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PROPERTY SALES AT BRECON. Sales of property by three different firms of auctioneers took place at the Wellington Hotel, Brecon, on Friday afternoon. There was a large attendance and a keen demand for the agricultural lots. MESSRS. DEBENHAM, TEWSON, AND CHINNOCKS. Messrs. Debecham, Tewson and Chiunocks, of 80, Cheapside, London, E.C. (in conjunction with Mr Howell Powell. Brecon), acting by order of the High Court in Kearns v. Beech, first off--red the freehold stock farm, Allt Arnog" at Merthyr Cynog, 234a. lr. "2 Hp., together with hillside pasture and woodland and sheep walk on Eppynt Mountain, let at 9140 per annum. This was sold to Mr Pardoe Thomas, of Newport, Mon., for 92.800. The solicitors acting were Messrs. J. Nicholls and Son, 12, Old Jewry Chambers, E.C. MESSRS. MILLER AND POWELL. Messrs. Miller and Powell, of Brecon, offered property and a number of shares. The freehold farm, Middle Penllariafel," at Llangorse, let to Mr Rees Davies at C126 per annum, was sold to the tenant for £ 2,800. Mr Henry F. W. Harries, Brecon, was the solicitor for the vendor. The freehold cottage and garden, Court-y- Gollen," at Tredustan, Llangorse, was w1th- di-itwti owing to ilit: death of ihe venuor, Atr I Phillips, of Tyn-y-cwm. Messrs. Jeffreys and Powell,, Brecon, were the solicitors acting in connection with this property. Shares were disposed of by Messrs. Miller and Powell as follows :— 15 t25 (A;13 paid) shares in the Breconshire Coal and Lime Co., Ltd., sold at £ 12 per share to Mr David Powell, Brecon. 10 ditto, taken at the same price by the same purchaser. V Five original Y,10 shares in the Brecon Gas Co. were sold at £ 18 10s. per share and two more lots of original shares in -the same Company (five each) were sold at £ 19 per share. Three new shares in the Brecon Gas Co. attracted Offers up to £ 11 10s. per share and were then withdrawn. A parcel of 13 similar shares was also withdrawn, and five 4 per cent. preference shares in the same company were I withdrawn at 81 guineas per share. Mr R. T. Griffiths, of Hay, was the solicitor I for the vendor of the shares. MESSRS. D. & W. J. PRICE. I Messrs. D. and W. J. Price, Brecon, put up I several different lots of property. Acting in conjunction with Messrs. Clarke, Dovey and J Co., of Cardiff, they first offered two freehold farms at Llangorse and a freehold cottage iix^ the parish of Talgarth. For Penllanafeiisaf Farm, Llangorse, I 35a. 3r. 513., with right of pasturage on I Llangorse Common and Llangorse Mountain, in tho occupation of Mr Wm. Evans at the annual rent of 948 (apportioned) there were biddings up to £1,325, at which figure the lot was withdrawn. Pentwyn Uchaf Farm and Pentwyn Castle grounds, Llangorse, 17"972 acres with grazing right on Llaiflgorse Mountain, in the occupation of Mr Wm. Prosser at the annual rent of t20 (apportioned) made t;,55, the purchaser being Mr T. Lewis, Trecynon, Aberdare. Heolcefn" cottage and garden.—withdrawn, Messrs. W. B. Frauds and Cooke, Queen Street, Cardiff, were the solicitors for fhift property. Courty(,riot\" freehold farm, at Llangorse, 70 acr's, with' common rights, let to Mrs Wrttkins at the annual rent of 9 70, was sold to | fee tenant for £ \,T>00, -Ca.pei," freehold farm at Li angorse, fj «eres,- with •common rights, let to Mr S. i Williams at the yearly rent of £ 50, also went 1 to the -,ill j .Messrs. Jeffreys and Powell, Castle Street, Brecon, were the solicitors for the "vendors of I these two farms. Mr G. Tudor, solicitor, Brecon, bought the freehold farm Coed," at Lianwern, 37a. 3r. 24p., in the occupation of Mr Wm. Gatehouse, at the yearly rent of £ 30, for f840. No. 82, the Watton, Brecon, held Oil 999 years' lease from 1826, and let to Mr J. A. Williams at £ 1 13s. 4d. per month, was sold for £:550. Four cottage? in Newgnte Street, I Llanfaes, Brecon, were withdrawn. I Messrs. II. Edgar Thomas and Harries, Bulwark, Brecon, were the solicitors acting for the Lianwern and Brecon property.

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