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NOTES ON FOOTBALL. [13 Y V E T v. a x Saturday last was not an ideal day for football, as in many cases the ground TO frost-bound and covered with snow. This was the rase nt Ne wtown, where Whitchurch played the return lwigne match with the home team. Of course, W. E. Pryce-Jones won the toss and equally, of course, he choose to kick up the hill. During the first- half, the home team had most of the play, but owingT-o the slippery state of the ground, and a. iittie e»reiex>-uess Jwar goal, the score shp(t war, blank at half time. Cart- wright, Walker, Kenny, Mid the gc-ulkeeper defended eapnallv. In the half NVwtowu were not long in notching a point. This was tho T-renli: of as pretrya bit. of work as I have ever seen on the ground. The Whi^-lmrcli men t~it the bail well up the srronnd, when Chanmau very coolly and ch-verly robbed the forwarda, and, "flying his opportunity, passed to II. F. Myt.t-on, w hen that player was in a good position, and he, seeing that A. W. Pryce- Jones was .setter placcd than he vena, very u*- selhshlv gave him the bail, with the result that ei .v A. W. scored a beauty. Tins i» the sort, of work one wants to see iu a fcotbai! field, ilali-backs (1:; a rule are too fund of shooting at goal and trying to scon, T! pr.yw "-Jnnn;il!y, but it i", die exceplioii atv.,r- the less. The duty of a half-back is to impede and rob opposite forwards, and this being done, then he should quickly look rG-zi(I and give the ball to any forward he sees in a good position, as Chapman not only did on this particular occasion, but al! through the game on Saturday. Chapman's play on Satur- day was as near perfection as possible—clever tackling, judicious* passing, good shooting at times, and most gentlemanly play throughout. On his play in the last two matches lie has proved himself up to his old form and worthy of a place in the internationals. Tue eatne may be said of 1. F. Mytton, h Lu is now certainly out, of the finest centre forwards in Wales. But I am rather wan- f dering a bit from rue game. After breaking the ice, the home team were tif,t, long in adding another point. Matthews- io\i:«gly called '"Joey'" by V* mates, and A. W. made a tine passing run ami gained & corner. This was well piaoed, and in a tight scrimmage one of the Whit-church bncks, in trying to get the ball away, sent it through his own goal. The third was from a smart rnn by H. F. Mytton, after he had received the ball at the rijjht time L',HH Chapm; M ytton dashed op to goal and shot in. Tho goalk. eper just pit it away, but Joe returned it weil into the net. Tiju fourth goal was also the result of fiue. by Chapman, who passed to Savage. The laft-er player gave the goalkeeper a handful, and before he could get the bail away, Teddy Davies was on it and placed it in the net. In this half Whitchurch were quite out- played, and but for t'i,, really splendid play of Cartwi-i £ bt, Newtown would have scored heavily. No bettor half-back play than Cartwright's need be seen, aud it is a wonder to me he has not been frequently chosen in important, matches to play for Shropshire. In his position, he is quite the equal of any centre half-back in the county. The two backs and the goalkeeper did good service ^especially the latter. His place was no sinecure, and he could not be blamed for auy of the goals scored against him. The two new men, Wolfe and Evans, did very well on their wings, and the passing of the Whitchurch forwards was at times very pretty-in fact more pretty than effective. Teddy Davies and Matthews performed very creditably, and they are capital understudies to W. E. Pryce-Jones and Parry. G. R. Mytton did well too, but evidently did not relish the slippery ground. The defence of Newtown was good and alfe. In the match with the Everton Reserve, when Newtown were beaten by 3 to 1, the losers were short handed and took three substitutes from Oswestry. These with the other players, did good work as the score sheet shows. To be beaten by this grand combination by only 3 to 1 speaks well for