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r BREGS': TOWN GOUCIL. I Tuesday.—Present the (Mr W. F. Parry deWinton), Aldermen T. Williams. David Powell, and H. C. Rich, Councillors Miss Philip Morgan. J. W. Hedger, C. W. Best. W. Morgan, and W. Williams, with the Town Clerk (Mr G. Hyatt Williams) and other officials. I THE T'UI'.I.K IIK ALT II. I Dr. Rees (medical officer of health) I reported that during June there were five deaths in the borough to au annual rate of 10*1 per 1000 inhabi- tants. There had been two cases of diphtheria, both in the same house. one unfortunately proving fatal. The sanitary conditions of this house were extremely bad. He under- stood the Surveyor had already given the Council details of what was required, and he thought the work should be car- ried out as speedily as possible. It was understood that the work had been put in hand. A CONCESSION TO THE FIT: E BRIGADE. Ald. Powell, in moving the adoption of the report of the Finance Committee, said the finances of the borough were in a satisfactory condition. The committee recommended that the retaining fee of the members of the Fire Brigade be increased by f2 per annum, and that the fee for each practice should be increased to 2/6. It was only fair that this con- cession should be made. Coun. Hedger, in seconding, said the Fire Brigade were the only people in the employ of the Council who had not had their wages increased during the war. The motion was unanimously agreed to. MARKET DAY CHANGE. The Mayor pointed out that owing to the Peace celebrations being fixed for the 19 th inst., a Saturday, and that day being a bank holiday, it would be neces- sary for those who bought poultry and dairy produce for the industrial districts to get their purchases there that week in time for sale on Friday He therefore moved that the Brecon poultry market be held on Thursday, the 17th inst., instead of Friday, the 18th. Coun. Hedger seconded and it was carried. Pl'IiHC WORKS. The Public Works Committee recom- mended that the team labour contractor be granted until further notice a sum of £ 6 per month, in addition to his contract, as requested by him, in consequence of the rise in the price of fodder, &c. They reported that during the past quarter the Brecon and Merthyr Railway goods department had consumed 3,270,000 gallons of water and the Barracks 656,000 millions. They had directed that the owners be required to provide a proper water supply to the Forge Cottages. In accordance with instructions, the local Fuel Over- seer had endeavoured to establish a special reserve stock of coal for next winter, but so far had been unsuccessful. The forms and certificates under the new order had not yet been issued. The report was adopted, on the motion of Councillor Best, seconded by Coun. Hedger. BATHIXG DANGER. Councillor Williams drew attention to the question of precautions against loss of life at Newton Pool. He said that some time ago the Council purchased a life-buoy for use at the Pool and he understood it was now kept at the boat- ing house. He was told that when a young man was drowned in Newton Pool a short time ago his friends were looking about for something to throw to him and lie suggested that it would be much more convenient if the life-buoy was kept at the bathing pavilion. The majority of fatalities at Newton Pool had taken place in Punch's Hole, near the bathing station. If the Council did not approve of changing the position of the life-buoy, he would suggest as an alternative that printed notices should be exhibited at the boating house, the men's bathing station and the ladies' bathing station. The ):Iayorid he was inclined to agree with Councillor Williams: the life-buoy should either be in a very prominent position, or there should be directions as to where to find it. Rescue from drowning was always a question of action in a moment. Councillor Best argued that if the life- buoy were placed in the open out of control, there would always be a danger of its not being there when wanted. He thought the best place was the boating station, with notices as to where the buoy could be found. Ald. Powell did not agree with putting the buoy anywhere under lock and key. At the time the last fatality took place, the boat house was locked up, and the same condition might prevail at the bathing pavilion, it was often locked up. Why not hang the buoy on the pine end of the boat house and trust to the good sense of the people to respect it ? Councillor Hedger thought there should be life-saving appliances in both places. There certainly, should be some at the I bathing station the Swimming Club had fancfe. The Town Clerk said he understood the Swimming Club had life-saving appliances. Eventually it was left to the Mayor and the Surveyor to visit the spot and make the best arrangements possible. THE HOUSING SCHEME—THE DRAG OF DEPARTMENTAL INTERFERENCE. The Housing Sites Committee reported that the South Wales Commissioner's. architect had visited the proposed sites










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