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BRECON. Camping on the Highway.—At the County Petty Sessions, on Friday?— before Mr A. A. Mitchell (in the chair), and Mr W. F. Parry deWinton—Wm. Beddoes, of no fixed abode, who did not appear, was summoned for camping on the highway, Warren road, Llanspyddid. on Juna 18th. P.S. W. Williams gave evidence and defendant was fined 15/ including costs. Sugar for Preserving of Stone Fruits.— A further allotment of sugar having been made by the Ministry of Food for pre- serving purposes, MEREDITH & SONS, The Stores, Brecon, respectfully beg to inform their customers that July 12th is the last day for such applications. Ap- plicants are allowed to purchase fruit for the above purpose. Ministerial Stations.—The Stationing Committee of the Wesleyan Conference recommends the following appointments for the Llandrindocl Wells and Brecon Circuit:—The Rev, J. Wesley Hughes, who is already stationed at Llandrindod the Rev. Alfred C. Dawkins, to Brecon, in succession to Rev. C. A. Harries, and the Rev. Thomas Kirby, supernumary, who is already at Llandrindocl. TEAS.—All Teas sold by Meredith & Sons are especially blended to suit the waters of the district. Blends at 2s 4d, 2s 8d and 3s. Sample free on applica- tion. The Stores. Brecon. Boxing.—At a charity boxing tourna- ment at Maesteg on Saturday, Tom Hoddinott, of Brecon, beat Will Landeg, of Aberavon. on points over ten rounds. Hoddinott, it will be remembered, went to India with the Brecknock Battalion of the South Wales Borderers, and made a good name for himself as a boxer there. Afterwards, whilst serving in Mesopo- tamia, he won an Army championship. We're going'to have some more rain, my corns are giving me gyp Charles's celebrated Corn Cure rapidly removes corn troubles. Only sold by GWILLIM, The Chemist, Brecon. Price 1/3 per bottle, postage 2d. extra. Without are Dogs.At the Borough Police Court, on Monday, Thomas Powell, farmer, Plasygaer, was fined 2/6 and 5/- costs, on the evidence of P.c. T. Evans, for allowing a dog to be at large at night time. Wm. Williams, Honddu Mill, who sent a letter admitting that his dog was in a public place without a collar, was fined 2/6 and 5/- costs.—Mrs Frances Palk (for whom Mr W. Jones-Williams appeared), was fined 2/6 and 5/- costs for allowing a dog to be at large at night.— Evan Meredith, Llanfaes, was also fined 2/6 and 5/- costs for a similar offence. Pigs Astray.—Lewis Evans, of Newton Farm. who sent a letter admitting the facts, was fined 5/- and 5/- costs at the Borough Police Court, on Monday, for allowing three pigs to stray. P.c. E. Evans gave evidence. Too Near Home.—Mr J. P. Jones- Powell (Messrs. Jeffreys and Powell) appeared at the Borough Police Court on Monday on behalf of Mr J. B. Garsed-Price, who was summoned for driving a motor car without lights on June 29th, and stated that his client ad- mitted the offence. It was a light evening and he was near home and ne- glected to turn on the lights. The bench ordered a fine of 10/ including costs. P.c. Thos. Lewis proved the case. Dangerous Driving.—David Griffiths, junr., of Church street. Devynock, pleaded not guilty at the Borough Police Court, on Monday, to a chaige of driving a motor car to the danger of the public on June 24th in Llanfaes. P.c. Hibbert said he saw defendant driving a car con- taining some lady passengers at a rate which he estimated to be from 25 to 30 miles an hour. He put up his hand and called to defendant to stop, but in vain. Defendant narrowly missed a trap ahead and there were several children playing on the street. Defendant gave no warning of his approach. The Mayor What makes you think he was travelling at 25 miles an hour ?—Witness He nearly blew my head off as he passed me (Laughter). P.c. Arthur Davies gave corroborative evidence. Defendant denied that there were children on the road or that P.c. Hibbert put up his hand to stop him. He also asserted that he sounded the horn several times. Fined £ 1 and 5/- costs. Infirmary Acknowledgments.—Straw- berries and cakes, Miss A. Williams, Miss Bevan, Miss Murray gooseberries, Mrs Price vegetables, Mrs Harris eggs and flowers, Llangenny Parish Church magazines, Mrs Gwynne Holford, Mrs Senior, Mrs Edwards roses, Miss Bevan, Mr Harris, Mrs Smith. Brecon Welsh Society.—The annual meeting of this society was held on Tues- day evening the 1st instant, Mr Aoland Thomas, the retiring president, in the chair. The Committee elected for 1919- 1920 session consists of :—President, Deputy Chief Constable Steven Jones vice-presidents, Miss E. Godsell and Professor D. Miall Edwards treasurer, Professor John Evans secretary, Mr Roland Thomas, together with Mrs Rees (Bank), Principal T. Lewis, Professor Joseph Jones, Rev. D. J. Henry, Mr W. H. Jones-Parry, Mr G. T. Jones, Mr Evan Evans, Mr Griffith Roberts, and Mr Leigh Davies. Brecon County School Old Girls' Association.—The annual summer picnic of this association was held at Llangorse, on Saturday, July 5th. The weather was favourable, and there was a very fair attendance of old pupils who were glad of this opportunity of renewing old acquaintanceship and reviewing varied experiences in our own and other lands. After an excellent tea, numerous games and competitions were entered upon, the prizes for which were kindly given by the President (Miss Fisher) and the external secretary (Miss Child)y 1 WATCTI THE NCMRER of your Peac3 Programme. If you get one uf the lucky numbers it will mean £ 1 to you. Executive Committee Appointment.— Mr W. Evans, who has been transferred from the Land Valuation Department, has been re-appointed secretary to the Breconshire Agricultural Executive Committee. He has been engaged in the work of the committee almost from the commencement, Abergavenny Balloon Messenger.—A balloon of quite respectable proportions —the bag some 8ft. in height—dropped near the Brecon Gas Works on Tuesday L and was secured. It had been sent up as an advertisement of the Aberi-avenDy T I Loan Week, and had an automatic attachment for dropping leaflets. Plate Glass Insurance Society.—The annual meeting of the Plate Glass Insur- ance Society connected with the Chamber of Trade was held on Tuesday evening at Church House. The report of the Secretary (Mr T. M. Thomas) showed that that there were 62 policies in force, against G5 last year. The claims paid dining the year amounted to R-3,5-3s. M., the heaviest in the history of the society. Owing to the greatly increased cost of replacements there had been a loss of £ 13 10s. 9d. on the year's working. It was decided to convert the society's war bonds and stock (Y,102 12s. 7d.) into Victory War Loan. Only a quarter of the premium was taken from members last year the amount to be paid for 1919-20 will be settled at a future meeting. EVERY ENTRANT to the Grand Peace Carnival will receive a medal to com- memorate the assistance given. 1 Brecon's Gift to the Premier.—A very handsome silver stationery cabinet, with the scroll of the freedom of the Borough of Brecon fitted inside the lid, was on view" to the members of the Town Council at their monthly meeting on Tuesday. This is the town's gift to the I Prime Minister, Mr Lloyd George it will be kept in safe custody until such I time as it is convenient for the Prime Minister to receive it.






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