Newtown, and when the return match is played later on there will be a thumping gate to witness the home team's endeavour to lower the colours of their formidable foes. I forgot to mention before, that Whitchurch and Newtown had not their full teams engaged. Parry was at West Bromwich fighting for the Throstles against Preston North End, and right well did he sustain his home reputation. He made one of the finest runs of the day, and one of the evening papers in writing of his general piny says. Parry, the r.ew man, gave a very good exhibition." Wrockwardine Wood scratched to Welshpool in the Welsh Junior Cup tie, much to the disgust of the home team, who were thus robbeil of a good j The npjt -a-jv Shrewsbury Reserve, and if the Welshmen have choice of ground the match will be a hot and close one, and wid be sure to draw a big gate. The Oswestry United in securing the Stratli- clyde (Glasgow) team provided a great attracion, and the game was well patronised. Tho home team played a grand game all through, and the practice gained against their good opponents will be of great service to-day in the match against Wrexham. The half-back and full back play need not be better, and the forwards combined beauti- ful;v. Pierce and Parry made some beautiful runs, and the other wing, Watkins and Nathan, were nearly if not ouite as good. The ubiquitous L. Ben bow, who it seems is such a born footballer that he can not be mispla-ced, made a first rate centre, and did quite his share towards winning the game. Watkins, as I expected, improves with every match, and will become a capital wing player. The United are very lucky in securing his services now M. Jones is on the sick list. Poor Jack Evans paid dearly for his love of the game and pluck in the match against Shrewsbury. Ilit3 wrenched knee again went, and the poor fellow has probably played his last game for at least a couple of yerrs. Oswestry executive have wisely, I think, decided to play the same team to-day against Wrexham, and although the Wrexham men have nearly carried all before them this year they will have a stiff job before them. The game will not be won by them till the Referee's whistle blows at the end of the second 45 minutes- then. This match, like the one at Newtown against the West- minster Rovers will be a close one and will be worth seeing. It's a pity one canuot be in both places at the same time to witness the games. The Dragons (St. George's) are romping home in the League matches, and the gap between them and the other teams is widening fast. Their work, up to the present is, I fancy, a record for the medal*. They have p1ayed 11 matches, winning 9 and drawing 2, not one either at home or away being lost. Thev cannot lose now unless the team falls to pieces. J Shrewsbury fell further behind on Saturday when they were taken down by Newport to the tune of 4 to 1, while the Dragons triumphed over Ironbridge by 2 to 0. There was a first rate match at Shrewsbury between the Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton Junior League teams. The game property ended in a draw of 4 goals each, the Shrewsbury men having quite as much of the game as their formidable and much more experienced opponents. From all the hard things said and written against the Wolves, who would have expected the despised ones to give Sunderland a lift by actually thrashing the champions--EvertoTi ? Yet such was thu case, and the result, 1 to 0 in their favour, was no fluke either. Sunderland and Aston Villa now t: i' -de of place, though the former hpvr> two games in hand. The race between Sunderland, Aston Villa, and Everton is now becoming quite interesting. Nanle (jcaT,= Played Won Dm Lost F'r A T'ts Sunderland 20 13 4 3 53 24 30 Aston Villa 22 14 2 6 62 27 30 Everton 18 12 3 3 52 27 27 Blackburn Rovers 22 10 6 6 43 35 26 Preston North End 22 10 4 3 33 35 24 Sheffield Wea'sday.9 11 2 6 37 26 24 Burn lev 20 10 3 7 33 25 23 Notts Forest 20 9 4 7 35 36 22 Sheffield United 20 8 -3 9 36 42 19 W'ton Wanderers 21 7 4 10 30 45 18 Small Heath 21 7 4 10 40 59 13 Bolton Wanderers 21 5 5 11 36 39 15 West Brom'h Albion.22 6 3 1.3 31 51 15 Derby County 19 4 5 10 27 46 13 Liverpool 22 3 7 12 30 5-3 13 Stoke 17 3 3 11'20 45 9 SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Played TTon Lost Drn For Agsfc Pta St. George's 11 9 0 2 34 11 20 Oswestry United 10 5 1 4 37 13 14 Wrockwardine Wood.11 5 4 2 19 19 12 Shrewsbury 9 5 5 1 28 16 11 Hertford 10 2 3 5 19 17 9 Newtown 10 4 5 1 23 26 9 Newport ]2 3 7 2 13 36 8 Ironbridge 10 3 6 1 22 30 7 Whitchurch 8 2 5 1 10 j9 5 Wellington Town 9 2 6 1 18 36 5 NEWTOWN HALF-HOLIDAY XI V. CAMPBELL'S >:I.