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WELSH JUNIOR CUP. (FIRST ROUND.) WKL8HPOOL ADMINISTERS A. rr7?7C> TO O.VEltO TtO. Welshpool United took down a fairly strong and representative eleven to Caersws on Saturday, together with a goodly following of supporters, a special carriage being put on to the 11-25 a.m. train by the general manager of the Cambrian Railways Company for the occasion. On arrival at their destination the party adjourned to the Unicorn Inn, where the team sat down to an appetising lunch, kindly provided by their esteemed captalll--1r. J. H. Addie. A hearty vote of thanks was accorded the skipper, on the motion of Mr. T. Hiles, a member of the committee, and which was seconded by Mr. A. E. Bond. Mr. Addie acknowledged the compliment in a pertinent speech. A small number of spectators assembled on the ground to welcome the contesting teams, the majority of whom consisted of the Welshpool con- tingent. The ground, weather, and other inciden- tals to a good game left nothing to be desired, and when, prompt to time, the rivals came on the field, they lined up as follows WELSHPOOL UNITED. Goal, R. Evans; backs, T. Astley and S. Hughes; half-backs, J. H. Addie (captain), Parry and Holloway; forwards, Jarman and Heath (right), T. Austin and Griffiths (left), and Tom Jones (centre). Linesman, Mr. H. Smith. CAERSWS. Goal, J. Price; backs, T. Cleeton and R. Morris; half-backs, W. Cleetori, J. Spoonley, and H. Bradley; forwards, G. Bradley and Tudor Jones (right), T. Morgan and E. 3Iorris (left), and C. Bradley (centre). Linesman, Mr. S. Jones. Referee, Mr. W. H. Evans, Newtown. The home team won the toss, and selected the village goal, with a useful wind in their favour. The visiting centre kicked off, and Welshpool went away with a rush after the start, and for a few minutes it looked as though something was going to happen. The United quintette for some time continued to press, and showed their superiority in a marked degree. The home goal was in jeopardy, and Bradley came to the rescue, but he was im- mediately repulsed by Parry. Austin and Griffiths introduced some pretty play, a grand centre, which Cleeton cleared, being sent in by Austin. The homesters were penalised in front of goal, Jones sending in a fruitless kick. The goal-kick brought the local men no relief, whose defence was taxed to the utmost. Griffiths directed a shot on the home goal, but nothing resulted. Price kicked out, which was met in excellent fashion by the visiting skipper, who adroitly passed to Griffiths, Cleeton successfully repelling the latter's shot. A good run by Austin and a pass to Holloway, who sent in a stinging shot, which went a little wide of the mark, varied the one-sidedness of play some- what. Hands was again given the visitors in a prominent position. Holloway took the kick, and centred in beautiful fashion, when hands again resulted, Morris just managing to save. The visitors were prominent for a couple of sudden rashes, as a final to one of which Jarman tried to score. A rush by the home right wing followed the goal kick but Addie stopped, rrum a toul the visiting centre was within an ace of scoring. Since the com- nionceuieiit of the game to this point the leather had not crossed the equatorial line, Bradley putting in a run transferred to the right wing, but the iracks smothered every attempt t8 get the ball past them, Hughes, who was on the alert, averting. The homesters' sojourn was of short duration, and they were soon found to be again on the defence. Austin attempted to negotiate, but failed. Pries again saved for his side, and this was followed by some useful work for the visiting halves shortly after. Evans, who looked cold for the want of work, was now called upon to clear, and displayed his usual alacrity between the sticks." Holloway took a throw-in on the home side of the division line, Jones and Austin getting away, but nothing resultc>d. A corner kick fell to Welshpool, Jarman centreing to Holloway, who headed the ball, and from a scuffle hands resulted. Heath tried to claim first blood with a stinging shot,, which Price managed to stop and clear; Austin in turn re- taliated and shot a little over the cross-bar. The goal kick saw Tudor and Bradley spurting away they eluded Hughes, who was found out of his place, but the visiting custodian was not found napping. Hands were given in the homesters' favour Addie replied, and the right wing obtain- possession a corner resulted. Holloway