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NOTES O V FOOTBALL. L B y A- L I heartily congratulate Welshpool on th^ir well- earned victorv of Saturday ill ",Velsft Junior Cup tie. Their opponents were the ()swostry Itovers-a very smart junior team but the latter Hiade a great mistake in driving from Oswestry. Mr. W. Forresu r Aduie showed his interest in Welshpool and the game by kicKiny off in rignt sturdy style. He seemed rather sorry to finish with one kick. and by the luteins; looks he con- tinually cast at the ball he evidently wanted to have another go or two at it. From the start the home team took !I advantage "f their opponents being cold and stiff from their long ride aud adopted forcing tactics. This was the proper game and it soon paid, tor the first goal was scored in about two mintir.es ftv,m the start. After this 8imie very even play was seen, but the palm for stvie and science must be given to the Hover?. Their passing was much in front or that of Welsh- pool, and their backs were surer and cleaner with their kicks. The first and only goal the Hovers obtained was sent through bv a Welshpool man, but the previous good work tile Hover s van thoroughly deserved this notch. The go-a-head style of the W«dsnp<><>i ■ ■ r upset the 1 combination of the Hovers, and before half-time two more good goals fell to the Jot. of the home team. The peualty kick, and was probably the first Tom Jones ever tried, was sent in with tremendous force right through the goalkeeper's hands. During this half the halt-back and full hack play of Welshpool was very ragged and shaky. The half-backs were continually mixing with the forwards and bothering instead of helping them, while the backs wandered too far down and apart, and kicked anything but, cleanly. Mis-kicks were too frequent. Ir do"* nor, pay for a full back to wander down very far unless he is a speed v goer. The Hovers forwards on several occasions profited by this play, and a little more steadiness on their part would probably have cost Welshpool a goal or so. The game in the first half had been so even that, with the wind and ground in their favour, I expected the Hovers to improve their position. however, the pace had been too hot for them and they fell away badly. In justice to them it must be said that the wind moderated and they did not derive so much advantage from it as the home team did in the iirst half. The captain of the W, ish pool tea i i i very wisely ordered Tom Jones and Walter Davies to change phces, and the sturdy kicking of the first-named was on an equality with the sure shots of Walter. TheWetshpoolmeu kept the game alive right up to the end, though Griffiths and Austin, especially the former, begau to fag a little towards the last. Austin put. in some pretty runs and shots, though on more than one occasion he badly over-ran the ball. Heath was the hardest working man on the field,and was splendid all through. Tom Jones and Walter Davies were the next best men, and they did excellent service for their team. The half-back play improved in the second half, and Astley and Hughes were very good. Dick Evans in goal was cool and safe. Mr. Cotton performed his onerous duties as referee in a most admirabie and impartial manner. If the Welshpool forwards will spend a little time in practising passing they will be a very good Junior team, aud will cause th.;ir opponents a lot of trouble. They have any amount of strength stamina and dash, but a, little, not too much, science and finish is needed. The match between the Aberystwyth XI and the University College of Wales caused much excite- ment on,Saturday. The rivalry between the teams attracted a fair gate. Although the Town men in previous encounters have proved themselves masters of the situation, on this occasion specula- tion was rife as to the probable result. The general impression was favourable as to the i Collegians, seeing that their opponents were with- out four of their men, viz., J. C. Rea, and Tom Hees, and D. M. Jones, and J. H, Bunford, who piay for the Collegians. The game was stubbornly con- tested throughout, but lacked the usual excitement attel.dant on tliesi encounters. At the interval the town led by 3 to 2. In the latter half only one point was legistered, and this was in favour of the town, who thus won a stubborn contest by 4 to 2. J. C. Rea, the Aberystwyth speedy left winger, made a very promising first appearance for West Bromwich Albion on Saturday. He put in some very pretty and effective work, ami when he gets a little more