68' vice presidents, Rev. W. D. fidwar i' an<^ Mr. E. D. Davies treasurer, Mr. (Wn s» and P. Bank secretary, Mr. M. H. c°ttiTvi' War(iens, Messrs. H. D. Webb and F. Kerr I) l^ee' Messrs. R. M. Davies, E. A. Lewis, F. avies, Oswald Owen, and A. Jones. StDEBATING SOCIETY.—At a meeting in the Bethel Qeet Schoolroom, on Friday week the following Griffi1"8 were appointed :—President, Rev M. > fttlis, M.A. vice-presidents (senior), Mr. J. Jfjf Mills, (junior), Mr A. J. Lloyd secretary, jjj, 1/• S. Morgan; treasurer, Mr T.Rogers; warden, (j J* T. Davies committee, Messrs S. P. Davies, J°nea M ^d-th' W' S DavieS' J" F" Jones» and J- WlV ^j^DESEKTIOX.—At the Borough Police Court e D. Davies and W. George, Esqs., 9*ook.Street» was brought with d c^arged by R. Owen," relieving chargeah]e j. his wife, who had become ~~inspect0r j e Newtown and Llanidloes Union, the apprehe. • 8aid he received a warrant for Qescription °f defendant, and he circulated a the liochr? • Defendant was apprehended °Ver to him a^e ^>°^ce at New Hays, and handed action 'iP^6 Mayor commented strongly upon costs o° Prisoner, who was fined £ 1 and Dot pa^d W° niont^s' imprisonment.—The fine ? P-tn. •' an(^ defendant was removed by the 8tatio alU to Shrewsbury. At the Railway rowds 0f 8oner was hooted and pelted with soil by his dep 0 h.women who had assembled to witness ar ""re. COUTY JUdge Le OURT, Tuesday.—Before His Honour as executor of the aQUal fn r,, -lVans, manufacturer, sued James an or the recovery of £5 5s., balance due for adion" jto have been supplied.—The hearing to Whom >ne for the attendance of Mrs. Evans, ^turned ]_^as.a^e"ed some of the goods had been ^ar di- ^empster, agent for J. and R. Hereford, sued Margaret Higgs, c°Very of^ r^ keeper, Llanidloes, for the re- g0°ds in. lld" baIance of an account for defend5 udln £ a su't of clothes, supplied in 1890. ?n 'vyh° said she got a separation order ^ability ^"and in December 1890, denied her ^fsband' "sa,id the order was given by her fowled™ # husband was called, and denied all d^ected tK v t'lu transaction.^—His Honour aild adioi 8 ,Us^and to be entered as defendant, trial in .lrn tl'o case.—An application for a new Je action Brown v. Evans was refused.