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— — ■■ ■ ■— ■-■ FUN FOR THE CHILDREN.! I CHRISTMAS CANDLES. ? lighted candle is placed upon a table. Bach player in turn is blindfolded and stationed with hie back to the cerpdle--abm a foot from it. He is then tefld to take three etape forward., turn round three times, take four steps towards the candle, and try to blow a out. The efforts to do ao are most amusing. STANDING TEST. Ask a boy if he thinks he can etand still for five minutes with his eyes closed without moving his feet. It sounds easy, but it is fairly safe to conclude that he will move his feet before the time is half up. It is neces- sary to be sure that the covering of the eyes is properly done. "If the performer does not move his feet it is probable that he "wiU topple over. RIVALLING SANDOW. If one person places his elbows close to his sides and the tips of the second finger of each hand together in front of him, it then Ibeoclmes absolutely impossible for a second person, no matter how strong he is, to pull the fingers apart while grasping the first one's wrist. Ille secret of it is that the person attempting to draw the fingers apart cannot conoenitrate his strength on his fingers. Try this at amy Christmas party to fill in a dull moment. Here is another trick which will prove in- teresting You sit in a chair and rest the tips of the first fingers of either hand on the top your head. Ask a person to raise the band v, jh a wrist hold. Sandaw, with ail his st, tigth, oould not lift the hand of a child. He mi-glit raise the child from the floor if it had strength enough in its arms, but its fkbgers would not fee moved from its beftd. The cause of this, as in the other trick, is that the strength of the person attempting to lift) the finder is wasted oo the arm from elbow to shoulder, and cannot be brought to bear cm the finger. BLIND, DEAF, AND DTJMB. The players sit for this game, and must pre- tend thev are blind, deaf, and dumb, but no one must close their eyes. One player comes round endeavouring to make them rr» turn smile or speak. They must not give any mdi- cation that tlf-ey hear, or see, or can answer, though the ohe who is testing them may do just what he pleases in the way of making grimaces and fine speeches. The firsib who gives anv 6ign of seeing, speaking, or hearing must pay a forfeit, or exchange plaoes with the questioner. SMOKE FROM EMPTY PIPES. Suppose that you want to mystify your little gueSts, tell them that you would like to have a smoke, and as you make it a rule ne-ver to borrow any tobacco you will endeavour to gratify your taste with two empty oiav pipes, which you hand round for examination. Upon receiving them back you place them bowl to bowl, and, putting the mouthpieoo of one be- tween your lips, sit down and begin to draw, blowing out dense volumes of smoke, and ap- parently enjoying your pipe. At any moment you ca^i separate the two pipes and show hhem to be quite empty. The secret of the trick is this: Prior to the Oerformance you. rinse out the 'bowl of one pipe with a small quantity of ammonia, and prepare the other in a similar manner with a "few drons of hvdrocbloric acid. This is sOOu., absorbed by the clay, and leaves no trace. You can now smoke the pipes by using them to described above. HOT COCKLES. This is a real Christmas game. A piayer, kneetiag down, conceals his faee in The lap of another, but on his back places one hand, the palm turned outward. Each person of the oompany then advances in turn and ad- ministers a slap <m the open hand, the person who is kneeflms trying to guess to whom he owes his punishment. When be guesses cor- rectly the one whom he has detected must take his place. BOW TO THE QfUEEN. This game gives rise to shrieks of laughter among the players. It is played as follows: In a party of boys and girls the boys go out of the room. One of the girls is chosen for the queen. She Beats herself upon a chair. Behind the queen, in a semi-circle, stand the rest of the girls, with the exception of two who stand one upon each side of the queen s chair. At the queen's feet a_ mat is piaced. ,The tableau arranged, a boy is called in and toid to kneeol upon the mat, covering his eyes with hie hands and bending low towards the queen. As he bends he pronounces Chese words: Queen ■ lady, to you I will be faith- ful all my life!" As he reaches the word "faithful," the two girls at his side stoop and pull the mat sharply backwards. The ludicrous result can be better imagined than described. This little performance is repeated antil all the boys have been called in. THE WITCH'S WELL. A very attractive and graceful manner of giving each little guest a small present is to provide a Witch's Well. This must be arranged beforehand, and, with a very little trouble, can be made quite a charming fea- ture of the evening's entertainment. A high tub or barrel, plaoed in a square framewtiTk of wood, and draped with green paper, makes an excellent well. Across the top of the tub, fixed through two boles or the handles, a walking-stick is placed, suspended to which is a string with a small tin pail at the end. At the bottom of the tub, out of sight of the guests, a small ohild is aaated, having on bar lap the little gifts to be flrawn ap. At the well, another child, dressed as a witch, in pointed hat, presides, letdug down the pail by turning the handle and drawing it up a* a signal from the child within, when the gift is placed va fee P*1'- Eacfc little jnest, eoming forward receives- a gift from the hand of the «W>- A SIMPLE CHARADE. For those who are fond of getting lip sbarades the following may tJè ftwrt seefti fct Christmas partiee: 1. An did wooden home is pot on the stage in a prominent position, this audience bang informed that the tableau represents an island in the Mediterranean. 2. The aaxM honse is discovered wM one te& mns; aisd representing an Mend in the Mediterranean- 3. To t& wrpnaa and amusement dE the Wadienee, Cbe earn* dilapidated gee-gee irt re- presented to their rev m yet another kkod in the sanae sea. The first ujkvm reprawote Deboa (Aunt'oaa). The seeond for Lamcw Parr The third WAwag-y eooagh k Skiim l&r.we-oas). If an old toy Waaaa II not .aT. Oc«H»iK>n» mtj, wte —toim