accustomed to meet first-class backs will be of great service to the Throstles, that is if he cares about taking part in their matches. Such is th(-. opiuion of an authority who watched the {(:u!C. Builth played up well in their friendly match with Newtown on the Cunnings, and succeeded in making a draw of a good game. The 2nd round of the Shropshire Cup ended in nearly all the favourites gaining entrance to the 3rd round. Wellington bad Shrewsbury as visit-ors and a most stubborn and well contested game ended in a win for Shrewsbury by 2 to 1. At half- time Wellington led by 1 to 0, aid it was left for the sr-nart old International C. H. Bowdler to score the two points for his side. The rest lie has had has evidently not done him much harm. St. George's fell before Market Drayton after another stubborn game. It is well known that the majority of the players in t.he Dragon's team are professionals, and as the Shropshire Cup is only for amateurs, St. George's could not place their full team on the field. The reserves, however, did very well with the exception of the goalkeeper who was very poor. Newport and Wrockwardine played a very fast and exciting game'at Newport, and the home team just landed the event by a short head. Shifnal nearly caught Oswestry on the hop for this trophy, and must have surprised everybody by their good play in the first part of the game. The Oswestry fellows crossed over witti a score of 2 to 0 against them, and then set to work as they well knew how. By strong and good play they forced thp game and although they had nearly all the play they only led by one goal at the close. I trust Shrewsbury and Oswestry will steer clear of each other next round, and then we snail have another tough struggle for the final. The draw for the first rouNd propel of the Eng- lish Cup is out, and most of the best teams appear to have easy tasks before them. This is espeeiaily the case with Everton, Sunderland, Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Liverpool, Notts Forest, Preston North End and Blackburn Rovers. The other Mid- land teams have a hard task set them, especially West Bromwich and the Wolves, out 1 trust both will go on further. Name Gcals Pla y ed WOIl Drn Lost :W"r Ag Pt, Everton Lb 12 3 1 52 23 27 Sunderland 14 11 2 1 44 15 24 Aston Villa 18 11 1 6 44 24 23 Burnley 16 8 3 5 29 20 19 Preston North End.18 7 4 7 29 29 18 Sheffield Wed'sday.15 8 1 6 26 25 17 Blackburn Rovers 17 6 5 6 30 30 17 Sheffield United 17 7 3 7 29 33 17 Notts Forest 15 7 2 6 27 28 16 Small Heath 17 6 4 7 35 46 16 West Broui'hAlbion ..16 6 3 7 27 33 15 Wton Wanderers 17 4 4 9 25 40 12 Liverpool 18 2 7 9 26 45 11 Bolton Wanderers 17 3 4 10 27 36 10 Derby County 14 3 3 6 21 32 9 3 3 9 20 36 9 SHROPSHIRE AND DISTRICT LEAGUE. Played Won Lost Drn For Agst I'ts St. George's 7 6 0 1 27 10 13 Oswestry United 9 5 1 3 36 17 13 Shrewsbury 8 5 2 1 27 12 11 Wrockwardine Wood. 7 4 3 0 12 14 8 Hereiord. 9 2 3 4 17 15 8 Newtewu 8 3 4 1 23 24 7 Wellington Town 8 2 5 1 18 34 5 Ironbridge 6 2 4 0 13 23 4 Newport 8 1 5 2 7 23 4 Whitchurch 6 1 4 1 7 15 3 MACHYNLLETH HOVERS v. TOWYN ST. C.kl)VA- This match was played on the ground of the for- mer, on Saturday, as a friendly game, ending in a victory t'ov the Rovers by 4 goals to 2. The following formed the Rovers' team :—Goal, H. Edwards; backs, 0. Morris, d. Williams: half- backs, E., 1,1. Roberts, .1 Roberts, R Cole; right wing, R. Humphreys. Sam Jones; left wing, O. Holt, 0. Arthur; centre, J. Holt. Referee, Air. B. Fierce. Linesman, Mr. G. Owen. NEWTOWN HALF HOLIDAY V" EXPBKSS" PRINTERS AND POST OFFiCE COMBINED. — Played on the Waterloo ground, Doifor road, on Friday last. Winning the toss the printers elected to play down the slope. King accordingly kicked off, and Davies securing raced down the left until his wild barrier was stopped by Goodwin who relieved with a huge kick. The Half Holiday now had a look in and henin-.ed their opponents in, Harris ultimately scoring with a swift low shot. This rou-sed the Combination from their lethargy, the result of which was a determined onslaught on the Half Holiday goal, which however was kept intact. Give and take plav ensued and Harris scored No. 2 for the Half Holiday who were playing a deters mined game, the half back trio frustrating all attempts of their opponents to break through. From a tlLrow in the Gall was nicely placed and Lewis registered No. 3 for the Half Holiday. The teams changed over with the score Half Holiday 3, Combination 0. On re-starting the Half Holiday hemmed in their opponents; Bellis, her custodian, having a lively time of it. At length Spencer ann Davies broke away and eluding their opponents, Davies with a well aimed shot, completely beat Horton. Nothing further resnllcd and at tho call of time the scores stood Half Holiday 3. Printers and Post Office Combination 1. W. Woodhouse officiated as referee. Teams, Half Holidav, goal, Hort-on; backs, Goodwin and Townsend; half backs, W. Owen, E. Humphreys, H. Humphreys: forwards, Pilot, Jones, Harris, Lewis, and llamer. Combination Goal, Bellis; backs, Humphreys and Davies; half backs, Andrew, Jones, amd Watts; forwards, King, Morgan, Spencer, Davies, and Edwards. ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP. DRAW FOR THE FIRST ROUND. A meeting of tho Consultative Committee of the Football Association was held on Monday night at the offices of the Football Association, Chancery- lane, E.C., Mr. J. C. Clegg presiding, when the principal business was the making of tho draw for the first round of the Association Cup competition proper. The result wus announced as follows: Workington cr Southport Central v. Everton referee, Mr. A. Cooper. OSuriderlatid v. Fairfield referee, Mr. J. Howcroft. Aston Villa v. Derby County referee, Mr. A. Scragg. Darwen v, Wolverhampton Wanderers; referee, Mr. A. Kingscott. Bolton Wanderers v. Woolwich Arsenal referee, Mr. J. Fox. Sheffield United v. 11illwall Athletic referee, Mr. J. Ormerod. Small Heath v. West Bromwich Albion referee, Mr. J. Lewis. Barnsley St. Peter's v. Liverpool; referee, Mr. M. T. Roberts. Southampton St. Mary's v. Notts Forest; referee Mr. E. E. Stuart. Tottenham Hotspnr or Luton Town v. Preston North. End; referee, Mr. A. G. lime. Bury v. Leicester Fosse or Loughton Town; referee, Mr. J. Tomlinson. Newton Heath v. Stoke referee, Mr. Hall. Sheffield Wednesday v. Notts County referee Mr. Fitzrov Xorris. < Blackburn Hovers v. Burton Wanderers referee, Mr. F. Armitt. Middlesbrough v. Long Eaton Rangers or Chesterfield; referee Mr. W. H. Stacey. Newcastle United v. Burnley; referee, Mr. J. Brodie. To be played on Feb. 2, on the grounds of the first-named club;; kick-off at 2-30; referees to select their own liaesmen, and, with a view to keeping down expenses, to obtain local men as far as possible. WELSH JUNIOR CUP. SECOND ROCXD. WELSHPOOL Y. OSWESTRY ROVERS. This match should have been played at Oswestry but as the Rovers have no ground, they agreed for a consideration to play it off at Welshpool. Punctually to time Mr. Cotton, the referee, blew his whistle, and hostilities commenced by Mr. W. Forrester Addie kicking the ball well off amid ringing cheers. It was headed back by Turner, but the Welshpool forwards pounced on it, and made quick tracks for goal. Hands against Parry relieved the Hovers, but soon Parry got the ball again, and with rather a wild kick sent the ball out. Jarman ran quickly down on the right and gained a corner. This was capitally placed by Heath, and Walter Davies banged it through in two minutes from the start. From the centre kick the Rovers' forwards got up near goal, but found Ashley safe. Soon they were up again, and Hughes fouling near goal gave them a good look in, but Dick Evans saved well. W. Lewis and W. Roberts made a pretty passing run on the Rovers' right. Griffiths rollowed them up, and kicked out. After a sharp run and centre by Heath, Tom Jones shot just on one sicla of the goal post. F. Smith, Goodrich, and Kynaston passed the ball beauti- fully up the field for the Rovws, but. F. Smith was a little too far forward just at last, and' spoilt a goad bit of work by getting off-side. The Rovers' forwards were now putting in some nice tricky work, and bothering Ashley and Hughes consider- ably. These two backs followed rather too far and were rather loose in their kicking, letting the Oswestry forwards get dangerously near goal. Heath dashed up the right, and passed well across to Austin and Griffiths, but both bungled what ought to have been a certain goal. Soon Heath got up again, and passing to Tom Jones, that player had a go at goal, but shot over. This was soon followed by another shot from the same player, and very near the mark. Hands against Heath gave the Rovers a little respite, but Hughes had little difficulty in returning the ball. Heath put in a lovely ceuti-e-just a littlt,. too iigli. The Rovers' string of forwards got up nicely, and hands was awarded near goal. The ball was sent through untouched. Dick Evans well saved another good shot at the expense of a corner. This was well placed, but Hughes