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NOTES ON FOOTBALL. I LBy VETERAN.] For a match, first of all practically won and then thrown away, I have scarcely ever met with one eqjj&l to th Welsh Junior Cup tie between Welsh- pool and Shrewsbury Reserve last Saturday. When Mr. Go ugh, the well-known able referee, declared tke groumid fit, there was a broad smile on the faces •f, the Welshpool contingent, for they thought that thair team, carrying most weight, would stand a «sipital chance of pulling off the game. I thought SK>; tooy but oh! how hopes were dashed to the ground. Where the Welshpool men were thought iÐ be strong they were actually weak. Scarcely have I ever seen such a collapse in any match, and I have been puzzling my brains ever since to account for it. I quite understood the men were ia strict training and were rigid t.t.'s." The re- sult proved that at any rate the first part of my conjecture was wrong. I won't even hint as to the second. When the whistle blew Welshpool started to play in a most surprising fashion, and after a few dangerous shots Walter Davies placed a beauty home. Not content with this they pressed grandly, and before long Walter again did his friends a good turn, after fine play • by all the forwards. Still the game was kept alire and the same player lauded No. 3. The Shrewsbury players, who at first seemed dreadfully slow, woke up and commenced to play a bit. Jones, the fall back, and Garrett had shies at goal and nearly effected its dwwnfall, and before half-time Garrett gained a grand goal. For the last ten minutes of the first half Shrewsbury had much the best of the play and put on severe pressure, but Dick Evans was in fine goalkeeping form and kept all shots out. With the score standing at 3 to 1 in favour of the visitors their supporters felt quite elated, and their hopes were further raised when Jarman, soon after re- starting, landed a splendid corner kick between the back and goalkeeper, and the latter being hampered missed his hit and N o. 4 was registered. All now seemed over, and it really ought to have beon all •ver with the home team, but to their credit be it said that they never lost heart or showed the white feather," but doggedly pegged away. From a little pressure they soon found that the Welsh- Men had gone their length, and they then com- menced a regular bombardment of their opponents' fortress. For a time Dick Evans, Ashley, and Toni Jones kept the ball from the goal, although it had many near shaves. Rings were made round the •visitors' half-backs and backs, and ere long the goalkeeper was beaten. This was the signal for loud cheering on the part of the Shrewsbury sup- porters, and well the players deserved it. From now to the end the visitors played a wretchedly feeble game, the half-backs could not kick and the forwards could not go, whereas the Shrewsbury men went better than ever., Cheered by their supporters the half-backs and backs drove the ball well up the field, and the wing players seemed to do as they pleased with the defenders, and before the whistle blew the ball was netted no less than five times in this half. The Beserve thus won by 6 to 4, and I congratulate them on their well-earned success, although I honestly confess, my sympathies were all the other way. Welshpool lost the game solely and simply for want of practice and training. The men were in wretched condition, while the condition of the Shrewsbury men was superb. The latter improved right up to the end, and the candid opinion of the "Veteran is that they are good enough to win the Cup outright, especially if they will keep up their j training. They were slow at starting on Satur- day but made amends towards the end. This game however is a dangerous one to adopt, and does not always end well. I was immensely pleased with the play of the forwards. When either wing got the ball the rest of the forwards rushed up in a line and were round the goal keeper like bees. This was a great fault on the part of the visitors. They did not rush up to goal, and on several occasions brilliant runs by Austin came to naught owing to this. In the first half the visitors played a really fine game. Indeed they were much in front of the Reserve at all points. All did well in this half, just as all did badly in the second, barring the goal keeper, who cannot be blamed for losing the game. The Welshmen, though beaten, were far from being disgraced. In the first half they played a really brilliant game, and it was the sad want of condition alone that caused their defeat. There is good talent