— Tbis match was played 0:1 the Waterloo Ground on Friuay, the 4tb inst. The Campbell xi won the toss and elected to play against the wind, and after ten minutes of good play, Craddock, making a. fine sprint, scored rather easily, through a mistake by the goalkeeper. This seemed to put more life into the game, and the Holiday men broke away and looked like scoring, but Gentle was the stumbling block and could not be beaten. From this Morgans got the leather and passed to Matthews, who centred nicely, and the first-named shot it through. From this point until half-time the play was of a "give and take" character. On re-starting, Wellingford made a fine run, and had hard lines in not scoring, the ball striking the cross-bar and rebounding down the field. Evans secured it, and passed to Davies, who centred, Morgans making a good shot which beat Horton for the third time. L,, The Holiday men now pressed, but Townsend was in rattling form and fisted out well. From a huge kick by W. Humphreys the leather was put into midfield, where Matthews secured and passed to Davies, who shot wide. Now the Campbells pressed severely, and Evans peered a fourth. Time was shortly afterwards with the score standing: Cam bell's xi, 4 goals; Half-Holiday, 0. For the winners, Mat- thews, Evans, Morgans, aud Gentle, were con- spicuous for their fine plav. Teams :—Campbell's xi: Goal. E. Townsend; backe, Humphreys and C. Owen; half-backs, Henry James, R. Gentle, and Boden: right wing, A. Davies and W. Craddock; t left wiig, A. Matthews and Llew. Evans; centre, Morgan:- Half-Holiday Goal, H. Horton fofteV*, Humphreys and Townsend half-backs, R. Hum- phreys, Watts, and Jones right wing, E. Roberts and S. W allingford; left wing, Benbow and B. Morris; centre, Harris. Linesman, Messrs. Wra. Pilot and P. Owen. Referee, Mr. W. Parry. ABERYSTWYTH v BUILTH. A friendly game was played between these'elevens, on the Vicarage field, Aberystwyth, on Saturday, in the presence of a fair gate, the visitors were well re prof nil ted, and soon after operations were com- menced it was evident that the homesters had not an ee y task, a.<; was expected, before them. Winning tke t«>ss Garner, as usual, played up hill, and though his vanguard appeared to be ir. any- and though his vanguard appeared to be in any- thing like form, at the interval this team led by two goals to lore. In the latter half the Tin): mer their opponents plenty to do, and before I the ciose they had equalised, home forwards now and again reached their opponents' territory, 1 "i r "eidom did they look like scoring. Garner and Morris scored fo? ihe home team, wh.'&t E. < < Howell, and T. G. Howell performed the ta.-k j the Visitors. Result.— j the Visitors. Result.— Aberystwyth j Builth ••• 2 J I The following the teams— ABF.RYSTWYTH. Geal, Jack Jones; full backs, Ramsey, Williams and W. R. Jones half backs, H. Smith, D. Morgan, and D. Edwards; right wing, Tom Richards, and J. Gtirner; centre, lforris left wing, J. H. Edwards, and J. C. Ilea. BUILTIT. Goal, Felton full backs, W. G. Evans, and M. G. nowell; half backs, G. Lewis, J. Burns, and P. ¡ Oakes right wing, O. Perrin,and H.Jones centre, A. R. Evans; left wing, E. G. Howell, and T. G. Howell. Referee.—Mr. A. J. Hughes. FOOTBALL FIXTURES. JANUARY. 26 Aberystwyth r L.C.W., at Aberystwyth 26 1" Oswestry r Newport, at Newport PO FEBRCART. 2 Aberystwyth r Itliayader, at Rhayader 9 Oswestry v Westminster Rovers, at Oswestry 9 .