got it away. From another corner soon after to Oswestry, the ball was splendidly placed across the mouth of goal, and Griffiths, in trying to send it away, scored the Rovers' only goal. All the same they deserved it. Welshpool pressed hard, but were shooting) badly. Heath had a fine chance, but shot very wide. From a scrimmage near goal Walter Davies kicked the ball right through a lot of his opponents and scored a grand goal. Welshpool kept up the pressure, and Heath, on several occasions distinguished himself. Griffiths and Austin put in some good piay on the left, but the former kicked out. Soon after lie made a very feeble attempt to score. The Oswestry goal keeper fisted out a good shot, but flolloway missed all easy chance from the return. Austin was placed nicely but kicked too high. Both Astley and Hughes missed their kicks, and Parry kicked wildly, but Dick Evans rushed and removed danger. The ball was well taken down by Heath aud Jarman, the latter centred well, but Tom Jones and Austin rushed at it togetlier, and as usual with two cooks spoilt the broth. At the other end Dick Evans again saved a goal by rushing out. Back went the ball to the other end and Welshpool bombarded the goal, but could not shoot true. A corner was gained and well placed, and after a little play was kicked on the cross-bar and drowned over. Soon Welshpool got a corner, and the 'ball was landed in the mouth of goal, and a score nearly resulted. A case of hands against the Rovers near goal re- sulted in the ball being hit through by one of the Hovers. The referee did not allow the goal as the tail wasjdeliberately struck before it went through, but he very properly gave a penalty kick. Tom Jones took it, aud sent the ball in so hotly that although the goalkeeper put his hands to it he could not stop it, and goal No. 3 was scored. Half- time arrived with the score standing Welsh pool 3 Rovers 1. o i From the kick-oft Welshpool commenced to press, and Walter Davies had a fair chance but shot over. F. Smith and Goodrich put iu some pretty and useful work on the left, but the final shot was sent over. Austin and Griffiths spoilt a bit of good work by bad centring. Soon Austin had another shut, and the Rovers goalkeeper had ail his work to do to stop it. From hands Wetshpool were within an ace of scoring. Austin soon after sent a hue shot in, which the goalkeeper in trying to save hit through. The Rovers played up a bit, but spoilt good work by getting off-side. Jartm'a sot the ball fiom the free-kick and put in a fine hio-h shot, which the goalkeeper saved splendidly riht under the bar. Austin, after a nice bit of tricky play, scored w. grand goal with a shot from anawk ward position. Tom Jones and Jarman soon afterwards nearly scored, and Austin overran the ball, and missed the easiest chance of the day F. Smith and Goodrich made a snlendul run tor the Rovers, and a beautiful shot was sent in to Dick Evans. It looked very like a goal, but the referee thought the ball was hit over the bar. The corner came to nothing Austin and Tom Jones worked the ball up well and the latter put in a high strong shot which the goalkeeper did not return well, and Jarman had no trouble in breasting the ball through. The Rovers left again got down but failed at goal. W. Lewis and Roberts on the other wing after a fine run swung the ball across to the left, whore a good chance was mulled. A long shot was sent to Dick Evans but he easily saved. Tom Jones was to the fore with some strong defensive play. He sent a nice pass to Griffiths who, however, muffed it badly. Turner sent in n. fine shot but Hughes headed back. Tom Jones next sent a trifle wide. The home team gained a corner which was well taken, and Heath nearly scored. After a fine bit of work by F. Smith and Goodrich, Ashly sent the ball on to Austin who failed badly. A little scrimmage in front of the Hovers goal, ended in Walter Davies banging the ball through the goal- keepers hands, and No. 7 was registered. The end soon after came, and the home team weie declared winners of a fast, though not very scientific game. WELSHPOOL. Goal, R. Evans backs, Hughes and Ashly hnlf- backs, Parry, Walter Davies, and Hollowav rigilt wing, Jarman and flcath centre, T. Jones left wing, Austin and Griffiths. Linesman,— Mr. H. Smith. OSWESTRY ROVERS. Goal, R. Thomas backs, Milner and Brookfield half-backs, Jones, Turner, and Williams; right wing, W. Lewis and W. Roberts; centre, KYUHS- ton left wing, F. Smith and II. Goodrich. Linesman—Mr. Jones. Referee—Mr. Cotton, Rhostyllen.