in Welshpool and it ought to be brought out. Can there be sothing done in the shape of competitions for medals, &c., amongst the elubs in the town. Now is the time to do it, and thus keep up the interest which has already been aroused this year. They have these competitions in Newtown and they are doing immense good, bringing out a lot of latent talent. St. George's gained a couple of points from Hereford on Saturday though having to journey in the cold to the ground of the latter club. The game was a very hard one, and the Dragons had to fight for all they were worth. It was only a minute or so before time that they put on the win- ning point and defeated the home team by two to one. Wrockwardine Wood played a drawn game with Wellington, and each side scored three goals. Oswestry, though without the services of their sturdy captain took two points home from New- port. They thoroughly deserved them too. New- port is not a team easily beaten on their own ground, and it is not eyery team who would show such good fight when minus the services of about their best man, and that man, too, the captain, as Oswestry did. Their plucky play was rewarded. All round they were superior to Newport whom they defeated by 2 to 0. If St. George's could enly get taken down a couple of times or so then Oswestry would have a capital look in. Chirk, as everyone expected, proved much too clever for Knight-nn, who were most easily van- quished by 7 to 0. The play needs little comment as the losers showed nothing like form, and Chirk did pretty much as they liked. The semi-final will now be played between Chirk and Newtown, and the game will be worth seeing. The Newtown men are not in the least afraid of their clever opponents, and mean to pull the match off or die very hard in the attempt. The efforts of the Welsh Association in promoting the association game iu South v ales seem iikeiy to be attended with capital results. On Saturday a kind of trial mate took place at Cardiff between teams chosen from North and South Wales. The game was capitally and evenly contested but the North, who showed the lyst combination, won at last by 3 to 2. Three of the chosen players were Newtown men and there were not three better men on the field. Mytton was acknowledged by all spectators and critics to be the best man on the ground, and it was in a very great measure due to his splendid work that his side gained the victory. On the form he has shown this season, and he improves with every match, his claim cannot be overlooked for his International Cap. Parry, too, well deserves the honour. He is hard-working, fast, and clever, and a better tempered for more gentlemanly player never stepped on a football field. Criftins, for the Village Cup, nearly treated Trefonen as they did Guilsfield, and beat them by 9 to 2. Good training and pratice won the day easily at last though Trefonen played up well in the first half. Criftins is a clever little team, and ought to win the Cup. Who "è;1- '='" 2 r-fcreo in these days? Jest think of the treatment meeted out to my old friend, IlJ. Brodie, of the Wolves, and then, readers, don't hesitate a moment bat hurry up and get registered for the office at once It seems now that a referee juust be something like the governess," and wmst never express himself quite as he feels." A Mxn must now stand in the field as a dummy, or give decisions in favour of the home team or some *nprincipied rowuies, who have probably got a shilling on the game, will in the most gallant man- ner rush in their scores, and feeling safe as regards numbers, maltreat a brave, gentlemanly and im- partial person, who has simply done his duty as Bnglishmen of this stamp always do it. Shame on smch curs I say, what is to be done? Well, I have seen as much football as anyone in this part of the world, at least, and I think there is a way out of it. In nine cases out of ten the men who hoot at a referee's decision are known to the responsible supporters of the home team, and such customers ought never after being detected, be allowed on the ground. For this abominable con- conduct Woolwich will probably pay dear!y and most likely the real guilty ones will get off scot free. It is a gTeat pleasure to me to chronicle a win for the gallant Throstles. Their opponents were the noted Cup-fighters, Blackburn Rovers, and a keenly contested game was won by the Albion players by 2 to 0. This victory was as great as it was deserved, and now the supporters of the old West Bromwich team ought to rally round the plucky p'. a vers, and cheer them on to further