took the kick, he puting it to Jarman, and he in turn trans- ferred to Austin, who sent in sharply, the ball passing just under the bar. Fouls followed in quick suc- ession for Caersws. Parry now had a look-in, j but was unsuccessful. Spoonley sent to Morgan; the latter bepulsed by Hughes. The visitors once more asd the aggressive, but W. Cleeton kicked out.iie was conspicuous with a fine shot, wjtiefche de-iired effect. This effort was received wv.husiasir. by the delighted Poolites around theh-lines. Griffiths secured on the resuniptionivas tackled by Bradley, and the visiting gseper had to save. Austin got away id his captain afterwards headed ovHands followed, and Astley took the ki the homesters, territory, but the ball was PI, of play. Parry having stopped Morris's ca.sent on to Jones, who passed to Jarman, builatter failed to improve the score. The Caersvyht wiog afterwards went away, but were wtopped by Jarman, Jarman and Heath afteis being conspicuous for some smart play,they had ill-luck in not scoring, which was to the able defence made by Cleeton. Gmd take play followed in mid- field, when 2a was ruled off-side. The visitors pressed for me, Addie being near scoring. Bradley and confrere secured, but Hughes replied by mg on to Austin, whose shot was cleared by tome goal-keeper. Holloway and Austin were Q to the front, but the latter was ruled off-side favourable time. The goal-kick was succeed)y a rush by the home van, but they were ndlangerous. Parry cleared a shot by Bradley, the leather went to the home ground as tfesult of a foul administered by Tudor to Eva Gritliths here passed to Austin, who scored jbefore half-time, when the score sheet read \bpool 3 goals, Caersws nil. Bradley rcrted, and it was soon seen that his side was,adly beaten team, the visitors at once pressinjith W. Jones and Griffiths to the front. For al the United were awarded a free kick, but nog camo of the good position in which the Iter was placed by Holloway. A futile attempts made by Caersws to get away, but Hughes akstley were playing too strong a defence. Ps placed for Griffiths, who shot well the speiors, thinking it had taken effect, began to cheeut a goal-kick pronounced that the referee 1 given a ruling to the contrary. Parry centredreply to the kick by Price, Brad- lev averting uger. Still the visitors pressed, and their capt-centred in beautiful fashion, the leather just go behind. Tl-c United quintette led off a fineash, and Griffiths, followed up a brilliant run sending to Austin, who again scored. An ack by the home forwards followed the resumptiortt nothing came of it. Addie secured the ball, and fed to the front line, who looked dangerous, buCleeton cleared. Holloway was quickly ou thetack, and Austin shot, but Price kicked out. die was again to the fore, and Griffiths gettiithe leather sent m another shot. From the goikick Morris got possession, and Bradley racef-way but was fouled by Astley. Another spell passing with United forwards was witnessed, an(ooii after, ir mid-field, a free kick was given owt to the left full back fouling T. Jones. Holloa placed the leather on the toe of Austin, but jwas sent behind. Left wing of Caersws got way, but Hughes cleared, 11 and Jones shot, it Cleeton averted danger, and Spoonley paaig to Bradley went away, but Astley tackleoud Addie getting possession, the left wing of United were again in Caersws quarters, but 3re robbed by Morris. Price had now a hard tie of it, as repeated shots were given, and aruitless corner for Pool followed. Addie again at in, but Price cleared. United still pressed, .nd Heath and Jones looked like scoring, but Cersws bravely defended. Griffiths got the leatheiand a sharp scrimmage in front of goal followed. Addie headed and Heath soon after shot, but faileito score. The pressure was kept up, United getng a corner. Austin was again the leading exposiJr, and scored the fifth goal for his side amid trmendous cheering. He delighted everyone, and ^as about the cleverest player on the field. Thtfentre kick was succeeded by some pressing workby the visitors, who continued to keep the leathe on the home side of the division line, the Caersis front rank now and again break- ing away. Noiing came of a couple of corners to the visitors, an they came out winners of a by no means interestig game by tive goals to nil. The match was coducted in a sportsmanlike spirit, and Welshpool veil deserved the victory.




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