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Colwyn Rural Council.

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El'ILTK LOAK WEEK. A Victory Loan Week was held at Builth Wells, under the auspices of the local War Savings Committee. The officials of the banks and insurance com- panies operating in the town rendered every assistance, and the effort proved a great success. In the Aeroplane Week last year over £ 40,000 was invested, although the figure aimed at was only £ 10,000. This year £ 20,000 was the amount aimed at, and in the first three days that sum was exceeded. The full week produced 171,108. On Wednesday evening nearly a thousand people assembled on the Gro for a public meeting, and several propa- ganda balloons were sent by Mr. C. Prosser, Dolgarreg. Mr Reginald J. Owen, who presided. referred to the great success of the Aeroplane Week last year, and pointed out how hard the lady members of the Builth Wells and District War Savings Committee worked on that occasion, and that the result worked out at something like fl4 7s. 7d. per head of the popula- tion of the area covered by the Com- mittee. Mrs Telfer Smith, the secretary of the local War Savings Association, said she attended the conference recently held in London, when it was explained to them that it was impossible to carry on the war successfully without some extrava- gance, and that the money was wanted now to pay debts incurred during the war. She drew the attention of the audience to the desirability of supporting the local War Savings Association, and to the advantage of war savings certifi- cates. Mr J. R. Evans (Barclay's Bank, Builth Wells) explained the nature of the Victory Loans, and said he considered them a good sound investment. Mr W. Hobbs, in the course of a forcible address, emphasised the import- ance of investing all money possible in Victory Loans. Mr Godfrey, one of the Pavilion Concert Party, said he had been in the Army since 1914 and was only just demobilised, and although he had served all that time' in the forces he would be prepared to invest in the Victory Loan if he had money sufficient to do so. The Secretary of the Builth Wells and District War Savings Committee thanked the Chairman and all those who had assisted during the week. Proceeding, he said he had been asked that day why he was taking such interest in the Victory Loan Week, and his answer was that now the war was over the Government wanted to redeem its promises. Mr Lloyxl George wanted to make this country fit for heroes to live in and that could not be done without money. The Radnorshire Small Holdings Committee had bought a farm for small holdings at an altitude of 800 feet above sea level and eight miles from the nearest railway station, and that they considered to be a fit place for our heroes, but he (the speaker) believed that those men who had fought for this country were worthy of the best land in Radnorshire. Some people were not willing to invest in Government loans because of the way in which money was wasted, and they could not help noticing sights such as he saw a few days ago-two four-seated cars used by two officials of county committees, one chasing the other up and down the Wye Valley. But if things were not satisfactory, it was their duty to do their best to bring about an improvement.

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