victory. The Wolves too gained a good victory at Derby Qver the home team, and where, strange to say, even in their best days, they have never gained the day. The Wolves are now safe for the League next year, and the Throstles are out the last three. Sunderland leads with with 22 games and 34 points, AHton Villa is equal as to points, but has played 3 more games, Everton with the same number of games as Sunderland is one point behind. The race it therefore xot over by -any means. Name Goals Played Won Dm Lost F'r Ag Pts. Sunderland 22 15 4 3 64 27 34 Aston Villa 25 16 2 7 67 32 34 Everton 22 14 5 3 62 32 33 Blackburn Rovers.24 10 6 8 49 39 26 Preston North End.24 11 4 9 42 36 26 Notts Forest 23 11 4 8 39 42 26 Sheffield Wed'sday.22 11 3 8 40 31 25 Burnley.22 11 3 8 35 30 25 Sheffield United.24 10 4 10 41 49 24 W'ton Wanderers 24 8 4 12 34 51 20 Bolton Wanderers! 25 6 6 13 45 50 18 Small Heath 22 7 4 11 40 61 18 West Brom'h Albion.23 7 3 13 39 51 17 Liverpool 24 5 7 12 36 54 17 Derby County.23 4 7 12 31 53 15 Stoke 21 4 4 13 28 54 12 SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Played Won Lost Drn For AgstPts St. George's 11 9 0 2 34 11 20 Oswestrv United 12 7 1 4 41 19 18 Wrockwardine Wocd.12 5 4 3 22 22 13 Shrewsbury .10 5 4 1 28 18 11 1 Newtown 11 5 5 1 31 28 11 Hereford 11 2 3 6 2119 10 Newport 14 3 8 3 15 40 9 Ironbridge 11 3 7 1 24 33 7 Wellington Town 10 2 6 2 21 39 6 Whitchurch- 8 2 5 1 10 19 5 ABERYSTWYTH V. U.C.W.—The match between these elevens, which was to have been played, on the,College ground, on Saturday, had to be aban- doned owing to a heavy downfall of show. Towne Cup.- The Aberystwyth Reserve eleven meet one of the Towvn entries in the above com- petition, on Saturday, and should they be favoured with decent weather and treatment, they ought to win easily. FoOTBALL.-Some interest has been manifested among the Newtown football enthusiasts in the competititions for the Canal Rovers' Medals. On the 19th ult. the first semi-final round was played on the Cunnings, when there was a good gate, though the weather was anything but favourable, large pools of water being scattered all over the ground. The teams were the Excelsiors v. Poat Office Combination, and the latter were victorious by 2 goals to 1. The second semi-final round was played last Saturday before a large crowd of spectators, and on about six inches of snow, when the Salmon Tin Dribblers met the Newtown North End, and suffered a heavy defeat of 7 goals to 3. The losers were strong burly fellows, contrasting very strikingly with their opponents who, most of them, were mere boys. Some very rough play was seen, and one or two of the losing. team went so far as to exhibit their pugilistic capabilities. The winners played a very good game all through, and were very frequently cheered for their tricky exploits, Elliott and Morris, the two outside wingers, perhaps being the most conspieious, in in this particular, though one and all could well claim their equal share of the victory. The final which is to take place on February 9th between the Post Office Combination and Newtown North End, will doubtless command a very good gate. It is gratifying to lovers of the game to see that some little incentive is offered to develope the local talent in this respect. FOOTBALL FIXTURES. FEBRUARY. 2 Aberystwyth v Rhayader, at Rhayader 9 Oswestry v Westminster Rovers, at Oswestry 9 Aberystwyth v Portmadoc, at Portmadoc 23 Aberystwyth T Oswestry United, at Aber- ystwyth MARCH. 9 Aberystwyth v U.C.W., at Aberystwyth 14 L, Oswestry r Newtown, at Oswestry 16 L, Oswestry v Ironbridge, at Ironbridge 23 Oswestry v Westminster Rovers, at Stansty Park 30 Aberystwyth v R.W.W., at Newtown APRIL. 6 L, Oswestry v Wellington Town, at Wellington 6 Aberystwyth v Portmadoc, at Aberystwyth 12 Aberystwyth v Oswestry Old Boys, at Aber- ystwyth 13 L, Oswestry v Whitchurch, at Oswestry 13 Aberystwyth v R.W.W., at Aberystwyth 16 Aberystwyth v Wellington St. George's, at Aberystwyth 20 L, Oswestry v Shrewsbury, at Shrewsbury 27 Oswestry T Tranmere Rovers, at Oswestry HUNTING APPOINTMENTS. THE SEVERN VALLEY HARRIERS will meet Tuesday, 5th Kilkewydd Bridge Friday, 8th The Gaer Each day at 11 o'clock. THE PLAS MACHYNLLETH HARRIERS will meet Monday, 4th Penrhyn Thursday, 7th Cwmllowy Each day at 10 o'clock. SIR W. W. WYNN'S HOUNDS meet (weather permitting) Saturday, 2nd Blackhoe Tuesday, 5th .Bickerton Wednesday, 6th Hardwick Friday, 8th .Trotting Mare At 11. Saturday, 9th Brown's Moss At 10 30. TANAT SIDE HARRIERS will meet I Tuesday, 5th Four Crosses Friday, 8th Nescliff