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THE WELSH CHAMPION FOOTBALL TEAM. The members of the Newtown team are the heroes of the hour, and, therefore, a few particulars respecting them will doubtless prove interesting to many of our readers. We should observe a the commencement that the club was first started in season 1878-9, when it was known as the White Star Club. That year they won the Welsh Cup, and from then up to the season 1883-9, when the club was re-formed under entirely new manage- ment, footlull was practically dormant. From that time the Club has been gaining ;1 reputation of which they might well feel proud, winning in the course of season 1892-3—their (list season of admission—the Shropshire and Dis net League Championship. In addition to this they were the runnels-up for the Welsh Cup, being knocked out THE WELSH CUP. by Wrexham by two goals to one, after playing an extra half-hour. This season they have by dint of hard work reached the summit of their desires, and we compliment them on the fact. The club is to be congratulated upon its list of officers; in Mr. Fred Lloyd it has a most energetic honorary secretary, one who is unassuming and ready at all times to do anything for the benefit of the club. He took on the office at a disagreeable time, when season 1893-4 had advanced but a couple of weeks, and when the list of outstanding liabilities totalled something like £ 53. By the end of the year he was able to announce, much to the surprise of the members, that he had practically wiped this out, the deficit being only nine guineas. He hopes to be able to report at the next annual meeting that the balance is on the right side, and it need hardly be said that everyone wishes him success in this resnect, Mr. Lloyd's experience of office work is varied; in 1890-91 he acted as secretary to the Newtown Crescent Club. During seasons 1891-2 and 1892-3 he officiated as assistant hon. secretary to the town club, taking on, as before stated, the office of hon. secretary soon after the commencement of the 1893-4 season, the arduous duties of which office he has carried out with con. spicuous success. Mr. Lloyd has also acted as hon. secretary and treasurer to the local cycling club since 1892 up to the presen the trainer, In speaking of Mr. W. Stokes, the trainer, w 3 can only say, in the words of the well- known song, that he is a jolly fellow. He has been connected with local football since and has acted on the committee of the club since it was re-formed. This season he was asked to take the team in hand, so as to obtain, if possible, that much coveted trophy-the Welsh Cup. With what success it is unnecessary to repeat. lIe is to be congratulated upon the very gratifying result which has attended his efforts. Hie representa- tive of the club upon the Welsh Football Associa- tion is Mr. W. EI. Evans, wlio is well 11 c i QQi i ho 1 ltixl tlie honoui ot oem^. the season or 1no nan elected a member of the Council of tilt Association, and this season^was a IP ■ to i pi ice on the Internaliunal Selection Com mute. Prior to Mr. Lloyd's appointments hon. Mr. Evans filled the office. Ho 18 a'b" th? J chairman of the Shropshire and Distnct Lta^iu. T e it tr* FLU* offirers, we cannot but ineiiMoit In referring to the omitu, n>nU i)V t\u the valuable services rendered to li t c u! I hon. treasurer, Mr. Alt red loby, of «'llL .^nl1' a" 1 South Wales Bank, which are deservm0 of th« Club's best thanks. > Th« following is the result of the u uoais matches:— F. A. L Wellington St. George's (\) L Shrewsbury (a) g Aberystwyth (h) L Hereford L Newport (h) „ a L Wellington Town (a) e Crewe Alexandra (h) Aberystwyth (a) £ Llanidloes (h) £ V1 lihostyllen (h) & L Oswestry United (h). o H l Wellington St. George s (h) 1 o r, Whitchurch (a) 0 Aberystwyth (li) 5 1 Builtli (h) 1 1 L Newport (a) 1 2 llanley Town (h) 6 I Chirk (li) 1 ? Everton Combination (a). 1 3 L Whitchurch (h) 4 0 Westminster Hovers (h) 1 0 Ij Ironbridge (a) 3 2 Builth (a) 1 0 Llanidloes (a) 13 1 Everton Combination (h) 1 5 Chirk (semi-final) at Shrewsbury. 4 0 L Oswestry United (a). 0 1 L Shrewsbury Town (h) 2 2 L Hereford (a) 0 3 L Wrockwardine Wood (li) 5 0 L Ironbridge (h) 2 1 L Ironbridg, l Wellington Town (h) 2 0 Wrexham (Final) at Welsbpool. 3 2 Aberystwyth (a). 3 2 (L) Shropshire League (e) English Cup; (*) Welisb Cup; (h) home; (a) away. LEAGUE MATCHES. Goals. P. W. D. L. F. A. P. Home. 9 6 2 1 16 13 14 Away. 8 2 0 6 17 22 4 Total 17 8 2 7 42 35 18 ALL MATCHES. Goals P W D L F. G. Home. 19 12 3 4 54 27 Away. 15 7 1 7 46 34 Total. 34 19 4 11 100 61

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