ÀbcrJ'twyth v Fortmadoc, at Portmadoc 23 Aberystwyth r Ogwestry United, at Aber- ystwyth ll-ARCH. 9 Aberystwyth v U.C.W., at Aberystwyth 14 L, Oswestry v Newtown, at Oswestry 16 L, Oswestry v Ironbridge, at Ironbridge 23 Oswestry v Westminster Rovers, at Stansty Park 30 Aberystwyth r R.W.W., at Xewtown APRIL. 6 L, Oswestry v Wellington Town, at Wellington 6 Abcrystwyth v Portmadoc, at Aberystwyth 12 Aberystwyth v Oswestry Old Boys, at Aber- ystwyth 13 l, Oswestry r Whitchurch, at Oswestry 13 Aberystwyth v R.W.W., at Aberystwyth 16 Aberystwyth v Wellington St. George's, at Aberystwyth 20 T" Oswestry v Shrewsbury, at Shrewsbury 1 27 Oswestry r Tranmere Rovers, at Oswestry » HUNTING APPOINTMENTS. THE SEVERN VALLEY HARRIERS will meet Tuesday, 15th Hem Bank Friday, 18th Caerhowel Bridge Tuesdav, 22nd The Gaer Friday, 25th Abermule Friday, 25th Abermule Each day at 11 o'clock. THE PLAS MACHYNLLETH HARRIERS will meet Monday, 14th Caeceinach Thursday, 17th Braichgoch Each day at 10 o'clock. SIR W. IT. WY'S HOUNDS meet on Saturday, 12th Broughall (not Flanog) at 10 30 B, Monday, 14th Bangor Tuesday, 15th .Basehurch at 10 30 Friday, 18th Gallantry Bank Saturday, lUth Iseoed at 11 0 TANAT SIDE HARRIERS will meet Llan,, I)Iodw(,1 Tuesday, 15th, Llanyblodwel Friday, 18th, Maesbury FORDEN. DAXCE.—A dan-:e. took place in the Schoolroom, on Thursday evening, January 3rd, the object being to raise funds for a new floor, which had been laid for the occasion, and was in every way a great success. The company numbered about 100. Refreshments, which were kindly given by the purishoneru were laid in the class room, the tables were presided over by Mrs George Davies, Hem Bank, Mrs Francis, The Gaer, Mrs Williams, Hem, Mrs William Davies, Red House, Mrs Edward Morris, Kilkewydd. The music was supplied by Messrs Roberts, harpists, Newtown, and dancing was kept up with great spirit until 4 o'clock. LLANSANTFFRAID. THE LATE MRS. PARRisn.On Saturday the remains of Mrs. Sntih Ann Parrish, wife of Mr. James W'Hiam Parrish, and daughter of Mr. John Rees of Llansantffrai i, were interred here. A huge concourse of friends and relatives met to pay their last tribute of respect and love to Mrs. Parrish, whose short life had been so unexpectedly terminated. Mrs. Parrish was only twenty-six years of age. The utmost sympathy was shown by the villagers. EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS IN THE TREAT- MENT OF OBESITY. Our corpulent readers will be glad to learn how to positively lose two stone in about a mouth, with the greatest possible beuelit In health, strength, and muscle, by a comparatively new system. It is a singular paradox that the patient, returning quickly I to a healthy state, with increased activity of brain, digestive and other organs, naturally requires more food than hitherto, yet, notwithstanding this, hp absolutely loses in weight one or two pounds daily, as the weighing machine will prove. Thus there is no suggestion of starvation. It is an undoubted success, and the author, who has devoted years of study to the subject, guarantees a noticeable reduc- tion within twenty-four hours of commencing the treatment. This is different with other diseases, for tho patient, in some cases, may go for weeks without being able to test whether the physician has rightly treated him, and may have derived no real or apparent improvement in health. Here, we v repeat, the author guarantees it in twenty-four hours, the scale to be the unerring recorder. The treatment aims at the actual root of obesity, so that the superfluous fat does not return when dis- continuing the treatment. It is perfectly harmless. We advise our readers to call the attention of stout friends to this, because, sincerely, we think they ought to know. For their information we may say that on sending four penny stamps, a book entitled Corpuleucyand the Cure (256 pages), containing a reprint of Press notices from some hundreds of medical and other journals—British and foreign — and other interesting particulars including, the book containing the "recipes," can be had post free from a Mr. C. F. Russell, Wobarn House, Store Street, Bedford Square, London, W.C. j